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The Best Natural Paint

SO excited to chat with you all about the best natural paint!  This post has been a long time coming.  We moved into our new house in mid-November.  This is our first home we’ve owned and we couldn’t be more excited to make it our own!  We knew the first thing we wanted to do was paint it.  Paint makes such a difference.  We weren’t too fond of the color it was and wanted it to feel brighter and bigger.…

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Green Gurls Club 30 Day Detox Challenge

What caused me to start my own detox journey?  Well, 7 years ago I read a book called No More Dirty Looks and my whole mindset shifted.  I literally remember thinking maybe I wouldn’t be able to wear makeup anymore because I had just learned how toxic products were.  The thought was so sad to me.  Growing up I was obsessed with playing with hair and getting my hands in makeup.  I ended up getting my cosmetologist license and doing…

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