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EP1: Real Life Health Talk with Podcast Host Suzi and Rose

EP1: Real Life Health Talk with Podcast Host Suzi and Rose

In this episode Real Life Health Talk with Podcast Host Suzi and Rose, we’re sharing our own golden hour moments and health journeys. We’re also discussing sisterhood, thyroid conditions, healthy habits, and what you can expect going forward on the podcast.


  • A glimpse into the sisterhood
  • Why the name “The Golden Hour”
  • Our own “golden moments” in health
  • Hypothyroidism – All in the family
  • Going gluten-free
  • Insights from the book, Body Love by Kelly Leveque
  • The myth of snacking to maintain metabolism
  • Tips for daily water intake
  • How we can incorporate exercise into our daily routine
  • The sweet spot of balance and seasons

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Why We Love It?

  • Goat whey has demonstrated positive anti-inflammatory effects in the digestive system. Cow whey has shown increased inflammatory effects.
  • Cow whey is considered allergenic whereas goat whey is considered hypoallergenic.
  • Whey protein is the “gold standard” for serious athletes. Goat whey is the “gold standard” of that “gold standard.”
  • Goat whey is amazing for our immune systems, supporting lean muscle growth and repair, as well as optimal body composition.
  • Goat whey has the full range of essential amino acids in ratios that best support the athlete in all of us
  • It is really light and doesn’t ever makes us feel bloated. That’s because there is nothing added to fill up space, just the purest goat whey and flavoring.
  • Activ Whey is a goat whey protein that comes from goats that are grassfed all the way through their lifecycle. There are zero antibiotics or hormones used on the goats or the vegetation they eat from.
  • I personally know the creator and can vouch for the legitimacy of the protein and where it is sourced from.

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W.E.L.L. Summit Recap

W.E.L.L. Summit Recap

I’ve been wanting to get my W.E.L.L. Summit recap up on the blog but with moving right when I got back, it’s been a busy week!

First off did I mention how cool our Airbnb was?  It had 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.  Kind of amazing considering it’s NYC!  I stayed with Lisa- This Organic Girl, Molly MaisonPur, Jessica- BareBeauty.  Plus, Lisa’s college buddy Cat came and my sisters ended up staying with us for two nights too!  I also got to see my friend Sammie from Hullosam.  Definitely the highlight was getting to connect with these babes!

We ended up hitting up the Athleta party Thursday night.  One of the sponsors of W.E.L.L. Summit.  It was a fun time getting to connect with other bloggers, meet speakers of the summit and just mingle.  We even got to hear from the founder of W.E.L.L. Summit Gianne Doherty.  Her smile and energy always change any room you’re in.

After the Athleta event we hit up HuKitchen.  This organic hot spot has got it going on!  It was founded by a brother and sister who were on a mission to bring real food to the table.  Well they certainly accomplished that!  From smoothies, organic coffee selections, grassfed meats, pastured eggs and organic veggies, you can’t go wrong dining at HuKitchen. I even ate there several other times during my trip because they accommodated AIP so easily.

Friday morning my friend Lisa and I hit up Sunday’s Nail Parlor.  This clean nail parlor is everything dreams are made of.  The decor is streamlined and chic and the service wonderful.  I loved how peaceful and serene the environment was.  We just got to chat it up while we had our toes expertly attended too.  They even have their own polishes!  If you’re in NYC, definitely hit them up for a mani or pedi- they even do gel!

Friday we checked in and got to hear from Dr. Drew Ramsey.  He really is on the cutting edge when it comes to helping people take a holistic approach to depression.  We listened to him talk as we ate our boxed organic lunches.  I got a salad that was divine!  It’s rare to actually find something on AIP I can have that is already made, but this salad checked all the boxes.  Oh and I can’t forget about getting my nails painted by Tenoverten. A serious treat!  They had manicurists stations set up for the VIP’s as we got there.

Once the VIP session ended we all gathered together and listened to a variety of speakers.  It was nice to just sit back and listen.  Often in my life it’s go, go, go! Especially with two small children.  I loved how W.E.L.L. Summit really challenged me to look within and take a minute to evaluate life- so important.  The Beauty as Self Care Panel was one of my favorite sessions that day.  It really helped me to look at beauty in a different way.  It’s all about redefining beauty.  Love the whole concept!

Saturday you get to choose your breakout sessions you want to attend. I love how you can customize this part of your W.E.L.L. Summit experience.  One particular breakout session I signed up for was Phoebe Lapine Ferment-Me Not: How to Use Probiotic-Rich Foods to Grow Your Gut Garden & Heal Your Body.  I had met Phoebe at the Athleta event and she was just as sweet as I had imagined.  I was really looking forward to Phoebe’s session for a number of reasons.  One she also has Hashimotos and has learned to live a full life in the midst of her diagnosis.  Second, who doesn’t want to learn how to ferment their own foods?!  Finally, I couldn’t wait to snag her new book released last spring.  I read a good portion of the book on the airplane home and it was so good!  I highly recommend you all snatch it up!

Another session that really spoke to me was Cyndie Spiegel’s How Women Can Embrace The Power of Asking More Now.  Let’s just say it was off the hook in her session!  If I only came for one thing from W.E.L.L. Summit it would be this.  She really had everyone participate and forced you to look at your own life and where you settle.  We make things complicated but really all you have to do ask for what you want- what’s the worst can happen?  They say no.

I also loved hearing from Dr. Sarah Villafranco from Osmia Organics.  The girl knows her stuff when it comes to skincare.  Not only is she a former ER doctor but also the founder of Osmia Organics- an organic skincare line.  I loved hearing her perspective on skin issues, and what she recommends.  Plus, she’s witty and just so real!

On Sunday I got to hang with one of the best- Lisa from This Organic Girl.  We hit up Credo Beauty, Follain and Springbone Kitchen.  It was fun to see Credo and Follain up close and personal. And can I just take a moment to dish on Springbone Kitchen?  It was literally the best bone broth I’ve ever had!  I had the Chakra chicken broth- it has sweet potato, turmeric and garlic puree in it.  SO good!  If you’re in NYC do yourself a favor and hit it up- you won’t regret it.

The whole experience forced me to look within- something everyone should do at least a couple times a year.  I challenge you to attend next year!  It’s such a fun experience to even share with a friend too.

Have you thought about attending W.E.L.L. Summit?


W.E.L.L. Summit 2017

W.E.L.L. Summit 2017

If you aren’t signed up for W.E.L.L. Summit 2017 this Nov. 3-4, then it’s time to book your ticket!  I’m heading there with some blogger friends and I’m literally counting down the days.  There are so many reasons to attend W.E.L.L. Summit just from a self development perspective.  Who doesn’t want a weekend focused on health and wellness?!  Sign me up!  However, as a blogger and influencer I’m also looking forward to the connections I will make with other industry leaders.

What is W.E.L.L. Summit?

You may be reading this and have no idea what I’m even talking about- allow me to explain.  W.E.L.L. stands for Wellness, Empowerment, Learning and Luxury.  Imagine a two day event that focuses on self improvement.  From living well in your health, beauty, professional life, and taking some time to focus on you-this is W.E.L.L. Summit.  Experts in their fields take the stage and you get to glean from them wisdom and nuggets.  Not only will you get to hear them speak, but get up close and personal during break out sessions.  To say you’ll leave inspired would be an understatement!

Here are all the deets-

  • Check out the full list of speakers here
  • There will be complimentary Tenoverten manis at the W.E.L.L. Party Saturday night
  • Summit dates Nov. 3-4, 2017 (Friday & Saturday)
  • W.E.L.L. Summit takes place in NYC
  • Grab a W.E.L.L. Discovery box-a special curated box filled with favorite W.E.L.L. brands.  An over $80 value for only $39.95! Snag your box here!


Friday Ticket- $199

Weekend Ticket-$349

VIP Ticket-$549

*VIP Ticket-(only 75 tickets available)includes VIP gift bag, overall a $150 more of free loot, VIP mentor session lunch Saturday, VIP lunch on Friday with tenoverten manicure bar, First access to register for breakout sessions on Saturday.

Check out the schedule here.

A lot of people may wonder if they should attend as a green beauty blogger or influencer- my answer is YES!  Keep reading to see the 5 reasons you should come!

5 Reasons You Need to Attend W.E.L.L. Summit as a Green Beauty Blogger/Influencer:

  1. Connect with other like minded influencers/peers- Have you ever been so passionate about something and want to find others who are just as jazzed about your passion as you are?!  W.E.L.L. Summit is the perfect opportunity to meet individuals who are wanting to grow and learn just like you.  Connections are so important in any line of work.  They help you grow as a person and challenge you. Collaborations often come as a result of meeting others in your field.  These are crucial in today’s blogging world.  They get you before audiences you might not have had the opportunity to get before in the past, bringing a whole new set of eyes to your work.  Not too mention, you get to meet some really cool people!
  2. Connect with brands and leaders in your field- Often I hear people say, if I could only meet this person, or I wish I could hear them speak in person.  Well now’s your chance!  You get to come face to face with industry leaders that are creating change.  As a green beauty blogger myself, I’m so excited to get to hang with Josh Rosebrook, Sarah the founder of Osmia Organics and Kristine Keheley, co-founder of Vapour Organic Beauty.  These individuals are leading the charge in green beauty!  To be able to learn from them, talk in person and connect is so cool.  Meeting brands in person helps to put a face to your name and really sets you apart.  This helps to build your relationship and connect with them on a deeper level.  I’ve had so many brands recommend me to other brands just because they had met me and we had a relationship beyond just email.  Meeting brands set you apart from other bloggers in your sphere.
  3. Your audience looks to you for the newest information- As a blogger or influencer you have an audience that is looking to you for the latest and greatest when it comes to information.  Putting yourself out there and attending the W.E.L.L. Summit sets a standard in your career that you’re willing to invest in yourself and want to learn more.  It shows you are wanting to grow.  People will look to you even more as an industry leader and as an authority on your subject, because they know you are evolving as a leader.
  4. You have so much content to share after attending W.E.L.L. Summit- The summit is a jam packed two day event !  You will learn so much.  As a blogger or influencer that’s so much content you’re able to share with your following when you return.  You’ll have exciting stories to tell about what impacted you, your favorite sessions and what your greatest takeaway was.  People will be so excited to hear about your exciting adventure in NYC too!  It will be such a hot topic and people will want to hear all about it.  They will love hearing your experience.  One more way to connect with your audience and let them into your life, all while learning about what connected you to them in the first place.
  5. Changes things up and builds excitement- Often it’s easy to do the same things as a blogger or influencer.  Sometimes your audience can get bored.  A trip helps keep things fresh and exciting!  You can help build up anticipation before you leave for the summit.  Your audience will be just as excited as you are to be on the journey too.  You can share where you’re eating, staying and cool places to check out while you’re in NYC.  This helps create a whole experience out of it.  People connect with experiences and will not only love seeing your trip, but may just want to book a trip to W.E.L.L. Summit next year after seeing how much fun you had!  As you talk about it they will anticipate the event and want to know all the details.  It keeps you on your toes and creates some movement as you try something new!

Still on the fence about attending?  Well, I’ll be there and would love to meet you!  Not too mention my good blogging friend Lisa from This Organic Girl.  You will already have two friends in us and we love having a good time!  It’s events like this that not only help build connections but friendships that last a lifetime. Grab your tickets here!

Will you join me??

Goodebox Review

Goodebox Review

I recently received a beauty box from Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox).  I was so excited!  A green beauty box created just for me-I couldn’t wait to unbox all the goodies!  Now you may be asking what is Goodbeing?  Well, allow me to explain.  Goodbeing is a premium discovery & trial service providing expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural wellness & sustainable, toxin-free living goods.  Sounds amazing huh?!  Well, it is.

Here’s how it works-

-You sign up and choose what plan works for you.  One time, Monthly, multi-months or every other month.  A one time purchase starts at $21 and after that it gets cheaper if you bundle more months together.  For example, if you sign up for 3 months, you’ll pay $60-so $20 per box instead of $21.

-Once you decide what plan you want, then you fill out your member profile.  Each box is customized according to your profile.  This is the part I love.  So if you don’t like lavender, there won’t be lavender in your box!  Pretty cool!

-Then once you’ve done all that, you’ll receive your box within the first 14 days of the month with 4-5 trial sized products.  When you receive your box, you’ll get a card talking about each product and how to use it.

-Once you’ve received your box you will get special offers and discounts for all the products found in the box.  So if you really like the lip gloss in your box, you can get 20% off of it.

Why I love it??

It’s not a super expensive box.  Most people can spend $21 a month on a beauty box.  Goodbeing gives you a great opportunity to test out clean products you might not normally.  For example, there were brands I hadn’t even heard of in my recent box.  I love that!  Not only that but I receive discounts to purchase the full size products or other products they offer.  I also like the fact that each box is customized.  You don’t end up with product you wouldn’t use or fragrance you might not like, etc.  Another cool feature of Goodbeing is that they focus on not just clean beauty, but also wellness products and sustainable living products.

Ok, so now that you know all about Goodbeing, let’s talk about the loot I received in my October box.

My Konjac Sponge-


I was a little skeptical when I saw that I had received a konjac sponge.  I had tried others in the past and didn’t like them.  But I was hoping for a different experience with this one and that’s exactly what I got.  This isn’t your average konjac sponge-it’s so much better!  When I looked into it further I noticed My Konjac Sponge had several different varieties of konjac sponges and the one I got was French Red Clay-which is great for dry/mature and sensitive skin types.   I used it in conjunction with my cleanser and it helped to clean and exfoliate at the same time.  Other konjac sponges were too harsh in the past, but the My Konjac French Red Sponge brings the perfect amount of exfoliation.  When you get a konjac sponge it’s hard, but then you get it wet and it softens completely into a sponge like loofah.  Konjac is actually made of a porous root vegetable, and are touted for being great at removing dirt, oil and blackheads.  The fibers of the sponge help to dislodge the dirt.  I loved the My Konjac Sponge because it wasn’t too harsh of an exfoliation.  I felt I could use it everyday because it was more mild.  It gave a great smoothness to my skin too.  If you are like me and favor a more gentle exfoliation, then the French Red Clay Konjac Sponge would be perfect for you.  They also offer other Konjac sponges for varying skin types or if you prefer a deeper exfoliation.  $10

Lillian Eve Cuticle Oil Pen-


When I saw that I got this Lillian Eve Cuticle Pen I was pretty stoked!  I hate when my cuticles are dry looking, and this is the perfect solution for that.  Best of all I can take it anywhere and not have to risk it spilling because it comes in a convenient pen.  Just brush it on your cuticles and rub in.  It only has four simple ingredients too!  I love putting this on before doing my nails.  After I put it on, it’s so much easier to push my cuticles back because my cuticles are soft.  I noticed I wasn’t getting hang nails as much either because my cuticles were so hydrated.  You all need this!  Plus, what a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.  Lillian Eve also carries a ton of non-toxic nail polishes, hand creams and nail polish removers-you’re one stop shop for nails!  $12

EO Coconut Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray-


Who doesn’t need hand sanitizer??  Since we know the mainstream stuff is filled with junk, grabbing something more natural is a no brainer.  I love that this comes in spray form.  So easy to just spray on my hands, but also on other things I’m wanting to disinfect.  I noticed myself spraying it on shopping carts at the store or cleaning my steering wheel with it.  Oh and bonus, it smells good!  Coconut and lemon are definitely a winning combination.  I also took this with me on a recent trip, and the little size was perfect for travel.  I especially loved it for my daughter.  Since she’s only 16 months it’s hard sometimes to get her hands to put hand sanitizer on them but with the spray it makes it so much more convenient.  Another great stocking stuffer!  EO also carries a ton of other products.  Anything from body oils to deodorant.  $2.99

Bonnie Ultra Shine Lip Gloss-


I had never heard of Bonnie products before getting the box.  But I’m so glad it was in there!  This is definitely one of my favorite lip gloss formulas.  It isn’t sticky or goopy at all, but goes on so smooth.  The name says it all-it is an “Ultra Shine” gloss.  I really loved the color Garnet I received too.  More of a brick red, perfect for fall.  The ingredients are amazing as well- no synthetics, just the pure stuff.  It also has a peppermint smell, which I love.  The gloss layered perfect over my lip liners and lipsticks too for more of a pop.  They have it in two other colors.  You can’t beat the price either!  $8, is a steal.  Bonnie also carries body products, candles and fragrance.

Hamadi Shea Spray-


Hamadi was another brand I had never heard of before but was so excited to try out.  In this box I received the Shea Spray which is similar to a shine spray.  It isn’t like traditional shine sprays that can actually end up damaging the hair.  It’s nourishing and hydrating for the hair with ingredients like aloe, avocado and shea butter. I was concerned it would be too much for my fine hair but I was mistaken!  It actually didn’t weigh down my hair at all.  I sprayed a few sprays on before blowdrying to help hydrate hair, and after I was done I sprayed some more on to calm fly aways.  It gave my hair a great shine and really brought out the highlights, and color of my hair.  I also love how it doesn’t leave my hair crispy at all like some shine products have in the past.  It really does it’s job quite well!  This would be especially great for those with curly, frizzy or coarse hair.  Hamadi also carries a ton of other hair products that I definitely want to check out!  $16

That sums up my review of the Goodbeing box.  I highly recommend you guys check them out!  A great clean and affordable beauty/wellness box.  Have any of you guys heard of it or subscribed?  I’ve teamed up with the Goodbeing to offer one lucky reader a free October box-(what I just reviewed for you)!  Check out my Instagram @gurlgonegreen for all the details.

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