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True Botanicals Review: Top 10 Products for 2022

True Botanicals Review: Top 10 Products for 2022

Today is all about my True Botanicals Review 2022. I am sharing my Top 10 True Botanicals products which includes some of their newest products that they have released. And, make sure you don’t miss out on my discount code!


Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.


How I found True Botanicals was really out of a need to find clean skincare that was not only effective but also had clean ingredients. This is one of the first clean beauty brands that literally changed the skincare scene for me 7 years ago.  I wanted to share an updated True Botanicals review on this powerhouse line and what makes it different.  A lot has changed for this luxe line since I last reviewed it.  From product changes, name changes and new products-a lot's been going on for True Botanicals!  I couldn't be more excited for all the newness!


Love the Moisture Lock Overnight Mask and the Chebula Active Immunity Serum!



I am diving in right away and sharing my Top 10 True Botanicals Products – which includes some of the very newest products! If you want to read more about the brand you can skip past the product reviews to the bottom of the post. 


***Keep in mind that my skin type is dry overall, so as I share about which products I use specifically from True Botanicals obviously I will love anything that will hydrate my skin and nourish it. What I love about the True Botanicals line is the variations in it – with their Renew, Clean and Calm Lines you are bound to find products that will work for your skin type.


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What are The Top 10 True Botanical Products?

While it wasn’t easy, I am sharing my picks for the Top 10 True Botanical Products with you.  These are a combination of my faves over the years, readers favorites, clients favorites and of course best sellers from True Botanicals.

  1. Pure Radiance Oil
  2. Antioxidant Booster
  3. Nourishing Cleanser
  4. Moisture Lock Overnight Mask
  5. Pacific Glacial Clay Detoxifying Mask
  6. Pure Radiance Body OIl
  7. Repair Nightly Treatment
  8. Chebula Active Serum
  9. Chebula Extreme Cream
  10. Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream


Gurl Gone Green’s True Botanicals Review 2022

Sharing with you all the juicy details on True Botanicals Top 10 Must Have Products and what exactly it is that got them into my Top 10. Honestly, True Botanicals has so many amazing products it was not easy to pick just 10. But here they are!

The RENEW Pure Radiance Oil is True Botanicals #1 product!


1. RENEW Pure Radiance Oil

Where do I start with this oil?  Gahh…I really love it.  It's their number 1 product and for good reason.  It seeps right into your skin, leaves behind no greasy residue, and makes your skin feel hydrated throughout the day and night.  Besides being highly hydrating it also helps smooth wrinkles, shrink large pores and fight free radical damage.  I love the scent as well.  Not heavy at all, but with notes of frankincense, neroli, rose and jasmine.  Many people wonder what makes this oil so special, here's a blurb from TB on their website that explains it so well-

When therapeutic oils are applied to the skin without the interference of waxes, they can be absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis, where they instantly go to work to improve lipid barrier function. By replenishing the oils you’ve lost due to natural attrition and exposure, you enable your skin to properly do its job: hold moisture in and keep the elements, like sun and wind, out.

So many people are afraid of oils who suffer from acne.  Oils are actually necessary and help create balance in the skin.  This oil, as with all of TB's products, is also available in the CLEAR Line and CALM Line.  Grab your bottle here and thank me later!


2. Antioxidant Booster

I talk a lot about this beauty on my Instagram- if you don't follow, what are you waiting for?  To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement.  This booster is all around the star when it comes to keeping my skin looking youthful- no joke.  Allow me to share some wisdom on why this works so well.

Free radicals are constantly at work in our skin causing damage.  They are caused by the foods we eat, stress, the sun, air we breathe and so on.  They can cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea and of course aging.  The thing that we need to give our skin to fight free radicals are antioxidants.  Antioxidants counteract free radical damage and help to repair and restore the skin. Our skin produces antioxidants on their own, but as we age we lose antioxidants.  That's why it's important to keep feeding our skin antioxidants as we age.

The Antioxidant Booster does just that!  It gives your skin the most potent form of antioxidants the minute it touches your skin because you don't activate it until right before you use it.  Since it's in powder form, it hasn't lost its potency because it's not been mixed with liquid. The minute you mix it with a liquid you activate the formula.  Imagine all those serums you've been buying that have promised to be filled with antioxidants but they've basically been deactivated since they've been sitting in liquid. This gives you the freshest antioxidants delivered right to your skin!

Plus, the Antioxidant Booster is made using whole apple peel which has been shown to be more effective than Vitamin C- hello!  It's basically like your skin's best friend if you ask me.  I mix this with the Repair Serum(you could use the Clear Serum from True Botanical's, The Calm- whatever line that matches up to your skincare needs).  Then I apply it my skin.  I apply this before my oils.  I find this helps my skin to absorb the oil better. Then I apply my oils.  I can't recommend this product enough!  I like the Vitamin C Booster too, but this one has done amazing things for my skin.

I've seen hyperpigmentation fade, sun spots and an overall brightness and evenness to my skin.  People ask me all the time how I apply it.  I don't follow True Botanicals recommendation of applying my oils first and then applying my Antioxidant booster and cellular repair serum.  They recommend you start with their oil, then mix the Antioxidant Booster or Vitamin C Booster with one of their serums and apply to the skin.  This isn't how I was traditionally taught in esthetic school.  However, True Botanical's Oils are different then most oils.  Here is an explanation they sent me:

We use oils that are specifically formulated to have smaller particle size and therefore be more easily absorbed into the skin, the oil doesn't sit on top of the skin and create a barrier that the serum would be unable to penetrate

So if you want to apply your oil first and then Antioxidant Booster or Vitamin C Booster and serum do it.  If you want to do it the other way- you can do it that too.  They did inform me that the Vitamin C Booster is only water-soluble (not oil-soluble), so if you apply it first and then add the oil, it can sometimes create a bit of a pilling effect if the Vitamin C/Serum mixture hasn't fully absorbed yet. The Antioxidant Booster is both water and oil soluble, so it's easier to switch around the order of the products when you're using that one!  Bottom line- It's my skincare must have!  Get it here!


3. RENEW Nourishing Cleanser

This cleanser is milky in consistency.  I apply it to damp skin and rub it all over in circular motions, even over my eye makeup.  I double cleanse with this cleanser or use a balm before it and then use the Hydrating Cleanser second.  It leaves your skin so smooth and not dry at all.  Your skin feels balanced all over.  So many cleansers blast your face and your skin is literally crying out for moisture-not the case with this cleanser.  I love the mild earthy smell of jasmine and grapefruit.  If you've been searching for a cleanser that balances your skin and removes all the junk this is your gem!  Grab your bottle here!

The Moisture Lock Overnight Mask is a must have for those with dry skin!



4. Moisture Lock Overnight Mask

This mask really offers some serious hydration.  You cleanse your skin and apply your products as you would normally and then you apply the mask.  Instead of rinsing it off you sleep in it!  When you wake up your skin is silky smooth and moisturized.  Like a big gulp of water for your skin.  I put down a hand towel on my pillow so the product didn't get on my pillow case.  But it really does soak in to the skin so well you hardly notice anything.  I can't think of a better product for your skin in the dry winter months!  It literally nourishes the skin so well.  I notices minimized redness too.  Get your Moisture Lock Mask here! Get it here!


5. Pacific Glacial Clay Detoxifying Mask 

This mask contains some 5 star ingredients to help purify your skin.  The first is Glacial Oceanic Clay- this is a silt that is made up of over 60 minerals and earth elements.  I love how True Botanical's describes this mask at work on their website:

when applied to skin, impurities are positively charged, while the particles in the clay are negatively charged. in turn, the negative ions of the clay attract the impurities in skin and are removed when washed away.

It detoxifies your skin, yet still leaves the moisture intact- something that is so hard to find in a detox mask!  It does this because the glacial oceanic clay uses osmotic strength and moves moisture up from deep inside the skin to the surface. This mask also has the beloved olive oil derived squalene that not only helps to regulate oil production but soften the skin overall and tone it.  It helps to protect your skin by locking in moisture.  Activated bamboo charcoal is another active ingredient in the mask, helping to remove skin impurities, toxins, heavy metals and dirt.  Your skin feels so smooth!  I love using this mask at night when my skin needs some TLC after a day in the elements.  I apply it to clean dry skin.  Then I let it sit on my skin for 15 minutes. I love using this mask a couple times a week to really help purify it.  It's like a good skin purge!  Get it here!


Use Coupon Code: gurlgonegreen15 for 15% off your purchase  


6. Nourishing Body Oil

I'm obsessed with this body oil!  It literally is so luxurious.  It smells like sandalwood, cedarwood and orange.  I love how it comes in a pump form- easy application.  It is filled with so many antioxidants and fatty acids that make this a power packed oil, while at the same time a very nourishing and hydrating oil.  But get this- it doesn't feel greasy, not at all!  It glides on your skin effortlessly but doesn't leave that slimy feeling.  Once you try it, you'll be hooked!  Grab it here!

Take your skin to the next level with True Botanical's Resurfacing Body Mask and the Nourishing Body Oil.


7. RENEW Repair Nightly Treatment

This serum-another good one.  I mean am I sounding like a broken record yet?  This serum is designed to reverse the cellular damage caused by sun exposure and aging.  Pretty sure everyone wants to sign up for that-am I right?!  Besides reversing cellular damage it also replenishes moisture and plumps up skin.  It's highly concentrated and goes past the surface of the skin to really get to the cellular level.  Most serums sit at the top of the skin-not TB's.  Another thing I love about this serum is it's ability to calm redness and ease congestion.  My skin looks clearer over all and more even toned.  I apply it after toning/misting my skin.  Since it's a serum my skin doesn't feel moisturized but slightly dewy.  This is a serum that is going to work for your skin everyday.  An anti-aging, redness reducing serum all rolled into one.  Invest in your skin and grab your's here!


8. Chebula Active Immunity Serum

Chebula is an ayurvedic fruit known to have huge antioxidant benefits.  Specifically helping with skin and aging.  It helps to counteract it by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone, smoothing out the skin overall, as well as brightening the skin and bringing a firmness to it.  It's basically like your skins newest bestie when it comes to an anti-aging serum!  Plus, it has even more antioxidants in it from elderberry, ginger, and echinacea. I apply this morning and night after the nutrient mist.  It helps to prep the skin before any oils.  It really helps to blurb fine lines and fill in cracks.  My skin feels supple and hydrated.  Check out Chebula Active Immunity Serum here.


9. Chebula Extreme Cream

Where do I even start with this cream?!  Wow.  This is the newest product from True Botanicals and let’s just say it took me by storm.  I have not stopped using it since the moment I got it.  It uses Chebula, a breakthrough bio-active antioxidant that fights five signs of aging. I have dry skin and so this works for me both morning and night.  The texture feels like a creamy whipped texture.  It instantly melts into your skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all.  The best part?  My skin literally feels hydrated for the whole day!  I touch my skin at 5 pm after putting it on early in the morning and it still feels so supple and moisturized.  

It has anti-aging super powers that take it to the next level.  Plus, major skin barrier benefits that really protect the skin and keep moisture levels intact.  All of this without the pore clogging waxes you may have been used to in the past.  And not to mention it is pregnancy safe – so I have been loving it!

I was so obsessed, I also had one sent to my V.A. for her to try out. Here are her thoughts: Living in the Midwest means harsh, cold winters. Add to that I already have dry skin and I am constantly on the hunt for the most hydrating of products. And the True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream is just that! It is so creamy and the perfect amount of hydration for my skin – which is no small feat! I typically wear a cream in the morning and night because of how dry my skin is and this literally makes it all day and my skin is still feeling so moisturized. Plus, I can have a tendency to get breakouts at times, so knowing it has no pore clogging waxes like other creams moves it straight to the top of my list of face creams!  Check out the Chebula Extreme Cream here!


10. Chebula Extreme Eye Cream

Another new favorite from True Botanicals. I’m not one for eye creams because I find they can get heavy and weigh down the eye area, however, this one is different.  It is a cream but instantly melts into your under eye area.  It not only brightens, but helps with dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s power packed!  Oh and did I mention puffiness too?!  It has a unique tea tree bark extract that helps to address dark circles at the root.  All while Turmeric, Coffee and Licorice Extracts help to brighten and de-puff.

And this one is pregnancy safe too!!  So you can bet this mama has been using this daily!  I even use a little in the morning before I apply my makeup and it soaks right in.  My eye area looks more revived and awake and my makeup goes on so smoothly.  A total eye game changer!  Check out Chebula Extreme Eye Cream here!


Use Coupon Code: gurlgonegreen15 for 15% off your purchase  


What Are The Key Ingredients in True Botanicals Products?

When I think of True Botanicals as a brand, what sticks out to me is a luxe anti-aging line.  Using the most potent ingredients, True Botanicals spares no expense when it comes to creating their products.  From their creams, to their oils, they are filled with the best vitamin rich ingredients that contain key extracts to help care for and target wrinkles.  They care about quality and seeing products that actually perform, while at the same time are safe.  A truly unique company in the green beauty industry.  True Botanicals takes their sourcing very seriously.  Sourcing certified organic and wild-harvested ingredients, they make sure from start to finish that the ingredient is both sustainable for the planet and for the community.  They use plant-derived peptides, antioxidant rich oils, soothing ceramides, plant based oils and other natural extracts. The scents of their products are some of the best.  Nothing is too strong but smells fresh and real.  I also love how they do clinical tests on their products.  Something that is rare among the natural skincare industry.  Proven results, with clean ingredients-what more could you want?  Oh and I can’t forget to mention that all their products come in frosted glass bottles, can you say luxurious?  Not only do they make skincare products but also some stellar body products.


What Makes True Botanicals Different?

True Botanicals goal is to create beauty products you can feel good about, but are also effective for your skin and safe for the environment.  They are constantly reading the latest research, seeking out the botanicals to ensure their formulas are the best they can be for the skin.  They let science do the talking and follow suite. 

The founder Hillary Peterson's mission when starting True Botanicals still rings true today.  After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she was on a mission to discover products that would be pure and potent.  She did just that.  This is what makes True Botanicals so different and what makes them a clean beauty company.  They believe that we can get the skincare results we crave, without the unnecessary toxins.


The two newest True Botanicals products that I have really fallen for!



Is True Botanicals Cruelty Free?

True Botanicals is cruelty free, but they are so much more than that! They are also Leaping Bunny Certified, meaning they are a cruelty free brand AND do not contain genetically modified organisms.

True Botanicals was also one of the first companies to become Made Safe Certified.  A new certification done by third party testing that ensures 6,500 toxins stay out of their products. 

I was also excited when I saw Olivia Wilde join True Botanicals as a spokesperson back in 2017.  You often see celebrities endorse conventional beauty brands but I was ecstatic to see Olivia Wilde choose to support True Botanicals.  I love this quote by her,

“These are leaders of a movement that I have been passionate about for a long time, and they’re actually doing it, and I really wanted to be a part of it.” -Olivia Wilde


Does True Botanicals Really Work?

Yes, True Botanicals does work and you don’t have to take my word for it because there is actual research to prove it! True Botanicals prides themselves in backing up their claims with research. They work with leading researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Cornell, to ensure they are creating products that are full of actives that change the skin.  From antioxidants to vitamins and essential fatty acids.  

They want to address the common skincare concerns like wrinkles, redness and breakouts. They let the research speak for itself with third party testing done on products to make sure they are performing optimally.

Check out some of their third party test results below:

True Botanicals was started by Hillary Peterson.  She was a long time lover of luxury skincare.  However, she realized the price she was paying for luxury skincare also cost her toxic ingredients.  Having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she knew a change needed to be made.  After 8 years of research with chemists, studying botanicals and talking with sustainability experts, she created True Botanicals. Her goal was to make skincare products that were not only effective but clean.  Well she did it and since then has won some awards…

True Botanicals’ rule-breaking approach to luxury skin care and ability to bring together superior results and safety has earned it ELLE magazine’s coveted Genius award and placement at several of the world’s top spas.  

Unilever does own a minority stake in True Botanicals, however, True Botanicals is still privately owned.

They have 4 different lines depending on your skin type.  RENEW is for Normal skin to dry skin, CLEAR is for acne-prone, CALM is for rosacea- prone skin and Pregnancy is for well you guessed it- when you're pregnant.  They also have a pregnancy collection.  So you don't need to think twice about what skincare line to use when pregnant. I mean what more could you want?  A clean and effective skincare line when you're pregnant?  Sign me up!


And there you have it! My True Botanicals Review including my picks for their Top 10 products.


Don't forget to use coupon code: gurlgonegreen15 for 15% off your purchase  


Have you used any of their products?  What are your faves?


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BYBI Review

BYBI Review

I am so excited to bring you my BYBI review! This brand I was introduced to this past fall and I have really fallen for it. The brand has so much to offer, is budget friendly, sustainable, effective and so easy to get your hands on. If you haven’t had a chance to try out this brand, you are definitely missing out!


Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.


Introduction to the BYBI Brand

BYBI is a U.K. brand that was founded in 2017 by Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic. BYBI stands for “By Beauty Insiders” which is referring to their beauty blog Clean Beauty Insiders.  The blog documented Elsie and Dominika as they swapped out their conventional skincare products for more natural products. As they were doing this they found there wasn’t really a skincare brand that catered to what they needed and wanted. This led them to doing DIY recipes with natural ingredients to create the products they wanted. 


It is from the need for a brand that truly met all their standards that BYBI was born! And, boy, are their standards so high!  The actual skincare products are made of clean, nourishing  and active ingredients. The BYBI brand is also not only a truly sustainable skincare brand that believes our skincare products shouldn’t come at a cost to our planet but it also aims to minimize our carbon footprint.


So many stellar clean beauty products from BYBI!


What I Love About BYBI

I was going to initially share the pros and cons of BYBI, but then I realized there were no cons! So instead, I am sharing everything I love about the brand:

  • Affordable: When you can purchase an entire clean skincare routine for under $100 that is music to my ears! Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on their skincare and BYBI makes that possible. Of the products available on Credo, the most expensive one is just $26, but most are under $20!
  • Clean Ingredients: BYBI chooses ingredients with your skin's health in mind. On top of that BYBI has created their own grading system that they use to ensure they are truly using sustainable ingredients in their products. 
  • Effective: If products aren't effective, what's the point?! And I can attest to the effectiveness of the products I tested.
  • Widely Available: When I can pick up a product on a Target run or order from my favorite on-line clean beauty retailer, it just makes it so much easier!
  • Packaging: The packaging is so chic with their bright colors! But that is really icing on the cake. The thought that has gone into their packaging to ensure sustainability is truly amazing. 70% of packaging is made from glass (recyclable). They also don't use adhesive labels which makes recycling all that much easier! When glass isn't possible they use a bioplastic material that is derived from sugarcane. Grasspaper is used to create the boxes that the products come in – which is much more sustainable than wood pulp. And the best part, they know there are places to improve their sustainability, so where they can improve I have no doubt they will!


 Zero Waste reports that in 2018 alone, 120 billion+ units of packaging was produced by the cosmetics industry. But one of my favorite things about BYBI is they have truly taken to heart being a sustainable brand when it comes not just their ingredients but their packaging too!


BYBI 2022 Beauty Product Reviews

I have been lucky enough to try out a handful of BYBI's beauty products. I am sharing my thoughts on each one in my review below.


Supercharge Serum Active Botanical Concentrate

There is nothing to not like about this serum…but really!  It has so many uses.  It is a radiance boosting formula.  It helps to energize and repair dull skin but doesn’t feel greasy or heavy!  It absorbs so well and leaves your skin feeling so soft.  I love how lightweight, yet nourishing it is.  You can apply this anywhere that needs some extra hydration too!  From your face, to your neck, or chest and it can be worn day or night.  I love applying it before my cream moisturizer for even added hydration overall.  Having dry skin, this is such a great combo, especially in the winter season.  You can even use this during the day or at night.  Can’t recommend it enough! Get it here.


Swipe Clean Cleansing Oil And Makeup Remover

This is a facial cleansing oil and makeup remover in one.  It really does remove makeup so well, even sunscreen.  It is a traditional oil cleanser, so your skin definitely feels a tad oily after using.  I recommend doing a double cleanse after to remove any excess oil and using a facial cloth to wipe off any extra oil.  I personally loved how it felt on my skin, especially during the winter season as my skin is extra dry and can use all the moisture.  Mascara even comes off super easy with the Swipe Clean.  It contains hibiscus and papaya oils which are both rich in AHAs(alpha hydroxy acids) that helps to dissolve excess sebum.  I apply to dry skin and then massage on my face in circular motions.  Then I add a little water to slightly emulsify it into a milky consistency.  Get it here.



Bakuchiol Booster

My V.A. Becky told me about this one. This is a nighttime serum that you can use alone or with your moisturizer. It has bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol, and olive squalane. With these two power house ingredients, Becky told me she noted improvements in her skin texture along with softening of the skin.  I knew I had to try it!  I too was so impressed!  It feels like a rich oil and very luxe, but again it only has two ingredients!  I love the simple ingredients however, it really makes it great for even sensitive skin types.  The oil as I mentioned feels rich but it seeps right into the skin so well.  I also noticed softening of the skin and less pronounced fine lines after using!  You can add it to your moisturizer or just directly on the skin as I do.  And at $10 you can’t beat that.  Get it here!


Day Glow C-Caf Cream

You know a product is good when your husband keeps stealing it and putting it on his side of the bathroom counter!  I’ve been consistently using this in the mornings in my skincare routine and loving it.  It has a combination of vitamin C and caffeine in it to help decrease puffiness and also brighten the skin.  I haven’t noticed it helping with puffiness but I’ve definitely noticed a brighter complexion overall, which I love especially in the mornings.  I also love how well it absorbs into the skin, so applying makeup feels so effortless.  No greasy feeling especially throughout the day. Get it here!


Milk Melt

Oh I loved this soothing oat milk cleanser!  It feels nourishing but also does a great job of removing my makeup and debris from the day.  It has a slight foam to it which makes it great for giving that clean feeling but yet doesn’t dry the skin.  It’s even great for the most sensitive skin types!  I apply a little water and then add some product and rub in circular motions all over my skin.  It feels clean and balanced once I’m done cleansing.  It also has a unique ingredient in it called Probiotic coconut yogurt which helps to re-balance the skin’s microbiome.  Sign me up for that!  When our skin’s microbiome is healthy, then our skin is healthy! Such a great cleanser. Get it here!



Eye Plump Bakuchiol Overnight Eye Cream

Their Eye Plump is a power packed eye cream!  It has a combination of bakuchiol- plant based retinol, broccoli seed oil and hyaluronic acid.  It is meant to smooth and plump the under eye area.  This is their night eye cream.  I apply a pea sized amount with my ring finger(least amount of muscles to tug at the skin) and then gently tap it in.  It soaks in right away, no oily residue.  I noticed my eye area seemed well rested and smooth when using this.  I love waking up to feeling like my under eye area got some love and I definitely feel that way when I use this!  Get it here!


Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Cream

This is their Illuminating Eye Cream.  It is meant for wearing during the day.  It feels lighter than the Eye Plump.  It has a combination of arnica and hyaluronic acid in the formula.  It is meant to plump and brighten the under eye area.  I love how it instantly absorbs into the skin.  So many products often can feel heavy under makeup but not the Bright Eyed.  I can easily wear my makeup over it and it feels great.  It also contains sustainably sourced peach mica in it that helps to offer light reflecting properties for counterbalancing the appearance of dark circles.  I didn’t notice a brightness from it but just an overall hydrated look, which I think is super important when applying makeup under the eye area.  If it’s too dry it can look crepey and actually make you look older. Get it here!


Night Nutrition

This night cream has it going on!  It feels rich and hydrating on the skin, all the things you want from a night cream.  I love how protected my skin feels when applying this at night.  It also has all the things in it!  From antioxidants, to ceramides, vitamins and essential fatty acids.  It’s meant to hydrate your skin, but also strengthen and repair it at the same time.  A serious skin treat!   I wake up with my skin feeling supple and hydrated still.  Often my skin can feel dry or a little drier than I want, but this really helps to keep moisture intact the whole night.  Such a great buy!  Oh and no greasy residue like a lot of creams- really absorbs great. Get it here!



Conclusion: Is BYBI Worth The Hype?

I totally think BYBI is worth the hype!  I have been so impressed with the products and performance for the price.  You can get a whole natural skincare routine for under $100 with BYBI!  That is unheard of in natural beauty.  What I love about their products is I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing when I’m using them.  They offer great results and really look chic as well.  Often it can feel overwhelming when switching over to natural beauty products because of the price and having to order everything online, but BYBI makes it easy with the convenience of being able to get them at Target and the budget friendly prices!  


What’s your favorite BYBI product?


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Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee

Today I'm sharing all about Purity Coffee on the blog.  I have been drinking this coffee since the start of 2020 and I'm not about to stop anytime soon!  As a fellow coffee lover I never knew coffee was such a complex topic.  When I found out about organic coffee I started to buy only organic.  Then I soon realized that there was so much more to the equation than just buying organic coffee.  Purity coffee is true to the name- so pure.  They take it to the next level when it comes to sourcing – only the best of the best.  In today's post I'm going to share what makes Purity Coffee so unique.


*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product. 


To help you understand how special Purity Coffee is, you must first understand a little more about the coffee industry in general.  


espresso machine

Anyone else look forward to their morning cup of coffee like I do?!


On average over 2 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed everyday making it the world’s most popular drink!


It's clear to see that coffee is kind of a big deal.  People like their coffee!  According to the National Coffee Association, The coffee industry represents 1.6% of total gross domestic product within the United States. That’s over $225 billion in revenue!  Coffee is the second most traded commodity, coming in first is crude oil.  You could say that coffee is something us humans want!  

Coffee farms alone employ over 25 million people alone.  There are two types of coffee beans that are grown mainly. Arabica and Robusta.  Most coffee is Arabica, however some instant coffee is Robusta. Arabica has more flavor profile than Robusta.

Fair Trade Symbol

Why Is Fair Trade Coffee Important?

Fair Trade is something very important when it comes to coffee.  Fair trade ensures the workers and farmers are paid a decent wage, taken care of in good living conditions and the farmers have a direct relationship to the coffee importer.  When you purchase fair trade coffee you know that not only the farmer is well supported but also their environment and community.  I love the fair trade model because it really helps support communities around the world through empowering them to better their communities and not just passing out aid.  They are able to create a positive impact for years to come on their environment.  Always make sure you look for the Fair Trade symbol on coffee before buying.

USDA Organic Symbol


Why Is It Important to Have Organic Coffee?

Organic Coffee is one of the most important things to consider when buying coffee.  Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world!  Not only are pesticides from non-organic coffee bad for you but also for the environment where they're grown.  As they're sprayed the chemicals go into the air and soak into the soil affecting the water streams.  This affects the whole community surrounding the coffee farms.  It becomes a much larger issue than just growing coffee beans.  

Since we know most people consume not one cup, but two or three cups of coffee per day, the overall pesticide load adds up.  Creating a recipe for toxic build up in the body.  I always say it's not the thing you do once that's going to make or break you but the things you do repeatedly.  In this case, organic coffee becomes something that must be considered when consuming it daily.  


Here Are Some Certifications To Consider When Looking For Organic Coffee

  • USDA Organic
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified– This may not be certified organic but it does help to preserve the overall biodiversity of the coffee, sustainable living conditions, business practices and consumer relationships. It works with the natural ecosystem so harsh chemicals don't have to be used. 
  • Bird Friendly– This is another certification that you can be sure is also checking for pesticide residue.  This seal was created by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Bird Friendly is the strictest of third party standards for the environment.  The certifying body requires that you first meet the organic standard requirements and then that they meet requirements for forest habitats for birds and other animals. 
  • Demeter is a Biodynamic Farm Standard that basically ensures that there is no interfering with the natural farming practice from start to finished product.  
  • UTZ is another certification that is similar to Rainforest Alliance.  It's not necessarily organic but it does work with natural ecosystem so harsh chemicals are not used.

Now I want to move onto why Purity Coffee is so unique and how it offers so much more than just organic coffee. 


purity coffee bag

Purity Coffee offers decaf coffee that is Swiss Water Processed.


Purity Coffee

Now you might be wondering what makes Purity Coffee different.  Well first you must understand that from the start, Purity Coffee is interested in maximizing the health benefits of coffee for the consumer.  That is their goal!  I don't know about you but I've never heard of a company doing that.  No detail is spared when it comes to the making of Purity Coffee.  From the bean selection process, to how the coffee is packaged, no corners are cut in making the very healthiest cup of coffee.  

The 3 Step Process

Purity Coffee takes a 3 step approach to ensuring they make the best cup of coffee.  Check out the whole process here.

  • They select only the finest grade organic green coffee beans, then laboratory test them to ensure they meet their standards.
  • Then when it comes to roasting they customize each roast for each set of green coffee beans so it minimizes toxins and maximizes health benefits.
  • The last step is making sure it stays as fresh as the day it was packaged with Purity's packaging standards. 
Cup of coffee

Cheers to the best cup of coffee.

We estimate less than 1% off the coffees worldwide fit our standards. -Purity Coffee


Health Profile- this is the health profile below that Purity Coffee uses to ensure the right beans are chosen to roast:


1st Step- Purity Coffee is organic. The first criteria it must meet is that the bean is organic.  This is a non-negotiable to Purity Coffee.

2nd Step- Near Zero Defects. Each season Purity Coffee selects Arabica beans from around the world and lab tests them to see which beans meet their strict standards.  When you normally purchase coffee like this you might see specialty grade, but with Purity Coffee that is where they begin when it comes to choosing defect free beans.  The reason Purity Coffee is so adamant about this process is to ensure the overall health profile of the bean is there.  Often defect coffee beans can contain toxins like Ochratoxin A, or an uneven roast profile, which can lead to unwanted PAHs. 

3rd Step- Mold & Mycotoxin Free. The third step in the process is to ensure there is no mold in the beans or mycotoxins.  Mycotoxins are a byproduct of mold.  Purity Coffee tests after the roasting process to make sure there is no mold present.  So you can feel confident that Purity Coffee is mold free!

4th Step- Sustainable Coffee. Purity Coffee not only wants their coffee to be the best for those consuming it, but also for the environment in which it is grown and the people who grow it.  

5th Step- Purity Coffee Tastes Amazing. This is what sold me!  I mean if your coffee cup doesn't taste good then you're not going to want to drink it. They have testers that continually test their coffee to make sure it's up to their flavor profile.



coffee mug

Purity Coffee's Pocket Purity's are changing the coffee game!


Check out all of Purity Coffee's products here! Use code: GURLGONEGREEN for 10% off

Purity Roasting Protocol- This takes roasting coffee to the next level.

After choosing the coffee beans they then test them to get the highest in antioxidant compounds, and lowest in asparagines (a precursor to acrylamide.  They also make sure the beans have no mycotoxins in them.  Then they select a specific roasting process for those beans.  This in the end gives you the healthiest beans possible.  They are very meticulous with the roasting process as under roasting can produce acrylamide- not healthy for us. But with Purity Coffee they've learned how to roast so that acrylamide is greatly reduced.  Over roasting has it's own set of problems too.  Over roasting can lead to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), these at times can be carcinogenic.  Purity has figured out when to end the roasting cycle to help avoid PAHs from being produced.  As you can see there is so much more to the roasting process than you might think.  Purity's goal is to make the healthiest cup of coffee and they definitely live up to it!

Once it's roasted Purity then packages the roasted coffee beans meticulously to ensure they're as fresh as the day they were roasted.  They only use green coffee beans that have been properly stored for 15 months.  Any longer and they can go stale.  Then they make sure the coffee is packaged appropriately and delivered to the consumer right away.  15 days is when coffee starts to go bad and lose it's health benefits. 

And you thought you were just drinking a cup of coffee! 

Purity Coffee was even lab tested against other coffee companies and the results were amazing!  Check it out here. 

We have analyzed over 100 different coffees representing 46 different brands. Purity was found to be 65% higher in antioxidants, on average, than all of the other organic coffee brands that were tested. Furthermore, Purity ranked the absolute highest in antioxidant levels out of all the coffees tested, while also being free of mold and mycotoxins. -Purity Coffee

I can't stress it enough, no other coffee company is doing what Purity Coffee is doing!  They are maximizing the overall health benefits of the coffee.  

Coffee bag and espresso machine

Purity Coffee is available in 5 lb. bags.

What Purity Coffee Has To Offer:

Purity Coffee offers coffee in several different ways.  


Who sells Purity Coffee?

The easiest way to get your hands on Purity Coffee is right through their website HERE! They even have an option to Subscribe and Save. This not only will save you a little bit of money, but it also means you won’t have to worry about running out of coffee. You can select how often you want the coffee delivered and it will ship right to you. Plus, there is no obligation so you can cancel any time!

Since many like to do their shopping on Amazon, yes you can find some Purity options there too! At the time that this is being written, the options on Amazon are slightly more expensive. Check out the Amazon options here! 


Gurl Gone Green’s Purity Coffee Review

I get the decaf blend on a regular basis since I don't handle caffeine well.  It's literally the best decaf coffee I've ever had!  The flavor is rich and not muddled down like many decaf coffees I've tried.  I'm obsessed!  It tastes great as hot coffee and iced.  I use the beans in my espresso machine, but I've also done it with my Chemex and loved the flavor of the coffee from it as well.  

My husband has done the medium roast and dark roast and is a fan of both.  He will do the Chemex typically, and sometimes uses the espresso machine to make espresso shots.  

He also has tried the Pocket Purity, which are coffee sachets that make having a high quality coffee on the go and when traveling so convenient.  They are essentially like a tea bag but filled with coffee instead.  You put it in a cup, add hot water and then let it seep for 3-4 minutes.  My husband loves these and so does my mom!  

Since my last review they have come out with Decaf Pocket Purity!  I was so excited when they came out with a decaf option!  I can’t handle caffeine well but still love the coffee flavor.  The Decaf Pocket Purity Sachets have been so clutch for me while traveling.  I don’t have to worry about finding clean decaf coffee, I have it right with me!  Since decaf has to go through a process to get rid of the caffeine the biggest concern then comes with how they process it.  Typically they use chemicals and solvents that you don’t want to be ingesting to filter out the caffeine.  But with Purity they use a solvent free method called Swiss Water Processing. It uses a system that separates, filters, soaks, and then dries the beans. Plus, it doesn’t compromise on flavor either with this method.  I love knowing that wherever I go, I can still have a clean cup of coffee with Purity Coffee's sachets!

I also like to add a little Aroy-D Coconut Milk to my coffee.  Whether it's iced or hot.  It's the best!  It doesn't contain any additives, and is super creamy.  If you're looking for a substitute for a non-dairy creamy, look no further. Use code: GURLGONEGREEN for 10% off Check it out here.


Conclusion: Is Purity Coffee the best?

As you can see I'm pretty much obsessed with all things Purity Coffee!  This isn't just a coffee company.  They are literally changing the coffee industry and adding health benefits to a coffee cup every morning.  I'm so excited to see what other products they continue to offer- I'll be first in line! The only con to Purity is that it is a little pricey. BUT, when you consider what you are getting for the price, it is totally worth it in my mind.


Check out all of Purity Coffee's products here!  Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 10% off!


Have you tried Purity Coffee?  

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12 Days Of Holiday Giveaways- Day #4 OSEA Malibu

12 Days Of Holiday Giveaways- Day #4 OSEA Malibu

Day #4 OSEA Malibu

Welcome to 12 Days Of Holiday Giveaways!  We do this every year and it just gets better and better!

So in honor of the holidays upon us and the season of giving we’ve decided to extend our gratitude to our audience and share some of our favorite natural beauty brands with you.  After all this is the season of giving!  

We are pulling out all the stops and giving away almost $5K in product!  It's about to get real good.  



Giving away $300 shop credit to OSEA!


If you're not familiar with  OSEA Malibu allow me to fill you in on this natural skincare line.  This brand is truly unique.  I was so intrigued by the founder Jenefer’s story of how she started it.  She was inspired by her grandmother who credits the ocean to healing her.  She had been on bedrest after a severe leg injury.  Her grandmother recalls having a dream about the sea and the next day went for a swim.  A few weeks later her grandmother was healed!  Jenefer went to her roots when creating OSEA.  From what she learned from her grandmother of the healing properties of the ocean and her knowledge, she chose seaweed as the base of her skincare line.  Seaweed contains powerful minerals and ingredients to help restore and nourish the skin. The products truly speak for themselves!


In 2002, OSEA was the first company to sign “Compact for Safe Cosmetics,” an initiative started by the Environmental Working Group that holds companies accountable for ensuring that their products are “free of chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.” Since then, over 1,000 companies have joined OSEA in pledging to phase out the use of toxic chemicals in all beauty products! 




Some of my favorite OSEA Malibu products include:


Seabiotic Water Cream: This cream has basically become a staple in everyone's skincare routine the minute I give it to them!  I remember first trying it and just being SO impressed.  It delivers such hydration but doesn't feel heavy or greasy but instead instantly soaks into the skin.  The best part?  Your skin still feels hydrated the next morning!  From my V.A to my hubs, everyone has been loving it! What's even better is the price.  Most creams can be close to $100, but this cream lands right at $48.  Get it here!



Ocean Cleanser: This cleanser is a definite fave!  I love that it comes in a frosted glass bottle- so chic.  It’s such an overall soothing cleanser, yet highly effective. It removes all my makeup and grime from the day- yes even my stubborn eye makeup.  I get my skin damp first and then apply several pumps to my hands.  Then I rub in circular motions all over my face.  After rinsing with water my skin feels so hydrated, and clean.  Not stripped or dry.  It does such a great job of imparting hydration to the skin, and nourishing it with vitamins and minerals.  Did I mention it smells like candy?!  The lime really stands out to me.  There also are notes of juniper, and cypress.  A great all around cleanser- can’t get enough! Get your Ocean Cleanser here!



Sea Minerals Mist: This mist is SO good!  I even had my hubs try it because it felt so soothing and hydrating.  Often a toner can feel like a spritz of water on the skin and that's it.  Not the Sea Mineral's Mist, it is truly a cut above.  It feels like a hydrating layer is applied to the skin and it stays even after the dampness fades.  It is packed full of aloe and seaweed to completely nourish the skin.  This is perfect for after cleansing before your serums and oils to help balance your skin and add moisture back in.  Also great after being out in the sun all day.  This is the perfect skin treat to perk your skin up and cool it down at the same time.  If you've been looking for a toner that does more than just spray some water on your skin, look no further. Get it here!




Hyaluronic Sea Serum:  If you have dry skin or wrinkles this is for you.  It instantly adds moisture to thirsty skin and smooths fine lines.  Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to attract moisture to the skin.  Just to give you a little visual, hyaluronic acid attracts 1,000 times its weight in water- making it a powerful player in improving elasticity.  Your skin will feel supple and smooth.  Not only does this serum have hyaluronic acid but also three different kinds of organic seaweed that help deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  In other words it's a powerhouse serum for the skin!  I love applying this after the Sea Vitamin Boost and then pressing this into my skin before my oils.  It makes my makeup look better and gives me an overall polished look- can't recommend it enough!  Get your Hyaluronic Sea Serum here!



Atmosphere Protection Cream: This is the perfect everyday lotion for the face.  It feels hydrating but isn't greasy at all.  Such a great weight overall.  Perfect for under makeup too.  A lot of daily moisturizers can feel too heavy, but this feels so light and airy on the skin.  This formula is full of seaweed, shea butter and Omega- rich oils.  It is one of those products I recommend a lot and everyone always loves it!  Get it here. 



Ocean Lotion: The Ocean Lotion is the perfect everyday moisturizer for your body.  It's fragrance free and feels hydrating enough but not greasy.  It comes in a glass pump bottle- so chic and easy to use.  This lotion is also infused with mineral rich seaweed that feeds your skin all the nutrients.  The oils in it truly nourish the skin giving it a silky feel.  From macadamia and kuki oils to shea butter, these oils increase the elasticity in the skin.  Such a great body lotion to use on the daily.  Get it here!



Undaria Algae Body Oil: This body oil is truly a decadent treat for the body!  I can't stop using it.  It is full of skincare nutrients.  This oil is infused with seaweed.  They do this by soaking the Undaria Oil in seaweed for 6 months.  This creates an antioxidant rich body oil that is full of minerals.  Your skin will feel completely nourished and so soft after using it.  Plus, it smells incredible!  The sweet refreshing scent comes from passion fruit oil and grapefruit oil.  I apply it right after I shower and while my skin is still slightly damp to give it some serious hydration.  I can't recommend it enough!  Get it here!



Salt of the Earth Body Scrub: Talk about a scrub!  This body scrub doesn't mess around.  It is filled with Dead Sea and Himalayan Pink Salts, Bolivian Rose and Organic seaweed of course.  Plus, it boasts some Acai, shea butter and passionfruit that leave your skin feeling like butter.  I applied to wet skin and used circular motions.  My skin felt so refreshed and clean!  Sometimes we focus on facial exfoliation but our body needs great exfoliation as well!  Grab your Salt of The Earth Body Scrub here! 



Enter to win a $300 gift card below!


And that’s it!  Make sure to go back and check out all 12 days of giveaways and get yourself entered to win some really great products! 


Shop all of OSEA Malibu here!



*Don't forget to enter the giveaway below!! 


Kosas Tinted Face Oil: A 2021 Review

Kosas Tinted Face Oil: A 2021 Review

Today I am sharing all about Kosas Tinted Face Oil! I think there can be confusion around this product because not everyone knows exactly what it is or how to use it. But, I am here to clear the air and tell you everything you need to know about it and my review of the product.


*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.


Kosas Cosmetics

Kosas offers some of the best natural beauty makeup products.  From their tinted face oil, to their lipsticks– you can’t go wrong with a Kosas product.  The pigments are rich and colors are beautiful!  They remind me of my conventional favorite MAC products with their bold pigments and packaging.  It makes you feel like you’re not sacrificing at all!


Kosas was founded in 2015 by Sheena Yaitanes and began with the Weightless Lip Color collection, with all orders shipped from her kitchen table. Since then, Kosas breakthrough products have included Tinted Face Oil and 10 Second EyeShadow because of their totally new approach. I even featured Kosas in my Indie Makeup Brands Worth Supporting because I love so much about this brand!


Kosas Cosmetics are a favorite of mine in clean beauty!


Are Kosas makeup products clean?

Simply put, yes, Kosas products are clean! The Kosas brand bans over 2700 ingredients and follows both the Sephora and Credo Beauty clean standards.  Some of the ingredients that they ban from their products include:


  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Talc
  • Formaldehyde
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Polyethylene Glycol
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Petrolatum
  • Aluminum
  • Undisclosed “Fragrance”
  • Dimethicone/Cyclic Silicones


You can definitely be reassured that you are getting a clean product when purchasing from Kosas!


Kosas Tinted Face Oil

While I love so many Kosas products, today I am diving in deep on the Kosas Tinted Face Oil!  This clean beauty foundation really took the clean beauty world by storm and for good reason.  It’s one of a kind and it gives your skin the dewiest looking complexion.  Not to mention, it works for so many ages too.  Read on to get the full scoop!


Kosas Tinted Face Oil


What are the ingredients in Kosas Tinted Face Oil?

Kosas Tinted Face Oil has ingredients that are not only great for effective makeup but also bring real skincare benefits! Why wouldn't you want your makeup to be nourishing your skin too?! And with 6 oils that your skin will love, you will get exactly that with the Kosas Tinted Face Oil. These include:


  • Avocado Oil: Moisturizing
  • Meadowfoam Oil: Plumping
  • Red Raspberry Oil: Reparative
  • Jojoba Oil: Soothing 
  • Camellia Seed Oil: Nourishing
  • Rosehip Seed Oil: Brightening



Does the Kosas Tinted Face Oil have SPF?

This product doesn’t have any SPF in it, but according to Kosas, some of the ingredients may improve how well your sunscreen works.


Is Kosas Tinted Face Oil Non Comedogenic?

I would say Kosas Tinted Face Oil is mostly non-comedogenic other than two specific ingredients.  

  • One of them is jojoba oil.  It’s not a high comedogenic ingredient rating a 2 (with 5 being the worst on the comedogenic scale) however, I always like to point it out because some people depending on skin type can have a harder time with it.  
  • The other ingredient is avocado oil.  This ranks a 3, again not the highest comedogenic rating but worth noting.  Overall, it is a non comedogenic foundation. I always recommend doing a test on yourself and seeing how you react.


Is it vegan?

Yes, the Kosas Tinted Face Oil is vegan. It is also cruelty free and gluten free. To add to it, Kosas is leaping bunny certified and cruelty free!


How do you apply the Kosas Tinted Face Oil?

This product is best applied with your fingers. If you prefer you can definitely use your favorite tool, but by all means using your fingers to apply it will do the job.  Overall, the application is super simple!  Follow the steps below:


  1. Prep your skin! This includes ensuring you are exfoliating on a regular basis. You will want to apply the Kosas Tinted Face Oil on just moisturized skin.
  2. Make sure to shake up your bottle of product. You will want to make sure the oil and pigment are fully mixed up and this will ensure it is.
  3. Using just your fingers, massage in 2-4 drops of the oil onto your skin
  4. If you prefer more coverage, you can use up to 6 drops OR you can build your coverage. Do this by applying your first layer, let it set in and then apply more product in the areas you are wanting more coverage.


Before And After Applying Kosas Tinted Face Oil



Comparison of Kosas Tinted Skin Oil and Ilia Skin Tint

Many want to know exactly how the Kosas Tinted Skin Oil compares with the Ilia Skin Tint. Having used both many times, I can tell you the Kosas Tinted Skin Oil feels lighter and gives you more of a glow than Ilia’s Skin Tint.  It’s also not as heavy feeling as the Ilia Skin Tint and more hydrating overall.  I really love the coverage it offers too.  It’s definitely a medium coverage but feels like it’s light coverage on the skin.  Has a great velvety texture overall.  The Kosas Tinted Face Oil doesn’t have an SPF in it, while the Ilia Skin Tint has SPF 40.  You can’t build with the Ilia Skin Tint either because of the SPF, it starts to look heavy and cakey.  The main difference between the Kosas Tinted Face Oil and the Ilia Skin Tint is the SPF.



Gurl Gone Green’s Review of Kosas Tinted Face Oil 2021

This is a hydrating spin on foundation that feels light and leaves you with a glow. I thought I wouldn’t like it originally but after I gave it a try, I realized how wrong I was. The Kosas Tinted Face Oil offers such good coverage, a lot better than I thought, yet it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey.  Just a light overall feel.  It gives my face an overall polished and pulled together look.  Plus, it looks so dewy and fresh.  My skin literally looks like it’s glowing!  It feels hydrating too- something I love having drier skin.  Especially great for skin in the winter as it gets colder.  I love how my skin has the hydrated feeling throughout the day instead of feeling dry because of a foundation that’s too heavy.  It glides on your skin and leaves it feeling moisturized but with great coverage.  It’s a totally different formula compared to any clean beauty foundation that I’ve tried.  It is a liquid but more of an oily liquid, less dense and creamy and more like an oil that is tinted.  It really just melts into the skin. Wearing this is basically saying “yes” to your dewiest skin!

It was a top pick in my Mature Skin Foundation Guide among the models!  ​​The 50 year old and the 60 year old model preferred Kosas Tinted Facial Oil for full coverage.  The 60 year old said, “I like how it doesn't feel heavy, yet offers more coverage on days when I want to wear a little more makeup.”  I love that it not only works for younger skin but also mature skin- a win/win on both!  You can also check it out in my Organic Beauty Foundation Guide and on Allure’s Best of Beauty 2019 list!  Check it out here!


If you have tried Kosas Tinted Face Oil, let me know what you think of it below!


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Reed + Gwen 2021 Review

Reed + Gwen 2021 Review

Sharing a full review of Reed + Gwen in my brand new video! Reed + Gwen is a new brand from Avocado Green Brands. Their clean beauty products are helping me remember to relax and take some time to slow down and unwind this holiday season.


*This video was sponsored by Reed + Gwen.

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product. 


Watch the full Reed + Gwen video HERE!


From their Snoozy Bath Soak with magnesium Flakes- I mean how cool is that name?! That instantly helps melt away the stress and soothe sore muscles. To their dry body oil that transports you to your very own spa right in your bathroom. Oh and I can’t forget their body melt that literally seals in all the moisture and gives you the silkiest skin.


We all need to be reminded to relax and Reed + Gwen does just that. Plus, it makes an amazing gift for the holidays! Stocking stuffer, hostess gift or the whole set under the tree. 


Check out all of Reed + Gwen's products here! Use code gurlgonegreen15 to save 15%. 



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