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Top Natural Exfoliants

Top Natural Exfoliants

This post has been a long time coming.  I’ve been testing and testing, to bring you guys the top natural exfoliants out there.  Well, I’m finally done and ready to spill my faves!  Before we get to the nitty gritty, let’s first chat about why it’s so important to exfoliate in the first place.

As we age, our skin’s regeneration process slows down, and are skin cells don’t turn over as quickly.  As a result, skin becomes more ruddy and dull looking.   To combat this, gentle exfoliation will help to slough off those dead skin cells, and give you that radiant complexion, because you’re revealing the freshest cells.  Not only that, but product actually is more effective when regular exfoliation is done.  Imagine if your skin never gets exfoliated, and is just sitting in it’s own pile of dead skin cells?  Sounds gross uh?!  Then when you try and put product on it’s not as effective because the old skin is getting in the way.  It also helps get rid of buildup of oils and dirt, which can turn into blackheads if left alone.  If this whole chat hasn’t convinced you of the importance of exfoliation, then maybe this will.  After exfoliation makeup goes on smoother, because all the dead skin is gone.  Are you seeing why it’s so important to exfoliate?

Now that you know why it’s so important to exfoliate, let’s discuss how to properly do it.  I know this may sound elementary to a lot of people, but trust me when I say it’s not!  I’ve seen too many people actually make their skin worse with exfoliation, versus better.  For starters, don’t scrub your face like you’re getting a stain out of carpet…you’ll scratch your face and cause some serious damage.  I’ve seen it time and time again as an esthetician, where clients would come in and their skin was raw!  An exfoliant generally has some sort of gritty texture or property to it-it’s what gets rid of those dead skin cells.  So you don’t need to add anymore than a little light pressure to your skin as you move your hands in small circular motions.  The exfoliant is doing the work, so you don’t have too!  Another piece of advice-don’t exfoliate more than 1-2 times per week.   Know your skin and follow it’s lead.  Maybe you only need it once per week.  Experiment a bit to find your sweet spot.  However, I would not recommend more than 2 times if you’re using a gritty scrub.  Any more than that and you could be disrupting your skin’s natural balance.

One last thing.  Why choose one of my top natural exfoliants over toxic ones?  It’s simple actually.  Many main stream exfoliants today are filled with plastic microbeads.  Yep, you heard me right!  These little plastic microbeads are so small that they slip right through water treatment facilities, and soak up toxic chemicals.  Just like all plastic, once they’re here, they’re not leaving.  Thankfully, many states have banned the sale of products with microbeads.  However, there are plenty that haven’t.  Make sure and check your label.  If it says  polyethylene or polypropylene, then it may contain microbeads.  Your best bet is just to snag one of my top natural exfoliant picks!

True Nature Botanicals Exfoliating Cleanser-

This cleanser is a great mild exfoliant-perfect for those with sensitive skin who can’t tolerate a heavy gritty exfoliant. This will give you a nice exfoliation, but nothing crazy.  It leaves your skin soft and smooth.  This mild exfoliant contains adsuki bean powder, known for its exfoliating properties, but with no irritation.  It gives the skin a polished clean look.  If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend this gentle exfoliant!  Plus, I love that it comes in a glass pump bottle.  $48


Leahlani Skincare Honey Love Microdermabrasion 3-in-1 Cleanser, Mask and Exfoliant-

This beautiful product does it all!  It contains Corundum microdermabrasion crystals that aid in sloughing off all those dead skin cells.  This beauty is full of skin food like Hawaiian honey, hibiscus, chamomile and lavender flowers, and a special essential oil blend…oh and lots of love!  The texture is more gooey and smooth, not gritty.  If you want to use it as an exfoliant, just stir the jar since the crystals tend to settle at the bottom of the jar.  This gives you a very mild exfoliation, leaving your skin with a smooth and radiant look.  Your skin won’t feel dry or taut after using this.   This is especially good for skin that has been out in the sun or acne prone.  As a cleanser it’s just as amazing!  Just scoop the product out of the top, and gently rub off the day’s grime.  The Honey Love smells insanely good too!  In fact, you may want to eat it…no joke.  This is also a great affordable option.  Leahlani Skincare is about to launch their website Wednesday January 6th!  Check out their new products and packaging there.




Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator-

If you haven’t heard of Josh Rosebrook, you’re missing out!  He not only knows skincare but hair as well.  His exfoliator is nothing short of amazing.  I noticed a brighter complexion, after the first use.  He uses both an enzyme exfoliant and a mechanical exfoliant in this baby.  The perfect blend of herb and fruit enzymes with the mechanical exfoliant of walnut shells, give skin the ultimate treat.  The texture is similar to a wet sugar mixture but with much finer granules.  It smells like black licorice to me-which I don’t mind.  A little goes a long way, so you’ll have this for a bit.  I like using Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator before applying the exfoliant-this helps to prep my skin by opening up my cells.  Massage gently onto skin, and leave on for 10 minutes to 1 hour for maximum benefit.  A great exfoliant for those with any skin type.  $60



Acure Brightening Facial Scrub-

Last but certainly not least is Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub.  This scrub gets rave reviews from the green beauty community and for good reason-it works and it’s affordable.  First, it comes in a tube unlike other exfoliants.  It’s the most gritty out of all the exfoliants I’ve mentioned.  This is not only a great facial exfoliant but also body exfoliant.  I love using this before applying my self tanner.  It gets rid of everything and doesn’t leave behind an oily residue-which makes it perfect for sun-less tanner application.  Since this is such a gritty exfoliant, only a little is needed, and just use gentle circular motions as you work it into your skin.  It smells very earthy and green.  It will give your skin a brighter more even complexion.  A great affordable option, that can be found even at Target.  $  9.99


Well, that sums up my top natural exfoliant picks.  Have you used any of these?  What’s your favorite exfoliant?

q.c. natural s review

q.c. natural s review

I love reading about how companies start out.  There is always a story behind it.  q.c. naturals is no different.  However, this story resonates in my own family.  Michelle and T.J. Jarvis founded q.c. naturals after Michelle’s father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that turned metastatic to the brain.  Throughout his 17 months of fighting for his life, Michelle, and family discovered all the horrible toxins in our everyday products.  As a result, they started making their own products.  Unfortunately, the family lost their dad in November 2014.  However, his legacy lives on through q.c. naturals.  Today, they are determined to tell the world about their journey and knowledge.  I related to Michelle’s experience as well.  I too lost my grandma in January of this year to lung cancer that turned metastatic to the brain.  I was honored to sample q.c. naturals products, and continue to spread their mission.

q.c. natural standards-

100% natural skincare │organic│non-toxic│plant-based│cruelty-free│vegan│gluten free│fresh from florida

Each product only has a handful of ingredients-no long list here.  They also are full of ingredients you can pronounce.  Another huge perk?  They’re affordable!  q.c. naturals, not only is toxin free, but a line that the average person can pick up.  They have a little of everything too.  From facial products to body products.  Oh and just a head’s up.  All their products are named after family members…how cool?!  timmy’s toner is named after their dad who passed away, and 5% of all proceeds go to fund cancer research.  They also are Leaping Bunny Certified.

Here are the products I sampled.

karan’s cleanser-

This cleanser is unlike anything I’ve tried!  It squirts out like a toner might.  It actually reminds me more of a toner.  The first ingredient is rose water, and there are only 3 more ingredients after that.  You apply it to a cotton pad or washcloth and apply to your face.  Then you rinse off with warm water.  It felt so refreshing and didn’t leave my skin dry at all.  Most of you know by now that I follow the double cleansing method.  This is the perfect sub in for my usual oil that I use.  I use this and then follow with a more traditional cleanser.  This didn’t remover all of my eye makeup, but did remove all my facial makeup.  A great cleanser for those with any skin type.  Plus, it has a subtle rose smell that I love.  $16.50


timmy’s toner-

This toner is an apple cider vinegar toner.  Again, it has only a handful of ingredients.  It does smell like apple cider vinegar, which doesn’t bother me.  It also has tea tree oil and lemon oil in it-which you can smell slightly as well.  If you haven’t read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar-let me inform you.  It helps tighten pores, balance skin, clear acne, and bring an overall brighter appearance to skin.  I think we all can sign on the dotted line for those results!  Most people think their skin is going to feel dry when using a toner with apple cider vinegar but that’s not true.  Apple Cider Vinegar actually helps to balance your skin and find that perfect line between dry and oily.  I didn’t have any dryness when using it.  My skin felt perfectly balanced and clean.  I really loved using it.  I just applied mine with a cotton pad all over my face.  $16.50


quinny’s cream-

This has quickly become a hand cream staple for me.  It’s an everything cream, from your face to body to hands-it gets the job done.  It isn’t greasy at all!  The cream melts right into your skin and leaves behind pure hydration.  The consistency is similar to a really thick frosting.  The combination of ingredients is different than I’ve seen before.  It has three ingredients: shea butter, avocado oil, and olive fruit oil and they’re all organic of course!  This is the perfect cream for chapped, dry skin.  When applying, a little goes a long way.  $20


maddie’s mask-

This mask is so refreshing!  It contains the highly sought after bentonite clay.  This clay draws out impurities and toxins.  It also has oats in it and tea tree oil.  You can feel little bits of the oatmeal on your skin as you put it on.  It comes in powder form.  You mix a teaspoon of the mask with water, apple cider vinegar or oil.  I did a little oil and water.  I used castor oil-known for it’s astringent properties.  I left it on for 15 minutes.  They say to leave it on for 10-15 minutes.  My skin tightened, but didn’t feel dry at all when I removed it.  It felt brighter and refreshed.  This is a great mask to use once a week, especially for those with blemish prone skin, eczema, or psoriasis.  $18



They also sent me their organic muslin facial cloths.(12.50)  They’re 6×6 and come in a package of 3.  I’m in love with these!  They go perfect with their karan’s cleanser or timmy’s toner.  They are so soft and best of all, sustainable.  A must have item in my opinion.  They also sent me their bamboo wooden spoons. ($2)  These are the perfect little spoons to dish out the maddie’s mask, some quinny’s cream or for their bath oil.  I love that their made of bamboo…how awesome!  Bamboo is such a renewable resource and grows without any use of fertilizers.  I love having special tools for my skincare regimen.  It makes my experience feel that much more spa like!

Well, that wraps up my review of q.c. naturals.  If you’re looking for an all around skincare line with stellar ingredients-this is it.  Have you used any of their products?


TASTYFACE Organics Review

TASTYFACE Organics Review

TASTY FACE Organics has a slogan, “Skincare, clean enough to eat.”  Umm…sign me up for that!  If you haven’t heard skin is the bodie’s largest organ, and it absorbs over 60% of what you put on it.  That’s a lot of chemicals seeping into your skin if you’re not using clean beauty products!  So what is TASTYFACE Organics, and why is it such an awesome company?  Allow me to explain.

TASTYFACE Organics started when the founder’s passion for health and nutrition led her to research everything in her family’s home.  What she found was disturbing in the area of beauty products.  Full of horrible ingredients, that you couldn’t pronounce, but even worst shouldn’t be near the body.  This epiphany led her to start TASTYFACE Organics, a skincare line that is truly clean enough to eat.  The ingredients are pure and the list isn’t long.  What’s better is there is an expiration date for products, the way it’s supposed to be.  I mean is their a reason a product should last two years?!  I don’t think so.  Things have gotten way out of hand with the beauty industry, don’t get me started.  You guys know how I feel…hello why do I have this blog?!

Anyways, back to TASTYFACE.  This line has really amazed me.  Every product I’ve tried has won me over.  When you’re scooping out the very last remnants of body butter, that’s a good sign the product was good…no great.  I love that their products are so versatile for both men and women too.  My husbands a fan for sure!

Ok, enough chit chat, let’s get to the products.

Lemon Rosemary Lip Balm-

This little lip balm packs a punch.  First the smell is so yummy!  I wanted to lick my lips all the time while wearing it.  The ingredients are just crazy great.  Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil…do I need to say more?  This isn’t a super thick and heavy lip balm.  It moisturizes but doesn’t leave your lips gunky.  I loved putting it on before I applied any lip color, or I would wear it alone…either way it’s great.  $17


Tangerine Orange Peel Sea Salt Scrub-

This scrub is just perfection in a jar.  The smell is so refreshing and takes me away to a happy place.  My skin is left feeling hydrated and smooth.  It doesn’t feel too hard on my skin as it exfoliates either.  I love that it’s made with sea salt versus the typical sugar.  The almond oil in this scrub makes my skin sing…seriously.  I apply this in the shower, it’s even great for feet!  You all need this in your body care routine stat! $27


Blood Orange Vanilla Body Butter-

What’s not to love about this?  I mean the title pretty much says it all…blood orange and vanilla?  It smells like a creamsicle…you know those ice-cream bars we all loved as kids, and then found out later were horrible for us..opps!  Yeah, let’s just say I have a smidge of this left.  Why do I love it so much?  Well, it’s so easy to apply…by easy I mean it just isn’t hard to scoop out like some body butters.  After showering, I apply it all over my body-it just melts into my skin-literally.  It looks like whipped butter, then the minute it hits your skin it turns into this amazing oil.  But it doesn’t leave your skin oily, the oiliness quickly disappears.  You just get left with a great smelling body and the softest skin.  Just buy it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it before.  $33


Peppermint White Chocolate Shave Cream-

The shave cream to end all shave creams.  Ok, if you want a decadent treat when you shave your legs, then you need this.  It literally makes shaving my legs an experience to remember.  First of all, I love peppermint anything, and I love white chocolate anything…so when I saw this, it was love at first sight!   Trust me, it smells so good you’ll want to eat it.  I applied it in my hands and it created a slight foam, and then I slathered the goodness on my legs and shaved away.  My skin was left feeling smooth, soft…perfect!   The smell…gahh, it’s so good guys!  The perfect gift for anyone, man or woman! $21


Well that’s a wrap.  TASTYFACE has so many other products too.  Shop now until Christmas with coupon code: tastyhohoho, to save 15% off your order! Check them out here.  Have you used any of their products?


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