Natural Beauty Box November Roundup

Natural Beauty Box November Roundup

Ok, it’s time for the monthly natural beauty box November roundup!  I finally took the cue from my green beauty blogger bestie- Lisa from This Organic Girl and I’m creating a round up!  I’ve been doing individual posts but many of you seemed excited when I polled you about the green beauty box roundup that I thought I would give it a try and see how it goes.  So cheers to one post with lots of juicy green beauty boxes!

Beauty Heroes-

Natural Skincare review Beauty Heroes

Check out Beauty Heroes November Discovery- Natural Inlight Skincare! (Photo Cred. Beauty Heroes)

This month we are seeing Inlight in the box.  This is a luxe brand made in the UK.  The mastermind behind this skincare line is Dr. Mariano Spiezia.  His creations come to life through plant alchemy.  He uses the brilliance of plants to create skincare products that perform.  He has one formula that he’s particularly known for and it’s infused in all of his formulas. This formula is called the Bio-lipophilic Matrix®.  This blend of beneficial plant-based phytonutrient oils imitate the sebum’s texture while guarding and restoring the skin.  Sounds like something I want in my skincare products!

The heroic product for the month is the Line Softener Intensive. The name just as it suggests helps to soften lines and bring a youthfulness to the skin. It’s filled with so many plant oils, and smells divine!  Oils such as macademia, argan, jojoba and many more. Your skin literally is getting nourished with the plants and yet you’re not left with a greasy feel.  It comes in a dark glass jar and the cutest wooden spoon to scoop the product out with.  I apply it at night and wake up to refreshed skin!

The sidekick is the Super Food Mask. Another noteworthy product from Inlight.  It’s filled with antioxidants that help promote cell turnover and collagen production.  It also replenishes the skin’s moisture balance and protects the skin from environmental factors through spirulina, chlorophyll, barley leaf and rose hip seed oil.  It’s a winning combination!  Leave it on for 10 minutes and watch your skin transform!

Snag the Beauty Hereo’s Box here!  It’s a $187 value but yours for $42.95! Subscribe here! 

Art of Organics-

Art Of Organics Natural Beauty

The Art of Organics Natural Beauty November Beauty Box is here! Featuring AMLY Botanicals! (Photo Cred. Art Of Organics)

This month we are seeing two products from the British line AMLY Botanicals.  This brand is also based out of the UK and is a new one to me!  Their products represent a blending of old and new.  They use many old traditional ways in their formulas but also love to implement new methods using bio-actives.  Basically you end up with a skincare line that is positively active and alive!

The first product is their City Screen Protective Face Serum.  This isn’t like any other face cream you’ve used- trust me.  It’s full of active ingredients that literally change your skin and improve the overall protection of the skin.  It fills positively lovely on the skin.  My skin feels soft, supple and protected- which makes sense.  The ingredients creating this protection on the skin are echinacea, marine algae, gotu kola, nettle, green tea and marine samphire.  This serum is perfect for those who want to help give their skin an extra layer of protection whether you’re in the city or in the country.  Love applying this before my makeup!

The second product is Digital Detox.  This is their silver rich face mist.  I didn’t think much of this mist when I saw it but once I read up on it and used it, I must say I’ve become quite hooked!  It’s meant to not only help you remove toxins from your skin but also invigorate you and your immediate dwelling. It’s meant to help get rid of the negative effects of the digital exposure we constantly are under.  From your office, or work space to your home- this mist does some serious detoxing!  I already have big plans to take it with me on my travels in a few weeks.  The ingredients are meant to help detoxify the air from himalyan pink sea salt, and magnesium sulfate.  Plus, juniper fruit oil and ylang ylang help ease mental fog.  If you see me, I’m probably carrying this with me!

Snag the Art of Organics Box here!  It’s $128 value but yours for $41.95!  Subscribe here!

The Detox Box-


The Detox Box November Natural Beauty Box featuring: Odacite.

Odacite is taking center stage this month in The Detox Box!  I have had the pleasure of trying many Odacite products and I have to say they don’t disappoint.  The Maker of Odacite is Valerie Grandury.  A breast cancer survivor, who was on the search for natural skincare products.  However, she didn’t find them.  As a result she created Odacite!  It’s a mix of luxe French skincare with laid back vibes of California living.  A perfect marriage if you ask me!

This month we are seeing the All-Embracing Serum.  This isn’t just for your face but for your whole body!  An oil that does it all- yep you heard me right.  Hydrating watermelon seed oil, calming and soothing oatmeal are just two of the power ingredients in this decadent oil.  I massage it on my skin right after showering while my skin is slightly damp and it soaks in so nicely.  I also love using it on my face too.  I apply after my hydrosol and my skin just soaks it all up.  It’s such a multi-tasker! Plus, you can’t go wrong with a dark glass bottle- swoon!

I was also delighted to see the Black Mint Cleanser in the box- a fave!  I was excited to see it come in a travel size tube.  I have the large glass bottle- not so friendly for traveling.  This cleanser feels cooling on the skin, gets rid of all dirt and makeup and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean.  Wait, there’s more in this month’s box!  You also receive a crystal contour GUA SHA.  This rose quartz gua sha tool is perfect for performing facial massage.  Facial massage is such an amazing way to increase circulation, drain lymphatic system, and reduce puffiness.  I apply a little of the All-Embracing Serum first then I use the gua sha.  Trust me, once you incorporate gua sha into your life you’ll never go back!

Snag The Detox Box here!  It’s $147 value but yours for $55! Subscribe here!

So which box are you snagging?! So many great options for Christmas Gifts too!  If you haven’t checked out my Natural Gift Guide be sure too!  It is packed full of my top picks for anyone on your list!  Check it out here! 

September Beauty Heroes Discovery: Skin Owl

September Beauty Heroes Discovery: Skin Owl

September Beauty Heroes Discovery- Skin Owl is in the house!  As always, I’m so excited to get my Beauty Heroes Box each month.  This month we had the pleasure of trying out Skin Owl’s new Beauty Drops PM Maqui Berry.  We also got to sample their Beauty Whip Maqui Berry.  I couldn’t wait to test out both of them!  If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Heroes keep reading to find out why this beauty box takes the cake!

Beauty Heroes was founded by Jeannie Jarnot.  A longtime spa director herself and healthy beauty expert.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie at IBE, and she is truly one of the sweetest people.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty service that selects only the best clean beauty brands.  Each month you can find one to two full size truly heroic products in each box.  The products typically range from skincare to haircare products.  However, every 3 months Beauty Heroes offers a makeup box as well that’s optional for members or non-members.  I absolutely love their “Use Less, Love More” philosophy.  By only getting one or two products, you allow yourself to truly experience them.  Of course you can trust their picks, as they are strict on their integrity standards.  What’s not to love about this whole concept?  As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such a movement.

Ok, on to the review!

This month the heroic product came from Skin Owl.  I was thrilled to see them in the box.  Skin Owl was one of the first green beauty skincare brands that I tried.  Their Geranium Oil literally saved my skin.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to the founder of Skin Owl, Annie Tevlin last year at Indie Beauty Expo in L.A. and I was so taken by her kindness and smile.  She truly cares for her customers and has a heart of gold.  If anyone knows about troubled skin it’s Annie.  She suffered from acne for years and literally tried everything.  Out of her own struggles Skin Owl was birthed.  Not only does she know the emotional toll acne takes on a person but also what works to get rid of it.

Skin Owl's Beauty Drops Maqui Berry is great for lackluster skin, acne and perfect for hydrating skin.

If you’ve been following Skin Owl you know that before Maqui Berry Beauty Drops PM, there was Mangosteen.  Unfortunately, Annie had to make a hard decision when she realized the Mangosteen didn’t meet her sustainability standards. She could either continue using it or discontinue her product.  So, she set out to find something to not only replace the Mangosteen berry but go above and beyond what it did.  Well, I think she hit the nail on the head!  The Maqui Berry is a highly potent anti-inflammatory berry that not only soothes acne, but also rosacea, and hyper-pigmentation. Now you not only get a super dose of antioxidants with the Maqui Berry, but also the same base of organic baobab, that eases redness, and smooths skin texture.  This mighty fruit is sourced from Chile, where the Mapuche Indians praise it for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

So what was my take on the new formula of Beauty Drops PM?  Well, let me first start with the smell.  I LOVE the scent!  It is a subtle mix of citrus and vanilla.  I almost want to wear it as a perfume!  It isn’t overwhelming.  Mangosteen for me personally before was a little too sweet smelling.  This new formula is just dreamy.  It still has the same consistency as the previous oil.  It feels heavier like you would expect but not greasy in any way.  The oil literally sinks right into your skin.  Hydrating it and leaving behind a silky smooth complexion when you touch your face. I love how it makes my skin feel.  I not only wear this at night, but also in the morning before my makeup application.  The formula is so good!  On the bottle it says it helps improve lackluster skin- I couldn’t think of a better term than that!  It really makes skin shine from within and brings it back to life.

Skin Owl's Beauty Whip is not only a skin hydrator but also primer!

The sidekick this month is Beauty Whip Maqui Berry.  The maqui berry in the Beauty Whip is in powder form.  This product can be used as a mask, primer before makeup, and a cream or lotion for dehydrated skin.  Really the possibilities are endless.  It feels like a rich, buttery cream.  Annie, the founder of Skin Owl, recommends refrigerating it for best results.  I’ve found this to be true!  I also was surprised when I used it as a primer- I never would have thought of that but love it.  It creates such a smooth canvas for makeup application.  I’ve also worn it as a mask and left if on for 30 minutes and afterwards my skin is silky and so hydrated.  You can even apply it after your Beauty Drops at night for an extra surge of hydration.  Plus, I love that it comes in a glass pump bottle- so convenient for travel!

This month was another winner from Beauty Heroes!

I would hop on this month’s Beauty Heroes Box if you haven’t signed up- it’s a good one and it’s going to go fast!  I say it each time, but the value of Beauty Heroes is crazy good!  This month alone the value is $113!!  When you sign up for Beauty Heroes you’re getting it for about $38.33 a month!  I mean what are you waiting for?!  Sign up here!

Also, this month be sure to check out the Beauty Heroes Beauty Store.  Full of past heroic products and a ton of other green beauty must have items.  If you’re already a member of Beauty Heroes you always get 15% off in the Beauty Store.  Every month Beauty Heroes offers a Love More Promotion.  This offer is for non-members and members.  September’s Love More Promotion is with two Heroes from Red Flower’s Nature Collection. Receive deluxe travel sizes of Berry Active White Peat Exfoliant and Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream with your purchase of $125+ ($25 value).  No promo code is needed. Love More gift is automatically added to your cart with purchase of $125+.

Start shopping!  Have you tried Skin Owl’s new Beauty Drops PM?

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