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So excited to finally share my Beautycounter review!  I’ve been wanting to share about the products since I joined but wanted to give it some time so I could really get a feel for them and give you some good feedback.

I wrote a blog post sharing why I decided to join Beautycounter back in December.  It’s a really in depth post, so I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t.  I share what held me back in the past from trying the products, ingredients I wasn’t sure about and about the business side.  Basically if you want to know more about Beautycounter go read it.  Check it out here!

Also, I would be doing you a disservice if I talked all about the products but didn’t tell you a bit about the business side of it.  I’m not afraid to tell you I make money off of the products when you purchase them under my name and I hope it’s something more women will feel comfortable sharing.  That’s one of the reasons why I decided to join Beautycounter because I love that it supports women in business and working it into their lives.  I’ve heard so many stories of women being able to send their kids to a private school they had always wanted too, to pay for ballet lessons, take their family on a vacation- the list is endless!  That is definitely not something I want to be ashamed of.  If anything I want women to feel more empowered to help provide for their family. 

Besides women empowerment, I also just love the fact that I’m spreading the message of clean beauty.  That’s why I started my blog in the first place, to spread this message with more people.  Beauty counter’s advocacy work is literally paving the way for natural beauty!  As we join arms, it’s raising a louder voice that we want safer products into the hands of everyone.  That is something to get excited about!

Beautycounter product review

Get the scoop on Beautycounter products!


As we join arms, it’s raising a louder voice that we want safer products into the hands of everyone.

How cool is it that a women can become a Beautycounter consultant while still participating in her life?!  They can still make their kid’s soccer games, work another job, and be a stay at home mom- pretty cool.  So if you’re wanting more information on how to get involved in Beautycounter and what that might look like for you, send me an email to [email protected]  Would love to have you share this mission with me, while creating income for you and your family!

Ok, clearly I’m passionate about this company and all that it stands for!  Now on to my review.  I’ll be sharing more products as I test them out but for now I wanted to share some standouts.


Tint Skin-

I was so jazzed to try this foundation!  There’s always a few products in a makeup line that I get really excited about- foundation is one of them.  This foundation is definitely in my favorite foundations category.  It is hydrating but not so much so that it looks shiny.  It blends so well and looks like your skin.  I love how buildable it is.  If I want a more laid back look I can achieve it with Tint Skin, if I want a more pulled together look I can use a bit more.  If you’ve been looking for a light to medium coverage foundation try Tint Skin!  I wear the color Linen.

Dew Skin-

I tried this first before trying Tint Skin and really liked how easy it was to use.  However, after using Tint Skin I prefer it over Dew Skin.  But that’s just me.  You may want really minimal coverage and more of a tinted moisturizer feel and look, then Dew Skin is for you.  It blends so well into the skin, you would hardly notice you’re wearing much.  It’s super hydrating too! I wear the color No. 2.

Concealer Pen-

I really like the application of this concealer pen.  I especially love it for underneath my eye area.  I don’t like it as much for covering my hyper pigmentation on my cheeks.  I find it doesn’t give the coverage I like. But for under my eyes I really like it for covering dark circles.  If you tend to get creasing I would set it with their mattifying powder here. Just a little sprinkle will help it from settling in fine lines.

Beautycounter review

Beautycounter eyeshadows are the best in green beauty!



Ok, if you’ve been following me then you know I love Beautycounter’s eyeshadow palettes!  They are the BEST in green beauty.  Seriously- I’ve tried them all and nothing compares.  The pigment is rich, the texture glides on and the longevity- SO good.  They stay the whole day no creasing.  I use the Ilia Primer before I apply the shadows and it works like a charm.  I can’t tell you how many people compliment my shadows too- it’s because they’re seriously gorgeous.  I can’t get enough of them.  I have the Classic Palette, but I want them all! 

Lip Sheers- 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried these and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked them.  One of Beautycounter’s best sellers for good reason.  It feels like a really hydrating lip balm but not goopy or tacky.  Glides on your lips giving a hint of sheen and some color. The color pigment is more translucent and just a hint.  The perfect everyday lip color to throw on.  I can see myself wearing these a lot especially in the summer.  I have the color Rose, a pretty subtle pink hue.  These would be great for teenagers especially in my opinion.  Not as dramatic as a lipstick.

Color Intense Lipstick-

Another best seller from Beautycounter.  These lipsticks give your lips some serious color pigment.  They’re hydrating but not so much that your lipstick is everywhere.  I love how rich they feel on the lips.  Velvety and smooth.  I have three colors, Girls’ Night, 9 to 5, and Backstage- and I love them all!  9 to 5 is literally just as the name implies- the perfect color to wear from 9-5.  It’s not too bold but gives your face a pulled together look.  Girls’ Night is your quintessential candy apple red.  It can be bold but it also can be paired down too.  If I want a more subtle approach I just apply less and it almost looks like more of a lip stain.  Backstage is the nude everyone needs in their lipstick collection.  It pairs great with smoky, dramatic eyes or for an overall dressed down look.  Can’t go wrong with any of them!

Liquid Liner-

I was super duper excited to try this liner out!  Finding a good liner in green beauty is definitely no small task.  This one did not disappoint!  It is very pigmented which I love and it lasts.  I actually like applying mine with a liner brush instead of the brush that comes with it.  Makes it go on so much smoother and easier.  I’ve had several followers tell me it’s their favorite liquid liner too- can’t argue with that!

Did you know Beautycounter just launched their Men’s line this week: Counterman?!  Check it out here!

Satin Blush-

I was sold after my first swipe of their blushes- literally these are the best powder blushes I’ve used.  I love that they’re pressed and not loose- less mess.  I also love the color pay off. They nailed the color Nectar!  It’s the perfect Nars dupe of Orgasm and basically goes with almost anyone’s skin tone.  It’s SO pretty!  I also have the punchy pink color Guava and can’t get enough of it either. They stay on so well and blend so well into the skin.  They don’t look cakey at all.   I’m telling you, try the blushes already- you’ll thank me! 


This bronzer was another fave.  People ask me what bronzer I have been using lately and it’s this one!  The moment I tried it I knew I would love it.  I’m picky when it comes to bronzers- super picky.  I find it’s really hard to find a true bronze brown color and not have it look orange.  Anyone else feel me on this?!  Then Beautycounter’s came into my lap and I haven’t been able to stray since using it.  It doesn’t look orange and it’s pressed- I repeat pressed!  Loose bronzers are just one more step and messy- not what I want to add to my plate.  Get the bronzer too- everyone needs bronzer in my opinion, it warms you up in seconds!

Cream Blush-

I tried the cream blush later and I have to say it’s another great product.  They really thought the delivery out well with this one.  I love that it comes in a stick form- makes it so easy to apply.  I just apply a few swipes to my cheeks and blend in with my fingers.  Looks soft and dewy. Great for the winter when skin can start looking a little drab.  I also love applying this first and then applying a swipe of the powder satin blush.  Give my cheeks a pop and helps the blush last even longer. I have the color Hibiscus.

Lip Gloss-

I’m not a gloss girl at heart. However, I do love adding a little bit every now and then for a little dewiness to my lips.  I’m picky about my glosses though and was pleasantly surprised when I tried Beautycounter’s and fell hard for it.  They aren’t goopy or gunky.  They glide on so well and offer sheen plus a hint of color.  I love the Bare Shimmer color I have.  I layer it on top of lip liners or lipstick to add a subtle hint of shine.  If you’re a gloss girl you will love these!

Lip Balm-

This is one of my favorite products!  I knew I would like it.  It is a serious hydrating lip balm that doesn’t mess around!  It offers moisture and protection.  I apply this at night and I wake up with silky smooth lips.  It comes in several scents but I’m partial to the peppermint- always got to have my mint!

Beautycounter natural product review

Two of my favorites in Beautycounter, the Cleansing Balm and Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser.



Resurfacing Peel- 

I had to start with the resurfacing peel!  If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out, plain and simple.  It works so well at minimizing fine lines, dark spots and sloughing off dead skin.  It uses 3 different acids, malic, lactic and glycolic to improve texture and tone of the skin.  You put it on your skin like you would a serum at night and wake up with skin that looks refreshed, smooth and glowing.  I’m not surprised this is a best seller!  Get the peel already.

Cleansing Balm-

This is another best seller and one of my favorites. I really can’t get enough of this cleansing balm.  It feels so good on the skin.  I apply a nickel size amount to my hands and rub in circular motions all over my skin to remove makeup.  It gets rid of it all, from eye makeup and foundation.  Then I take a warm washcloth and wipe off the balm.  My skin feels hydrated but clean.  It smells so good too!  It also works as an overnight mask if your skin is really needing a little extra moisture and tlc.  

Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser-

This was another product that I can’t stop using.  It really acts like a conventional cleanser minus the toxins.  It gets a little sudsy and clears away all the extra grime.  My skin feels so clean but not stripped.  I love using this after the cleansing balm to get every last drop of makeup, and grime off from the day.  It’s a really reasonable price as well.  It has tiny jojoba beads in it as well that help to slough off skin cells.  Nothing to abrasive at all.  A great pick for teens as well!

Balancing + Charcoal Mask-

At first I wasn’t too sure about this mask.  My skin tends to run on the dry to normal side and I was concerned it would be too drying for me.  I realized I only need to apply it where I want to clean out and detox my pores.  I apply it to my t-zone area and thats it.  It helps to really draw out pores but it’s not drying out the rest of my skin.  A win/win in my book!


Quotes throughout Beautycounter’s Headquarters!


Countermarch Eye Rescue Cream-

This eye cream is one of the best eye creams.  I find it hard to find eye creams that aren’t too heavy.  This one is just the right amount of moisture.  It hydrates but quickly soaks right into the eye area.  I love using this at night or in the morning before I apply my makeup.  It’s also not crazy expensive too!

Facial Oils-

Beautycounter has 3 facial oils.  A Brightening Oil, Plumping Oil and a Balancing Oil.  Depending on your skin type and what you’re looking to achieve there is one for most people.  I use the Brightening a lot, it’s for combination skin.  It’s not super heavy but offers enough hydration.  I also have been using the Plumping Oil at night for a little extra since it’s winter.  I’ve noticed my skin tends to need a little more in this season.  The Plumping Oil is great for those with mature skin, dry skin.  The Balancing Oil is perfect for anyone with oily skin or acne skin.  These are best sellers as well!

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion-

This lotion is great.  It really works so well.  It can be worn underneath makeup easily because it’s not super heavy or can be layered at night over your facial oils for a little more hydration.  This is another best seller that people can’t get enough of.  I love that it doesn’t have a strong scent either.  Just a good all around facial lotion.

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream-

This cream is a heavier than the lotion and is going to give your skin the extra surge of hydration that it needs. I would recommend this to anyone that is needing a little more moisture for their skin.  A lot of people will layer this over oils at night or use by itself.  I found for me I needed an oil before this because it wasn’t hydrating enough on it’s own.  I haven’t tried the Rejuvenating Cream yet but it’s a best seller and people have told me it’s the next step to hydration from this cream.  I’ll share my thoughts when I try it out!

Eye Makeup Remover-

If you’ve been following me on social media you know I can’t get enough of this eye makeup remover!  I used to be obsessed with Mary Kay’s Eye Makeup Remover back in the day…but clearly I gave that up! ūüėČ When I saw that Beautycounter had one I knew I had to try it.  Well, let’s just say I now have a new fave!  This eye makeup remover performs so well.  It removes my eye makeup effortlessly and my lipstick with no oily residue.  Fan girl for life!

One Step Makeup Remover Wipes-

Say hello to your new favorite wipe…but really!  These are in a league of their own.  I kept hearing people say to try the wipes and so of course I did!  These wipes have the perfect moisture amount.  I had yet to find a green beauty wipe that worked so well.  They were either to dry or not soft enough.  Beautycounter hit all the marks on these wipes.  They are soft, moist and even biodegradable.  If you’re a wipe gal you need these!  Perfect for travel too.  You could even cut them in half to make them last longer.

beauty counter products bestsellers

Sharing my favorite Beautycounter products with you on the blog.



Daily Shampoo and Conditioner-

I initially liked how my hair felt using the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner but then after using it for a while I ended up not.  My hair is fine and thin and it felt like it didn’t get clean enough with the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner.  My hair felt blah and wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do.  I have friends who have similar hair types to me and they love the volume shampoo and conditioner.  I haven’t tried it, but once I do, I’ll let you know!

Body Lotion-

The body lotion is so decadent and hydrating!  Did I mention the smell?  It is citrus mimosa and smells oh so good.  I love that it comes in a tube for travel.  It hydrates but doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.  People that love a good lotion always love the Beautycounter lotion- can’t blame them!

Body Cream-

So if the body lotion isn’t hydrating enough, the body cream will be.  It is truly so hydrating and indulgent.  It has the same citrus memos scent that makes you want to lather this everywhere!  I’m more of a body cream gal and I can’t get enough of this.  It keeps my skin moist long after applying and isn’t oily feeling. 

Clearly I’ve tried a few of Beautycounter’s products!  I can honestly say I’m so impressed with the quality and performance of the products.  If you want to check out more products that they carry, click here!  Also, don’t forget to check out my first post I did on Beautycounter here. And check out the new men’s line!  What’s your favorite Beautycounter product?  

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Beautycounter Review

I’ve got all the details on Beautycounter and the products on the blog.



How to Apply False Lashes

My video on How to Apply False Lashes is finally here! ¬†I’ve got all the details from how to prep your lid, putting them on and tips to finishing them. ¬†You don’t want to miss out! ¬†I’m also sharing my favorite brand of lashes and glue. ¬†Say hello to big beautiful lashes!

Also, I made a cheatsheet just for you guys! ¬†I listed out each step so you don’t have to remember everything. ¬†It’s all in one place, plus all the products I used are linked for you as well- easy peasy! Just sign up below and I’ll send you the cheatsheet!

Are you ready to rock those false lashes?  Get my step by step Cheatsheet and become a master at applying your false lashes!  Download my FREE Cheatsheet today!


Glowing Beet’s March Box Review

Glowing Beet’s March Box Review

Hey, happy spring!! ¬†It feels so good to say that! ¬†Winter is hopefully almost gone and spring is in the air. ¬†Well this month’s Glowing Beet’s box gave me a little taste of spring with a lipstick from FitGlow Beauty that’s a mauve pink the perfect transition from winter to spring. ¬†Plus, it’s exclusively made just for Glowing Beets-how cool! ¬†Then I got some skincare goodies from Gaffer & Child- a facial serum that smells like lemony goodness, and a facial cleanser that’s minty fresh. ¬†Plus, some pins to serve as a reminder to not only love yourself but love more in general. ¬†If you haven’t heard of Glowing Beet’s then read below on how this subscription box works. ¬†If you have, skip to the full review of the March box!

Why Glowing Beets?  Well, for starters they include high quality indie brands and they make it so simple.  Their website alone is so easy to navigate and browse.  They have one box, it’s $29.95-a steal for high end green beauty products.  The boxes are all the same, but may vary slightly.  For ex. some boxes may get a different lipstick color, but they’re all from the same brand.  All boxes are shipped at the end of the month once you’re a subscriber, and if you order during the month it will be shipped out within a few days, up until the 15th of the month.  You can sign up for one box, otherwise you will be billed monthly.

I love the concept of Glowing Beets for those who are new to the green beauty scene.  They give you a good selection of products, so you’re able to test them out without making a big commitment at first.  They also offer special discounts to those brands if you do like them-how cool is that?!  Glowing Beets does the research for the best products so you don’t have too.  They include a card in each box that lists what the products are.

On to the review!

FitGlow Lipstick in Beet-

I love the name of this lipstick! ¬†Obviously perfect for Glowing Beets but also so true to the color. ¬†The lip color reminds me so much of a beet. ¬†It’s mauve, with some pinkish and berry notes mixed in. ¬†A great color for everyday wear but also for kicking it up a notch at night if you keep your lips pretty minimal during the day. ¬†The lipstick itself is super hydrating and goes on so smooth. ¬†I’m not new to FitGlow Lipsticks. ¬†I actually found my perfect red lipstick in a Glowing Beet’s box last year in the color Love. ¬†I’m pretty sure this newest find is going to become a fave for spring!

Gaffer & Child Face Cleanser-

So you guys know I love anything with mint in it-and that goes for food too! Haha, love the smell, love the taste. ¬†So when I saw peppermint essential oil in this face cleanser I was all in. ¬†This cleanser does offer a light foam, even though it’s oil based. ¬†It suds up and gives an overall clean feeling to the skin. ¬†It says to avoid the eye area, so I did, but it removed all my facial makeup. ¬†Their ingredients are mostly organic, minus the green tea extract and willow bark extract. ¬†I really dig the glass pump bottle, not only for the environment but also for product preservation.

Gaffer & Child Hydrating Serum-

Next up is their Hydrating Serum. This serum as I mentioned earlier smells like lemons- a very pleasant scent. ¬†The oil itself is lighter than a lot of oils I’ve tried and goes on smooth. ¬†My skin felt hydrated and moisturized in the morning. Also, a great serum for in the morning before applying your makeup, as it’s not a heavy serum. ¬†A little goes a long way with the product. ¬†I love that the first ingredient is argan oil-one of my favorite oils. ¬†It’s 100% raw, vegan, organic and non-gmo. ¬†With only 8 ingredients this oil packs a punch. ¬†A light refreshing oil perfect for spring!

Fred and Far Pins-

This month we got some cute pins in our box too! ¬†These pins are special reminders to choose love first and foremost. ¬†One of the pins says Me-a gentle reminder about self love. ¬†Remembering you can’t love other people, unless you truly love yourself. ¬†Also, the More Love Pin is a sweet greeting card to celebrate love. ¬†These are encouraging messages we all need to hear!

Did you see anything you want? ¬†Have you signed up for Glowing Beet’s yet?¬†¬†¬†Check out Glowing Beet‚Äôs here and use code GGG10 for 10% off your first box!

Green Beauty Round Up

Green Beauty Round Up

I do these posts from time to time. ¬†Often I get an accumulation of products that are standouts and instead of doing a ton of smaller posts, I just do one big post. ¬†People seem to really like them-I’m guessing because everything is in one place. ¬†It’s also really beneficial for the companies because they get more exposure then if I was to do them individually. ¬†A win/win!

I’ve come across some serious green loot recently and had to share some recent faves!

Malaya Organics-


I’ve sampled Malaya before but was excited when the owner Katya Slepak reached out and sent me some of their goodies. ¬†They have a whole new look and I was excited to see it. ¬†The products are beautiful themselves and the new look is so chic. ¬†I’m a big fan of their face serum, it melts right into your skin leaving a dewy finish. ¬†It isn’t overly scented either- perfect subtle scent. ¬†I’m also digging their Calming Botanical Bath, talk about relaxation at it’s finest! ¬†I love a good bath and these are the perfect thing to help de-stress. ¬†A mini spa right in your own home. ¬†The facial steam is also a great de-stressor for not only the skin but the mind as well. ¬†It helps to pull out toxins and gives the skin a glow. ¬†The body oils are also luxurious. ¬†I’m a big fan of the Woods scent. ¬†It’s smells just like the name suggests-woodsy with a hint of citrus. ¬†I love how the body oils feel on the skin, a truly decadent oil! ¬†Last but not least their hair oil is perfect for giving parched hair a good drink of water. ¬†I lightly apply it to my hair and style as usual. ¬†For a more intense treatment I add it all over my hair and leave it on overnight. ¬†My hair is silky and smooth the next day. ¬†Did I mention their products are organic, biodynamic, wild crafted and ethically sourced-hello! ¬†The products are housed in luxe glass bottles. ¬†The whole line screams spa-a truly decadent line. ¬†Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 15% off and snag some Malaya Organics here.

Teri Miyahira-


I was so excited when I received my first box from Teri! ¬†Teri has her own green beauty YouTube channel and now has created a monthly subscription beauty box. ¬†The box has become so popular that now there is a waitlist for the November box because it’s sold out! ¬†All the makeup is vegan, and cruelty-free. ¬†I have been loving the boxes! ¬†The Harmony Compact Color for face and eyes has been a fave of mine. ¬†This product is so versatile. ¬†You can use them as eyeshadows, but also as a blush, bronzer, contour or highlight. ¬†Such a great multi-tasker. ¬†I’ve also been digging the pressed eyeshadow color in Strength. Goes on so smooth and stays put.¬† The crushed colors offer the perfect shimmer for going out, and this mama needs all the help she can get! ¬†Oh and can we talk about her brushes- so luxe! ¬†They are so soft and beautiful, love the rose gold. ¬†She also has skincare products. ¬†I loved sampling the gel cleanser and toner/mist. ¬†I couldn’t believe how much came in each box. ¬†This is one beauty box that is here to stay! ¬†Grab your’s here.

Loving Naturals-


If you’ve followed me long enough, you know I’m crazy for Loving Natural’s Sunscreen for babies. ¬†It has only a handful of stellar ingredients. ¬†Plus, it works and keeps my babies skin protected from the sun. ¬†It doesn’t leave that ghostly hue on the skin either like most natural sunscreens. ¬†They recently sent me their Anti-aging cream too. ¬†I was amazed at how moisturizing it was and how good my skin felt in the morning. ¬†I have dry skin and even used this during the day and it wasn’t too greasy. ¬†I love that it’s budget friendly compared to other natural anti-aging creams. ¬†If you haven’t tried their sunscreens you’re missing out! ¬†Check out all their products¬†here.

Square Organics-


I love me a protein bar! ¬†Especially since becoming a mom, ¬†it’s often easy to skip meals because of time-can I get a witness? ¬†I end up making a smoothie or grabbing a bar. ¬†These ones have been perfect. ¬†Not only are they satisfying but full of organic ingredients. ¬†They honestly taste like a candy bar! ¬†All of them are chocolate coated with a different flavor on the inside. ¬†My personal favorites are the coconut and mint. ¬†I’ve even been grabbing them mid-day for a quick snack since I’ve been nursing my 8 week old like crazy. ¬†They have hit the spot for those sudden hunger urges. ¬†If it’s been hard for you to find a protein bar that tastes good and has decent ingredients, then check out Square Organics- you won’t be disappointed. ¬†Also, use coupon code: gurlgonegreen for 20% off a box! Shop here.

The Simply Co.-


I love testing out new natural laundry detergents! ¬†I’m always curious if they’ll actually work. ¬†I’m sure I’m not alone. ¬†Well, I have good news, The Simply Co. is some legit stuff. ¬†With only 4 ingredients:¬†Baking soda, washing soda, and Organic Vegan castile soap (+ Organic essential oils), this laundry powder packs a big punch. It comes in this sleek glass container-so chic looking. ¬†You simply add one to two tablespoons to your laundry, depending on the how big the load is. ¬†You can use it in standard machines and HE machines. ¬†The proof is in the pudding they say and I can say that this powder successfully made my clothes smell good and clean. ¬†Did I mention the ingredients?! ¬†They’re also vegan, organic and cruelty-free. ¬†I’m in awe of the power of them. ¬†The laundry powder comes in lavender and unscented. ¬†If you’ve been looking for a natural laundry detergent with little ingredients that gets the job done-this may be just your ticket! ¬†The whole concept of The Simply Co. is pretty awesome too. ¬†Founded by a blogger who wanted the most natural cleaning products. ¬†They aim to protect the environment by creating sustainable products. ¬†Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 10% off your purchase. ¬†Shop here.

See any products you want to try?  Be sure to use the coupon codes and grab some loot!  XO



I’ve been wanting to try FITGLOW BEAUTY products for quite some time now. ¬†Well, it finally happened! ¬†The founder Anna sent me some goodies, and I have loved my whole experience with them. ¬†FITGLOW BEAUTY, a Canadian born company, was created to be with you wherever the day may take you. ¬†From yoga, to the office and everything in between. ¬†They actually have subjects test their products while running and doing yoga, to ensure they perform in any condition…how cool is that? ¬†Their beauty products are not only clean, and non-toxic but nourishing to the skin. ¬†Full of active ingredients-vitamins that feed your skin, and organic extracts. ¬†This line doesn’t mess around. They’re also Leaping Bunny certified-no animal testing happening here. ¬†I really like how FITGLOW doesn’t have dozens and dozens of products too. ¬†They keep it simple: ¬†Just make really great quality products.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff! ¬†I was sent some of their Good Glosses, Vita-Active Foundation, and Vita-Active Serum. ¬†Oh and I can’t forget the really cute clutch they sent with the glosses! ¬†You can buy this as a gloss set on their website.

Good Gloss-

First of all, let me say that I’m not a huge gloss person…opps I said it. ¬†I’ve just never been a gloss girl. ¬†But my heart changed when I tried FITGLOW BEAUTY lip glosses. ¬†These glosses are in a league of their own! ¬†No joke…they’re that good. ¬†Why have they stolen my heart? ¬†Well, for starters they smell amazing, like a vanilla sugar cookie. ¬†Their staying power is great-still on my lips after errands. ¬†If that doesn’t tempt you, the non goopy formula will. ¬†These aren’t like many glosses I’ve tried that leave my lips with blobs of gooeyness everywhere. ¬†No, these glide on so easily and leave my lips with the perfect sheen. ¬†Not teenager gloss lips…(no offense if you’re a teen) but you guys know what I mean. ¬†This gives you a nice gloss and pigment but nothing over the top. ¬†It’s the perfect combo of color, plus wetness. If you’ve been searching for a gloss, search no further-the Good Gloss is it! ¬†I’ve tried 4 colors, Deep, Love, Joy and Bliss. ¬†I swatched all the colors below. ¬†As I mentioned above, these glosses also came with the cutest clutch too-perfect for a night out on the town-there is a photo below of the clutch. ¬†$24




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Vita-Active Foundation-

This liquid foundation has become a fave as well. ¬†I had heard rave reviews about it, and couldn’t wait to try it. ¬†Not only is it a great foundation, but it’s made to nourish your skin too. ¬†Your complexion could quite possibly get better while you using it. ¬†Filled with skin nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Brighteners and Beta Carotene-this foundation packs a serious punch! ¬†It’s also vegan. ¬†It’s more of a medium coverage in my opinion. ¬†It gives my face an overall pulled together look but doesn’t cover blemishes completely. ¬†I love how it feels weightless. ¬†I always applied a facial oil or facial moisturizer before applying the foundation. ¬†Even though it is a moisturizing foundation, my skin tends to be on the drier side, and this helped the foundation settle perfectly on my skin. ¬†It smells of flower essences. ¬†I was so impressed with how well it held up! ¬†Through workouts and just everyday life. ¬†At 9pm I still looked pulled together…hello! ¬†I received the foundation in VF3-the perfect light/medium shade. ¬†I highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for a liquid foundation that not only looks good, but is good for your skin. ¬†$55


Vita-Active Serum-

This serum is meant to be worn underneath a moisturizer. ¬†It isn’t hydrating on it’s own. ¬†It’s packed full of Plant Stem Cells. ¬†These help the skin repair itself, and turn over quickly to reveal a newer, more radiant complexion. ¬†It has a combo of 20% Vitamin C and 20% Botanical Hyaluronic Acid-a powerful skin duo! ¬†The serum is also vegan. ¬†Oh and before I forget this serum smells so good-like orange creamsicles. ¬†The biggest thing I noticed overall with the serum is my skin seemed more radiant. ¬†My skin looked more even too. ¬†The redness I had in spots had faded. ¬†I love that it’s not a moisturizing oil/serum, but just a serum. ¬†I feel like it targets my skin better this way…no oil to get in the way. ¬†A great serum for those wanting to see results. ¬†The price is great for all the potent ingredients too. ¬†$99.83


That sums up my review of FITGLOW BEAUTY. ¬†I also have reviewed their lipstick in LOVE…which is amazing! ¬†Read my full review here on it. ¬†They carry other makeup and skincare products too. ¬†Shop their full line here. ¬†Also, they’ve been so generous to offer 15% off with code: GGG15. ¬†Have you used any of their products? ¬†What are your faves?

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