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What To Do When Your Child Has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

What To Do When Your Child Has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

In episode #21 we are learning what to do when your child has multiple chemical sensitivities from Steph Duford.  Steph Duford is from Wisconsin.  Born and raised a Midwest girl. Her husband, Larry and her have a 5-year-old fun and enthusiastic son named Frank. Recently, after 16 years, she left her profession as a hair stylist to be a full-time SAHM (stay at home mom) and homeschool Frank. There hasn’t been one defining moment that has made her passionate about lifestyle and wellness but a compilation of many.  Knowledge is her power. Steph loves to learn and research…often times to a fault. By personality, she is passionate, strong willed and determined. Her biggest tool has always been self navigation. At 1 year, her son Frank was diagnosed with multiple anaphylaxis to both food and environmental allergies…36 to be exact. He’s truly the bravest and most inspiring human she knows. It has been her mission to focus on healing him from the inside out and there really is no limit to how far her and her husband will go for her son’s health and freedom.

Along with many allergies, she’s also become well versed in chronic atopic eczema and multiple chemical sensitivity. The saying, “The best detective at work is the mother of an ill child” is 100% accurate! One thing she very much prides herself in is how her and her family create normalcy. They focus on experiences that can safely be improvised and work around limitations while still building childhood fun/memories. Steph’s mission is to share experiences that have shaped her in hopes to reach and help others. Her biggest satisfaction is helping others build a happier, healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Connect With Steph-

Topics Discussed-

  • Who is Steph Duford and her story of having a child with allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Golden Hour moment or catalyst in her own health journey
  • Her advice for mama’s who may feel overwhelmed when caring for a child with allergies or MCS
  • Tips and protocols that have helped her and her family navigate having a child with allergies or MCS
  • Things she’s learned along the way to ensure her child still experiences life to the fullest
  • Tips that have helped her have courage and boldness to ask for what she wants
  • Things anyone can do to help make the environment around them safer for those who suffer from allergies
  • 3 health habits that have made the biggest impact on your life
  • Where people can connect with Steph

Links Mentioned In The Podcast-

  • Metaderm- Lotion that helped heal Frankie’s eczema skin


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Aleavia Prebiotic Skincare Review

Aleavia Prebiotic Skincare Review

I recently was sent some of Aleavia’s Immerse Lavender Prebiotic Body Wash, their Cleanse- Neutralizing Facial Cleanser and their Restore-Prebiotic Skin Restoration.  I had read and heard so many good things about Aleavia’s products I couldn’t wait to test out!

Well, they did not disappoint.  Let me first explain what Aleavia Skincare is all about.  They are a completely natural prebiotic skincare line, that specializes in putting the friendly bacteria back on your skin. Here is a quote from their website-

“Aleavia products are alkaloid based bio-stimulants which actually feed a wide variety of friendly microorganisms on the skin causing the healthy bacteria to go into a feeding frenzy. This ultimately results in much higher activity levels of normal friendly bacteria. Over a short period of time, the “good guys” will completely overwhelm any harmful bacteria, virtually eliminating skin disorders of many types. Our skin care products accomplish this on a molecular level using a combination of 100%-natural, organic, and environmentally safe ingredients.”

They also help balance the ph of the skin, all while conditioning it.  I was amazed at their success stories found here on their website.  People’s skin literally transformed!  For more info. on the exact science  behind Aleavia-check out their website here.  Now, you may be thinking they must put a ton of ingredients in their products…but that’s not the case!  They use just a handful of ingredients and all completely natural.

So what did I think of each product?  Well, read on for the full scoop!

Aleavia’s Immerse Lavender Prebiotic Body Wash-

They sent me a loofah for the body wash, to use in conjunction with it.  It really helps it suds up.  The body wash smells pleasant- not an overwhelming smell of lavender.  It was crazy how smooth and moisturized my skin felt afterwards!  So hydrated!  I noticed over time my skin didn’t feel as dry either.  My husband even loves it and doesn’t mind the lavender smell.  You get a lot for the price too!  $19.99 for a 16oz. bottle.  I would definitely recommend, especially if you have dealt with body acne, psoriasis or skin issues of any kind in the past.


Cleanse- Neutralizing Facial Cleanser-

I really love this facial cleanser…a lot.  It gives a foam but is not drying at all!  Let me repeat myself-it’s not drying at all!  It takes off my makeup and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and balanced.  I don’t have any skin conditions but I would still use this daily.  However, if you do suffer from skin condtions, as I had mentioned above I would definitely start using this facial cleanser and be consistent to see some serious results.  The whole premise as I stated earlier is that the good microorganisms are eating the bad bacteria, which is what causes skin conditions.  The Cleanse retails for $19.99- a steal for something that works!


Restore-Prebiotic Skin Restoration-

I loved using this hydrating spray after washing my skin with the Cleanse.  It helped to add more moisture, balance my skin and prepare it for serums.  This would be an ideal step, especially if you suffer from any skin condition.  By adding this spray into your routine, you are helping to stimulate the good microorganisms.  It retails for $29.99.


For more information and to see all of their products check out Aleavia.com.  Also, enter coupon code gurlgonegreen at checkout for 15% off your order! Have you guys used any of Aleavia’s products?

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