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Skin types


These aren’t set in stone products you have to use for your skin type. But good places to start. For example you may be normal to dry skin. So you might take a few products from the normal skin and then a few from the dry skin. Find what works best for you.   

As always ask me any questions! Happy to help!


You can feel oily, dry or combination but you also have redness and irritation.  It tends to be inflamed easily.


  • Avoid Harsh based cleansers that could cause your skin to become irritated.
  • Avoid essential oils unless you know your skin doesn’t react to them.  Many people with sensitive skin can’t tolerate essential oils even.
  • Any physical exfoliants are good to avoid as well since they can cause the skin to flare even more.
  • Stick with powdered or enzyme exfoliants that are mild and less abrasive.
  • Wear sunscreen to help protect from the sun. The sun’s rays can often be irritating to sensitive skin.
  • Just because a product says hypoallergenic does not mean it is safe.  There is no one actually regulating it.
  • Avoid really spicy foods, sugar, processed foods or foods with lots of salt as this can trigger inflammation in the body and sensitive skin types.