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Makeup Type

We all have a makeup type.  This is the girl you most relate to when doing your makeup.  Maybe you’re a minimalist and don’t like to wear a lot, or maybe you’re a diva and like a lot.  Identifying what type of makeup person you are is key to being able to create your ideal makeup look.

Clean Beauty Lip Products

Makeup Faves

I have several comprehensive guides on my blog of some makeup staples. I’m just going to link to them so you can read up on why I like them, or why I didn’t like a product. I also have a ton of photos of me wearing the products. Feel free to ask questions in the Facebook group.

Splurge/Budget Friendly Makeup Picks

I wanted to give you a splurge and a budget friendly pick section. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to splurge if you can but other times you want a more budget friendly option.

Ways To Save Money On Natural Makeup and Simplify Products

I really wanted to have a section in here that could help simplify your overall makeup collection and also help you find ways to save money. Clean beauty has come so far since I started almost 9 years ago now and there are so many more options then there used to be that are not only quality but also affordable.