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Most Mamas don’t have time to figure out how to switch to a natural/clean lifestyle, that’s why I provide them with a simple roadmap for making the transition, so they can save time, money and thrive in their wellness journey.

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Hi! I’m Suzi. I understand what it’s like to want to make the switch to a natural and clean lifestyle but not know where to start. 11 years ago I was just like you. Frantically googling if products were safe, wondering where to shop and feeling lost. I created Gurl Gone Green to be the resource I wish I had when I started my wellness journey. I’ve combined my experience as a natural living expert for the past 11 years, esthetician, hair stylist and seasoned mama to four kiddos to bring you the best resources when it comes to living out a natural life. My guides and courses are created from real life professional experience. I get where you’re at and know what you need.

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Living out a natural/clean lifestyle shouldn’t be complicated or overwhelming. With my years of experience, guides, and research you will be an expert in no time.

  • How to avoid harmful ingredients
  • How to save money when going clean
  • Where to shop
  • What’s safe for your kids

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