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EP15: How to Have a Positive Mindset, and Change Your Habits

EP15: How to Have a Positive Mindset, and Change Your Habits

In this episode, we are learning how to have a positive mindset, and change your habits with hosts Suzi and Rose.  After hearing from 13 amazing experts in all areas of life concerning natural and organic living, we wanted to dive a little deeper into a positive mindset.  It’s often not talked about when it comes to living your best life, especially when it comes to natural health.  But it’s crucial we’ve found to changing habits and really putting into practice health changes in our lives.  It’s easy to consume a lot of information but not actually have it stick.  In this episode we are sharing what has helped us to tangibly live out good habits, plus sharing what personality tests have helped us learn more about ourselves.

Connect with Suzi and Rose-

Suzi- Instagram, Facebook, Blog

Rose- Instagram


  • The Four Tendencies Book, what tendency we are, how to take quiz
  • How personality plays a big role in work life, health and relationships
  • Forming Habits
  • Daily check in’s- writing in journal
  • Words have power and energy
  • Mind has a way of attracting whatever it thinks about
  • Self destructive thinking
  • Brooke Castillo- Life Coach School Podcast- Thoughts, Feelings, Habits, Actions
  • Honoring yourself and commitments
  • Setting goals and intentions

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  • It is really light and doesn’t ever makes us feel bloated. That’s because there is nothing added to fill up space, just the purest goat whey and flavoring.
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W.E.L.L. SUMMIT 2017

W.E.L.L. SUMMIT 2017

So excited for the third annual W.E.L.L. Summit!  After hearing all about my girl Lisa’s(This Organic Girl) experience the last two years, I could hardly wait to attend this year with her!  If you haven’t read about her experiences, be sure too here.  As a mom, it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner.  There’s always something to be done, and it never includes taking a few moments for yourself.  However, I’ve learned how important it is to take time for yourself-mom or not.  Not only do feel refreshed but better at life.

So what is the W.E.L.L. SUMMIT and why do I need to go?  Great question!  W.E.L.L. stands for Wellness, Empowerment, Learning and Luxury.  Imagine a two day event that focuses on self improvement.  From living well in your health, beauty, professional life, and taking some time to focus on you-this is W.E.L.L. Summit.  Experts in their fields take the stage and you get to glean from them wisdom and nuggets.  Not only will you get to hear them speak, but get up close and personal during break out sessions.  To say you’ll leave inspired would be an understatement!

Take a look at last year’s video!

Here are all the deets-

  • Confirmed speakers so far are Kathryn Budig, Sara Divello, & Ksenia Avdulova
  • There will be complimentary Tenoverten manis at the W.E.L.L. Party Saturday night
  • Summit dates Nov. 3-4, 2017 (Friday & Saturday)
  • W.E.L.L. Summit takes place in NYC
  • Grab a W.E.L.L. Discovery box-a special curated box filled with favorite W.E.L.L. brands.  An over $80 value for only $39.95! Snag your box here!


Friday Ticket- $199

Weekend Ticket-$349

VIP Ticket-$549

*VIP Ticket-(only 75 tickets available)includes VIP gift bag, overall a $150 more of free loot, VIP mentor session lunch Saturday, VIP lunch on Friday with tenoverten manicure bar, First access to register for breakout sessions on Saturday.

Friday – November 3, 2017

  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm — General Admission Check In Pick up Nametag, Gift Bag and enjoy bites from our lunch partners: Inday
  • 11:30am – 1:00pm — VIP Lunch
  • 1:15pm — Official The W.E.L.L. Summit Kick off
  • 1:30pm – 6:00pm — Speakers & Panels
  • 6:00pm – 9:00pm — LIVE W.E.L.L. Party: tenoverten Manicure Bar
  • 10:30pm – 11:30pm — Tea Time Chats

Saturday – November 4, 2017

  • 7:30am – 8:30am — Check In
  • 8:30am – 9:00am — Saturday Morning Kickoff
  • 9:00am – 12:00pm — Breakout Sessions
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm — VIP Mentor Lunch Sessions
  • 1:15pm – 5:15pm — Breakout Sessions
  • 5:15pm – 6:00pm — Closing

 I love that the Summit focuses on not just one aspect of living well but a well rounded approach.  It’s often easy to just focus on one aspect.  However, living well is so much more than just one area.  If I’m not nourishing my body with the right foods, then my body can easily suffer and no magic product can cover that up, no matter how many beauty products I use.  I want to live W.E.L.L. in every area of life!  We are not separate entities, what we do and how we do it affects are whole body.

The W.E.L.L. Summit is a Curated Conference Promoting A 360° View of Wellness

This may sound like a far off fairy tale to some but to me it can be your reality.  Often times we go about life and never really stop to ask ourselves the hard questions.  Why not take a weekend to de-compress, focus on you, and hear what that inner voice inside is saying.  There may be a dream or two that come rising up, or some clarity on the path you should take.  Or it could be as simple as relaxing and having someone do your nails and listen to you talk and you don’t do dishes all weekend!  Make the experience what you want.

What are my expectations of the event?

  • Connect with like minded people
  • Learn from top experts about living well in their niche
  • Relax and Rejuvenate
  • Discover new wellness brands
  • Get pampered
  • Excited to learn how to build the greatest acai bowl with Ksenia Avdulova

It’s easy to think the W.E.L.L. SUMMIT is for somebody else.  But let’s be real, it’s for you.  There’s always going to be an excuse of why you can’t go but the truth is you should be there.  To take a few days and just soak up wisdom on health and wellness and get pampered in the process-who doesn’t want/need that?!  Plus, I would love to meet you!  This wellness journey is all about coming together and making each other better.  We need one another and community.  Meet me there and let’s live it up for two days in NYC!  Grab your tickets here!

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