Meet Suzi

The Founder

So much has changed since I started this blogging journey back in 2013. Allow me to fill you in on how it all came to be!

Before becoming a full time blogger I used to be an organic hair stylist…I’ve been obsessed with hair since I can remember and have been licensed for 18 years. I’m also a licensed esthetician and nail technician, and have worked in both fields.

I went to college and graduated with a BS in PR/Advertising. After working a bit in the field of PR, I realized my love for people and creating was not being satisfied as I sat behind a desk. So…I started creating again…cutting, coloring, styling, painting and giving facials.

You’re probably asking why Gurl Gone Green

So here’s the short of my journey so far. This quest on becoming obsessed with what I was putting on my skin, in my hair and everywhere else started when my mom bought me a book 11 years ago for Christmas called “No More Dirty Looks”…yes, please read it, and then read it again! It will hopefully change your life as it did mine. Now I can’t look at a tube of toothpaste without checking the ingredients. I had been aware of what I was putting in my body but had no idea what we put on our eyes, hair and everywhere else mattered too! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those granola eating, no makeup wearing chicks! On the contrary, I still wear makeup, love experimenting with my hair and love being girly…(ok maybe I do eat granola…homemade of course).

My Approach

I want people to know switching to a natural lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. I created this blog to simplify the process for you!

Did I mention I became a mom too?!

Yes, I’m a mom to two little girls, a boy and we just welcomed our fourth, a baby girl into the world. My purpose and passion for a natural lifestyle since having them has only grown. Now, I not only read beauty labels, but also every other product label that comes into my home. From cleaning products, to food and everything in between.

Download my ingredients to avoid checklist for personal care products!

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