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    Natural Makeup and Hair Tutorial

    So excited to share with you my natural makeup and hair tutorial!  A lot of you have asked for videos and tutorials- so this is for you!  I’m walking you through…

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    November Beauty Heroes: Josh Rosebrook

    This month’s Beauty Heroe’s box is SO special-I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys!  Josh Rosebrook is a genius and his products speak for themselves.  If you’ve been reading my blog…

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    Green Beauty Round Up

    I do these posts from time to time.  Often I get an accumulation of products that are standouts and instead of doing a ton of smaller posts, I just do one…

  • Product Reviews

    July Beauty Hero-Kari Gran

    Beauty Heroe’s July box is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you guys!  Kari Gran doesn’t make a bad product-not that I’ve tried.  Did I mention…

  • Product Reviews

    MUN Skincare Review and The Choosy Chick

    First off, I have loved working with Margot, the owner of The Choosy Chick.  The Choosy Chick is an online boutique carrying everything from hair products, makeup, skincare, babies/kids products and even…

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    PLANT Apothecary Review

    I got my first taste of PLANT Apothecary in my January Glowing Beet’s Box.  I received their body wash in the box, and it was love at first smell!  I was…

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    Glowing Beet’s January Box Review

    By now you guys know how much I love Glowing Beet’s Beauty Box!  They consistently offer quality green beauty products, and the price is reasonable.  Every month I’m more in awe…

  • Product Reviews

    Josh Rosebrook Review

    Ok, if you haven’t heard of Josh Rosebrook by now you’re really missing out…sorry but it’s just the truth!  Not only does Josh create hair products, but skincare products as well.…