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Top 10 Green Beauty Products of 2016

Top 10 Green Beauty Products of 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 may be a wrap but our favorite products from this past year still reign on in our beauty routines.

As green beauty gains speed in popularity and attention, it is thrilling to see the range, scope, performance and selection of goods grow and expand. This is exciting but then again, with so many products to choose from it can make buying overwhelming. So me and my girl Lisa,  This Organic Girl wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect of this past year and highlight our most favorite green beauty products from 2016. A top 10 roundup if you will.

These products deliver in performance, ingredient quality and tick the self care box. If you haven’t tried these, Pin this page and bust it out the next time you go to restock your vanity. You won’t be disappointed!

Kari Gran Lip Whips


GurlGoneGreen: This lip balm is always in my vanity, I mean always.  I put it on morning and night.  I’ve always had dry lips and when I found Kari Gran Lip Whip I knew a love affair was about to happen!  My lips stay hydrated throughout the day-finally.  Plus, I love the subtle sheen it gives my lips.  I fancy the light pink peppermint flavor-but then again when do I not reach for the mint in anything?! Get it-you’ll love it!

This Organic Girl: What’s not to love!? One look at the ingredients (all organic oils + beeswax + non GMO Tocopherol with Mica and Titanium Dioxide to tint) and it was love at first sight but then I used it and fell in love even more! Moisturizing, perfect shine, a touch of peppermint all in a petite screw top pot makes this my top pick for lip treatments!

GurlGoneGreen: I don’t go anywhere without this exfoliant-no seriously!  I tried this last year and knew it was going to be a staple.  I mean what of Josh Rosebrook’s isn’t?!  It not only removes all my dead skin cells and gives me a polished look but can I talk to you about the glow my skin gets after using this?  Because it’s real!  Hand’s down my favorite exfoliant.

This Organic Girl: A twofer that everyone needs in their lineup! This exfoliator is a cut above the rest because it works in two ways. Finley ground walnut shells mechanically slough away dead skin cells while herbal enzymes work to reveal new skin. All organic ingredients (except the walnut shells) and unparalleled performance make this formula a top pick.

Buy it Here!

True Botanicals Shampoo and Conditioner


GurlGoneGreen: This shampoo and conditioner is among the top faves among green beauty bloggers and for good reason.  It works and works well!  Your hair is clean, hydrated(not greasy) and smells amazing.  Oh and don’t get me started on the packaging-chic and eco!  Two thumbs up. If you’ve been searching for a shampoo and conditioner, this is it.

This Organic Girl: This combo saved my life. I was ready to go back to conventional shampoos until I found these beauties. Not only does this shampoo clean hair but it stays clean for days! And this conditioner gets out the tangles and leaves hair soft and shiny. A beautiful fragrance, clean ingredients and responsible packaging make this duo a must have!

 Shop Here!

Leahlani Mermaid Mask


GurlGoneGreen:  This mask, I love it.  It smells amazing, the ingredients you could literally eat and it works.  My skin is happy, radiant and decongested after using this baby.  I really believe everyone should own this mask.  It works for every skin type.  Plus, it is such a steal for the quality of product! Did I mention the founder, Leah is a saint?  She is-no joke.

This Organic Girl: Straight from the islands of Hawaii, this honey based mask is made with powerhouse superfoods: organic chlorella and spirulina. Gentle enough to use daily, it cleans, moisturizes and leaves skin looking radiant and glowing. You don’t know masking unless you’ve Mermaid Masked!

You Gotta Try This Mask! 

Kahina Eye Serum


GurlGoneGreen:  I’ve tried a lot of eye serums in my day but always go back to this one.  It works so well.  Say goodbye to darkness and puffiness and hello to brighter eyes.  I love that I can wear it under my makeup and at night.  Plus, putting it in the fridge overnight works so well to add an extra kick for the morning.

This Organic Girl: Love this product for its performance. This serum delivers moisture, reduces puffiness and brings life to my eyes. I also appreciate that it assimilates immediately leaving behind no greasiness and makeup can be applied almost instantly. My top fave eye treatment to date!

 Get It Girl!

Hynt Brow Creme


GurlGoneGreen: Love the Eye Brow Creme.  It gives my eye brows a natural look and stays put.  No harsh looking eye brows here.  Plus, it’s so easy to use.  I love the ingredients too and the fact that it lasts forever!

This Organic Girl: This creme to power finish formula defines brows with a natural finish. I was hooked on Ecobrow for over a year but once I tried this formula, I never looked back. A better color match, a softer look, easy to use and simple straight-up ingredients make this formula a superstar.

GurlGoneGreen: This mascara is the bees knees.  It really checks all the boxes, length, volume, separation-it does it all!  Plus the brush is big and fatty-my fave.  You won’t have to worry about smudging with this mascara because it doesn’t happen.  Everyone I’ve recommended it too loves it-need I say more?

This Organic Girl: It’s true! Suzi recommended it to me and I love it!  A nontoxic mascara without performance compromise is what you will find in Gia! A majority of this formula’s ingredients are organic and all of them are nontoxic. What you get is full, defined, thick, lengthened, black, bangin’ lashes that don’t flake or smudge. I love trying new mascaras but I always go back to Gia. Staple!


Grab One Here!

MAHALO Cleanser


GurlGoneGreen: I’ve been using this product for almost two months and I can’t get enough.  It’s unlike any cleanser I’ve ever used.  It looks like a balm but then when you apply it and mix it with water it slightly foams up and liquifies.  It takes all my makeup off effortlessly and doesn’t dry out my skin one bit.  I’m addicted!  And the smell…so good!

This Organic Girl: What she said!

Try It!

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Serum Sun Damage Repair


GurlGoneGreen:  This serum is amazing and works so well.  Say goodbye to hyper pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin and hello to radiant, even, happy skin.  I used this serum to the very end and coming from a green beauty blogger that’s saying something.  Everyone needs this!

This Organic Girl: A 100% organic moisturizer that works to repair sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, discoloration and promote skin regeneration PLUS it has natural SPF botanicals like Red Raspberry Seed, Carrot Seed, Cranberry Seed and Jojoba to protect from new damage!?!!? Yeah, if you are a (sun damaged) child of the 70s/80s like I am, this one is a must have and definitely in our top 10.

One For Me And One For You!

FitGlow Beauty Lipstick in Love


GurlGoneGreen: Discovered this red last Fall and haven’t looked back!  It’s the perfect shade.  It gives my whole face an instant lift when I wear it.  It’s super moisturizing too!  A fave all around.  I’ve been known to just apply this to my lips with some mascara and a little foundation and blush and BAM I instantly feel put together.

This Organic Girl: Can I get a WHAT WHAT for this red that seems to work for everyone!? Seriously if you think you can’t wear red (like I did for 35 years of my life) give this color a try and step out like BOOM! I own this city! Moisturizing, long lasting and full coverage, this burnt red formula has no hints of pink or magentas. It compliments all skin tones and looks fantastic with every hair color. And the icing on the cake? It’s organic. Thank you.

Love Me Some Love!

That’s a wrap on our top 10-What would you add?

Clean Beauty Box Roundup August

Clean Beauty Box Roundup August

Sharing the clean beauty box roundup for August on the blog!  So many boxes this month.  I was introduced to some new products as well.  If you’re new here, every month I share the best of the best when it comes to clean beauty boxes.  I give a review of the products in the boxes and share my experience using them.  Clean beauty boxes are a great way to save some serious money when it comes to switching over your beauty products.  

*This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

This month we are starting with Beauty Heroes, and Boxwalla.  Then we will see The Clean Beauty Box and The Detox Box– it’s a full month for the clean beauty box roundup for August.  

*Keep checking back as the boxes roll out to get the latest on each of the beauty boxes!

Beauty Heroes

bottles set up against a box

Seeing some old and new products from Josh Rosebrook in the August Discovery!

This is definitely a noteworthy box from Beauty Heroes! I was so excited to see Josh Rosebrook in the box this month.  He doesn’t disappoint.  His newest product was in the box- the Daily Acid Toner.  It’s making it’s big debut through Beauty Heroes.  Plus, we are seeing his beloved Hydrating Accelerator and Nutrient Day Cream.  You could say this is a box that’s got it going on!

I mean it’s no secret I love anything Josh makes. I’ve tried so many of his products previously and can say they all knock it out of the park.  I’ve met and talked with the founder many times and I have to say it’s easy to see how his products flow out of him.  He is all around magnetic and his creations are just an extension of who he is!

Hydrating Accelerator- This is another Josh product that I’m quite familiar with and love.  This mist really does it all-from hydrating, toning and moisturizing.  The basis of the mist is aloe vera, which helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and plumps up the overall texture of the skin.  Herbs also help to calm the skin and reduce redness.  I love spraying this on after cleansing before serums/oils and also before and after a mask.  A serious skincare must in my opinion!  Plus, this little tonic smells like vanilla, can you say mmm!  I’m addicted to the smell alone.  I even spray this throughout the day for a quick pick me up of hydration.

Nutrient Day Cream Tinted- The cream literally glides onto your skin leaving behind hydrated and plump skin.  The perfect base before makeup application.  It offers some great sun protection with the mineral zinc oxide.  This is similar to his regular Nutrient Day Cream, except it’s tinted.  The tint is so flattering for all skin as it reflects the light perfectly.  The ingredients are just so amazing.  Aloe is the first one and then there’s a combo of hydrating oils, butters and soothing properties like calendula and chamomile.  A true skincare treat.  When you pump the product out it feels like a lotion, not a cream.  I tend to have dry skin and my skin loves it.  It doesn’t feel overly hydrating, where you might end up with a greasy face.  Instead, my skin feels moisturized from within.  I’m sold!  It’s also made with organic, non-gmo and wild crafted ingredients.  This is the perfect facial sunscreen for daily wear or if you’re heading on vacation-either way you’re set!  

Daily Acid Toner- This toner is just as Josh has described, a workout for your skin.  It is an AHA liquid that helps to exfoliate, brighten and smooth the skin.  It has a blend of glycolic fruit and flower acids.  It also has soothing minerals and plant actives.  Often you might think of an acid toner as harsh or irritating but not the Daily Acid Toner.  It slowly helps to resurface and exfoliate your skin subtly.  Your skin gradually gets rebuilt with collagen and luminosity.  I loved how my skin felt so smooth, yet hydrated after using it.  Such a different toner than I’ve experienced before and I’m digging it!

This box is valued at $106 but you can get it for $58.95- such a good deal!  Get it here before they’re sold out.


skincare products in the box

This box had me at the first time I tried the product!

I was so excited to dig into the Boxwalla box this month!  I discovered Votary this year through Boxwalla and was hooked on their products from the last box.  You can read my review on a previous Boxwalla box with them in it here.  So when I saw Votary in this month’s box I knew it was going to be good!

I was familiar with Votary but I wasn’t familiar with Lovinah.  However once I started using this product I fell hard for it!  Lovinah was also in the limited edition discovery this month by Boxwalla.  Check out my full review on the discovery here.

Lovinah Dragon’s Blood Vitamin C Cleansing Oil- Ok, this cleanser smells SO good!  It smells like guava and it makes you want to drink it- I mean don’t but you get the idea.  I apply it to dry skin and rub all over to release the dirt and makeup.  Then I get hands damp and apply the wetness to my skin and the formula emulsifies.  It’s so good!  My skin feels clean, but so smooth and hydrated.  It’s full of milk thistle, guava seed, lingonberry- some serious antioxidant powerhouses.  Plus, we can’t forget about the Vitamin C in it that helps to counteract free radical damage.  It really does it all.  I haven’t been able to stop using it!  

Votary Super Seed Serum- This serum feels so rich and plump on the skin.  It is full of antioxidants like broccoli seed, camellia seed, chia seed, cloudberry seed, raspberry seed & pomegranate seed oils.  It is an emulsion of a water based peptide with a hydrating lotion.  I’ve never had a serum feel so hydrating on it’s own.  It helps to firm and smooth the skin.  I’ve been using this every night as well.  Even in the morning this might be all you need after cleansing and toning since it’s so hydrating on it’s own! 

Votary Intense Night Oil- This oil is so full bodied and rich.  It really just gives your skin some serous moisture. It has a combination of plant seeds, plant extracts and retinoid to deliver all the nutrients to your skin. From addressing fine lines, plumping collagen and minimizing redness- this powerful night oil does it all!  My skin feels so good after using it- plain and simple.  I wish I had it in a bigger bottle!  

The box is valued at $240 but you can get it for $49.95!!  Such a steal.  Get the box here!  

The Clean Beauty Box

Box of clean beauty products

This box features Free + True. This brand has been popping up all over and I couldn’t be more excited!

This month we are seeing Free + True in The Clean Beauty Box.  I had first heard about this brand at the beginning of this year and fell hard for their Body Prophet.  In fact I used every last bit up!  It’s so good.  When I saw them in The Clean Beauty Box this month I knew I was in for another one of their skincare treats.  

If you’re wanting to clean up your routine and make things a little less complicated Free + True is the perfect skincare line for you!  It really streamlines the whole process and makes things so much easy.  With their botanical formulations and real food ingredients, Free + True makes creating a natural skincare routine easy.

Ramblin Rose Hydrating Serum- This serum is true to it’s name.  It’s so hydrating!  Feels like a big surge of water on the skin.  This serum is pH balancing and botanically based.  It has a full list of powerhouse ingredients like pomegranate juice, rose water, hyaluronic acid, and white tea.  It leaves your skin feeling plump, smooth and completely hydrated.  Great before makeup.  I’ve been applying mine right before my oils in the morning for an all over glow and hydrated skin.

Antioxidant Face Oil- This face oil is filled with skin loving ingredients like sun-ripened super fruits, skin botanicals and CoQ10.  The ingredient deck is amazing.  From raspberry oil, seabuckthorn oil, cranberry oil, and nettle. It delivers hydration, antioxidants, fatty acids, and minerals.  Giving your skin all that it needs to recover after a day in the elements.  I love how rich it feels on my skin.  I apply this after my serum to help lock in moisture.  It absorbs so easily and doesn’t feel overly greasy.

Bright Side Vitamin C Serum- This deluxe sample is an exclusive prelaunch from Free + True Skincare.  It helps to treat dark spots with 13% Vitamin C and B3.  The Vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen.  It also has niacinamide- one of my favorite skincare ingredients! It helps to soothe the skin, calm redness and help with acne. It also is brightening for the skin.  Filled with Amla, mulberry leaf, uva ursi, and licorice root support.  I love how it smells and how it feels on the skin- super luxe!

The box is valued at $151, but you can get it for $41.95!  Shop The August/September Clean Beauty Box here!

The Detox Box