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q.c. natural s review

q.c. natural s review

I love reading about how companies start out.  There is always a story behind it.  q.c. naturals is no different.  However, this story resonates in my own family.  Michelle and T.J. Jarvis founded q.c. naturals after Michelle’s father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that turned metastatic to the brain.  Throughout his 17 months of fighting for his life, Michelle, and family discovered all the horrible toxins in our everyday products.  As a result, they started making their own products.  Unfortunately, the family lost their dad in November 2014.  However, his legacy lives on through q.c. naturals.  Today, they are determined to tell the world about their journey and knowledge.  I related to Michelle’s experience as well.  I too lost my grandma in January of this year to lung cancer that turned metastatic to the brain.  I was honored to sample q.c. naturals products, and continue to spread their mission.

q.c. natural standards-

100% natural skincare │organic│non-toxic│plant-based│cruelty-free│vegan│gluten free│fresh from florida

Each product only has a handful of ingredients-no long list here.  They also are full of ingredients you can pronounce.  Another huge perk?  They’re affordable!  q.c. naturals, not only is toxin free, but a line that the average person can pick up.  They have a little of everything too.  From facial products to body products.  Oh and just a head’s up.  All their products are named after family members…how cool?!  timmy’s toner is named after their dad who passed away, and 5% of all proceeds go to fund cancer research.  They also are Leaping Bunny Certified.

Here are the products I sampled.

karan’s cleanser-

This cleanser is unlike anything I’ve tried!  It squirts out like a toner might.  It actually reminds me more of a toner.  The first ingredient is rose water, and there are only 3 more ingredients after that.  You apply it to a cotton pad or washcloth and apply to your face.  Then you rinse off with warm water.  It felt so refreshing and didn’t leave my skin dry at all.  Most of you know by now that I follow the double cleansing method.  This is the perfect sub in for my usual oil that I use.  I use this and then follow with a more traditional cleanser.  This didn’t remover all of my eye makeup, but did remove all my facial makeup.  A great cleanser for those with any skin type.  Plus, it has a subtle rose smell that I love.  $16.50


timmy’s toner-

This toner is an apple cider vinegar toner.  Again, it has only a handful of ingredients.  It does smell like apple cider vinegar, which doesn’t bother me.  It also has tea tree oil and lemon oil in it-which you can smell slightly as well.  If you haven’t read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar-let me inform you.  It helps tighten pores, balance skin, clear acne, and bring an overall brighter appearance to skin.  I think we all can sign on the dotted line for those results!  Most people think their skin is going to feel dry when using a toner with apple cider vinegar but that’s not true.  Apple Cider Vinegar actually helps to balance your skin and find that perfect line between dry and oily.  I didn’t have any dryness when using it.  My skin felt perfectly balanced and clean.  I really loved using it.  I just applied mine with a cotton pad all over my face.  $16.50


quinny’s cream-

This has quickly become a hand cream staple for me.  It’s an everything cream, from your face to body to hands-it gets the job done.  It isn’t greasy at all!  The cream melts right into your skin and leaves behind pure hydration.  The consistency is similar to a really thick frosting.  The combination of ingredients is different than I’ve seen before.  It has three ingredients: shea butter, avocado oil, and olive fruit oil and they’re all organic of course!  This is the perfect cream for chapped, dry skin.  When applying, a little goes a long way.  $20


maddie’s mask-

This mask is so refreshing!  It contains the highly sought after bentonite clay.  This clay draws out impurities and toxins.  It also has oats in it and tea tree oil.  You can feel little bits of the oatmeal on your skin as you put it on.  It comes in powder form.  You mix a teaspoon of the mask with water, apple cider vinegar or oil.  I did a little oil and water.  I used castor oil-known for it’s astringent properties.  I left it on for 15 minutes.  They say to leave it on for 10-15 minutes.  My skin tightened, but didn’t feel dry at all when I removed it.  It felt brighter and refreshed.  This is a great mask to use once a week, especially for those with blemish prone skin, eczema, or psoriasis.  $18



They also sent me their organic muslin facial cloths.(12.50)  They’re 6×6 and come in a package of 3.  I’m in love with these!  They go perfect with their karan’s cleanser or timmy’s toner.  They are so soft and best of all, sustainable.  A must have item in my opinion.  They also sent me their bamboo wooden spoons. ($2)  These are the perfect little spoons to dish out the maddie’s mask, some quinny’s cream or for their bath oil.  I love that their made of bamboo…how awesome!  Bamboo is such a renewable resource and grows without any use of fertilizers.  I love having special tools for my skincare regimen.  It makes my experience feel that much more spa like!

Well, that wraps up my review of q.c. naturals.  If you’re looking for an all around skincare line with stellar ingredients-this is it.  Have you used any of their products?


Current Green Beauty Standouts

Current Green Beauty Standouts

I use a lot of products, which I’m sure you all know…just call me a junkie!  I do get sent a ton of green beauty product sent to me.  However, from time to time I like to buy some products that I’ve had my eye on.  I especially love to try out green beauty that’s affordable.  Sure, I love high end products, but I’m a product junkie…so it’s totally acceptable(at least this is what I tell myself).  On the contrary, for the average person $25 for hairspray can seem like a small fortune when they were used to paying $6.  I get it and that’s why I try and find something for every budget.  I truly believe everyone should be able to have green products.

Ok, so enough chit chat.  Here are some current green beauty standouts I’ve been using and liking.  These are more affordable options.

Marley’s Monsters Organic Bamboo Facial Rounds


To say I’m obsessed with these little guys would be an understatement!  (Oh and just to be clear-Marley’s Monsters did send me these).   They have the coolest Etsy shop and carry anything from reusable paper towels, reusable nursing pads, cloth baby wipes and even reusable bags…and more!  I had been searching for a reusable facial round but hadn’t found any organic ones.  My search ended with Marley’s Monster’s organic bamboo facial rounds.  Why do I like them?  Well, for starters they aren’t these small little facial rounds but a good 3″ wide.  Large enough to remove all my eye makeup and use the other side for toning.  The bamboo material makes them so soft and I just love how they’re organic! No chemicals leaching into my eye area-one of the most permeable areas of your skin.  You can purchase a small mesh bag to store them in or a wooden cube(they’re so cool) on their site as well.  I just used a small bag I had from The Detox Market.  I hang it on my shelf and store the dirty ones in there, and then once a week I wash them.  The great thing is there are 20 rounds, so if you forget to wash them one week, you have enough for another week.  Oh and another huge perk??  You save money!  No more buying cotton rounds every month.  I have my eye on so many other products from Marley’s Monsters…my green heart loves their whole eco and sustainable concept.  And guess what?  Right now you can use coupon code GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off your purchase with them!  I think it’s time to stock up on Christmas gifts and snag a little something for yourself as well!  Check out their full shop here. $16

Honeybee Gardens-


I purchased these items myself.  I had heard great things about their water based nail polishes.  I also snagged one of their mascaras.  The polish is virtually odorless, which is amazing.  I say virtually because it still has a hint of smell, but it’s not overpowering like traditional nail polish, I mean it’s hardly there.  Traditional nail polish is solvent based, while these are water based.  It’s free from any harsh chemicals, dyes and best of all it’s nearly odorless.  If you want to know the difference between water based polishes and solvent polishes, Honeybee Gardens gives a great explanation here. The polish itself does feel a little bit more watery.  It takes a little longer to dry as well.   It feels dry after 30 minutes but it’s not hard until several hours later.  It did chip easy if I didn’t put a topcoat on.  I didn’t purchase their topcoat but used my own.  I do want to try their top coat.  You can’t use regular polish to remove it.  You just need rubbing alcohol or they also carry a polish remover you can purchase.  This is a great option for those who are sensitive to smell, and want a truly cleaner nail polish.  I got the color Abyss(a black) and at $12.99, this is on the low end for natural polishes.


The next product I tried from Honeybee Gardens was their Truly Natural Mascara.  What really sold me was the price to be honest.  At $11.99, it is the most cost effective mascara I have come across in green beauty.  I get a lot of e-mails asking if there are any mascaras that are more affordable.  So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this not only had great ingredients but a great price.  I also was intrigued by the brush.  It is nice and thick looking and not plastic-I like my brushes to be bigger.  I bought the color Black Magic, but they also have Espresso and Dark Chocolate.  The mascara itself is more of a wet formula, however when it dries, it is immovable.  It gives great separation and there is no smudging or flaking.  The mascara is also water resistant, vegan and gluten free.  I would apply it to my eyelashes then wait 10 minutes and reapply more to build it up.  It’s not going to give you drama lashes but it gets the job done and at $11.99, you can’t beat that!

Well those are my green beauty standouts currently.  Have you used any of them?

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