13 Days of Giveaways

13 Days of Giveaways

Are you ready for 13 Days of Giveaways?! Fasten your seat belt because this is going to be so good! I’ve teamed up with my girl Lisa from This Organic Girl to bring you our favorite green beauty products. And guess what?! We are giving away not 1 set but 2! That’s right, 2 winners each day! It doesn’t get much better.

It’s all happening on Instagram. Be sure to follow Lisa @thisorganicgirl and Suzi @gurlgonegreen on there to be able to enter to win each day. Below I’m sharing what is up for grabs and why I love the products so much!

Aillea- $400 Value!

We are giving away not 1 $200 gift card but 2!

I love shopping at Aillea. They have all the “IT” green beauty brands, from Rahua, Innersense, Kosas, Lily Lolo and more. You’ll be in green beauty heaven! Besides their online stores they also have 5 brick and mortar stores. They make it so easy to get all my favorite products all in one spot. Shop Aillea here!

Josh- $478 Value!

I’ll be giving away Active Enzyme Exfoliator, Hair spray, Cacao Antioxidant Mask, and Vital Balm Cream. A Some serious loot!

If you’ve been in green beauty for a hot minute then you know Josh Rosebrook! His products speak for themselves and are fan worthy for sure. A I remember trying his hair spray for the first time after trying so many bad ones and being so excited I found one that works so well! A His Active Enzyme Exfoliator is one of the best for smoothing out skin and getting your glow on. A Shop all of Josh Rosebrook here!

Maya Chia- $456 Value!

I’ll be giving away The Optimist, The Super Couple Serum, Highlight of the day(you can choose color), Supercritical Waterless Balm. Talk about a stellar giveaway!

It’s been almost 2 years since I tried my first Maya Chia product and let’s just say it’s been a good two years! They perform so well. The first product I tried was The Super Couple Serum- one of my holy grail oil serums! I was hooked on the products after that. The all star ingredient in Maya Chia is the supercritical chia oil. Not only is chia oil heralded for it’s fast absorbing ability, but also for it’s antioxidants, minerals, and omega 3’s skin’s dream team! You can say bye to fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it has clinically been proven to increase hydration. Shop all of Maya Chia here!

Laurel- $516 Value!

I’ll be giving away Honey Berry Enzyme Mask, Sun Damage Repair Serum, Brightening Mask, bowl + brush.

Love Laurel products and all she stands for, a cut above!  She prides herself on sourcing and plant actives in each formula.  Her products perform so well.  I remember using the Sun Damage Repair Serum for the first time and literally seeing a transformation in my skin after a few weeks.  They are rich in color because of the potency too!  Shop Laurel here!

Fitglow- $310 Value!

I’ll be giving away 3 lip serums(winner gets to choose color) and their lipstick trio in a bag.

Fitglow products are the perfect marriage between products that perform and nourish the skin.  The founder includes vitamins and antioxidants in her formulas that really create change in the skin.  Even her lip serums are loaded with active ingredients.  If you haven’t tried the lip serums, then you’re in for a serious treat!  Best lip gloss! Shop all Fitglow here!

Osmia- $253 Value!

I’ll be giving away her Night Oil, Whipped Body Mousse and bar of soap.  

Osmia was started by Sarah, an ER doctor.  She had no intention of starting a skincare company but after taking a soap making class she knew she was in love.  After two years of relentless soap making, product testing, perfume making she jumped full force into Osmia, leaving the medical field.  With top notch natural ingredients, Osmia will inspire you towards a healthier lifestyle.  Big on educating the consumer, I love how Osmia lists products they use on their website and products they don’t use and why.  They even discuss their packaging and why it’s so important to care.  I love their philosophy and commitment to excellence.  Shop Osmia here!

Vapour- $410 Value!

I’ll be giving away their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, AER Deodorant, Multi-Use Sticks, Organic Lip Conditioner, and Clarity Organic Makeup Remover.

Vapour has been a household green beauty name for a while. They were one of the first brands I tried 7 years ago! Not only are the ingredients clean, but the products work and last.  One thing that all Vapour products have in common is their dewiness they give to your overall look. Making your skin glow!  This mama is all about that glow.  The Multi-Use sticks are one of the most universal products.  You can use them on your cheeks, lips and eyes!  Shop all of Vapour here!

True Botanicals- $540 Value!

I’ll be giving away an Antioxidant Booster, Renew Pure Radiance Oil, and Cellular Repair Serum.  Hello!

When I think of TB what sticks out to me is a luxe anti-aging line.  Using the most potent ingredients, TB spares no expense when it comes to creating their products.  They care about quality and seeing products that actually perform, while at the same time are safe.  A truly unique company in the green beauty industry.  I also love how they do clinical tests on their products.  Something that is rare among the natural skincare industry.  Proven results, with clean ingredients-what more could you want?  The Antioxidant Booster and Cellular Repair Serum are staples in my skincare routine always.  Shop True Botanicals here!

Inika- $222

I’ll be giving away a Baked Mineral Bronzer, Eye shadow duo and their mascara.

I was introduced to this organic makeup line this last year and I’ve found so many treasures within it!  From their bronzers to their eye shadows and mascara.  They all perform so well!  They give your skin a natural look, without looking overdone.  Lisa touts this mascara as her favorite in green beauty!  Check out all of Inika products here!

Live Botanical- $256 Value!

I’ll be giving away a Luna Rose and Honey Mask + Cleanser, Lavender Cocoa Polish, AER Hyaluronic Acid Serum, AER Fresh Complexion Toning Elixir- YES!

I first discovered Live Botanical at IBE Dallas.  I had the pleasure of meeting the maker and founder Carolyn.  It was so great to connect and hear her enthusiasm for herbs.  Sometimes people merely create a line but I could instantly tell this was Carolyn’s passion.  Although she is an herbalist, much of how Carolyn sees skincare is based on her 15+ years in the technology field as an analyst.  It’s always so fascinating to see how people get their start in skincare.  It’s not often I find products that not only are clean, but also effective and budget friendly. Shop all of Live Botanical here!

Beauty Heroes- $256 Value!

I’ll be giving away 1 3 month subscription to Beauty Heroes!

Beauty Heroes was founded by Jeannie Jarnot.  A longtime spa director herself and healthy beauty expert.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie last year at IBE, and she is truly one of the sweetest people.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty service that selects only the best clean beauty brands.  Each month you can find one to two full size truly heroic products in each box.  The products typically range from skincare to haircare products.  However, every 3 months Beauty Heroes offers a makeup box as well that’s optional for members or non-members.  I absolutely love their “Use Less, Love More” philosophy.  By only getting one or two products, you allow yourself to truly experience them.  Of course you can trust their picks, as they are strict on their integrity standards.  Sign up for a subscription here!

Leahlani Skincare- $208 Value!

I’ll be giving away a Mermaid Mask, Honey Love Exfoliator, Mahina Serum, and Bohemian Ruby Toner. 

Every time I open a jar, or bottle of Leahlani skincare I feel like I’m getting a hand signed love note written just to me.  It may have to do with the fact that each, and every creation is made by hand.  Can you just imagine all the love, and care that goes into each bottle?  It’s no wonder my skin sings when anything Leahlani is applied!  I haven’t even mentioned ingredients, but they’re dreamy.  Organic cold pressed oils, mineral rich clays, Hawaiian honey nectars, pure essential oils, and potent botanicals are just a few ingredients that make up Leahlani skincare.  Pure goodness delivered straight to your skin-what more could you want?  Shop all of Leahlani here!

Kosas- $252 Value!

We are giving away a full set of their lipstick collection away!  

These lipsticks are my fave in natural beauty!  They offer a ton of color options, are highly pigmented and last.  Plus, they’re hydrating.  Trust me, you’ll be hooked in no time.  Some favorite colors I love are Thrillest, Royal, and Rosewater.  There isn’t a bad color- seriously.  They also have other makeup products that I love.  One of them is their new tinted face oil- so good. Snag some Kosas here!

See any faves?  Be sure to check out my girl Lisa’s blog post here to read up on her favorites! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to get the latest on all the giveaways!  Follow Lisa here and myself here!

The Best Fall Organic Beauty Must Haves

The Best Fall Organic Beauty Must Haves

I’m rounding out the best fall organic beauty must haves!  I’ve got some skincare, and makeup.  Some tried and true products and some products that I just discovered.  Green beauty just keeps getting better and better!  Keep reading to find out what I can’t stop using.

E3Live Tamera E3 Light Creme-

Best Organic and Natural Skin Cream for sensitive and dry skin

Best Organic and Natural Eczema/Irritated Cream For Angry Skin

This cream saved my neck a couple weeks ago- no joke!  So my neck had been feeling irritated for a while- almost sensitive.  Anyways, I applied a mask and my neck literally broke out into the biggest rash.  It covered my neck and looked like eczema almost.  It was dry, and patchy.  So I used the E3Live cream on my neck and it literally changed my skin!  I put it on at night and the next day my neck was actually healing and not irritated.  It continued healing each day and now is gone.  I had tried several different oils and creams and everything made it worst.  But the E3Live actually felt soothing and healing!  The ingredients are great.  I think the ingredient that did the trick was the algae extract.  My naturopath had actually told me about the cream originally.  He said it is one product he has seen help his clients more than anything when it comes to skin conditions- especially eczema. I’m a believer!

Get your E3Live Click Here!

Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia-

I love this Morning Moisture Elixir!  It leaves my skin feeling so dewy and hydrated.  I put it on in the morning before my makeup.  It helps to fill in all the cracks and smooth out my whole complexion.  I find it has been perfect for the transition to cooler temps.  Plus it smells amazing!

Get your Aloha Ambrosia here!

Live Botanical Luna Rose & Honey Mask-

Ok, if you’ve followed me for a hot minute you know I’m seriously obsessed with this product!  I’ve gone through several jars since discovering it last year.  It is the perfect cleanser/mask for in the mornings.  I put it on in the morning and then leave it on while I brush my teeth.  It gently exfoliates and gives my skin a serious glow.  My skin feels overall awake.  I can’t recommend it enough!  People always tell me that they love it once they’ve used it.  I even have a 20% off coupon code too!  Use the code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Get your mask here!

Natural organic mask and facial serum beauty review

Best Natural and Organic Facial Serum and Brightening Mask

Laurel Sun Damaged Repair Serum-

You know a serum is good when your blogger bestie Lisa from This Organic Girl shows up with the same Face Serum!  We both attended Natural Expo East last week and we both brought Laurel’s Sun Damaged Repair Serum.  When two green beauty bloggers show up with the same serum- there’s something special about it.  This serum is perfect all year round but I especially love it after the summer months.  It helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin after sun exposure.  Minimizing dark spots and brightening skin.  I seriously can’t recommend it enough! It smells divine, is the cleanest of the clean when it comes to sourcing and really works- what more could you want?  You can thank me later!

Get Laurel’s Sun Damaged Repair Serum here!

Laurel’s Brighten Mask-

Yes, another Laurel product because I can’t keep quiet about this brand.  The brighten mask is another fave that I’ve been having on rotation for the last several weeks.  It’s also perfect post summer months.  It’s full of vitamin c and raw fruit acids that help to brighten discoloration.  It has 12 plant active ingredients!  I’m not joking when I say you will see a difference after one use- trust me!   It’s just one powerful mask.  I love that the mask comes in a powder form too, so it’s not activated until you add water.  You’re getting the most potent mask the minute you use it!

Get Laurel’s Brighten Mask here!

Aillea + Organic Bath Co. Organic Citrus Lemongrass-

This is a new find for me and I can’t get enough!  This fabulous collaboration is between Organic Bath Co. and Aillea- sounds like a match made in green beauty heaven. The scent of citrus and lemongrass literally wakes me up and feels so refreshing.  I apply it after I shower and my skin feels so hydrated.  It is a whipped body butter and turns into a nice oil when applied to the skin.  I love that it comes in a glass jar.  Plus, there are only 5 ingredients and they’re all organic!

Get the Body Butter here!

Maya Chia Optimist-

This toner is my absolute favorite!  There have been many hydrating mists that I’ve tried in my years as a beauty blogger but this one takes the cake.  Why?  Well, for starters the formula is divine.  It completely hydrates the skin and feels so refreshing with antioxidants and amino acids.  Your skin will feel plump and perfectly hydrated.  But the kicker of the whole experience?  The actual bottle and pump applicator- it’s amazing!  I know sounds funny to even say but after having so many bad experiences with mists I know a great one when I use it.  The Optimist is just that- GREAT!  It doesn’t squirt out unevenly or in a harsh stream but a nice even mist that seriously feels so good.  It’s stolen my heart!

Snag Maya Chia’s Optimist here!

Favorite Organic and Natural Lipstick reviews

Kosas Natural Lipstick In Electra- The Perfect Candy Apple Red

Kosas Lipstick-

I mean does Kosas lipstick even need an introduction?  I talk about them all the time and I can’t stop!  The formula and colors are just divine.  I keep trying new colors and I have yet to find one I don’t like.  Is that even possible?  I just can’t get enough.  I’ve tried 3 new colors recently- Fringe, a nice brick red for fall, Electra, your classic candy apple red and Violet Fury, a limited edition magenta that looks good on both warm and cool tones. Trust me, you’ll love them!

Get your Kosas Lipstick here!

Best Natural nail polish review

Aila Natural Nail Polish in Room 212

Aila Nail Polish- Room 212

Aila nail polish isn’t new to me, but one I can’t get enough of.  Once the weather starts to turn cooler I love grabbing the color Room 212.  A rich plum color that reminds me of warm drinks, the changing colors of leaves and chunky sweaters.  Any of their colors are great though!  Just love their formula in general.  Don’t forget their Better than Gel topcoat– seriously the best topcoat in green beauty!

Get your Aila Nail Polish here!

Kosas Tinted Face Oil

I have been using the new Kosas Tinted  Face Oil for a month now and I can’t stop!  I thought I wouldn’t like it originally but after using it I realized how wrong I was.  The formula is a lot thinner than I expected.  It reminds me of Gressa’s foundation consistency.  I always say Gressa’s foundation reminds me of paint thinner.  Haha, I know a crazy example.  The Kosas Tinted Face Oil offers such good coverage, a lot better than I thought.  It gives my face an overall polished and pulled together look.  Plus, it looks so dewy and fresh.  My skin literally looks like it’s glowing!

Snag your Kosas Tinted Face Oil here!

See any faves?  What are you loving right now?


Beauty Heroes January Discovery: Maya Chia

Beauty Heroes January Discovery: Maya Chia

It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 year since I first discovered the magic of Maya Chia- and all because of Beauty Heroes!  Some things don’t change, Beauty Heroes is at it again with Maya Chia taking center stage. You could say I’m not mad about it at all!  If you’re not familiar with Beauty Heroes let me introduce you to the green beauty “It” box.

Beauty Heroes was founded by Jeannie Jarnot.  A longtime spa director herself and healthy beauty expert.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie at IBE, and she is truly one of the sweetest people.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty service that selects only the best clean beauty brands.  Each month you can find one to two full size truly heroic products in each box.  The products typically range from skincare to haircare products.  However, every 3 months Beauty Heroes offers a makeup box as well that’s optional for members or non-members.  I absolutely love their “Use Less, Love More” philosophy.  By only getting one or two products, you allow yourself to truly experience them.  Of course you can trust their picks, as they are strict on their integrity standards.  What’s not to love about this whole concept?  As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such a movement.

Before I even dive into the Maya Chia review I first must tell you what makes them SO special. The all star ingredient in Maya Chia is the supercritical chia oil.  Not only is chia oil heralded for it’s fast absorbing ability, but also for it’s antioxidants, minerals, and omega’s- a skin’s dream team!  You can say bye to fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, it has clinically been proven to increase hydration. Check out my full review on Maya Chia I did last year to learn about how they extract the chia oil!  Read about it here!

This month Maya Chia introduces us to their newest product release- The Eye Achiever.  I actually had the pleasure of testing it out several months ago- something that doesn’t always happen when it comes to Beauty Heroes Boxes.  So I feel this review will be very thorough!

Thoughts on the Eye Achiever-

First the formula comes in a dark glass rollerball bottle.  So different than any other eye cream or serum I’ve used.  The rollerball feels cool to the touch upon application and soothes my tired mama eyes(can I get a witness)?!  The formula is an oil and easily dispenses under the eye.  I’ve found a little goes a long way.  After swiping the rollerball under the eye, I take my ring finger which has the least amount of muscles so it’s the best to use since the eye area is so delicate and use a tapping motion starting from the inner corner of my eye and tap underneath the eye all the way up to the outer corner.  This helps it to seep into my skin a bit more.  I’ve even stuck the rollerball in the fridge overnight.  When I use it in the morning it’s an instant de-puffer for the under eyes- I’m all about waking up my eyes!

The biggest thing I’ve noticed from using the Eye Achiever is rested eyes.  I really can’t explain it.  It sounds weird even typing it.  My eyes just look well rested more than they did before.  Less tired looking, and dark.  If you do apply it in the morning be sure to use it sparingly if you’re wearing makeup.  I’ve found too much can cause foundation to come off easily due to the oil.  I haven’t even mentioned the ingredient list- which is amazing!  With ingredients like Brown Algae, sea fennel and vitamin C- just to name a few, this serum is loaded with the best of the best.

Thoughts on the sidekick- The Super Blend Pressed Serum-

The sidekick for this month is The Super Blend Pressed Serum Moisture Concentrate.  Although it is a serum it feels more like a balm to me.  A lot of people often ask why use a balm.  Oh so many reasons!  Balms are especially great for in the winter when skin needs extra protection from the elements.  This product in particular is an anti-aging powerhouse with ingredients like asthaxanthin- a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C and CoQ10.  These ingredients work together to give your skin a radiance.

Seriously, give this product a couple weeks and you will see what I’m talking about.  My skin felt so even, smooth and soft.  Many balms can make your skin feel dry in the morning but not this one.  My skin felt so hydrated and not greasy.  A little goes a long way with this baby too.  And the smell…ahhh SO amazing!  You’ll seriously want to inhale-be warned.   I applied this in upward strokes at night after cleansing and toning.  I didn’t need an additional moisturizer and my skin tends to be dry.  I especially loved using this when I was sick around my nose.  No raw, red nose because it was so protected using this.  Again another product that I can’t recommend enough!

Get your January Beauty Heroes Box here!  If you’re not a member of Beauty Heroes yet, subscribe here!  This box is full of the top green beauty products.  Also, this month be sure to check out the Beauty Heroes Beauty Store.  Full of past heroic products and a ton of other green beauty must have items.  If you’re already a member of Beauty Heroes you always get 15% off in the Beauty Store.  Every month Beauty Heroes offers a Love More Promotion.  This offer is for non-members and members.

In January, Beauty Heroes customers will be treated to a 2-in-1 floral cleansing ritual by Max and Me. All purchases $125+ from the Beauty Store will receive their coveted Mask & Wash. ($35 value).

LOVE MORE gifts automatically accompany Beauty Store purchases of $125+. No code required.

Have you tried any of these products?




3 Steps to the Best Skincare Routine

3 Steps to the Best Skincare Routine

So excited to share with you my 3 Steps to the Best Skincare Routine.  I find people often aren’t sure what a beauty routine is or where to even start.  Or perhaps they think they have a routine, yet instead it looks a little more chaotic.  In this post, I want to help you create a beauty routine that you not only love but that works for you.  I will also be sharing some of my staples in my beauty routine and how they create the base of it.  If it’s one thing I’ve learned since being in the beauty industry for over 14 years it’s that a beauty routine should not be ignored.

For this post I’ve partnered up with Beauty Heroes to showcase my faves and highlight why they make the staple list.  If you’ve followed me long enough, then you’re no stranger to Beauty Heroes.  If you are new, you can read up on this amazing company here.

Step 1- Identify What You Need

I love Beauty Heroes philosophy, “Use less and love more”. Beauty Heroes is so much more than just a green beauty subscription box.  They really raise the bar when it comes to challenging the status beauty quo of always needing more.  This phrase and mantra resounds in my head now more than ever!  In essence, the goal is to find the products that speak to you, work with you and that you love.  The end result is creating a beauty routine that is not only functional but one you enjoy.

For example, some people aren’t into having 7 skincare products.  They just want 3 that really work.  On the other hand, some love their skincare routine and couldn’t go without one of their beloved products.  The point?  Do you!  Create a beauty routine that feels right for you, not someone else.  After all, I truly believe that’s what holds up many people in having a routine at all.  They feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  Know what you need, find it and use it.  Your body will thank you and so will your subconscious as you take a little time each day just for you.

Step 2- Find Your Favorites & Staples

If you’re wondering how to find those products think about what you always use everyday or what you find you want to use but might not have.  Maybe you have curly hair and a curl cream is a must, or maybe you have really dry skin and to not have a moisturizer would be the end of the world for you.  Find what you need and works for you.

That’s one of the reasons I love Beauty Heroes subscription box.  They deliver full size luxury green beauty products each month that work!  Often you can get a subscription box and it only gives you a trial size of many products.  You end up barely scratching the surface of what the product can even do.  In the end you end up feeling a little more overwhelmed and back at the same spot of trying to find quality products.  Enter Beauty Heroes!  Not only do you get an amazing box each month with their subscription service but they also have a carefully curated section of green beauty products in their online store.  You may be searching for a curl cream but haven’t received one in your subscription box yet.  No worries!  The great thing about Beauty Heroes is they’ve vetted the products in their store.  You simply can go there and search under hair and have their top picks.  It really doesn’t get any easier!

Another tip is to ask bloggers, search online for best natural curl cream or find natural hair companies and ask them about a curl cream.  You will end up finding the best natural curl cream out there and your hair will thank you!

Step 3- Commit To Your Routine

Once you know what you need and find the products you love, then it’s time to commit to your routine.  Often people complain about beauty results because they aren’t consistent with their routine.  The point of finding products you need and love is your more likely to stick with them, because you love using them and they make you feel good.  I like to have a morning routine and a night routine

Morning Routine-

My morning routine is all about awakening and prepping.  I love using a mask/cleanser as a morning ritual to awaken my skin and brighten it.  This gives my skin a glow but also mentally wakes me up.  I also like to prep it with a toning mist after to again awaken my senses and perk up my skin.  Then I apply an oil or serum for hydration.  This helps create balance and prep my skin before foundation.  My final step is to apply sunscreen to protect my skin throughout the day.  (As a mom some days I’m just at home and I may skip this step).

*My morning routine also includes exfoliating 2 times a week.

Night Routine-

My night time routine is all about restoring and relaxing.  At night I really like to take more time and savor my beauty routine.  It may sound funny but for me taking 10 minutes for myself at night really helps me mentally process the day and relaxes me.  Especially as a mom it’s easy to go throughout the day not really doing anything for yourself. This little act really creates a space to ease my mind.  I find myself looking forward to it every night.  Restoring my skin is an important part of my night routine.  After being in the elements during the day I like to give it the nutrients it needs to help restore it.  I love oil cleansing first to remove makeup and impurities.  Then toning with a mist for extra hydration.  Next, I apply an active serum.  This really does the main work at repairing and treating the skin.  Finally, I apply an oil to help retain moisture.

*My night time routine includes masking 2-3 times a week as well.

 Skincare Staples-

Ok, now that you know how to create your best beauty routine, lets dive into some skincare  staples in green beauty you should have in your beauty routine.  These are products every skin type needs.  They are what give you results and an effective skincare regimen.


This is a must if you want your skincare products to be effective.  An exfoliant gets rid of the dead skin cells and reveal new cells.  When you remove the dead skin cells your enabling your skincare products to not only work, because they’re not being blocked by skin that’s just sitting on top of your face but you’re also creating a smooth surface and a brighter more even complexion.  I mean who doesn’t want that?!  You only need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type.  Over exfoliation can lead to sensitivities, so don’t over do it.  I pick two days of the week and add exfoliation into my morning routine.  It keeps it simple and easy to remember.

One of my favorite exfoliants in green beauty and a staple in my routine is The Active Enzyme Exfoliator by Josh Rosebrook.  This not only utilizes a mechanical exfoliant with crushed walnuts but also an enzyme exfoliant.  It helps even discoloration, remove dead skin cells and create a glowing complexion- it’s SO good!  Beauty Hereos carries this all star product in their store!  Snag it here!


I often hear people say what does a mask really do?  My response- so much!  Masking can impart key nutrients to the skin, give you a glow, even skin tone, improve hyper pigmentation, draw out impurities and so much more.  Finding the right mask may seem daunting but it’s all about addressing your key skincare concerns.  If you really just want glowing skin, opt for a hydrating mask.  If detoxifying your skin is top priority, look for masks with clay and minerals to draw out the toxins.  Whatever your skincare need is, find a mask suited for that and then use it 2-3 times a week.  Just like exfoliation, I pick 2 days of the week and set those as my mask days.  It’s something I look forward to and creates a little ritual out of it.

One of my favorite masks I found through Beauty Heroes is Mahalo’s The Bean Antioxidant Mask.   It like a thick mud but not drying like you might assume.  It goes on easy and then dries.  However, my skin doesn’t feel dry after using it.  Instead, it feels like it just received a surge of adrenaline to the skin- in the best possible way!  I know, weird way to describe it but my skin is more awake and the blood flow to the skin is so apparent.  It was as if my skin had a good workout and is shining from the inside out.  It smells divine.  A sweet smell with notes of cacao and vanilla, ylang ylang and sandalwood.  My skin also feels much smoother, and clear.  I literally can see sun spots fading after using.  It’s evident the mask actually gets in and detoxifies the skin.  Snag the mask here!

Active Serum-

A serum is something that delivers the active ingredients directly to your skin cells.  This is where the real magic happens when it comes to seeing change and results with your skin.  A serum may contain an active form of vitamin c or hyaluronic acid.  It’s a potent blend of antioxidants that go in to repair and rejuvenating cells.  Want help with aging, dark spots or acne?  Serums are the products that will be the game changers.  I apply my serum after my toning mist.

Well, for starters it melts right into your skin.   No oily residue at all.  Perfect for at night, and during the day before makeup.  It evens my skin tone, my skin has never looked better-I know big statement but it’s true.  I have this one spot on my left cheek side and it has some hyper pigmentation and it faded quite a bit after I had been using Maya Chia.  My skin looked less red and just overall smooth.  Trust me when I say I get a lot of product to sample as a beauty blogger, so when I actually go through a product it’s a big deal.  This serum is on the last few drops.  It’s filled with vitamin C, CoQ10 and the beloved antioxidant asthaxanthin.  This serum doesn’t mess around and truly delivers!  Great for even the most sensitive skin types.  I even use it under my eyes and it works.  Say goodbye to dark circles.  Guys, this stuff is the real deal.  It has a slight pinkish color which actually gives your skin a glow-I love it! Get The Super Couple Serum here!

Face Oil- 

Oils and serums are different.  An oil usually doesn’t contain the active ingredients like a serum would.  Not that it doesn’t help facilitate change but it’s not as active as a potent serum.  Oils are essential for hydrating the skin and bringing moisture balance.  They are also incredibly soothing too.  Contrary to popular belief oils aren’t just good for dry skin but for oily skin too.  Oil dissolves oil friends!  I know sounds crazy but it’s true.  Oils are really cure alls for many skin aliments from dry skin, irritated skin, aging skin and acne.  You can call it your one hit wonder!

A favorite oil of mine is Maya Chia’s Pure Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil.  It has a heavier feeling and is more moisturizing than The Super Couple Serum.  Especially great for those with dry skin that can’t quite get hydrated.  It also works amazing on fine lines.  Although it is heavier, it still absorbs so well.  Your skin feels plump and soft.  A rich, extremely hydrating oil, that absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and makes you look younger…what are you waiting for?!  This is great for even the most sensitive skin. Get your Supercritical Chia Oil here!

That’s what my skincare routine looks like.  See any faves?  Not a Beauty Heroes member yet?  Sign up here!







October Green Beauty Faves

October Green Beauty Faves

I’ve got some October Green Beauty Faves that I’ve been waiting to share with you guys!  These are products that I keep going back too.  I try so many products as you know, so when something sticks out I know it’s good.  This month I have everything from a new mask that I can’t stop talking about, a mascara that has proven to be the real deal and lots more makeup and skin treats.  Trust me- ya don’t want to miss this!

Let’s get to it!

Live Botanical Luna Rose & Honey Glowing Cleansing Mask-

This mask is the bomb diggity!  But really.  First of all it’s $28, yes $28 people!  The ingredients are jaw dropping and so clean and the formula works.  It actually gives your skin a glow after using.  I use it everyday- I’m addicted!  It’s the perfect mask/cleanser to use in the morning to wake up your skin.  I apply on damp skin and rub in circular motions all over.  Then I let it sit on my skin while I brush my teeth and pluck my eyebrows.  It’s usually 5-7 minutes.  The perfect amount of time to get my glowing skin on!  My skin looks fresh and vibrant after…and again its’s $28!  Need I say more?  Oh and I have a 20% off coupon too: Use Code GURLGONEGREEN – snag it here!

Innersense i Create Volumizing Mousse-

I was so excited to get this product in the mail- couldn’t wait! I’m a fine/thin haired gal and I need all the volume and lift I can get- can I get a witness??  I have tried a lot of lift sprays but no mousse in green beauty that’s worked…until now!  This mousse isn’t like the rest.  It gives my hair volume and a thick feeling all day long.  I also love the texture I get from it.  My hair can feel blahh if I don’t put something in it and this instantly gives my hair the lift I need.  It lasts throughout the day which I love. I apply 2 pumps throughout my damp hair and then blood dry my hair upside down to get the most volume I can get.  Trust me- you need this! Get your i Create Mousse here!

Teri Miyahira Beauty-

Ok, I have to talk to you guys about Teri’s makeup…because it’s SO good!  I get a box from her each month and I’m constantly amazed at the quality of products and performance.  The pigments in the makeup are so vibrant and the color pay off amazing!  She gets just the right amount of shimmer in her pigments to bring them to life but not make them look chintzy or overdone.  A couple products I’m loving from her right now are her prep and set- it feels so light on the skin and doesn’t make my skin look cakey, yet offers a great final touch for my makeup.  I’m also digging her blush duo in Conquer- it has two different colors that when mixed together create the perfect pinkish blush hue.  It goes with anything.  Her Explore powder bronzer is another fave- not too dark and not too light.  I can’t forget about her Brilliance Powder Illuminating Duo- this powder gives skin the perfect highlight and warms you up at the same time with the warmer bronze hue.  I’m telling you- her stuff is legit!  Plus, she’s having sales on stuff quite often.  Check out her full line here! 

Hush & Dotti Mascara-

So if you’ve followed me for a hot minute, you know that I’ve been obsessing over this mascara!  I usually get mascara’s and are unimpressed- this one however has been a different story.  It gives my lashes thickness, length and separation.  A great overall building mascara.  It lasts the whole day and doesn’t smear off onto my eyelids.  It’s an all around winner!  I know everyone’s eyes are different but for me it’s worked beautifully.  Grab yours here!

Maya Chia Waterless Wonder Balm-

This balm is life!  It works all year round, but especially when the weather starts to turn cold.  It not only seeps into my skin and moisturizes but also provides a barrier to protect my skin and seal in the moisture.  It feels like a balm as you apply it but then quickly melts as it touches your skin.  Initially my skin feels slightly oily but not greasy.  It goes away after 5 minutes.  I love applying this to my feet at night too for extra hydration and baby soft feet!  And the smell…amazing! It has an orange blossom scent that is divine.  It’s your go to moisturizer for anything and everything!  Get your balm here!

CV Skin Labs-

This is another hydrating product that I’ve come across and been loving.  Can you tell it’s getting colder her?!  Bring out the moisturizers.  I tried their Rescue + Relief Spray and have been loving how soothing it feels.  It’s meant to help calm irritated or inflamed skin.  Especially great for after shaving for razor burn.  It comes in a spray form and you just spray it on wherever you need lasting moisture and relief.  It seems really thin but after letting it set in I realized how hydrated my skin actually felt.  I was pleasantly surprised.  You can even keep this in the fridge for the ultimate skin cooling treat.  If you have sensitive skin this would be perfect!  Get your Rescue + Relief Spray here! 

I also have been loving their Body Repair Lotion. It feels like a thicker body lotion and comes in a pump form.  I would actually spray the Rescue + Relief Spray first and then use the Body Repair Lotion for ultimate hydration.  This is great for those with dermatitis, eczema, and inflamed skin from waxing or shaving. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy but soaks right in- which I love.  It reminds me of body lotion I used to get that just did the job great and didn’t have a lot of extra fluff.  My husband likes it a lot too!  There isn’t a smell to it- just nice and natural. Grab your Body Repair Lotion here!

Last product from them is their Calming Moisture.  This hydrates so well and is so soothing.  A little goes a long way in providing lasting hydration.  It’s similar to the other two products from the line- great for calming irritated/red skin.  This one is specifically created for your face, neck and scalp.   It’s not only going to provide moisture but relief and protection.  This is definitely going to be a winter staple.  Often times in the winter skin gets easily chapped, red and aggravated due to the harsh climates, but with this in my back pocket it won’t stand a chance!  Get your Calming Moisture here! 

Beauty Heroes Makeup Discovery- Axiology

I really can’t sign off until I mention Beauty Heroes Makeup Selection this time around- Axiology Lipsticks.  I mean this discovery is one for the books!  If you haven’t tried Axiology Lipsticks I recommend you get on them- stat.  They perform like no other lipstick in green beauty.  The ingredients are as clean as they come, the color pigments amazing and the dewy formula spot on.  I clearly am obsessed.  This month with Beauty Heroes you were able to pick from 3 different collections- Daring, Bright or Natural.  The names obviously coincide with the lipstick colors.  I chose Bright, which includes Vibration and Noble for lipstick colors and Keen for the lip crayon.  I seriously love all the colors!!  The best part of all? You can get a collection for just $45!  I know- crazy.  An over $80 value!  Snag them now, because when a deal is this good, it’s going to go quick.  Even if you don’t need any, Christmas is right around the corner!  What a fun gift to give to someone.  Get your Axiology lip collection here!  

That sums up my October favorites!  See anything you want to try?



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