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Includes: Baby, Clean House, Shower and Bath Filters, Water Bottles, Air Fresheners


How To Survive The First Trimester

So you might be wondering how to survive the first trimester and you've come to the right place because I'm going to share all my secrets with you.  Ok, they're not really secrets but things that have helped me to continue living my life, which is pretty huge when...

Pregnant With Baby #3!

So excited to finally share I'm pregnant with baby #3!  It's been a secret I've been keeping under wraps for what feels like forever, but I'm so excited to finally be able to share the news with you!I wanted to sit down with you like we were chatting as old friends...

Clean House

Natural Cleaning 101

So I'm pretty obsessed with cleaning...no joke.  I can't stand when my house is dirty or out of place.  And yes, I'm pregnant and everyone tells me that will change or it has to with kiddos.  I smile politely, because I'm nice but inside I think just wait...I will...

Shower and Bath Filters

Fav. Facial Bronzers

Ok, since summer is officially here, I think it's time to review my top picks for bronzers.   Who doesn't want a summer glow?  For those of you (me) still sportin' the winter skin, we'll need to fake our glow.  Cue the bronzer!  This is one makeup product I couldn't...

Why You Need a Shower and Bath Filter

I know, I know... now you think I'm going to tell you to get a shower filter!  Well, you're right, but let me explain.  I want  you to be aware of the dangerous toxins lurking in your shower and bath water.  It's actually a very serious issue a lot of people are...

Water Bottles

Top Water Bottle Picks

Plastic water bottles are everywhere you look these days.  A sad trend.  Yeah, sorry but that trend is over...actually it should have never started!  So why are plastic water bottles a no, no??  Plastic from the bottle leaches into the water and then you drink...

Air Fresheners

The Dirty Truth about Air Fresheners and Candles

If you're like most people you love a good scent.  Smells are kind of like music, when you hear a song it reminds you of a place, a person or experience.  They can take you back and propel you forward.  I only wish all smells were created equal.  Sadly they aren't....

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