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Creating Your Ideal

Clean Beauty Routine

The Simple Way…

You’re literally steps away from gaining access to all my clean beauty guides, tips, support and years of experience to create your natural beauty routine without the confusion, overwhelm and wasted money. 

Can you relate to this?


You aren’t sure what’s actually clean and natural when it comes to products


You want to avoid products that could promote disease for you and your family


You don’t have the time to sift through research and figure out what really works and what doesn’t


You feel overwhelmed at the options


You don’t want to waste money on products that aren’t going to perform, but want affordable options


You feel like things are constantly changing in the natural beauty realm and you don’t have the time to stay on top of it all

If you said YES to any of the above then you could benefit from Clean Beauty Boss!

That’s what inspired me to create this course

I was sad when I kept hearing people say they didn't love their beauty routines, that they were so overwhelmed they quit, that they were confused, that they couldn’t find the right products. 


this happens because of…

Dishonest Marketing

Dishonest Marketing that uses catchy words to entice consumers when the product is actually bad


People being misinformed from unreliable sources

too expensive

People making the natural beauty look unattainable and too expensive for the average person

But, that can be a thing of the past…

Welcome to Clean Beauty Boss!

The premier online clean beauty course to keep you up to date on all things natural beauty!

This coures includes:

  • Practical printable guides- where to shop for clean beauty at Target, Sephora, Ulta Guide and Pharmaca Guide.
  • Training Videos- how to use products.
  • Ingredient list- Ingredients to avoid in your products.
  • Budget picks- Where to splurge and where to save.
  • Product Guidelines for all skin types
  • Acne protocols- what you need to know and products to use.
  • Nutrition for beauty- what foods to be eating, seasonal eating and the power of nutrition in beauty.
  • Beauty Avatars- define your beauty avatar and simplify your whole beauty routine.
  • Organic hair resources- find your hair type, what products you need and are clean, hair tools and techniques.
  • Natural body faves- Find your ideal body products.
  • Natural skincare resources- The best natural skincare product recommendations in every category for each skin type, plus how to use video.
  • Natural makeup resources- The best natural makeup product recommendations in every category, plus how to use video.
  • Where to shop- The top natural beauty stores and when to save.
  • All about comedogenic ingredients- what they are, what to avoid in products- a complete list.
  • Private Facebook group- Access to Suzi every week through asking questions and Facebook Lives.

Be STRESS free

Help  get rid of the overwhelm and stress of creating a beauty routine you love

Be Empowered

Feel Empowered to detox your life through tried and true product swaps


Educate yourself on what ingredients to avoid in beauty products 

Be Confident

Be confident in your beauty routine

Be Strategic

Learn where to save money and where to splurge when it comes to beauty products

Be Productive

Grow and learn from others on the same journey

What sets Clean Beauty Boss apart from anything else?


Get access to over 10 years of experience in the clean beauty industry and 17 years as an esthetician and hair stylist.

Strategic Focus

Remove all the natural noise from outsiders and learn what really works for your beauty avatar.  I’m sharing tried and true beauty lessons and what has made the difference in so many of my clients.

Stronger Together

With so many people on the journey together, it makes you stronger as you learn from others

My Faves

You get a front row seat to hear what works for me and what hasn’t- I’ll share all my faves and the products I don’t like.


You’ll get the pulse on all the latest clean beauty products, places to shop, beauty tips and video tutorials.

The Very Best

I’m obsessed with all things beauty and I’m fully committed to making sure you love your clean beauty routine, without stress or overwhelm.

Meet Suzi

From Gurlgonegreen

Hi, my name is Suzi and I eat, breathe and sleep all things clean beauty!  

With over 10 years experience in the clean beauty industry and 17 years as an esthetician and hair stylist, I’ve learned how to simplify the whole process.  Creating clean beauty routines that people can afford, feel good about and be excited for!

I decided it was time to help others achieve their ideal clean beauty routine and clear away the confusion and stress of it all.  Helping others 1 on 1 let me see what the biggest struggles and pain points were.  It also showed me how much more effective I could be if I had one place where everyone could grow together.  Thus, Clean Beauty Boss was born. Instead of worrying about toxins in products and what to avoid you’ll be empowered and confident in creating a clean beauty routine you love!



What You'll Get With Clean Beauty Boss Course:

Access Anywhere, Anytime, All The Time!

Facebook GRoup

Get inspiration, tutorials and access from Suzi on all the latest when it comes to Clean Beauty.


Able to work with Suzi at a fraction of the cost of her 1 on 1 sessions.

Weekly Live Q&A

Also, you have access to a weekly Live Q&A, where I answer everyone’s questions and concerns.

lifetime access to updated content

As products and brands change I'll be updating content to include all the latest when it comes to clean beauty.

access to all my natural beauty guides

 Have access to all my natural beauty guides from Target, Ulta, Pharmaca, and Sephora.

The beauty of Clean Beauty Boss is the ability to come and go as you want.  Can’t make a Live Q&A- no worries they’ll be recorded and you can go back and watch them when you have time.   

Clean Beauty Boss isn’t a race, it’s a lifelong journey that will forever be changing and growing.  

Once you’re a member you’ll be given access to resources that will help you create your ideal clean beauty routine. From ingredient lists on food, beauty, plus, complete online and in store shopping guides. 

You’ll also be given access to a members only Facebook community.  A community where you're surrounded by like minded individuals on the same path.  A quote I love says this:

“If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.” 

-African Proverb

When you’re part of a community that is striving for the same goals, and intentions it causes you to grow and become better. 






Start feeling confident in your beauty routine again-

Join Clean Beauty Boss!


Get Instant Access To

Clean Beauty Boss Course!

If you’re ready to simplify creating your clean beauty routine and avoid overwhelm and stress, then enroll in Clean Beauty Boss! 

All prices in US Dollars

What Others are Saying about

Gurl Gone Green

“Suzi/GGG has helped me in my natural journey in many ways. I honestly didn’t really know the products I was using did more harm then good. From recipes to make-up tips, to water filters, this girl is on it! However, nothing stands out more than her character. With an instant gratification, Instagram culture, it is easy to feel less than, left out, or way behind. Suzi’s positive approach to changing one thing at a time has been such an relief and encouragement for someone like me!”


When I first began my health/going green journey a couple years ago, I was overwhelmed with all the “green” products and confused about which ones were truly safe and effective. Suzi was such a helpful resource! She has taken out the guesswork through her testing of products and research. Her recommendations have proven over and over to be exactly what I was looking for. From my laundry detergent to mascara to stainless steel containers for my kids, I have many “Suzi recommendations” I use on a daily basis. She is a trusted resource and offers a wealth of knowledge about health and going green! So thankful for her and the work she has done and continues to do!


“As a 72 year old suffering from Hashimoto I knew their had to be additional alternatives to leading a totally healthy lifestyle . My daughter Dr. J Kreft suggested I follow Gurlgonegreen and that was the best advice ever. I so enjoy following Suzi and she has taught me sooo much ……from green beauty, to home cleaning products that are safe, to bedding that is all organic, plus some tasty recipes to help clean up your diet. And why I love her is she presents everything in such a friendly  positive non judgmental way.


My entry in my natural journey was more like being thrown head first into the deep end of the pool and barely knowing how to swim. Discovering Suzi @gurlgonegreen was simply a happy accident. She’s guided me and has always answered any of my questions on everything from Best Baby Formula, to makeup, skin care and she hit the ball out of the park when she turned me onto an iron supplement when I found that my iron levels were abnormally low! Total game changer. Suzi is a human google of all things natural!


Get Instant Access To

Clean Beauty Boss!

If you’re ready to create the clean beauty routine of your dreams and avoid overwhelm and stress, then enroll in Clean Beauty Boss!

All prices in US Dollars