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Includes: Baby, Clean House, Shower and Bath Filters, Water Bottles, Air Fresheners


Natural Baby/Child Gift Guide

My natural baby/child gift guide is here!  I hope it helps you get some ideas on gifts for that special baby or child in your life. I have everything from toys, to bedding, and practical items.  Leave me a comment on what you love getting baby or kids as...

Nest Baby Diaper Review

So excited to share my Nest baby diaper review.  After having 3 babies I've learned what a good diaper is and what it isn't.  Being in the green community and living a natural lifestyle most people might think I cloth diaper.  I don't and never have!...

Clean House

Natural Cleaning 101

So I'm pretty obsessed with cleaning...no joke.  I can't stand when my house is dirty or out of place.  And yes, I'm pregnant and everyone tells me that will change or it has to with kiddos.  I smile politely, because I'm nice but inside I think just wait...I will...

Shower and Bath Filters

Fav. Facial Bronzers

Ok, since summer is officially here, I think it's time to review my top picks for bronzers.   Who doesn't want a summer glow?  For those of you (me) still sportin' the winter skin, we'll need to fake our glow.  Cue the bronzer!  This is one makeup product I couldn't...

Why You Need a Shower and Bath Filter

I know, I know... now you think I'm going to tell you to get a shower filter!  Well, you're right, but let me explain.  I want  you to be aware of the dangerous toxins lurking in your shower and bath water.  It's actually a very serious issue a lot of people are...

Water Bottles

Top Water Bottle Picks

Plastic water bottles are everywhere you look these days.  A sad trend.  Yeah, sorry but that trend is over...actually it should have never started!  So why are plastic water bottles a no, no??  Plastic from the bottle leaches into the water and then you drink...

Air Fresheners

The Dirty Truth about Air Fresheners and Candles

If you're like most people you love a good scent.  Smells are kind of like music, when you hear a song it reminds you of a place, a person or experience.  They can take you back and propel you forward.  I only wish all smells were created equal.  Sadly they aren't....

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