The Best Of Clean Beauty 2018

The Best Of Clean Beauty 2018

We are at it again with the best of clean beauty 2018!  My girl Lisa from the blog This Organic Girl and I are dishing up our faves this year in clean and natural beauty.  This is our third year in a row and the post always seems to be a crowd favorite. 

Clean Living Natural

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I’m going to give you a quick run down on some past favorites too that we can’t stope reaching for, plus some personal picks that I’ve tried and Lisa hasn’t.  But before I do, I wanted to share a little about two places that keep me well stocked when it comes to clean and natural beauty products.

The first is The Detox Market– 

best of clean beauty

Just some of the clean beauty you can find at detox market!

This was the very first green beauty store I shopped at.  I still remember angels singing when I visited the actual store in L.A.  Ok, maybe angels weren’t singing but it felt like I had arrived in green beauty heaven!  They have ALL the brands and more.  You want some Josh Rosebrook- they’ve got you covered.  Need some Osmia Organics in your life, sister they have it.  Want some Odacite?  No problem- they have the whole line.  It’s your one stop shop for all things natural beauty!  They have a list of ingredient standards, which lists ingredients they don’t allow in their formulations, so you can be sure your products are squeaky clean. 

I remember hearing about their pop up shop in 2010- I was salivating to go!  It was at the same time I had started to detox my beauty products.  It’s so crazy to think where The Detox Market is today!  There’s so many natural options, compared to 8 years ago.  I love their mission on educating the consumer and bringing awareness.  Forever a Detox Market fan!  You can basically get any clean beauty product from their store.  

Also, I love Boxwalla!  

best of clean beauty

Love this clean beauty box by Boxwalla. It hits all the marks when it comes to a clean beauty box.

This is a clean beauty box that you can get bi-monthly. In case you’re not familiar with Boxwalla allow me to introduce you.  This box delivers some of the best of green beauty.  I find that’s what sets them apart from other green beauty boxes is their thoughtful curations.  I always find they go out on a limb and really find brands and artisans that I haven’t heard of- which I love!  If you’re into trying new brands and discovering people that truly love their craft- this box is for you.  I also love that this box is bi-monthly versus every month.  It helps me to savor each box and really get to know the products.  Their selections are always cruelty free as well.  The products are also free of certain ingredients according to Boxwalla standards.  You can find the specific ingredients they avoid here. Another reason I love getting behind this box!  Plus, don’t get me started on their actual boxes the products come in- seriously next level.  I keep each box and give them to others with gifts in them because they’re so gorgeous!  Read below on how their boxes are made. A quote from Boxwalla’s website: 

Each box containing Boxwalla goodies is carefully crafted from tree-free handmade paper. A small company in India makes the paper for us, from cotton scraps, using the traditional art of paper-making that involves 9 steps and takes several weeks. The handmade paper is then meticulously fashioned into the boxes that you see in the pictures. The whole process is completely child labor free and employs 63 local villagers and 20 skilled artisans whose families have been making paper for generations. We love supporting socially and environmentally conscious businesses such as these: They craft beautiful products while preserving traditional crafts and skills that would otherwise be completely lost.

If you want to start the new year off right and start discovering the best of green beauty, sign up for a Boxwalla box here!

Here are past favorites of Lisa and I that we can’t get away from:

best of clean beauty 2018

Lisa and I wearing the beloved Mermaid Mask by Leahlani skincare.

Ok, on to the BEST OF CLEAN BEAUTY 2018!

  • Moss Skincare Beurre Céleste Honey Antioxidant Infusion Recovery Mask in Cleansing Baume- It was love at first swipe when I used this cleansing mask/balm.  It comes in a balm form and quickly melts in your hands and removes makeup and grime so effortlessly. Your skin feels so clean, and not stripped in any way.  I often use it in the mornings and leave it on my skin while I brush my teeth.  Such a unique formula too because it’s completely waterless- so no preservative!  
  • African Botanics Fleurs de’Afrique- An amazing plant based retinol oil that my skin LOVES!  I literally have seen a brightness in my skin and hyper pigmentation fade- no joke.  If you got it, then you know what I’m talking about.  I discovered this in a Boxwalla box- they are always dishing out the good stuff.
  • Kosas Lipstick- These lipsticks are the best.  To own a Kosas lipstick is to love it!  These are pigmented, long lasting and moisturizing.  I almost have all 8 colors in the collection and there isn’t a bad color.
  • Odacite Lip Serum- I had never used a lip serum like this on my lips until Odacite’s.  It helps to hydrate, minimize fine lines on the lips and plump.  I love applying as my last step in my skincare routine.  My lip’s nightly nightcap!
  • Laurel Sun Damage Repair Serum- This is a serum and oil in one that helps to repair sun damaged skin.  The formula contains 27 whole organic plants!  It helps to reverse the signs of aging that the sun brings.  It also helps to brighten and fade age spots.  The oil feels richer on the skin but it also seeps right in.  When I used it I noticed a decrease in overall redness, faded sun spots and clearer skin tone.  
  • Khus Khus Modern Herbal Fusion + RASA Restorative Potion- This is such a unique body cream. Not only does it contain adaptogenic herbs but Ayurvedic and Western nervine herbs as well.  It helps to bring a calm to the nervous system.  It feels so soothing and healing!  Plus, my skin feels so hydrated as well.
  • True Botanicals Cellular Repair Serum, Antioxidant Booster and Vitamin C Booster- The Cellular Repair Serum is designed to reverse the cellular damage caused by sun exposure and aging.  Pretty sure everyone wants to sign up for that-am I right?!  Besides reversing cellular damage it also replenishes moisture and plumps up skin.  It’s highly concentrated and goes past the surface of the skin to really get to the cellular level.  This Vitamin C Booster treatment is preserved in it’s freshest form.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to even skin tone, brighten and fade wrinkles, stimulate collagen, plus firm and repair skin.  I mean every face needs this stuff.  You might be wondering why it comes in a powder form.  When vitamin c is mixed with a liquid it slowly loses potency.  By keeping it in powder form you can be assured it’s in it’s freshest form.  The Antioxidant Booster is similar to the Vitamin C Booster but it uses apple peel powder instead, which has actually been shown to be more powerful then Vitamin C!  It helps brighten dark spots, even out skin tone and firm skin.
  • Sappho Brow Pomade- When my beloved brow cream that I had been using for a couple year from Hynt was reformulated I was back to the drawing board to find one that worked just as good!  Thankfully Sappho answered my prayers.  This works so well. Leaves my brows looking natural and so easy to apply.  I wear the color dark brown black.
  • Honest Beauty Mascara- If you’ve followed me for a hot minute you know I’m OBSESSED with this mascara!  It’s the best I’ve found in green beauty. It gives my lashed definition, length and drama.  Plus, you can get it on Amazon and it’s under $15!  I know- we hit the jackpot with this one.  
  • Osmia Body Oil- I can’t get enough of Osmia’s Body Oil.  It’s like the biggest drink of water for your body.  Your skin will thank you and so will your mind as you wrap yourself in this goodness.  I apply mine right out of the shower or bath and my skin stays silky smooth all day.  I love the Night Oil scent- with notes of lavender, roman chamomile and atlas cedarwood. But if you don’t like scent you would love their naked oil- it has no essential oils in it.
  • Maya Chia The Optimist Hydrating Essence- I get SO excited for any new Maya Chia product and The Optimist was no exception.  This gem is housed in a dark glass bottle, preserving every last drop of goodness.  Smells divine with hints of neroli, sweet orange, and ylang ylang.  The formula itself feels so hydrating on the skin and refreshing with white tea, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients- just to name a few.  I can’t forget the actual spray function.  It works so well!  I know it might sound funny, but after truing hundreds of mists in my day, the spray function is actually quite important.  You don’t want the mist to feel like it’s attacking your skin or spraying you in the eye!  The Optimist sprays so well all over the face.  The founder Susanne nailed it!
best of clean beauty

Honest Beauty Mascara is my favorite green beauty mascara.

Here are some favorites of mine that I discovered this year and I can’t not share:

  • Beautycounter’s Face Wipes- These wipes are the best I’ve found in green beauty.  They offer the perfect amount of moisture, and they remove all my makeup!  Plus, they’re biodegradeable.
  • Beauty counter’s Eye shadows- I love these shadows.  They get the best eye shadow award in clean beauty hands down!  They are so pigmented, go on smooth and stay on forever- the whole day.  Trust me- you will be hooked once you use them.  They are having a sale right now for 30% off their holiday eye palettes too!
  • Beautycounter’s Eye Makeup Remover- Ok, I seriously was so excited when I tried this eye makeup remover.  All you Mary Kay fans will get me.  Back in the day I used to be big Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover devotee.  It was the best I found and since I stopped using it I’ve never even able to find a replacement. Until now!  This eye makeup remover works like a charm- can’t say it enough. If you like having an eye makeup remover- you’ll love this!
  • Ilia Eye Primer- I have finally found my favorite eye primer in clean beauty!  This magic little wand does not mess around.  It keeps my eye shadows in place the whole day, no creasing, or smudging.  I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask- I had tried this once before this year but nothing more. It had been a small sample. Then I got a full jar and lets just say, it quickly dwindled!  This helps purify pores, detoxify the skin and leave you with an overall glow.  Can’t get enough!

That’s it for The Best Of Clean Beauty 2018!  Want to see what The Best Of Clean Beauty 2016 and 2017 was?  Check out 2016 here and 2017 here.  

Go check out my girl Lisa’s take on all our faves, plus see what 5 products she discovered this year!

*Also don’t forget to check out our Instagram pages @gurlgonegreen and @thisorganicgirl to enter to win over $500 worth of clean beauty loot!  

See any faves?

Best Green Beauty Face Masks

Best Green Beauty Face Masks

I’ve got the Best Green Beauty Facial Masks rounded out for you!  Everything from a quick glow mask to a detoxifying mask and everything in between.  There are so many great green beauty masks- it’s hard to just have one.  They all really serve a different purpose too.  What’s great about these masks is they aren’t filled with any of the nasties!  A mask serves your skin in so many ways.

They make skin feel moisturized, revived…oh and let’s not forget the glow!  Plus, masking is like having your own mini spa session, while in the comfort of your own home (a big deal when you’re a mama).  As an esthetician, I’ve realized the mark of a good mask is bringing  real nourishment to the skin.  In conventional masks, you find nothing but junk…serious toxic junk.  I looked up one of the most popular conventional masks out on the market and you know what’s in it? A ton of chemicals!  What’s crazy is masks sit on your face for a good 15-30 minutes.  A long time for chemicals to be soaking into your skin…um scary!

So now that you’ve tossed your conventional masks, let’s chat about what to replace them with.

Leahlani Skincare-

Mermaid Mask-  This mask is seriously so good.  The founder Leah is a saint, no joke.  I’ve gotten to know her on social media and she truly is the sweetest.  She creates all of her products by hand in Kaui, Hawaii.  Her mask is a little piece of heaven.  With ingredients like Chlorella, sea buckthorn, spirulina and raw honey, this mask is pure decadence.  A lot of masks moisturize after wearing, but you don’t notice a visible difference to the naked eye.  Not the case with the Mermaid Mask, you’ll be glowing!  It smells so insanely good too.  You’ll be tempted to eat it.  This mask is great for everyone.  Acne skin, pre-mature, congestion, dryness and redness.  Oh and P.S. when you buy it you must know that there is this thing called Mermaid Mask Monday on social media- where all the mermaids come out and wear their mask!  Get your Mermaid Mask here!

Kokoleka Mask- Kokoleka, how I love you!  This mask is something special.  I love how Leah describes it on the bottle, a “Ritual Dessert Facial Mask”…can you say yum?!  First let’s talk scent.  It’s very similar to the Cleansing Powder, smells like sweet coconut, but with a chocolate twist because of the cacao-I so dig it!  This mask is different than the Meli Glow.  Kokoleka is meant to detoxify and purify your skin.  It comes in a powder form, and is activated when you add water.  I use a small ceramic bowl and brush, and apply it liberally all over my face.  Don’t add too much water, you want it to be a thick creamy texture.  I applied too much water the first time, and it was more soupy.  It does harden but not like a typical clay mask that drys your skin out.  This one isn’t drying at all! Your skin feels smooth and radiant.  I visibly notice a difference in my skin every time I use it.  I’m convinced everyone needs this! Get your Kokoleka here!

Live Botanical Luna Rose and Honey Mask-

I love this mask!  It makes my skin glow in minutes- no joke!  It apply it all over in the morning and then grab my toothbrush and then rinse off once I’m done brushing my teeth.  It feels so hydrating and soothing to the skin.  It gives a slight exfoliation too with herbal grains.  The raw honey in this mask draws moisture to the skin while soaking up all the excess oils at the same time.  What I love is that this mask can be used daily as a cleanser or as a mask a couple times a week.  It really lives up to it’s name: Glowing Mask.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!  I can’t get enough of this decadent skin treat!  Oh and did I mention it’s only $30?  Get your mask here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Max and Me Sweet Serenity Mask-

This mask and wash is by far one of my very favorite masks!  It is just delectable.  The smell literally transforms me to a calming and soothing place with cacao, honey and mangosteen.  I can’t get enough.  As I write this my jar is completely gone…I know sad.  I literally used every last drop.  The beauty of this product is it can be used in many ways.  One way is as a cleanser.  I use it to rub away all the day’s grime and wipe off with a warm washcloth.  My skin feels renewed and refreshed.  I also love using it as a mask.  First, I would use the Purity and Grace oil cleanser first to remove all the dirt from the day and then follow with the Sweet Serenity Mask.  I would then go about my nighttime routine and then at the end wash it off with a warm washcloth.  My skin loved every drop.  This little ritual of cleaning and masking has given my skin some serious restoration and glow.  I would also use this as an exfoliant in the morning  and leave it on after rubbing on my face while I brushed my teeth.  It worked perfectly as a mask/cleanser/exfoliant combo.  After the mask my skin is hydrated, balanced and glows.  I can’t say enough about this product!  Get your Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash here!

Laurel Brighten Mask-

This mask is unlike any mask I’ve tried and it performs unlike any mask I’ve used for brightening.  The mask is for sun damaged, mature skin and is packed full of potent vitamin c.  I also has a blend of active ingredients.  It literally is a blend of plants and essential oils- no crazy preservatives.  It’s in powder form too, so the ingredients are very potent because there is no water dubbing them down.  When you add water, it activates the mask right then and you’re getting the best stuff!  Since it’s in a powder form and contains plants, it does have bits and pieces here and there.  But I love that about it!  You are literally using the earth to nourish and treat your skin- how cool!  Get your Laurel Brighten Mask here!

Laurel Honey Berry Enzyme Mask-

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling this mask in the past and it was gone too quick!  It smells amazing, like your favorite berry jam.  It does wonders to awaken the skin and gently exfoliate.  Say goodbye to dull looking skin with this baby.  The ingredients again are so good.  Raw honey, and raw royal jelly, are just a few that make this mask truly decadent.  Not only does my skin look brighter, and more even after using, but I love knowing that it’s fighting signs of anti-aging with it’s super antioxidant vitamin b found in royal jelly.  This is a cult favorite from Laurel’s line and for good reason! Get your Laurel Berry Enzyme Mask here!

May Lindstrom-

Problem Solver- The Problem Solver does just that, solves your skin’s problems.  It a little miracle in a bottle.  I use this on my skin after late nights, when I have a blemish or when my skin is just congested.  Unlike the others I’ve mentioned, this mask is a powder and doesn’t activate until you mix it with water.  I love May’s philosophy in doing it this way.  You are getting the full potency every time you use it, since it activates with water.  With ingredients like bamboo charcoal, raw cacao and soil nutrients, your skin will be in it’s own little wonderland.  My skin is renewed and revived after this mask.  Oh and did I mention it will literally last you forever??  The jar is huge!  Trust me, you need this in your life. Get your Problem Solver here!

Honey Mud- This mask literally looks like chocolate pudding.  Not only does it look like chocolate pudding but it smells like it too!  The mask is a thick texture.  It’s really just all things wonderful.  Ok, I know you want more details on what it does to the skin.  Well, allow me to explain.  It does so much, from bringing balance to stressed skin, to using enzymes to lightly polish skin and reveal a brighter more even complexion.  Your skin feels so nourished and hydrated.  I even wear this in the shower if my skin is feeling extra dry to protect my skin from the heat and to keep all the moisture intact. A definite skin treat again and again! Get your Honey Mud here!

Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask-

First, it comes in this chic glass jar.  You open it and instantly get a whiff of rich cacao-just like the name suggests.  I’m in love!  It looks like dark rich frosting but not the kind you eat. This decadence is the kind you apply to your face.  Before application I mist Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator over my face.  Leaving my skin dewy and ready for masking.  I just use a spoon to apply some of the mask on the back of my hand and then use my fingers to apply to my face.  I’ve found the formula is too thick for a brush. Once applied, I wait 45 minutes to let the mask do it’s magic.  You can do less time but I like to get the full effect.  Then I just wipe off with a washcloth.  After, my skin feels revived, refreshed and awake.  I love applying my oils after and then waking up to skin that is seriously happy and radiant.  The mask detoxifies while at the same time nourishing and giving back so many nutrients into the skin.  A serious skin treat!  So what’s in this mask that makes it so magical?!  The ingredients in the mask are amazing and really make this “glow” happen.  Cacao is a known antioxidant that helps to slow the aging process and beef up collagen to give skin it’s health back.  Plus, it helps to bring circulation to the skin, causing it to absorb nutrients better.  If that wasn’t enough there are a chockfull of plant oils that help moisturize, repair and calm the skin.  Best of all?  This mask is perfect for any skin type! Dry, sensitive, oily-anyone can benefit-I’ve seen it for myself.  I have dry skin and my sister has oily and it does wonders for us both.  Get your Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask here!

Mahalo The Bean Antioxidant Mask-

The Bean Antioxidant Mask does not disappoint.  It’s filled with pure ingredients that literally are nourishing the skin as it sits on top of your face.  It like a thick mud but not drying like you might assume.  It goes on easy and then dries.  However, my skin doesn’t feel dry after using it.  Instead, it feels like it just received a surge of adrenaline to the skin- in the best possible way!  I know, weird way to describe it but my skin was more awake and the blood flow to the skin was so apparent.  It was as if my skin had a good workout and was shining from the inside out.  It smells divine.  A sweet smell with notes of cacao and vanilla, ylang ylang and sandalwood.  My skin also feels much smoother, and clear.  It’s evident the mask actually gets in and detoxifies the skin. Get your Bean Antioxidant Mask here!

True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask-

This mask does exactly what it says- it moisturizes and exfoliates.  It’s a gel consistency.  It gets rid of all the dead skin and reveals that inner glow(aka new skin). I leave mine on for 5 minutes.  It’s especially great right before a big event or night out when you want your skin to be glowing.  It also gives you an even smooth canvas for flawless makeup application.  You won’t be disappointed with this mask-Get yours here!

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask- 

I love this mask!  If you want to see a noticeable difference the minute you take off your mask, then this is it.  I had heard people rave about it in the green beauty community for quite sometime and let’s just say It did not disappoint.  Tata Harper has created some amazing skincare products, that are not only natural but perform.  So often a product can be clean, but it does’t do anything.  Tata’s products are the opposite.  Having tried several other products, I’m always impressed with the quality and difference I see in my skin.  The resurfacing mask is a gel like substance that looks clear when applied.   You leave it on for 30 minutes and bam, your left with that lit from within glow.  I love doing this in the morning before I put on my makeup.  It literally exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells, all while minimizing pores and redness.  You are left with revitalized skin.  It’s really more of a peel than a mask.  I use it once a week.  It is suitable for all skin types, but if you do have sensitive skin I would patch test before trying.  Another great perk about Tata products?  They can be found in mainstream stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Sephora. Get your Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask here!

Ursa Major 3- Minute Flash Mask-

This mask gets you glowing in 3 minutes flat- just like the name suggests.  It’s perfect for the most sensitive skin types.  Worried your skin might react to a mask?  This may be the one for you.  Using enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells, this mask does in 3 minutes what some some masks take 15 or 20 to do.  It looks like a gel and feels lights and refreshing on the skin.  If you’re perpetually running late, this may be the mask for you!  I put it on before I brush my teeth and rinse off once I’m done.  The perfect amount of time to get a quick glow for the rest of the day.  Get your Ursa Major Flash Mask here!


3 Steps to the Best Skincare Routine

3 Steps to the Best Skincare Routine

So excited to share with you my 3 Steps to the Best Skincare Routine.  I find people often aren’t sure what a beauty routine is or where to even start.  Or perhaps they think they have a routine, yet instead it looks a little more chaotic.  In this post, I want to help you create a beauty routine that you not only love but that works for you.  I will also be sharing some of my staples in my beauty routine and how they create the base of it.  If it’s one thing I’ve learned since being in the beauty industry for over 14 years it’s that a beauty routine should not be ignored.

For this post I’ve partnered up with Beauty Heroes to showcase my faves and highlight why they make the staple list.  If you’ve followed me long enough, then you’re no stranger to Beauty Heroes.  If you are new, you can read up on this amazing company here.

Step 1- Identify What You Need

I love Beauty Heroes philosophy, “Use less and love more”. Beauty Heroes is so much more than just a green beauty subscription box.  They really raise the bar when it comes to challenging the status beauty quo of always needing more.  This phrase and mantra resounds in my head now more than ever!  In essence, the goal is to find the products that speak to you, work with you and that you love.  The end result is creating a beauty routine that is not only functional but one you enjoy.

For example, some people aren’t into having 7 skincare products.  They just want 3 that really work.  On the other hand, some love their skincare routine and couldn’t go without one of their beloved products.  The point?  Do you!  Create a beauty routine that feels right for you, not someone else.  After all, I truly believe that’s what holds up many people in having a routine at all.  They feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  Know what you need, find it and use it.  Your body will thank you and so will your subconscious as you take a little time each day just for you.

Step 2- Find Your Favorites & Staples

If you’re wondering how to find those products think about what you always use everyday or what you find you want to use but might not have.  Maybe you have curly hair and a curl cream is a must, or maybe you have really dry skin and to not have a moisturizer would be the end of the world for you.  Find what you need and works for you.

That’s one of the reasons I love Beauty Heroes subscription box.  They deliver full size luxury green beauty products each month that work!  Often you can get a subscription box and it only gives you a trial size of many products.  You end up barely scratching the surface of what the product can even do.  In the end you end up feeling a little more overwhelmed and back at the same spot of trying to find quality products.  Enter Beauty Heroes!  Not only do you get an amazing box each month with their subscription service but they also have a carefully curated section of green beauty products in their online store.  You may be searching for a curl cream but haven’t received one in your subscription box yet.  No worries!  The great thing about Beauty Heroes is they’ve vetted the products in their store.  You simply can go there and search under hair and have their top picks.  It really doesn’t get any easier!

Another tip is to ask bloggers, search online for best natural curl cream or find natural hair companies and ask them about a curl cream.  You will end up finding the best natural curl cream out there and your hair will thank you!

Step 3- Commit To Your Routine

Once you know what you need and find the products you love, then it’s time to commit to your routine.  Often people complain about beauty results because they aren’t consistent with their routine.  The point of finding products you need and love is your more likely to stick with them, because you love using them and they make you feel good.  I like to have a morning routine and a night routine

Morning Routine-

My morning routine is all about awakening and prepping.  I love using a mask/cleanser as a morning ritual to awaken my skin and brighten it.  This gives my skin a glow but also mentally wakes me up.  I also like to prep it with a toning mist after to again awaken my senses and perk up my skin.  Then I apply an oil or serum for hydration.  This helps create balance and prep my skin before foundation.  My final step is to apply sunscreen to protect my skin throughout the day.  (As a mom some days I’m just at home and I may skip this step).

*My morning routine also includes exfoliating 2 times a week.

Night Routine-

My night time routine is all about restoring and relaxing.  At night I really like to take more time and savor my beauty routine.  It may sound funny but for me taking 10 minutes for myself at night really helps me mentally process the day and relaxes me.  Especially as a mom it’s easy to go throughout the day not really doing anything for yourself. This little act really creates a space to ease my mind.  I find myself looking forward to it every night.  Restoring my skin is an important part of my night routine.  After being in the elements during the day I like to give it the nutrients it needs to help restore it.  I love oil cleansing first to remove makeup and impurities.  Then toning with a mist for extra hydration.  Next, I apply an active serum.  This really does the main work at repairing and treating the skin.  Finally, I apply an oil to help retain moisture.

*My night time routine includes masking 2-3 times a week as well.

 Skincare Staples-

Ok, now that you know how to create your best beauty routine, lets dive into some skincare  staples in green beauty you should have in your beauty routine.  These are products every skin type needs.  They are what give you results and an effective skincare regimen.


This is a must if you want your skincare products to be effective.  An exfoliant gets rid of the dead skin cells and reveal new cells.  When you remove the dead skin cells your enabling your skincare products to not only work, because they’re not being blocked by skin that’s just sitting on top of your face but you’re also creating a smooth surface and a brighter more even complexion.  I mean who doesn’t want that?!  You only need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type.  Over exfoliation can lead to sensitivities, so don’t over do it.  I pick two days of the week and add exfoliation into my morning routine.  It keeps it simple and easy to remember.

One of my favorite exfoliants in green beauty and a staple in my routine is The Active Enzyme Exfoliator by Josh Rosebrook.  This not only utilizes a mechanical exfoliant with crushed walnuts but also an enzyme exfoliant.  It helps even discoloration, remove dead skin cells and create a glowing complexion- it’s SO good!  Beauty Hereos carries this all star product in their store!  Snag it here!


I often hear people say what does a mask really do?  My response- so much!  Masking can impart key nutrients to the skin, give you a glow, even skin tone, improve hyper pigmentation, draw out impurities and so much more.  Finding the right mask may seem daunting but it’s all about addressing your key skincare concerns.  If you really just want glowing skin, opt for a hydrating mask.  If detoxifying your skin is top priority, look for masks with clay and minerals to draw out the toxins.  Whatever your skincare need is, find a mask suited for that and then use it 2-3 times a week.  Just like exfoliation, I pick 2 days of the week and set those as my mask days.  It’s something I look forward to and creates a little ritual out of it.

One of my favorite masks I found through Beauty Heroes is Mahalo’s The Bean Antioxidant Mask.   It like a thick mud but not drying like you might assume.  It goes on easy and then dries.  However, my skin doesn’t feel dry after using it.  Instead, it feels like it just received a surge of adrenaline to the skin- in the best possible way!  I know, weird way to describe it but my skin is more awake and the blood flow to the skin is so apparent.  It was as if my skin had a good workout and is shining from the inside out.  It smells divine.  A sweet smell with notes of cacao and vanilla, ylang ylang and sandalwood.  My skin also feels much smoother, and clear.  I literally can see sun spots fading after using.  It’s evident the mask actually gets in and detoxifies the skin.  Snag the mask here!

Active Serum-

A serum is something that delivers the active ingredients directly to your skin cells.  This is where the real magic happens when it comes to seeing change and results with your skin.  A serum may contain an active form of vitamin c or hyaluronic acid.  It’s a potent blend of antioxidants that go in to repair and rejuvenating cells.  Want help with aging, dark spots or acne?  Serums are the products that will be the game changers.  I apply my serum after my toning mist.

Well, for starters it melts right into your skin.   No oily residue at all.  Perfect for at night, and during the day before makeup.  It evens my skin tone, my skin has never looked better-I know big statement but it’s true.  I have this one spot on my left cheek side and it has some hyper pigmentation and it faded quite a bit after I had been using Maya Chia.  My skin looked less red and just overall smooth.  Trust me when I say I get a lot of product to sample as a beauty blogger, so when I actually go through a product it’s a big deal.  This serum is on the last few drops.  It’s filled with vitamin C, CoQ10 and the beloved antioxidant asthaxanthin.  This serum doesn’t mess around and truly delivers!  Great for even the most sensitive skin types.  I even use it under my eyes and it works.  Say goodbye to dark circles.  Guys, this stuff is the real deal.  It has a slight pinkish color which actually gives your skin a glow-I love it! Get The Super Couple Serum here!

Face Oil- 

Oils and serums are different.  An oil usually doesn’t contain the active ingredients like a serum would.  Not that it doesn’t help facilitate change but it’s not as active as a potent serum.  Oils are essential for hydrating the skin and bringing moisture balance.  They are also incredibly soothing too.  Contrary to popular belief oils aren’t just good for dry skin but for oily skin too.  Oil dissolves oil friends!  I know sounds crazy but it’s true.  Oils are really cure alls for many skin aliments from dry skin, irritated skin, aging skin and acne.  You can call it your one hit wonder!

A favorite oil of mine is Maya Chia’s Pure Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil.  It has a heavier feeling and is more moisturizing than The Super Couple Serum.  Especially great for those with dry skin that can’t quite get hydrated.  It also works amazing on fine lines.  Although it is heavier, it still absorbs so well.  Your skin feels plump and soft.  A rich, extremely hydrating oil, that absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and makes you look younger…what are you waiting for?!  This is great for even the most sensitive skin. Get your Supercritical Chia Oil here!

That’s what my skincare routine looks like.  See any faves?  Not a Beauty Heroes member yet?  Sign up here!







October Green Beauty Faves

October Green Beauty Faves

I’ve got some October Green Beauty Faves that I’ve been waiting to share with you guys!  These are products that I keep going back too.  I try so many products as you know, so when something sticks out I know it’s good.  This month I have everything from a new mask that I can’t stop talking about, a mascara that has proven to be the real deal and lots more makeup and skin treats.  Trust me- ya don’t want to miss this!

Let’s get to it!

Live Botanical Luna Rose & Honey Glowing Cleansing Mask-

This mask is the bomb diggity!  But really.  First of all it’s $28, yes $28 people!  The ingredients are jaw dropping and so clean and the formula works.  It actually gives your skin a glow after using.  I use it everyday- I’m addicted!  It’s the perfect mask/cleanser to use in the morning to wake up your skin.  I apply on damp skin and rub in circular motions all over.  Then I let it sit on my skin while I brush my teeth and pluck my eyebrows.  It’s usually 5-7 minutes.  The perfect amount of time to get my glowing skin on!  My skin looks fresh and vibrant after…and again its’s $28!  Need I say more?  Oh and I have a 20% off coupon too: Use Code GURLGONEGREEN – snag it here!

Innersense i Create Volumizing Mousse-

I was so excited to get this product in the mail- couldn’t wait! I’m a fine/thin haired gal and I need all the volume and lift I can get- can I get a witness??  I have tried a lot of lift sprays but no mousse in green beauty that’s worked…until now!  This mousse isn’t like the rest.  It gives my hair volume and a thick feeling all day long.  I also love the texture I get from it.  My hair can feel blahh if I don’t put something in it and this instantly gives my hair the lift I need.  It lasts throughout the day which I love. I apply 2 pumps throughout my damp hair and then blood dry my hair upside down to get the most volume I can get.  Trust me- you need this! Get your i Create Mousse here!

Teri Miyahira Beauty-

Ok, I have to talk to you guys about Teri’s makeup…because it’s SO good!  I get a box from her each month and I’m constantly amazed at the quality of products and performance.  The pigments in the makeup are so vibrant and the color pay off amazing!  She gets just the right amount of shimmer in her pigments to bring them to life but not make them look chintzy or overdone.  A couple products I’m loving from her right now are her prep and set- it feels so light on the skin and doesn’t make my skin look cakey, yet offers a great final touch for my makeup.  I’m also digging her blush duo in Conquer- it has two different colors that when mixed together create the perfect pinkish blush hue.  It goes with anything.  Her Explore powder bronzer is another fave- not too dark and not too light.  I can’t forget about her Brilliance Powder Illuminating Duo- this powder gives skin the perfect highlight and warms you up at the same time with the warmer bronze hue.  I’m telling you- her stuff is legit!  Plus, she’s having sales on stuff quite often.  Check out her full line here! 

Hush & Dotti Mascara-

So if you’ve followed me for a hot minute, you know that I’ve been obsessing over this mascara!  I usually get mascara’s and are unimpressed- this one however has been a different story.  It gives my lashes thickness, length and separation.  A great overall building mascara.  It lasts the whole day and doesn’t smear off onto my eyelids.  It’s an all around winner!  I know everyone’s eyes are different but for me it’s worked beautifully.  Grab yours here!

Maya Chia Waterless Wonder Balm-

This balm is life!  It works all year round, but especially when the weather starts to turn cold.  It not only seeps into my skin and moisturizes but also provides a barrier to protect my skin and seal in the moisture.  It feels like a balm as you apply it but then quickly melts as it touches your skin.  Initially my skin feels slightly oily but not greasy.  It goes away after 5 minutes.  I love applying this to my feet at night too for extra hydration and baby soft feet!  And the smell…amazing! It has an orange blossom scent that is divine.  It’s your go to moisturizer for anything and everything!  Get your balm here!

CV Skin Labs-

This is another hydrating product that I’ve come across and been loving.  Can you tell it’s getting colder her?!  Bring out the moisturizers.  I tried their Rescue + Relief Spray and have been loving how soothing it feels.  It’s meant to help calm irritated or inflamed skin.  Especially great for after shaving for razor burn.  It comes in a spray form and you just spray it on wherever you need lasting moisture and relief.  It seems really thin but after letting it set in I realized how hydrated my skin actually felt.  I was pleasantly surprised.  You can even keep this in the fridge for the ultimate skin cooling treat.  If you have sensitive skin this would be perfect!  Get your Rescue + Relief Spray here! 

I also have been loving their Body Repair Lotion. It feels like a thicker body lotion and comes in a pump form.  I would actually spray the Rescue + Relief Spray first and then use the Body Repair Lotion for ultimate hydration.  This is great for those with dermatitis, eczema, and inflamed skin from waxing or shaving. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy but soaks right in- which I love.  It reminds me of body lotion I used to get that just did the job great and didn’t have a lot of extra fluff.  My husband likes it a lot too!  There isn’t a smell to it- just nice and natural. Grab your Body Repair Lotion here!

Last product from them is their Calming Moisture.  This hydrates so well and is so soothing.  A little goes a long way in providing lasting hydration.  It’s similar to the other two products from the line- great for calming irritated/red skin.  This one is specifically created for your face, neck and scalp.   It’s not only going to provide moisture but relief and protection.  This is definitely going to be a winter staple.  Often times in the winter skin gets easily chapped, red and aggravated due to the harsh climates, but with this in my back pocket it won’t stand a chance!  Get your Calming Moisture here! 

Beauty Heroes Makeup Discovery- Axiology

I really can’t sign off until I mention Beauty Heroes Makeup Selection this time around- Axiology Lipsticks.  I mean this discovery is one for the books!  If you haven’t tried Axiology Lipsticks I recommend you get on them- stat.  They perform like no other lipstick in green beauty.  The ingredients are as clean as they come, the color pigments amazing and the dewy formula spot on.  I clearly am obsessed.  This month with Beauty Heroes you were able to pick from 3 different collections- Daring, Bright or Natural.  The names obviously coincide with the lipstick colors.  I chose Bright, which includes Vibration and Noble for lipstick colors and Keen for the lip crayon.  I seriously love all the colors!!  The best part of all? You can get a collection for just $45!  I know- crazy.  An over $80 value!  Snag them now, because when a deal is this good, it’s going to go quick.  Even if you don’t need any, Christmas is right around the corner!  What a fun gift to give to someone.  Get your Axiology lip collection here!  

That sums up my October favorites!  See anything you want to try?



Leahlani Skincare Review

Leahlani Skincare Review

I get a lot of questions about what holistic skincare lines I would recommend someone buy all their products from.  People often don’t want to pick from line to line and just want a one stop shop-trust me I get it.  From time to time this year, I’ll be sharing my favorite lines that are all around wonderful.  I thought it only appropriate to start with one of my very favorites-Leahlani Skincare.  There’s no other line like it and I kid you not, every product I try I love.  Being a green beauty blogger I end up trying so many but when you keep going back to one line, you know it’s good.  If you’re looking for a cleanser, a mask, toner, exfoliant, then you’ve come to the right place.  Leahlani Skincare has it all and it’s so good!

First, before I tell you about the skincare line, I must tell you about the creator herself, Leah.  A true artist when it comes to skin, Leah dealt with her own set of skin issues.  Through her own skin struggles, she believes fate led her to pursue a career in skincare, and become a holistic esthetician.  Leah learned so much firsthand being a spa director, and then having her own practice.  This journey not only led her to find her passion, but it paved the way for Leahlani Skincare to be born.  Leah wanted to create a skincare line that would be a, “ritual and not a routine.”  Well she definitely achieved that and so much more. Oh and side note, to know Leah is to love her!  She is a serious sweetheart, and has a heart of gold.

She not only healed her skin through her creations, but has helped so many others achieve healing as well.  Every time I open a jar, or bottle of Leahlani skincare I feel like I’m getting a hand signed love note written just to me.  It may have to do with the fact that each, and every creation is made by hand.  Can you just imagine all the love, and care that goes into each bottle?  It’s no wonder my skin sings when anything Leahlani is applied!  I haven’t even mentioned ingredients, but they’re dreamy.  Organic cold pressed oils, mineral rich clays, Hawaiian honey nectars, pure essential oils, and potent botanicals are just a few ingredients that make up Leahlani skincare.  Pure goodness delivered straight to your skin-what more could you want?

Leah recently launched several new products, and I had the privilege of testing them out.  BTW if you haven’t tried her famous Mermaid Mask, you need to, as in order it right this minute!  It’s like nothing you’ve used for your face.  I’m also a fan of her Honey Love.  A cleanser and exfoliator all in one.  I reviewed it here.  Well, let’s be real, there’s nothing of Leahlani’s I don’t like!

Mermaid Mask-

This mask is seriously so good.  I was out of it for several months(shame on me) and the first time using it again I promised to never be without it again!  This green goodness makes me happy every time I put it on.  Many people ask what mask they should buy when transitioning to green beauty and this is it!  I promise you will love it and thank me.  Her mask is a little piece of heaven.  With ingredients like Chlorella, sea buckthorn, spirulina and raw honey, this mask is pure decadence.  A lot of masks moisturize after wearing, but you don’t notice a visible difference to the naked eye.  Not the case with the Mermaid Mask, you’ll be glowing!  It smells so insanely good too.  You’ll be tempted to eat it.  Also, the price point for this mask is crazy awesome…$32!  A serious steal!  This mask is great for everyone.  Acne skin, pre-mature, congestion, dryness and redness.  Oh and P.S. when you buy it you must know that there is this thing called Mermaid Mask Monday on social media where all the mermaids come out and wear their mask-so you best show up!

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Kalima-Coconut Cream Cleansing Powder-

This is unlike any cleanser you’ve used.  It comes in a glass bottle, in a powder form.  The powder is activated by water.  I love having a cleanser like this.  It makes the contents so fresh, because it’s not activated until the moment I want to use it on my skin.  It smells like sweet coconut-so divine.  I would sprinkle some Kalima in my hand, and then add a few drops of water and mix together.  I then applied it to my skin and let the magic take place.  It gently exfoliated my skin, leaving it smooth and removed my daily grime.  I even left it on a bit longer, so all the ingredients could really do their work.  This is so much more than your average cleanser, a serious treat for your skin!  $46

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Meli Glow-Illuminating Nectar Mask-

Leah really knows her masks, and this one is no exception.  First the smell is unreal!  It smells like strawberry puree to me-so good.  I seriously want to eat it…all of Leah’s products have that affect on me.  This pink beauty is packed full of all the good stuff.  Things like hyaluronic acid, enzyme and vitamin rich fruits, clays, and Hawaiian Honey-just to name a few.  I applied 2 tsp. to moist skin and left it on for 15 minutes, sometimes longer…trust me once you smell it you won’t want to remove it either.  What did my skin do?  Well it literally sang a happy song!  My skin felt soft, moisturized, and radiant.  The name says it all-it makes you glow!  $48

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Kokoleka-Ritual Dessert Facial Mask-

Kokoleka, how I love you!  This mask is something special.  I love how Leah describes it on the bottle, a “Ritual Dessert Facial Mask”…can you say yum?!  First let’s talk scent.  It’s very similar to the Cleansing Powder, smells like sweet coconut, but with a chocolate twist because of the cacao-I so dig it!  This mask is different than the Meli Glow.  Kokoleka is meant to detoxify and purify your skin.  It comes in a powder form, and is activated when you add water.  I use a small ceramic bowl and brush, and apply it liberally all over my face.  Don’t add too much water, you want it to be a thick creamy texture.  I applied too much water the first time, and it was more soupy.  It does harden but not like a typical clay mask that drys your skin out.  This one isn’t drying at all! Your skin feels smooth and radiant.  I visibly notice a difference in my skin every time I use it.  I’m convinced everyone needs this!  $68

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Mahina-Evening Replenishing Elixir-

This baby quickly became a fave.  It not only hydrates your skin, but nourishes it with nutrients while you sleep.  You wake up with smooth, even skin.  One particular oil that Leah put in that I love is prickly pear seed oil.  It has been known to help brighten skin, fight signs of aging and moisturize like crazy.  A definite home run oil.  The biggest thing I noticed right away with Mahina is how much it calmed my redness.  Especially around my nose.  My skin felt replenished and soothed.  The smell is of course wonderful too!  Notes of citrus mixed with vanilla…can’t go wrong with that.  Oh and your skin doesn’t feel greasy-which I love.  $68

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Bless-Beauty Balm-

Last but certainly not least, Bless, the beauty balm.  Dry skin stands no chance with this baby!  It’s full of organic shea and cocoa butters, as well as cold pressed oils.  It melts right into your skin and leaves behind a beautiful smell of rosehip oil and no oily residue.  My skin felt so hydrated!  The perfect companion for dry weather in winter, and in the summer when you’ve spent too much time in the sun.  You only need a little dab for the whole face.  I also love that though it is a balm, it doesn’t feel heavy at all.  I even wore this during the day under makeup and it was great!  Also, I love mixing this mask with Kokoleka for the ultimate luxe treat. $48

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Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner-

I recently tried this toner out from the line.  I’ve tried most Leahlani products but I hadn’t tried the toners yet.  This toner is all about soothing and balancing the skin.  The smell is seriously tantalizing!  All of Leahlani skincare smells so good.  I spray it on in the mornings to help wake me up.  It perks my skin right up.  One thing I really love about this toner is how hydrating it feels on the skin.  It instantly preps my skin for my serums and oils.  I’ve even sprayed it during the day when I just need a quick pick me up.  Have I mentioned I love the smell?!  Yeah, it’s that good.  Get it-you’ll love it!

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I have yet to try anything from Leahlani Skincare that I haven’t loved.  Leah knows skin!  Shop all of Leahlani Skincare here.  Also, don’t forget to join in the giveaway I’m hosting with Leahlani Skincare as well on Instagram.  We are giving away a full skincare set!

Have you tried Leahlani?  What are your faves?!  If you have any questions on products, feel free to comment below!  I would love to help you find the perfect product.  XO




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