Sprouts Grand Opening In Mill Creek, WA

Sprouts Grand Opening In Mill Creek, WA

Sprouts Grand Opening in Mill Creek, WA is here!  I’ve been yapping about their first store in Washington for weeks now and I’m happy to report it’s officially here!  It opens at 7 am and stays open until 10 pm everyday.  I got a sneak peek of the store last night and let’s just say I didn’t want to leave!

*This post is sponsored by Sprouts- however, thoughts and opinions are my own.

This is the first Sprouts store in Washington state and I couldn’t be more excited.  I had been to Sprouts before on vacation in California, and Texas.  Each time I would go to a store I wished there was one in Washington state.  Well, my wish came true and now I can shop to my hearts content!  I wanted to share my experience with you from last night and my first impressions, plus some of my favorite products.

My Experience-

First of all the store is so well laid out.  Every section of the store is easily labeled making it so convenient to shop there.  I know exactly where everything is at.  I love that it has everything I need but doesn’t feel too big.  I was given a tour of the store with some other bloggers and learned so much.  For example, Sprouts largest section of their store is actually their produce section- it’s huge!  I loved how I could find any type of produce I wanted and their organic produce section was quite large.  I also love how their meat is never frozen but always fresh. So you’re not paying for water- but actually the meat.  They have an amazing gluten free section as well and their bulk bin section was even larger than I remember.  I could get every type of raw nut I could want!  I was also impressed with their wine selection.  They had great organic wines available.

It’s so fun exploring a new grocery store.  Of course I loaded up on groceries!  There were several items I couldn’t get over!  For example, they have a ton of organic spiralized veggie noodles in the refrigeration section.  I did a happy dance when I saw them!  I’ve never found organic spiralized veggies noodles- talk about a find.  I snagged up the organic sweet potato noodles and white sweet potato noodles.  I was also excited to see organic butternut squash already pre-cut in the refrigeration section as well!  And I can’t forget the organic shredded hash browns I found in the freezer section.  The only ingredient is organic hash browns!  Usually there is some other oil in there, but not with these.  Basically Sprouts is making this mama’s life a whole lot easier!

I even grabbed up some frozen organic greens to put in my smoothies.  I loved seeing staple pantry items that I typically buy there too, like Primal Palate’s dressings and mayo.  Also, simply organic spices and seasonings and Redmond Real Salt sea salt.  Plus, Siete Tortilla chips- you all know I have a soft spot for them!  They were such a good deal there, 2 for $5.  I felt like I was shopping at a familiar place because they had all my favorites but even better because they had so much more to offer!

What I love about shopping at Sprouts is the quality of products I can get there but for a seriously good price.  I don’t have to shop anywhere else either!  Usually I have to go to several stores to find all that I need, but with Sprouts I can get it all in one place.  I don’t know how many people asked if they could help me when I was shopping- they were so helpful!  Also, if you ever want to sample a product, ask a friendly team member.  Sprouts is more than happy to help you try a product.  They even offer body products, natural makeup and supplements- talk about a win/win.  For a mom, that’s priceless!

As you can see I’m pretty much head over heels that Sprouts is finally here!  I’ve already told my sisters, and sister in law about the store.  One tip I’ll leave you with is to make sure you download the Sprouts app– it’s a game changer when it comes to staying up to date on all the sales- from exclusive mobile coupons and weekly sales.  

If you haven’t checked out the new Mill Creek location in Washington do it- you’ll thank me later!  If you are in another state, check the Sprouts website to find a location near you.  Leave me a comment if you’ve been to Sprouts and have a favorite product!


Sprouts Community Giving + Vitamin Angels

Sprouts Community Giving + Vitamin Angels

I’m back talking about Sprouts Community Giving + Vitamin Angels!  This company really gets better and better the more I learn about them.  They really have created such an amazing place for people to learn about health from the groceries they buy to helping support their local community.

Sprouts has moved beyond just making healthy living accessible and really embraces the important idea of giving back.  I love that!  Every year Sprouts supports local nonprofit organizations from food banks and service groups though in-kind and direct donations.  SO amazing!  They are really showing that healthy living starts with us and we can make a difference in our local communities.

Food Rescue Program

I’m also a huge fan of their “Food Rescue Program” that helps those in need by providing food, plus feed for animals and nutrients for agriculture soil.  Sprouts takes food that can no longer be sold but is perfectly edible and  donates it to local hunger agencies.  The agencies then disperse them to families in need.  Since the Food Rescue Program started in 2013, over 43 million pounds of food have been donated!  SO cool!  That’s 35 million meals.  Even if the food is not ok to give to hunger relief agencies, it is then donated to local dairy farms and cattle ranches as feed.  This offers a more nutritious feed, plus lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, food is also donated as compost which makes the soil our crops grow in so much richer.  Over 18 million pounds of food have been given since this was started in 2014. Sprouts is raising the bar when it comes to using all resources to create a positive change in the world.

Community Awareness + Giving

Sprouts really is all about being part of the community and giving back.  They have supported 830 community events with volunteers and in-kind donations.  This effort has reached over 2.75 million residents!  I was also impressed with Sprouts efforts when it comes to national disasters.  Sprouts has given over 16,000 pounds of food and water to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.   It didn’t stop there, Sprouts also raised over $350,000 for the American Red Cross too!  They also have this annual drive during the holidays called “Grab and Give” where they have provided over 2 million meals.

Vitamin Angels-

Vitamin Angels is a program that helps those in need and at high risk, such as expectant mothers, young children and new moms.  It’s goal is to really serve undeserved communities around the U.S. and in 74 countries around the world.  To learn more about Vitamin Angels, their financial transparency and accountability, head to vitaminangels.org.

The whole idea of Vitamin Angels was birthed out of a strong desire to give mothers and children the best possible life through nutritional help.  Sprouts has committed with Vitamin Angels to help support their initiative to eliminate infant mortality due to vitamin deficiency disease by year 2030.  This initiative will help mothers around the world get the prenatal vitamins they need to ensure healthy babies.  What an amazing movement and cause to be a part of!

Since 2014 alone, Vitamin Angels and Sprouts have reached over 6 million kids with vitamin A and de-worming tablets.  They are literally changing the course of these children’s lives one supplement at a time!  Through August 29th at the Mill Creek Sprouts, every time a product is purchased from a list of more than 1,000 qualifying items throughout the store, .25 will be donated to Vitamin Angels.  These add up quickly and provide change for so many!

As you can see, shopping at Sprouts is a no brainer.  When you shop there you are creating ripple effects for generations to see!

I can’t wait for you all to experience Sprouts!  If you’re in the greater Seattle area then put August 15th on your calendar, Sprouts grand opening in Mill Creek.  This is the first Washington store!  For more information on the Mill Creek opening check out the press release here.

Have you shopped at Sprouts yet?

Ways to Save at Sprouts + Sprouts Brand Products

Ways to Save at Sprouts + Sprouts Brand Products

Ok, I am excited to share with you all today ways to save at Sprouts + Sprouts Brand Products!  I talked all about Sprouts last week and why I’m so excited a store is opening up near me in Mill Creek, Washington!  The store opens Aug. 15th and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Sprouts makes healthy living fun and doable!

A lot of people ask me how to save money when living out an organic and natural lifestyle.  My biggest tip I give anyone is to know where to shop and shop smart.  In this blog post I’m going to share where I like to shop and how I save money shopping there.

So it’s no secret shopping at Sprouts can save you some serious money!  Not too mention time as well.  It’s so nice when you can get your non-toxic household cleaning items, some clean beauty items and your groceries at the same store- my kind of store.  With Sprouts there are a few tips that can help you save even more money!  And who doesn’t like to save money?!

Ways to Save Money At Sprouts-

  • First Download the Sprouts App On Your Phone.  This is where all the sales action is happening!  You can see their weekly adds on the app by just inputing your zip code.  It will tell you the specific adds in that store for the week- how cool!  Plus, they have mobile coupons on the app and a My savings and Barcode section where it has everything that’s on sale for that day, the weekly ad, mobile coupons and checkout challenges.  Checkout Challenges usually consist of purchasing several items and then getting items for free in return.  Plus you can build a shopping list on the app, and place a catering order too!  You can even discover recipes on the app and learn so much about healthy living.  Can’t recommend getting the app enough!
  • Sprouts Brand Products.  Another way to save money and still get quality products is to look for the Sprouts brand products.  On the app you can just go to the products tab, and then click on Sprouts Brand.  It will show you Sprouts brand products, the price and then you can add them to your list as well.  Sprouts is committed to bringing the best of the best to their product brand.  From grassfed, organic, gluten free and more. You won’t be skimping on quality when it comes to Sprouts brand products.  What’s great is the Sprouts brand products are significantly cheaper than other brands too.  A win/win for the customer!  Look for the products with the Sprouts label when shopping.
  • Double Ad Wednesdays.  Because Sprouts ads go out on Wednesdays and end on Wednesdays there is always an overlap where you can save double on products!  Two ads on one day means some serious double savings!
  • Deals of The Month. You can also save money by always knowing the deals of the month at Sprouts. On the Sprouts app you can click at the bottom of it where it says Deals of The Month and download all the deals Sprouts is having!  There usually is at any given time at least 2,000 deals going on!
  • Weekly Specials.  Each week there is also an ad that tells of all the weekly specials.  It comes out on Tuesdays and can be found on the app as well as the local newspaper often, in the mail or delivered to your inbox every Tuesday.  Sign up here to receive it!

It’s pretty clear that shopping at Sprouts makes it pretty easy to save you money on quality products!  Don’t forget to download the app and subscribe to Sprouts newsletter to get the most up to date info. on all their sales.

I can’t wait for you all to experience Sprouts!  If you’re in the greater Seattle area then put August 15th on your calendar, Sprouts grand opening in Mill Creek.  This is the first Washington store!  For more information on the Mill Creek opening check out the press release here.

Have you shopped at Sprouts yet?

Sprouts’ Grand Opening in Mill Creek Washington

Sprouts’ Grand Opening in Mill Creek Washington

So excited to share with you about Sprouts’ Grand Opening in Mill Creek Washington!  I was first introduced to Sprouts’ on trips to California, and Texas and instantly fell in love with their whole philosophy and shopping experience.  Then when I found out they were opening a store near me in Mill Creek in Washington state I was over the moon!  Sprouts’ makes the whole process of buying whole foods easy and affordable.

The Mill Creek Sprouts’ opens on August 15th!  This is Sprouts’ 18th state- so exciting!  I can hardly wait- you could say I’ll be there with bells on. So what makes their shopping experience so special.  Well, several reasons. One of the biggest reasons I’ve loved shopping there is because they offer fresh, natural, and organic foods at great prices!

Why I Love Shopping at Sprouts:

  • It’s my one stop shop for eating real, whole foods.  I can buy not only my produce there, but my meat, dairy products, natural body care and household items.  They cover the whole spectrum when it comes to health and wellness. I can get all I need in one trip!  Something that makes this mama very happy.
  • Sprouts’ makes eating healthy affordable.  Often you hear eating healthy is expensive.  But when shopping at Sprouts’ you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.  They make healthy eating accessible for anyone.  They just recently opened their 300th location!  Their produce selection alone is always 20%-25% lower than traditional grocery stores.
  • They carry around 18,000 products, 90 percent of which are natural or organic! How cool is it to know you’re shopping at a grocery store that takes natural and organic food seriously and embraces healthy living.
  • I love how specific Sprouts’ gets with their quality and product selection.  When shopping at Sprouts’ you can know exactly what you’re buying with their specific health attributes.  For ex. you can see if meat is grassfed, or if cheese is raw or organic by their easy to read labels.  They also have highly trained butchers that can cut anything to your liking, share tips, best practices and recipes.  Plus, they are able to sell quality meat that’s never frozen.
  • Great for healthy on the go.  Their market deli is a great option for those who are in a hurry and need quick options for eating real food.  You can make your own sandwiches, grab a fresh juice, grab some salad from the salad bar or soup.
  • One of my favorite things is the wide array of natural body and beauty options available.  I literally can grab some deodorant and toothpaste when picking up my groceries- I love how easy Sprouts’ makes living a natural lifestyle.  You can even grab your supplements from there too!  Say goodbye to running to several different stores- Sprouts’ has streamlined the whole experience.
  • Their weekly ads.  Their weekly ads are great because you can see what’s on sale!  They organize it so well from bulk sales, produce sales, dairy, etc.  Making it so easy to help plan out your meals based on what’s on sale.
  • Sprouts’ App.  The Sprouts’ app is something I just discovered but will be using a ton!  It shows you their weekly ads easily, offers mobile coupons to save the most on items you love and helps you earn check marks on certain purchases with their Checkout Challenges.  When you earn check marks you’re able to unlock instant rewards at checkout.

As you can see there are so many reasons to love Sprouts’!  One of the things I noticed right away with Sprouts’ was how it didn’t feel overwhelming.  Many times grocery stores are so large and you can get lost but not with Sprouts’.  Yet, I love how it’s bigger than many small health food stores.  I don’t feel like I have to stop anywhere else because Sprouts’ offers it all.

I can’t wait for you all to experience Sprouts’!  If you’re in the greater Seattle area then put August 15th on your calendar, Sprouts’ grand opening in Mill Creek.  This is the first Washington store!  For more information on the Mill Creek opening check out the press release here.

Will you be at the Sprouts’ Mill Creek Grand Opening? Have you shopped at Sprouts’ before?

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