February’s Natural Beauty Box Roundup

February’s Natural Beauty Box Roundup

Excited to share with you February’s natural beauty box roundup!  From natural hair products to natural skincare- I’ve got something for everyone.  I always love seeing what’s in the beauty boxes for each month.  It’s a little gift to myself each month!  If you’ve been looking for a gift idea for someone or maybe even a Valentine’s Day gift idea, a natural beauty box would be a great place to start.

Beauty Heroes: February Discovery- Tabitha James


Tabitha James Kraan Beauty Heroes

Beauty Heroes February natural beauty box features Tabitha James Kraan.


This month we are seeing Tabitha James Kraan in February’s Beauty Heroe’s Box.  This box contains both her Clean Shampoo and Conditioner and Hair Oil.  Tabitha James Kraan is from the UK. She is a stylist herself, so she really understands what the hair needs and wants.  Something I appreciate as a hair stylist too!

After researching organic and biodynamic ingredients she realized she wanted to create products that were clean but effective.  She knew in order to achieve this she would have to do this on her own.  In 2013, Tabitha James Kraan Hair Organics was started.  With hair as their passion, they seek to create innovative products.

Heroic Product: The Clean Shampoo and Condtioner – The Clean Shampoo works at detoxifying the hair. Especially great for those who are transitioning from conventional shampoos and conditioners.  It creates a lather, but not using harsh synthetics.  It is scented with 100% essentials oils of tea tree, rosemary, tangerine, lavender, myrrh, bergamot and neroli.  The smell is completely natural but still pretty strong.  If you are sensitive to scent, it might be too much.  When I used it, I found I needed to wash my hair a couple times for it to really get that clean feeling.  I also think it can take a while for hair to get used to the shampoo and conditioner.  

Sidekick: Scented Organic Hair Oil-The hair oil is great to apply to the scalp and hair before shampooing and conditioning.  This really can help promote shine and restore lackluster locks.  I applied it to my scalp and hair an hour or two before shampooing to deeply nourish and hydrate my hair.  I found I only needed a small amount especially for my find and thin hair. For me this would be something I would use every month.  It can also be using as a finished product on dry hair to add some shine.

Best part is you can get this fabulous box right now for such a steal!  This box is valued at $122 but you can snag it for $42.95.  Hop on it now if you’re thinking of getting it.  Get Beauty Heroes February’s Discovery here!

The Clean Beauty Box(formerly Art Of Organics): February Box Featuring LILFOX-


The Clean Beauty Box LILFOX

Clean Beauty is featuring the lovely LILFOX for the February box.


Cleopatra Restorative Milk + Honey Beauty Mask-   This is a dry mask.  I really appreciate dry masks at times for a good detox, and also because they last longer than a traditional mask since they aren’t activated until you mix them with water.  I feel you get the full potency right as your mixing it with water, creating for yourself your own little spa treatment.  The mask incorporates coconut milk, crushed rose petals, honey and french rose clay.  Plus resurfacing enzymes of pineapple and papaya.  I typically am not drawn to dry masks, because my skin is dry and they tend to detoxify so well that my skin is also left feeling quite taut.  But I must say the Cleopatra was a different mask all together.  It really exfoliated my skin more than any other dry mask has and gave it such a smooth feeling.  My skin didn’t feel moisturized necessarily but that isn’t the job of a detox mask.  My makeup went on smoother and I felt I had a little skin resurfacing right in my own bathroom-not too shabby!

Aphrodite Rose Quartz Infused Rose Toning Mist- This rose mist smells amazing.  The rose isn’t overpowering at all-but subtle.  Rose is so soothing and this toning mist gives off that vibe completely.  I love spraying it on after I cleanse my skin before my serums and oils.  It’s the perfect skin balancer.  It leaves my skin feeling moist and supple.  Did I mention the glass containers-oh yeah I did, well I just love them!

This box is perfect for a good skin detox. The box is valued at $112, but you can get it right now for $41.95! Such a great box and the price is amazing! Snag the The Clean Beauty Box here!

The Detox Box For February: Fitglow Beauty


The Detox Box February Box

The Detox Box is on fire this month with Fitglow Beauty Products!


Vegan Good Lash Mascara- It gives my lashes volume, separation and some drama.  It definitely lifts them up and creates a lash that you can’t help but notice!  I love how you can build the formula on top of your lashes.  The formula is overall thicker but easy to apply to the lashes.  The brush on it is different than any other I’ve used.  It starts out wide and then gets narrower.  Great for getting the bitty lashes in the corner of the eye.

Vita-Active Serum- This serum is meant to be worn underneath a moisturizer.  It isn’t hydrating on it’s own.  It’s packed full of Plant Stem Cells.  These help the skin repair itself, and turn over quickly to reveal a newer, more radiant complexion.  It has a combo of 20% Vitamin C and 20% Botanical Hyaluronic Acid-a powerful skin duo!  The serum is also vegan.  Oh and before I forget this serum smells so good-like orange creamsicles.  The biggest thing I noticed overall with the serum is my skin seemed more radiant.  My skin looked more even too.  The redness I had in spots had faded.  I love that it’s not a moisturizing oil/serum, but just a serum.  I feel like it targets my skin better this way…no oil to get in the way.  A great serum for those wanting to see results. 

Eye C Firm-  This Eye C Firm cream for under the eyes is such a great under eye taskmaster.  It absorbs so well, leaves the skin feeling firm and gets in there and deliveries key nutrients like coQ10, caffeine, peptides and Vitamins C and K.  I use my ring finger(least amount of muscles) and pat in a small amount right underneath the eye area.  I apply it morning and evening.  You can even put it in the fridge overnight and apply it in the morning for a cooling and de-puffing effect!

This is such a stellar box!  The value is $166 but you can snag the box for $55!  Snag the box before it’s too late.  Grab The Detox Box here! 

Boxwalla February Box- Siam Seas-


Boxwalla February Box Siam Seas

Boxwalla February Box featuring Siam Seas.


Boxwalla is a nice change of pace for a natural beauty box because it’s only delivered bi-monthy.  It’s a little different from the monthly boxes.  It really focuses on curating specialty products from natural skincare artisans.  It’s always a treat to see what is the box every other month.

Body Serum- This body serum is so luxurious and really so unique.  I haven’t used anything like it before!  It’s not a body oil, or a cream but a serum.  It would almost seem like it’s not going to hydrate as well but then you apply it to your skin and it drinks it up.  It not only is hydrating but it doesn’t leave your skin with a oily residue or sticky feeling at all.  I love applying it after I bathe.  I honestly can’t get enough and have been reaching for it constantly!

Clear Skin Serum- This is also a unique product.  This serum is really a powerhouse when it comes to delivering antioxidants to your skin.  It contains Vitamin C and platoon extracts to help with skin texture, smoothness and to brighten and minimize redness.  When I first applied it, it felt different because there were tiny granules but once you worked it into your skin they completely disperse.  Leaving you with a glow!

This is another box from Boxwalla that really hits the marks when it comes to unique products that deliver results!  I would snag this box before it’s sold out!  Word on the street they’re going fast!  Get the box here!


clean beauty box

Sharing my top 4 clean beauty boxes on the blog for February!

Beauty Heroes March Discovery: Siam SEAS

Beauty Heroes March Discovery: Siam SEAS

 Beauty Heroes March Discovery: Siam SEAS is rocking!  I had never tried this company until the Beauty Heroes box this month.  I know that with each Beauty Heroes box comes quality.  I’m always intrigued by the selection of products.  They aren’t just some random products but truly special.  This month was another special box that left me wanting to try more from Siam SEAS!  If you haven’t heard of Beauty Heroes or aren’t familiar with the brand, allow me to introduce you.  If you know all about this luxe beauty box you can skip the next paragraph and dive into the full review!

Beauty Heroes was founded by Jeannie Jarnot.  A longtime spa director herself and healthy beauty expert.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie at IBE, and she is truly one of the sweetest people.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty service that selects only the best clean beauty brands.  Each month you can find one to two full size truly heroic products in each box.  The products typically range from skincare to haircare products.  However, every 3 months Beauty Heroes offers a makeup box as well that’s optional for members or non-members.  I absolutely love their “Use Less, Love More” philosophy.  By only getting one or two products, you allow yourself to truly experience them.  Of course you can trust their picks, as they are strict on their integrity standards.  What’s not to love about this whole concept?  As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such a movement.

Ok, let’s dive into the review for this month’s box.  It’s all about Siam SEAS this month. First let’s talk about Siam SEAS and what makes this green beauty skincare line stand out.  Siam SEAS really is an artisan skincare line that focuses on creating a ritual with skincare and focusing on South East Asian ingredients.  As I learned more about Siam SEAS I was instantly in awe of the beautiful blending they’ve done of incorporating traditions used by their ancestors long ago and their sacred art of self care.  It isn’t a mystery were missing a lot of these traditions in today’s culture.  However, through Siam SEAS I believe a bit of the magic of long ago has been kept with formulas being made consciously and carefully.  In the end, you not only have products that have been made from nature’s best but also a sense of culture- reminding us to take a step back and enjoy the moments we have.

I’ve always been intrigued by Asian’s skincare regimen.  I believe they really do hold some of the greatest tried and true formulas and traditions for cultivating glowing skin.  Siam SEAS introduces this concept with a blend of Western and Eastern botanicals.  With their knowledge of herbs and careful attention to keeping them in their purest state, Siam SEAS takes the art of skincare to the next level.  I was beyond elated to dig into their creations!

Hero Product: Yen- Heal and Hydrate Toner

This toner is unlike any toner I’ve used.  It sounds weird to even say that- I mean what’s so special about a toner you might ask?  Well, a lot!  First off it’s not really a toner but more of a botanical water enriched with aloe vera, geranium, cucumber, lavender and chamomile hydrosols with tamarind extract, and terminal bellirica that helps to go deep and moisture for an all over glowing complexion.  Yeah, this isn’t just water and some witch hazel friends, this is next level when it comes to an activated toner!  It also has cucumber seed, prickly pear, sacha inchi, alma extract, raspberry and squalene oils that help hydrate skin too. Plus, it’s scented with peony, frankincense extracts, champaca, ginger lily CO2, vanilla CO2 and rose geranium.

Not only does it soothe and hydrate the skin but it also penetrates deep into the subnormal layers because of it’s unique dual action delivery system. It really helps to clam inflammation and deliver skin nutrients like antioxidants to nourish skin.  I was fascinated to learn that the formula also contains mushroom proteins. These proteins leave a gel like consistency on the skin that help with skin elasticity and protects the skin against moisture loss.  It’s really a moisturizer and toner in one!

I found the spray to be too harsh, so I sprayed it on a reusable cotton round and then applied it on my face.  It feels calming and soothing to the skin. Yet it also hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling like it had a good drink of water.  The perfect product before applying serums or oils.

Sidekick: Morning Delight All-In-One Morning Cleanser

This sidekick really could be it’s own heroic product in my opinion.  It won my heart over!  It is meant to be a cleanser for the morning but I found it to be perfect at night too.  I used it on dry skin to remove makeup and dirt from the day and it removed it all beautifully and without any eye stinging at all.  Plus, my skin felt so smooth and hydrated after but not greasy or oily.  I just LOVE the consistency!  It works great in the mornings too.  I can’t get enough either way.

It’s made with a combination of high oleic and high linoleic oils and castor seeds oils.  This helps to draw out dirt from the skin.  Also in the formula is a blend of Gotu kola, aspen bark and hibiscus roselle.  This combination works at exfoliating the skin and giving you the smoothest skin on the block- but really!  It also includes papaya enzymes that help to lightly exfoliate skin even more.  This cleanser truly embodies  what a cleaner should be- not only does it clean the skin but nourishes it at the same time.  The scent is lovely too.  With notes of yellow mandarin, frangipani and siam wood oils.  The scent transports you to another world.

This month’s Beauty Heroes is definitely a special skin treat.  I truly have loved getting to know the brand Siam SEAS and experiencing their luxe creations.  I really feel each product is thoughtfully and carefully made.  If you’ve never been a Beauty Heroes subscriber I recommend signing up! This month is too good to pass up and word on the street is it will go fast.  The value this month was $105!  You can sign up here!

If you’re already a Beauty Heroes member, you know each time you shop in the Beauty Heroes store you get 15% off your purchase.  Stock up here on all your must have green beauty products!  Also, for the month of March, the love more promotion for Beauty Heroes Customers is their pick of either a PURIFY Face Wash or ACTIVATE Body Wash from LINNÉ.  Enter code PURIFY or ACTIVATE with any purchases $125+ from our Beauty Store to choose your gift. This is a stellar deal!  As both of the products from Linne are amazing!  Shop the Beauty Store here!  

Have you used any Siam products before?



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