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Meal Prep

This is the most crucial part in my opinion in getting yourself and your family to eat real food. If you don’t plan, then you’re likely going to not cook, not eat as good, and spend more money.

You could say it’s a recipe for disaster. 

I take each week on Saturday and I plan out what we are going to have for that week. Planning my meals makes my weeks go so much smoother.  I eat better and I don’t feel stressed out about what we’re going to eat.  

My favorite meal planner is by Kristin Marr from the blog Live Simply.  It’s so good! I’m on my second planner and I can’t recommend it enough.  It has a place for you to plan out your meals, but also list your ingredients so you can take it with you shopping.  It even has a spot where you can list your favorites, so when you need inspiration, you can go back and be inspired.

Once I plan on a Saturday, then I write down all the ingredients I need and head to the store.  Usually it’s more fresh ingredients as I get most of my dry goods and pantry staples from Vitacost.  It makes it easier for me and I find I save more money.  

I always take a couple hours and prep food for the week on Sundays.  Now you don’t have to do this.  Find what works for you.  Some people might like Saturday better, or maybe they have a little time each day when their child naps to prep.  Bottom line, do what works best for you.  

I’ve found for me prepping on Sunday for a couple hours is best for me. 

How to

This is what I prep for the week:

  • I will make my hubs and I lunches for the week.  We usually eat the same thing- so not hard.

  • I also make either a big batch of paleo pancakes for the girls, oatmeal, egg cups, or granola.  I love having it ready so all I have to do in the mornings is reheat their food- kids don’t like waiting!  

  • Then I prep one dinner for the week.  So when Monday comes it ready and done.  Let’s be honest who likes cooking on Mondays!  

  • My hubs and I typically have smoothies for breakfast so I chop up veggies, fruit and put them in freezer.  So I can just pull everything out in the morning.

  • Also, I make a batch of nut milk too for the week.  I rotate my non-dairy milks between coconut, and cashew.  I have a sensitivity to almond that came up on my food sensitivity test, so I try and avoid that right now but almond is great too.

I don’t really prep snacks because I try and just eat meals.  I really started to do this last year and I’ve not only felt better but had more energy.  If you haven’t read Kelly Leveque’s Book Body Love you should- changed my life!  She talks about blood sugar, snacking, carbs/fat/fiber/protein ratios and weight loss.  I highly encourage you read it!

It really doesn’t take more than 2 hours to accomplish all of that if I have all my ingredients and I know what I’m making.  

Then during the week I’ll make another couple dinners.  But I can prep things here and there when I have time and I find it doesn’t stress me out because I have a plan.



Sometimes it’s nice to have a cookbook to look at too!  I love getting a new cookbook for inspiration..  Something about it makes me want to get back in the kitchen and start cooking!  I wanted to share some of my favorite cookbooks with you that have been staples.

Against All Grain

I mentioned it above but I love Danielle Walker’s cookbooks!  She makes paleo recipes mostly with an emphasis on real whole food ingredients.  She has four cookbooks out and I have 3 of them- but kind of 4 because my sister has the other one and I borrow it.  🙂  

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

This has been a staple cookbook I use a lot.  She is  also paleo, but offers subs for other things too.  A lot of her food is spin offs on comfort food.

Wellness Mama Cookbook

This is just a well rounded cookbook for any mom to have.    Her recipes are so simple and tasty!  It’s no fuss meals that are still packed with nutrients. It’s not paleo but gluten free.