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Live Botanical Review

Live Botanical Review

Excited to finally share my Live Botanical Review with you guys!  I first discovered Live Botanical at IBE Dallas.  I had the pleasure of meeting the maker and founder Carolyn.  It was so great to connect and hear her enthusiasm for herbs.  Sometimes people merely create a line but I could instantly tell this was Carolyn’s passion.  Although she is an herbalist, much of how Carolyn sees skincare is based on her 15+ years in the technology field as an analyst.  It’s always so fascinating to see how people get their start in skincare.

Live Botanical  has become a gold mine as I’ve tried more products.  It’s not often I find products that not only are clean, but also effective and budget friendly.  People are constantly asking what options I would recommend that are less expensive and it can be hard.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice performance, however, not with Live Botanical.  I think that’s why I initially got so jazzed about it.  I saw that not only was the line organic, non-GMO, ethically wild-harvested, local, sustainable and fair trade but budget friendly.  She really goes the extra mile.  She also uses glass packaging too-something I swoon over.  I mean it’s kind of rare to check all the boxes but also be affordable!

There is a wide variety of products from facial products, to body products.  I tried a handful of them.  I’ve shared a review before about the Skin Repair Balm and Aer Hyaluronic Serum, and I’m adding them on to my review here.  I have some new products to share- specifically their Best of Live Botanical Kit. Keep reading to hear my full review! Oh and Carolyn the founder has been so kind to offer 20%!  Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN!

Skin Repair Balm-

First, the Skin Repair Balm is such an amazing multi-use product.  I’ve used it as a cleansing balm, hydrator and to help heal and relive pain from a burn.  One of the ingredients I love in the balm is yarrow-a powerful anti-inflammatory.  As a cleansing balm it removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple.  I wake up with perfectly moisturized skin.  I put it on a hot water burn and it instantly took away the throbbing pain.  I’m wondering what this little jar can’t do?!  Snag yours here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Blue Tansy + Babassu Balancing Whipped Oil- 

I was so excited to try out the new Blue Tansy + Babassu Balancing Whipped Oil!  If you’ve followed me long enough you know I’m a big fan of blue tansy- this oil does so much.  First, the smell is so wonderful!  It has a sweetness to the smell but still smells herbal too.  Besides, smelling good, it also relaxes the nervous system.  It also helps to balance the hormones in our body- can you say YES!  It calms inflammation and redness in the skin.  Babassu is also in this whipped oil, which I love too.  It’s similar to coconut oil but not pore clogging like coconut oil can be.  These two combined are perfect for combination, dry or skin prone to breakouts. If you do have dry skin you may still want to use an oil first then the whipped oil.  I loved applying it after cleansing and toning.  I found I didn’t need extra hydration right now.  My skin felt so good in the morning!  It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated but with a matte look, not oily.  Overall, I can’t recommend this product enough! If you have skin that is breaking out or just skin that needs a little tlc- this is perfect.  Grab your Blue Tansy + Babassu here!  Don’t forget to use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Mint + Ginger Toning Mist- 

This toning mist is everything!  It feels so refreshing and dewy on the skin.  I love anything mint, as most of you know and this toning mist is no exception. Plus, the kick of ginger sends this mist over the top.  It calms my skin while at the same time reinvigorating it.  I love spraying this after cleansing and right before my serums/moisturizers.  Not too mention it really feels so good in the morning!  It perks up my skin and gets me going.  I love how Carolyn uses a combination of herbs that are both warming and cooling.  This helps to increase circulation and improve cell turnover.  With the first ingredient being aloe, you literally feel like your skin is hydrated from the inside out!  I’ve been using this non-stop and can’t get enough!  Get your Mint + Ginger Toning Mist here! Don’t forget to use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Luna Rose and Honey Mask- 

I love this mask!  It makes my skin glow in minutes- no joke!  It apply it all over in the morning and then grab my toothbrush and then rinse off once I’m done brushing my teeth.  It feels so hydrating and soothing to the skin.  It gives a slight exfoliation too with herbal grains.  The raw honey in this mask draws moisture to the skin while soaking up all the excess oils at the same time.  What I love is that this mask can be used daily as a cleanser or as a mask a couple times a week.  It really lives up to it’s name: Glowing Mask.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!  I can’t get enough of this decadent skin treat!  Oh and did I mention it’s only $30?  Get your mask here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Aer Hyaluronic Serum-

I also tried the Aer Hyaluronic Serum and was so excited after the first use!  It’s unlike any product I’ve used.  I apply it after toning and press it on my face.  It leaves your skin feeling a bit wet but then it absorbs and fills in lines and evens out your whole complexion.  I apply my moisturizer/oil after and then my makeup and love the end result.  My skin is dewy and moist the whole day and doesn’t look haggard.  Am I making sense?  The first ingredient is aloe, which I’m all about-it replenishes the skin and plumps it up.  You guys need this-it’s fantastic and a staple in my makeup routine!   Get yours here!   Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Best of Live Botanical Kit-

This Kit is the perfect solution for someone who is looking to sample a good amount of product, but not break the bank or a skincare set for travel.  The kit includes Coconut and Bergamot Body Cream, Blood Orange and Neroli Toner, Clary Sage and Chamomile Calming Serum, Luna Moisturizing Cleanser.  It’s a $130 value but you can get it for only $84-HELLO!  Such a steal!  And I didn’t even mention the cute bag it comes in by Frankie & Coco– locally handcrafted in Portland, OR.  If you’re wanting to transition to clean skincare but have been fighting the price tag- this may be the perfect line for you!  Snag your Best of Live Botanical Here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Coconut & Bergamot Body Cream-

I can’t get enough of this body cream!  It’s so good.  The smell of this is enough to transport you to an island oasis.  It comes in the cutest tin too.  I applied it right after showering and it melted into my skin.  My skin felt hydrated and moisturized but not greasy at all.  I need tubs of this-no joke!  Seriously one of the best body creams I’ve used!  Get your Body Cream here!  Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Blood Orange & Neroli Toner-

This toner gives the perfect amount of hydration.  I love spritzing this on after cleansing and right before a serum.  It smells just like the name suggests- blood orange and neroli.  It’s very soothing.  The ingredients in this are on point too.  You can even just spritz it throughout the day to lift your mood.  The blood orange is perfect for balancing skin and tightening pores.  While neroli is great for calming redness, and soothing the skin.  A stellar combo for a hydrosol.  Grab your toner here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Clary Sage & Chamomile Calming Serum-

This serum is probably my favorite product from all the ones I’ve tried so far.  I even had my sisters try it and they loved it as well.  It smells so light and calming. My skin soaked it up and there was no oily residue left behind.  It felt so soothing on my skin.  In the morning I would wake up with skin that looked so fresh and revitalized.  I especially notice when products are soothing and calm redness since it’s something I deal with.  This really helped give my skin an overall even look.  I also loved applying it before my makeup.  It was the perfect moisturizer, not too heavy but just enough.  I can’t recommend it enough for anyone, but especially those with sensitive skin types and those prone to redness!  Plus, when you see the ingredient list you might drool a little- so good!  Get your Calming Serum here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Luna Moisturizing Cleanser-

This cleanser is one of prettiest cleansers I’ve ever used!  It looks so pretty in the bottle.  It’s a milky cleanser and very hydrating.  I would get my face damp and then apply the cleanser in circular motions to remove my makeup.  Then I would take a warm washcloth and wipe it off.  It would leave my skin feeling moist and not dry at all.  I would recommend this for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.  It’s not going to dry your skin out at all like some cleansers might.  My sister who has more oily skin thought it was a bit too hydrating for her skin type.  I have more dry/combination skin and it worked great for me.  Get your cleanser here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

That concludes my review of Live Botanical.  I absolutely believe in this line and can’t wait to try more products!  The quality that goes into each product is really amazing, not too mention the price tag is awesome!  Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Have you heard of Live Botanical?








Top Green Beauty Mascara Picks

Top Green Beauty Mascara Picks

My Top Green Beauty Mascara Picks is here! Having been in green beauty for over seven years now, I’ve tried my fair share of mascaras.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to a stellar formula too.  It has to meet some strict requirements.  I mean a girl doesn’t want just volume, but length, separation, and maybe even a bit of drama.  Who’s with me?!

Clean Living Natural

Join the 5 Day Clean Living Challenge and start living your best natural life!

I had some standards as I tested out mascara.  There have been some mascaras I’ve noticed some people pegging as “clean” but they had questionable ingredients.  For example, if a mascara had phenoxyethanol in it-I didn’t even try it.  My top recommendations are completely clean.  However, there are a few ingredients here and there in some of the other mascaras that rate a higher score on EWG.  In comparison to conventional mascaras, I think they’re pretty good.  But that’s a decision you have to make for yourself.

Also, a few tips on mascara I’ve picked up along the way.  I’ve found for me any mascara, whether conventional or green beauty mascaras, they all do better after a week or two.  It helps when they’ve been exposed to some air.  It makes them become a little more buildable.  So don’t give up on one after a day or two-give it at least a week.  Always swirl the brush inside to pick up product, don’t pump. Once your mascara gets clumpy it’s time to get a new one, typically 3 months.  Oh and side note-I never wear mascara on my lower lashes.  I find I haven’t found a solution to the under eye smudging that occurs.  Plus, I find I don’t need it.

Top Picks-

Honest Beauty Mascara-

Formula- Ok, so I did try this mascara when it first came out over two years ago and I didn’t like it.  It stung my eyes pretty bad and there wasn’t anything amazing about it.  However, they re-did the formula and I have to say it is completely different and I LOVE it!  This is hands down my favorite mascara in green beauty now.  I know, that says a lot but it’s true.  The formula checks all the boxes.  It offers thickness, length, separation- it’s just awesome!  The formula isn’t too dry or too wet and I love that I don’t have to apply 5 coats of mascara to see product on my lashes.  In just two coats my lashes are instantly lengthened, thicker and have overall more volume.  I’m sold!  On one end of the mascara wand is a primer and the other the mascara color.  I apply the primer first and then the mascara.

Smudge factor/Flaking- Doesn’t flake or smudge!

Brush- The brush is longer and thinner, with a slight curve.

Price- $22(and even cheaper if you bundle it with two other items from Honest Beauty)

Get the Mascara here!

FitGlow Good Lash + Mascara-


Formula-  It gives my lashes volume, separation and some drama.  It definitely lifts them up and creates a lash that you can’t help but notice!  I love how you can build the formula on top of your lashes.  The formula is overall thicker but easy to apply to the lashes.

Smudge factor/Flaking- I didn’t have any smudging or flaking.

Brush- The brush on it is different than any other I’ve used.  It starts out wide and then gets narrower.  Great for getting the bitty lashes in the corner of the eye.

Price- $42

Get your FitGlow mascara here!

Inika Long Lash Mascara- (Vegan)


Formula- The formula is pretty wet.  It gets better the more air gets to it.  Once I apply the first couple coats I move to the next eye and then come back to the first eye.  It then is easier to build it up more.  It really gives great length and separation, not as much volume.

Smudge factor/Flaking- It did smudge a little if I wasn’t careful letting it dry.  But no flaking.

Brush- It comes with a long brush.

Price- $33

Get your mascara here!

Crunchi Mascara-

Formula- This mascara gives big, separated, pigmented lashes.  I had so many people comment on my lashes when wearing it.  Some mascaras will sting my eyes when they get wet but not Crunchi’s.  It checks all my mascara boxes!

Smudge factor/Flaking- It only starts to flake when the bottle is almost empty and it’s time to get a new tube.

Brush- The brush is excellent!  A big fat brush- just the way I like it.

Price- $28

Get your Crunchi Mascara here!

Hynt Beauty Nocturne Mascara– (Gluten Free)



Formula- The formula is drier.  It takes a few strokes to get the product on your lashes.  But once on you can really build it up on the ends to lengthen.  It gives my lashes separation, volume, and length.  Plus, some thickness.

Smudge factor/Flaking- Overall the smudging is minimal to none.  I don’t notice smudging as much as flakes sometimes as I’m nearing the end of the tube.  It’s a good reminder to switch it out.

Brush- It comes with a thick, fat spoodle brush. Love the brush!

Price- $24

Get your Hynt Beauty Mascara here!

Hush & Dotti Mascara-

Formula- The formula is great mix of dry and wet.  It goes on so easy and doesn’t require a ton of applications.  Gives my lashes thickness, length and separation.  A good building mascara.

Smudge factor/Flaking- It doesn’t smear on my eyelids or flake at all.

Brush- It’s a smaller standard mascara brush.  It gets smaller towards the end of the brush.

Price- $24

Get your Hush and Dottie Mascara here!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara-


Formula- This mascara is especially great for lengthening.  It also does an amazing job of separation.  It builds up quite well too after you let it dry for 30 seconds and go back and add some more.  It’s a wetter formula overall. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but water resistant, which is pretty awesome for a mascara in green beauty.

Smudge factor/Flaking- It can smear a bit if you don’t let it dry first.  Once you let it dry though it doesn’t flake.

Brush- The brush is curved a bit, thinner and longer.

Price- $25

Get your 100% Pure Mascara here!

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara- (Gluten Free)


Formula- I initially didn’t really like this mascara but after giving it two solid weeks I really liked it.  Initially it was hard to get the product off the brush.  In my opinion, it gets better as more air is exposed to it.  It gets a little more goopy and helps the product to be able to build on your lashes.  It didn’t give me quite as much length as I would like but definitely gave my lashes a bit of drama.  It’s not a lightweight mascara, you can see there is product on your lashes.  Overall, definitely a great product.  There is a couple ingredients in it that scored a 5 or higher on EWG.  However, they don’t seem significant enough, especially with some data gaps.

Smudge factor/Flaking- It didn’t flake on me until the end of the tube.  Then I noticed some flakes around my eyes.

Brush- The brush wasn’t my fave- it’s the new high tech rubber brush.  I’m more into the old spoodle brushes.

Price- $21.99

Get your W3ll People Mascara here!

Lily Lolo- (Vegan)


Formula- This mascara definitely gets some good product on your lashes. It definitely  gives your lashes some drama and lift. It seems a little wetter of a formula.  It’s a little harder to build the product on the lashes unless I wait a minute or two for the first coat to dry.  The only thing I noticed was some irritation when my eyes would water-which was randomly when I had my second baby-hormones are real people!  I feel the formula got thicker and better the more I used it and air got to it.

Smudge factor/Flaking- It does smudge a little the first week or so because the formula is wetter.  However, once you use it more the formula thickens and I didn’t have a problem with smudging.

Brush- The brush is a big fat brush- just the kind I like!

Price- $19.50

Get your Lily Lolo mascara here!

Zuzu Luxe Mascara- (Vegan)


Formula- This a great everyday mascara, for someone who doesn’t want anything too dramatic.  Adds great color definition and builds well too.  It comes off easy at the end of the day.  It’s a great pick for those who have sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  It isn’t going to give you the drama or vixen lashes but a great option for those wanting something a little subdued and have sensitive eyes.  I also love how easy it is to find.  They sell it at most Whole Foods and natural groceries.

Smudge factor/Flaking- It doesn’t smudge or flake on me.

Brush- The brush is a standard mascara wand.  Not big and gets smaller at the tip of the brush.

Price- $17.60

Get your ZuZu Luze mascara here!


Zao Organic Volume Mascara-

This does cross over into the $30 range, which I said I wouldn’t buy.  I didn’t buy this one, it came in a beauty subscription box.  I wasn’t impressed with it.  The formula was so wet and it left my lashes more limp than vixen.  It smudged and came off easily too.  At $33.20 a pop, I was disappointed in the overall performance of this mascara.


RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara-

This was probably the biggest flop.  If you’ve been around green beauty long enough you know RMS Beauty.  Their products are superior and ingredients top notch.  However, it unfortunately didn’t translate into their mascara.  The product is almost invincible on my lashes.  I had to coat them but even then you could hardly see the product or a difference.  It flaked too.  There were some questionable ingredients too.  Not worth it at $28.


Jane Iredale Purelash Lengthening Mascara-

This is similar to RMS mascara in my opinion.  It was hard to see the product on my lashes or even notice I had on mascara, it was so subtle.  If you like your mascara to look as natural as possible then this would be your mascara.  But for me I want some drama in my lashes!  $24


Juice Beauty Mascara-

This did absolutely nothing for my eyelashes- like nothing!  It’s such a wet formula and doesn’t build, add volume or anything.  Wouldn’t recommend this at all.

That sums up my mascara post!  I hope it helped you have a better idea of what mascara you should go for.  Let me know what mascara you’re loving!  XO













5 Fall Makeup Trends

5 Fall Makeup Trends

I’ve got 5 Fall Makeup Trends on the blog today!  Often you see runway looks and instantly think there’s no way I could pull that off in real life- anyone else feel me on this?  I mean they look cool on the runway but if someone saw me wearing the look in the grocery store they might take a double take.  I’m all about standing out, but sometimes there’s a line!

Well, I’ve got some fall trends that not only are easy to achieve but also won’t make you look like your trying to hard.  From using bronzer as blush, to crimson lips and a few things in between, I’m breaking it all down today.  Keep reading for all the deets!

    1.   Plum/Vampy Lips-

I love when the weather starts to turn cooler and the leaves change color, then I know it’s time to bust out my vampy lips!  Crimson lips instantly make you feel made up and put together.  Maybe you only have 5 minutes to do your makeup- swipe on some concealer, do your brows, add a few swipes of mascara and put some crimson lips on.  It instantly takes your look from drab to ohh lala!  The richness and warmth of crimson lips gives me all the fall feels.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- First make sure your lips are smooth and there’s no chapped skin.  If there is I recommend exfoliating them using Henne’s exfoliating balm.  Next, apply a light lip balm(I love this one by Vapour) and then use a lip primer to even out lip tone.  If your lips are too red, it can compete with the color of lipstick or stain- not pretty.  You want a clean blank canvas.  Apply a lip liner(love Spanish Rose by Au Naturale), and then add your crimson lip.  If you are using a lipstick I recommend using a lip brush to apply it.  I’ve found the application goes on so much smoother and precise.  I really dig this lip brush!  It’s actually a highlighter brush by RMS Beauty but works flawlessly for lips.  Loving the lip stain by Au Naturale in the color Hero– the perfect vampy lip for fall.  Also, Crunchi’s lipstick in Pomegrante and RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek in Illusive for a more subtle look.  Now go give someone a smooch!

   2.  Bronzer as blush-

I know sounds strange maybe, but I promise it’s not!  Now you can keep your bronzer going strong all year long.  This look is    perfect for the days when you want to look pulled together but natural.  Think thick brows, dewy skin, a touch of mascara and bronzer.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- You want a warmer bronzer, not necessarily a contouring bronzer.  This will help warm up those cheeks.  Avoid anything too shimmery though, as you you want it to look hip and modern.  I love Teri Miyahira’s Explore Bronzer.  It has some warmth but not too much.  I use a big powdered brush and apply it to the apples of my cheeks.  You’re now runway ready!

Dewy skin

3. Dewy Skin-

This was one runway trend that was so hot for fall 2017.  Who says you have to look all matte and white in the winter?!  Dewy skin has been all the rage and isn’t going anywhere.  What is dewy skin and how can you achieve it?  I thought you would never ask!  Dewy skin looks fresh and young and has a slight moist look to it.  You look alive and awake with dewy skin.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- First I start with a face oil before applying any foundation.  This helps to hydrate skin and make sure it’s all happy and moisturized before foundation.  Next I mix my liquid foundation with a luminizer using my Pure Beauty Blender.  I get the Beauty Blender damp first.  This expands the blender quite a bit.  Not only does the damp beauty blender help to thin out the foundation but it also leaves a little moisture behind on your face.  I add a few pumps of a luminizer to the back of my hand and a few pumps of liquid foundation and blend them together.  I’ve been loving Gressa Luminous Complexion Fluid lately!  It really gives that lit from within glow.  I also love Maya Chia’s After Hours Highlight of the Day– staple in my makeup bag.  If you want even more glow or dewiness, add a little more highlighter after foundation application. I always apply the highlighter where the sun naturally hits my face.  TaDA!  You now have a dewiness that no one can take away!

5 Fall Makeup Trends

  4.  Eyeliner all around the eye-

Bold thick liner all around the eyes is all the rage.  It instantly creates a statement and makes your eyes standout.  Often people think that lining the whole eye can make it look smaller, however, if done right it can actually extenuate and bring out the eye.  It’s all about softening the edges and not creating harsh lines.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- Use either a black gel liner(love Hush and Dotti’s gel liner) or ZuZu Luxe liquid liner(another fave) and start from the outer corners of your eye and create a slight wing.  Then continue on until you get to the corner of your eye.  Next line the bottom lash line.  I like to do my water line and then go back and do my lower lash line.  It pulls my whole look together and really helps my eyes standout.  Then one you’re done lining your eyes, take a smudger on the end of your eyeliner pencil and blend out the corners and top and bottom lash line.  This helps to soften the whole look.  Voila!  Instant eye lift!

  5.  Metallic Eyeshadow-

Yes, I just went there.  Metallic eyeshadow is so in and so much easier to achieve then you think. This look brings out all the warmth and fun of the season.  Your eyes look instantly dressed up and ready for an evening out or party.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- You want a shadow with some shimmer in it.  Now I’m not talking teenage shimmer here, but sophisticated warm coppery tones or cooler icy tones.  GIA minerals has so many pretty loose metallic shadows.  I’m loving their Brown Belle lately.  I also love Crunchi’s pressed shadows.  The colors Curiosity and Fearless are so pretty!  I like getting my brush wet and dipping the brush into the eyeshadow.  This helps to bring out the shimmer and really make it pop!  I just do my crease and then I dab a little onto an eyeliner brush and line my lower lids with it.  Your eyes just went from drab to fancy!


Did you like this?  Well then I think you would LOVE my cheatsheet on creating flawless eyeshadow application with zero creasing!

Those are the 5 fall makeup trends I’ll be sporting this season!  What are you loving?  Leave me a comment!



Loving Lately- September

Loving Lately- September

My Loving Lately- September post is full of so many faves!  From a dehydrator that I can’t stop using- (ask my hubs) to a cookbook that’s been on repeat and a new multi-use blush and lip product.  I’ve got a little of everything.  I can smell fall in the air- the crisp cool nights, the fall leaves- I’m SO ready!

Excalibur Food Dehydrator This dehydrator is a game changer.  I pretty much always have it running.  From dried fruit, kale chips(that get devoured in minutes) and of course my favorite- raw veggie bread!  I’m kind of obsessed.  I make these raw veggie wraps in it and use them like you would a regular pita wrap for a sandwich.  You’re getting so many nutrients in the bread because it’s still in it’s raw state since I don’t turn the temp above 105.  Stay tuned for an ebook that Deanna from @realfoodlab has coming out soon- she’s the master of all the amazing raw veggie bread recipes!  Get your Excalibur Food Dehydrator here!

Ergo Omni 360 Carrier- (I did receive this carrier from Ergo for my honest opinion). Ok, this carrier is upping the mom game!  I actually have all three of Ergo’s carriers.  This one takes the cake though.  First, it does it all- I mean all!  You can have the baby inward facing, outward facing, on the hip, and on the back.  You don’t need an insert for when they’re really small too- so cool!  You can also breastfeed with it too.  It works for babies 7-33 lbs.  The straps can also be crossed in the back for extra support.  I have loved wearing my one year old in it!  Oh and did I mention it has a removable front pouch?  One of my favorite things about it. I always have a card with me and my phone and now I can just put them in the pouch and be hands free.  It’s genius!  My back and shoulders feel so supported with this carrier.  I can’t recommend it enough!  I also love the khaki green color- so chic!  Check out the Omni 360 Carrier here!

Aqua Fizz- I’ve talked about this before in a Loving Lately but I couldn’t help mention it again!  It’s changed our lives.  We love sparkling water but hated having to buy heavy glass water bottles all the time.  No we can have sparkling water that’s not only free of plastic but also filtered because we use our own water- brilliant!  I love the Aqua Fizz because it uses glass too.  I fill up the glass water bottles and put them in the fridge to get cold.  Then I take it out and charge it in the Aqua Fizz and it gets all bubbly!  It’s amazing! If you love some fizz as much as I do then this is you need this! Get your Aqua Fizz here!

RMS Lip2Cheek in Illusive-  I’ve been wearing this RMS Lip2Cheek nonstop.  The color is a pretty matte burnt rose hue with a hint of plum.  It screams fall!  I wear it on my cheeks and it gives the perfect berry stain hue and on my lips it not only gives great pigment but looks dewy.  I love that I can use this product on not only my cheeks but my lips too.  Perfect for travel!  Check out all the colors here!

Organic Sliced TigerNuts I recently discovered these little guys and have been loving them!  Since being on the AIP protocol I haven’t been able to have nuts.  Even those these are called tiger nuts, they actually are not a nut but a root vegetable.  Many recipes call for nuts and to make an easy substitute for them I’ve been using tiger nuts instead.  I’ve only gotten the sliced tiger nuts but I want to try the tiger nut flour as well.  I’ll keep you posted if I do. Check out the Organic Sliced TigerNuts I got here!

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook This cookbook has been a lifesaver since going AIP.  It not only shares simple and easy recipes but it also lists all the foods to avoid and foods you can have.  The lists really helped me in the beginning when I was still getting used to the protocol.  I’ve made over 10 recipes and I can honestly say there was only one I wasn’t a fan of.  But it wasn’t the recipe’s fault- I didn’t have all the ingredients so I made a lot of substitutions.  Opps!  Next time it would have a lot more flavor.  Even if you’re not on the AIP protocol this is a great cookbook for simple, whole food.  My hubs has loved the recipes too!  Snag The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Osmia Seasonal Soaps Osmia has seasonal soaps and the fall ones are officially out!  If you want a luxurious bar of soap that not only smells like pumpkin or chai then these are your jam.  This is one of my very favorite treats to myself.  Lathering up in the shower with them creates a little spa session in my own bathroom.  These soaps are so beautiful too- the perfect gift!  If the seasonal scents don’t stand out to you- check out their coffee mint- it’s a year round favorite!  Get some Osmia Soap here!

Vapour Beauty Clarity Makeup Remover- This oil makeup remover is one of my very faves.  It removes my makeup so easily and without any residue.  I love how my skin feels after.  I use a couple pumps and use circular motions on dry skin to remove all the day’s grime.  Then I take a warm washcloth and remove it all- simple and easy.  If you’ve been looking for a makeup remover- this is it!

True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster- This bottle is power packed!  It’s True Botanical’s newest launch.  The Antioxidant Booster is a revolutionary product made from whole apple peel.  The first of it’s kind, this formula is packed with antioxidants that will smooth wrinkles, firm skin, even skin tone, brighten hyperpigmentation, lighten scarring, clear acne, calm inflammation, reduce redness, and protect against UV damage.  There really isn’t much this little guy can’t do!  You just add a few shakes with your favorite serum or oil and then apply it to your face.  I’ve been applying this at night and I wake up with amazing skin- no joke.  This stuff doesn’t mess around.  My skin looks more even, less red, and brighter.  If you want to see some results- this is it!  Snag your True Botanical’s Antioxidant Booster here!

Laurel’s Brighten Mask- Ok, last but not least I had to mention Laurel’s Brightening Mask because you can score such a good deal on it right now through the Art of Organic’s Box.  The value of the box this month with the Laurel Brightening Mask is over $100- but you can get it for $39!  And I LOVE this mask!  If you’ve been following my stories you’ve seen me talk all about it.  I’ve been using it every other day and I’ve seen some serious changes in my skin.  From overall brightness, even tone, and less congestion.  This mask really performs.  If you’ve been on the hunt for a mask that works, I couldn’t recommend this one more- especially with the deal you can score right now on it!  Get your’s here!

Ok, that sums up my Loving Lately for September.  See any faves?  What are you Loving Lately?

Laurel Whole Plant Organics and Art of Organics

Laurel Whole Plant Organics and Art of Organics

I’m thrilled to be a part of such a fun collaboration box between Laurel Whole Plant Organics and Art of Organics.  Laurel’s skincare line is in a league of it’s own and Art of Organics is in a beauty box league of it’s own!  When two rockstars link up you know it’s going to be good.  This collaboration features Laurel’s Brighten Mask, a ceramic bowl for mixing and a mask brush.  I couldn’t wait to dive into this mask!

Before I give you more details I wanted to fill you in on who Art of Organics is and what you can expect from them as a green beauty box.  Their belief is really simple-You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty.  I couldn’t agree more!  Their goal is to bring people the cleanest, best, and most luxurious products.  Claire the founder, has always been a beauty junkie and on the quest to purge her own makeup bag, she realized she wanted to share her journey with others and raise awareness.  I noticed instantly after opening the box, the attention to detail.  They name their boxes each month as well as follow a theme.  The card inside describes the products in the box so well and gave directions for application.  The box is $38, with a value of $70+ and features each month 2-4 full size products.  They have high standards for their product selection, such as being cruelty free, organic and non-toxic.  They have more specifics on the ingredients they don’t use here on their website.

Ok, on to the Brighten Mask…well almost!

If you aren’t familiar with Laurel Whole Plant Organics, allow me to introduce you.  This skincare line is based on flowers and herbs.  The line is 100% organic, raw and unrefined, and sources from bio-dynamic farms- I mean hello does it get any better?!  No fillers in this line, all formulas are water and alcohol free.  I love that the Laurel line is not only pure to the core, but also deeply rooted in creating a spa like ritual for yourself in the process.  Taking time to savor the experience not only for your skin but for your mind.

This mask is unlike any mask I’ve tried and it performs unlike any mask I’ve used for brightening.  The mask is for sun damaged, mature skin and is packed full of potent vitamin c.  I also has a blend of active ingredients.  It literally is a blend of plants and essential oils- no crazy preservatives.  It’s in powder form too, so the ingredients are very potent because there is no water dubbing them down.  When you add water, it activates the mask right then and you’re getting the best stuff!  Since it’s in a powder form and contains plants, it does have bits and pieces here and there.  But I love that about it!  You are literally using the earth to nourish and treat your skin- how cool!

This is how I used it:

  • I mixed half a teaspoon of mask with about a teaspoon of water.  I made sure it was runny but not too runny.  You want it to be wet enough for it to be applied to the skin easily.  Laurel also notes that some of the plants actually expand the more you let it sit, so if you apply too much water give it a minute.
  • Once I mix it together I let it “steep” as Laurel suggest, just like you would a cup of tea, for about 4 minutes.  This helps get the ingredients really activated.
  • Now I add 4 drops of Laurel’s Sun Damage Repair Serum and mix it together.
  • Next I apply it to my clean skin.  I don’t have anything else on my skin.  My skin was slightly damp.
  • I would leave my mask on for different times depending on how much time I had.  I typically left it on for 20 minutes.
  • I would spritz my face throughout the 20 minutes to make sure it kept hydrated. I use a rose water.
  • Once finished I would take it off with warm water and a warm washcloth.

I watched a video of Laurel explaining how to use the Brighten Mask and even more specifically how to use her powder masks- it was SO good!  I recommend everyone watch it.  She is full of so many nuggets.  I felt like I was back in esthetic school.  She really helps to guide you on how to get the best result using the Brighten Mask.

The Results:

So I was in awe of the results!  Really, this mask performs SO well.  After just the first use my skin was smooth, redness minimized, it was bright and my skin looked even.  I really couldn’t stop looking and touching my skin.  I even noticed my sun spots had faded.  My pores also looked tighter and less visible.  It was like I had a wheatgrass shot on my skin.  My skin was vibrant and perky!  I repeated using it every other day and then just a couple days a week.  I’m addicted and continue to be addicted to the results!  I use it in the morning, or at night as more of a ritual.  Especially if I want my skin to look extra good, I’ll throw this on in the morning before I get in the shower and instant skin rejuvenation!

Below shows me masking, pre-mask and post-mask.  The last photo you can see the redness is minimized, and my skin looks overall brighter!

I never can have enough Laurel in my life.  Her products always speak for themselves and perform so well.  If you’ve been searching for a mask that is truly going to give you results after the first use, I recommend you hop on this mask.  It won’t disappoint!  Sign up now for the Art of Organics Box and get this mask for a sweet deal right now!  You pay $39 for the box but always get a value of $70+!  It really doesn’t get any better.  Quality products that deliver results. I would get on this deal before it goes away!  They only have a limited amount!  Grab your box here!

Have you heard of Laurel?  What products have you used from her line?


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