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Best Natural Lipsticks

Best Natural Lipsticks

I’ve got my best natural lipsticks in honor of National Lipstick Day!  Switching from mainstream lip products to cleaner versions is a big deal!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, you should definitely switch all your makeup over from mainstream products, but the lips are especially important.  Why??  Well, for starters studies show that women re-apply their lipstick/lip product at least 5 times a day…so that’s a lot of toxins  (more…)

RMS Shadow Review

RMS Shadow Review

If you’ve been around green beauty long enough then you’ve heard of RMS beauty.  This was one of the first brands I tried when switching over from conventional to clean beauty.  That was 6 years ago and my how things have changed!  Back then RMS had just a handful of products, now they have a whole makeup line.  Well that makeup line just got bigger, because they just came out with some amazing eyeshadows.  Yes, you heard me right-shadows finally!  And with 18 beautiful colors to choose from, there’s something for everyone!  You could say I was just a little excited to finally try these babies out.  Marissa from Beau Tea Bar was kind enough to send me 4 different colors from the line, plus the shadow brush RMS came out with for them.  Beau Tea Bar is the ultimate green beauty destination!  Check out all their green goodies!

Here are the colors I sampled:

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  • SB-43 Sunset Beach/Crushed Pearl Shade
  • GR-13 Garden Rose/Rosy Brown Shade
  • TM-24 Twilight Madness/Warm Charcoal Shade
  • TR-94 Tobacco Road/Olive Green Shade with a Hint of Shimmer

First I have to dish on the ingredients.  These are unlike any eyeshadow I’ve tried.  They actually feel somewhat moist because of ingredients like jojoba oil, and buriti oil-so silky and smooth.  Most shadows are baked but RMS shadows are pressed, keeping the integrity of the raw material intact.  They all have a bit of a glow to them- not a sparkly, 13 year old glow but the luminescent glow we all crave.  The pigment is not heavy but very light and buildable.  I love that they’re pressed shadows!  It’s hard to always find pressed shadows in the green beauty world.  So much easier to work with and there’s no mess.  RMS has a line of cream shadows which are beautiful but on my oily lids they slide off within the hour.  These have been just the opposite.  They look like a cream but act like a powder.  Since my eyelids are oily, I apply a mineral powder, then apply my eyelid primer by The All Natural Face.  Once my eyelid is prepped I then apply the shadows.  This is where their vegan shadow brush comes in.  It’s the perfect compact brush for a flawless shadow application.  It picks up the pigment just right.  I love that you can use it wet or dry, depending on the look you want.

Wearing Sunset Beach SB-43, Garden Rose GR-13 and Tobacco Road TR-94

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Oh and the staying power is top notch.  I applied them in the morning and they were still there by midday.  I’m just crazy for all the colors too!  They split the shadows into 6 color categories-grey/black, yellows/golds, beiges/tans, greens/browns, pinks, and purples/burgundies.  Each one unique.  Can’t wait to try more.  I find a lot of people are afraid to try shadow-fearing they might mess up.  If so these are the perfect shadows for you!  So easy to use- I promise you won’t mess up.  Being that they’re so buildable it makes it virtually impossible to pile on too much color.  I love that you can use the colors so easily together-they blend so well.  I used the Sunset Beach on my brown bone with every color-such a great everyday color.  Garden Rose was so pretty on it’s own and also blended in with the Tobacco Road.  I also created the perfect subtle smokey eye with Twilight Madness.

Wearing Twilight Madness TM-24 in my crease and Sunset Beach SB-43 on my brow bone

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I’m loving these new shadows and I know you will too!  Check out Beau Tea Bar online and get your shop on!  They have everything your green beauty heart could want.  Also, be sure to check out my Instagram post of the RMS shadows.  I’ve teamed up with Beau Tea Bar to giveaway 3 shadows plus the RMS shadow brush!

November Beauty Heroes: Josh Rosebrook

November Beauty Heroes: Josh Rosebrook

This month’s Beauty Heroe’s box is SO special-I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys!  Josh Rosebrook is a genius and his products speak for themselves.  If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you know I’m a fan of his products.  This month his Cacao Antioxidant Mask takes center stage as hero of the month!  I was already a huge fan of this mask and was just so jazzed to see it in this month’s box.  This mask is what started it all for Josh.  After experimenting with cacao, he noticed a significant improvement in his skin.  His clients noticed as well and for good reason!

I love Josh’s whole approach to skincare.  It’s all about supporting the skin’s natural ability to heal itself.  Giving it what it needs so that it can repair on it’s own.  Not a quick fix like many would want, but a process of letting your skin regenerate as it was meant too.  This happens by supporting the skin with herbs, nuts, fruit, seeds, plants, leaves, and flowers.  These natural resources offer similar phytonutrients found in the body and help facilitate the skin’s ability to heal thorough cell turnover. Josh believes in a five step process: Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize and protect-I couldn’t agree more!  You can’t have one without the other.  They are all connected and help the skin to become the best version of itself.  I have seen for myself the amazing transformation skin can take when nourished and given time-can you say glow?!

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This month’s hero is not a new hero to me.  I’ve been using Josh’s Cacao Antioxidant Mask for a while and have fallen hard for it.  First, it comes in this chic glass jar.  You open it and instantly get a whiff of rich cacao-just like the name suggests.  I’m in love!  It looks like dark rich frosting but not the kind you eat. This decadence is the kind you apply to your face.  Before application I mist Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator over my face.  Leaving my skin dewy and ready for masking.  I just use a spoon to apply some of the mask on the back of my hand and then use my fingers to apply to my face.  I’ve found the formula is too thick for a brush. Once applied, I wait 45 minutes to let the mask do it’s magic.  You can do less time but I like to get the full effect.  Then I just wipe off with a washcloth.  After, my skin feels revived, refreshed and awake.  I love applying my oils after and then waking up to skin that is seriously happy and radiant.  The mask detoxifies while at the same time nourishing and giving back so many nutrients into the skin.  A serious skin treat!

So what’s in this mask that makes it so magical?!  The ingredients in the mask are amazing and really make this “glow” happen.  Cacao is a known antioxidant that helps to slow the aging process and beef up collagen to give skin it’s health back.  Plus, it helps to bring circulation to the skin, causing it to absorb nutrients better.  If that wasn’t enough there are a chockfull of plant oils that help moisturize, repair and calm the skin.  Best of all?  This mask is perfect for any skin type! Dry, sensitive, oily-anyone can benefit-I’ve seen it for myself.  I have dry skin and my sister has oily and it does wonders for us both.  Oh, and did I mention the ingredients are 100% certified organic?  Yeah, and Josh goes to great lengths to ensure every ingredient is in its purest form when selected.  Check out his stance on ingredient integrity here. It’s really all about plant ingredients with Josh’s Products and for good reason.  These plants are living and active and offer such a similar composition to our own skin.  I believe it’s really how skincare is intended to be made-with the earth as it’s source.  

As if the Cacao Antioxidant Mask wasn’t enough to make you swoon this month, there’s also another skin product in the box.  The sidekick this month is Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator. This is another Josh product that I’m quite familiar with and love.  This mist really does it all-from hydrating, toning and moisturizing.  The basis of the mist is aloe vera, which helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and plumps up the overall texture of the skin.  Herbs also help to calm the skin and reduce redness.  I love spraying this on after cleansing before serums/oils and also before and after a mask.  A serious skincare must in my opinion!  Plus, this little tonic smells like vanilla, can you say mmm!  I’m addicted to the smell alone.  I even spray this throughout the day for a quick pick me up of hydration.

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This month’s Beauty Heroes box had me swooning in every way!  I really can’t say enough about Josh and the integrity and quality of his products.  If you haven’t signed up for Beauty Heroes I suggest you do it today before this box sells out!  Also, if you are already a member don’t forget to check out the Beauty Heroes store.  Full of Beauty Hero products!  Have you used this month’s hero?



OUI Shave Review

OUI Shave Review

I’m so excited to finally share with you guys my experience with OUI Shave-yay!  I couldn’t wait to dish on this product.  For starters, I just love Karen’s story, the founder of OUI Shave.  She was just like one of us- going about life, and had an epiphany moment.  Her epiphany moment was about razor burn.  It not only changed her life, but is changing the lives of so many women worldwide!  I love women who not only see a problem, but create a solution.  Karen is a serious Girl Boss in my opinion.

Karen realized shaving didn’t need to include razor burn and red legs.  It should be a luxurious experience.  Plus, she quickly became aware of the toxic chemicals in all of the shave creams, and knew something needed to be done.  Not only did she create a timeless razor and oil, but an entire new way to shave.  Irritation and toxin free of course!

Ok, so now that you know the story behind this amazing company, let me fill you in on the products themselves.  There are three types of razors essentially, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha. Carrie and Samantha are the same except for the colors and length of handle.  Carrie is gold, with a shorter handle, and is made for women 5′ 6″ and under.  The Samantha is silver with a longer handle, and is made for women who are 5′ 7″ and taller.  The Charlotte razor is a different model altogether than the Samantha or Carrie.  It is a two blade razor, and is for hair type that is fine or slow growing.  The Carrie and Samantha razor are the opposite.  They are for coarse, thick, curly and those prone to ingrown hair.  They also have four double edged razor blades.


 My Experience-

I’m a tall girl, who has coarser hair, so I received the Samantha razor.  Can I just say I’ve never seen a more beautiful razor!  It’s heavy feeling and luxurious.  I also received the OUI Neroli Shave Oil-a truly luxe product in itself.  OUI has a full tutorial video on their website on how to use the razor properly.  First step is to let the warm water soften the skin for a couple minutes.  Then apply 2-3 pumps of the OUI Shave Oil.  A lot of women are used to having to press hard with conventional razors, but that’s not the case with OUI.  Since the razor is so weighted it does the work for you.  Just glide it over the area.  And just like that your legs are smooth, soft, and razor burn free.  My legs have never felt softer-ask my hubs!  Did I mention the smell of the OUI Neroli Shave Oil?  Well, it’s amazing.

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Environmentally Friendly Razor-

What’s better than a great shaving experience?  How about an environmentally friendly one.  OUI razor is a one time purchase, because it lasts a lifetime.  The last razor you need to buy?  Need I say more?!  OUI razors are sourced from one of the best, and oldest, manufacturers in Germany.  Made of stainless steel and then coated in either chrome(Samantha) or gold(Carrie).  Once the blade is dull, you just switch it out for a new blade.  I’m seriously hooked! Plus, there is no plastic involved!  Think about how many plastic razors get thrown away every year!  Unfortunately, there is no where for them to go.  OUI Shave is changing this.

You can use the razor anywhere you shave-not just on your legs.  They even have a dopp kit in rose gold that fits your razor and blades-perfect for travel.  I’ve been eyeing it-so cute!

My legs have never been smoother.  OUI Shave has changed the razor scene, and for the better!  What better way to get your legs ready for summer than with OUI Shave!  Shop all their products here.  Also, head to my Instagram to enter to win the Samantha razor I’ve fallen hard for!!

True Nature Botanicals- Review

True Nature Botanicals- Review

I was over the moon to try out True Nature Botanicals!  I had heard so much about this line, I couldn’t wait to see what all the hype was about.  I was not disappointed.  When I think of TNB what sticks out to me is a luxe anti-aging line.  Using the most potent ingredients, TNB spares no expense when it comes to creating their products.  I love this quote on their website:

“Serious luxury. Superior results.  No toxins. Not ever.”

They care about quality and seeing products that actually perform, while at the same time are safe.  A truly unique company in the green beauty industry.  The scents of their products are some of the best.  Nothing is too strong but smells fresh and real.  I also love how they do clinical tests on their products.  Something that is rare among the natural skincare industry.  Proven results, with clean ingredients-what more could you want?  Oh and I can’t forget to mention that all their products come in frosted glass bottles, can you say luxurious?  Not only do they make skincare products but also a shampoo and conditioner and even a perfume solid.  I tried out the shampoo and conditioner and let’s just say it’s quickly become a staple in my shower!

Ok, on to the product review.

Hydrating Cleanser-

This cleanser is remarkable.  It is hydrating but not greasy and gives just the right amount of emulsification.  It foams a little and leaves my skin feeling polished and clean.  It comes with a pump, which I love.  Great for those who want a squeaky clean feeling but don’t want their skin feeling stripped.  $48


Face Oil-

This oil smells so good!  It oil uses coveted marine ingredients, which aids in moisture and smooths wrinkles.  I would apply this after using their toning mist, and before the Topical C Treatment and Night Serum with Retinol.  It’s different than most skincare protocols.  Usually you would apply the treatment first, then the oils but with TNB you do the opposite.  I applied a few drops in my hands and would press it into my skin.  It left my skin hydrated and smooth.  The biggest thing I noticed with this serum was it’s calming properties.  My redness was minimized and my face seemed clearer.  This is an all around great face oil.  If you’re wanting something to not only moisturize, but also to combat signs of aging, this is it.  $110



This stuff smells like a dream.  So fresh and not overly flowery at all.  This mist is so versatile.  I used it after cleansing and before serums, and also throughout the day to plump up my skin.  One thing I really love about the mist is the fact it doesn’t contain any water!  The first ingredient is green tea, a soothing and calming ingredient.  I love that it comes in a glass bottle as I mentioned above.  You won’t go wrong with this one-it’s a winner.  Did I mention the smell?  Oh yeah, I did…it’s that good!  $48


Topical Vitamin C Treatment and Night Serum with Retinol-

I was probably the most excited to try this duo out.  My fellow blogger friend Molly from MaisonPur had reviewed TNB in the early fall, and had a hard time working with the product initially(I would have been the same).  However, after some trial and error she discovered how to apply the product.  It was great to read her review because it helped me in my application process(thanks Molls :).  Let me first explain the Topical C Treatment.  It actually comes in small little capsules.  You break open a capsule and then apply a few drops of the Night Serum with Retinol and rub your hands vigorously together.  Don’t be gentle!  Then apply it to your skin.  The Night Serum with Retinol isn’t an oil but a treatment serum, it doesn’t necessarily moisturize your skin.  I would use this by itself without the Vitamin C Treatment too.  The power of both really makes your skin take on a whole new look.  I noticed my skin texture improved, congestion was gone and hyper-pigmentation faded.  Originally when talking with Kevin Dooley, Director of Community Relations, I had mentioned wanting to address hyper-pigmentation on my skin.  I was so pleased that his recommendation really proved to be true.  I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to see texture improvement across the board.  $195


Shampoo and Conditioner-

Gosh, this stuff is just the best!  If you’ve thought that no natural shampoo and conditioner will work for your hair, think again.  The shampoo suds up like a mainstream shampoo, but without the harsh chemicals.  The conditioner doesn’t leave that greasy oil residue…you know that feeling I’m talking about!  Need, I say more?  Not really, but I will because I just can’t help myself!  It smells insanely good, fresh like everything they make does.  They also come in recyclable metal bottle pumps, that literally look so luxe in the shower.  I promise you won’t be disappointed, this stuff is amazing and worth every penny, and that says a lot coming from a stylist.  $32 each


Well, that sums up my review of True Nature Botanicals.  Want to shop their line?  I don’t blame you!  You can find all their products here.  Oh and today through Monday, TNB is offering 15% any order using code: gurlgonegreen…hello!  They typically never offer sales like this-so snag it while you can!

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