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Wellness During COVID-19

Wellness During COVID-19

In today’s video I’m sharing what wellness during COVID-19 looks like for me.  From what supplements I’m taking to how I’m supporting my body with nourishing foods and how I’m sticking to my routine.  It’s so important during this time to make sure we are taking care of ourselves in every way.  Our bodies crave all the good foods and getting movement in.  Whether that’s through playing with our kids, going on a walk, or doing a workout at home.  Moving our body is not only critical for our bodies but also our overall health- especially our mind.  Our minds might being feeling anxious, or stressed, and it’s important to release that energy.  Working out is a great way to get those endorphins going and take back our minds.  Movement isn’t the only thing to consider during this time.  Supplements are another great way to make sure our bodies are getting all the right nutrients.  I’m sharing what I’m taking to support my overall immune system and some other foods I’ve been purposely eating more of during this time.  I hope my wellness during the COVID-19 recap helps you know what to support your immune system and overall body with right now.


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What supplements are you taking during COVID-19?



Supplements for COVID-19

Sharing all my tips for keeping your immune system in tip top shape during the Coronavirus.


10 Natural Products I’m Loving

10 Natural Products I’m Loving

Sharing 10 natural products I’m loving right now!  These are products in natural living, and natural beauty.  So many different products in the natural space these days.  From living to beauty.  I’m constantly looking for ways to help me be healthier and live a more natural lifestyle.  I want to avoid toxins but also still live a fun life.  Anyone else feel me on this?!  These are some new finds in the natural world that I think you’ll love as much as I do.  I’m dishing on my favorite organic coffee, the magic of eating sprouts and how you can grow them easily yourself, my new favorite clean mascara, some new body products and so much more.  Plus, have you ever wanted your kids to get up at the same time everyday?  Then I may have just the right product for you!  Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.


Watch my 10 natural products I’m loving video here!


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What are some of your favorite natural products you’re loving?



natural product faves

Sharing 10 natural products I’m loving in natural living and natural beauty.

35 Natural Products That Changed My Life

35 Natural Products That Changed My Life

I wanted to share with you 35 natural products that changed my life.  I really thought long and hard about these and wanted to give you products that truly made the cut for me.  I’ve been on the this real food journey for 10+years, this natural beauty journey for 8 years and creating a nontoxic home for 2 years.  It’s totally a journey but one that is doable!  Remember it’s not a sprint but a marathon.  Keep your sanity and slowly detox your life.  In no particular order here are 35 natural products that changed my life!


best Natural products

Josh Rosebrook’s Hair Spray is definitely a life changing product!


35 Natural Products That Changed My Life-

  1. Berkey Water Filter- I got a Berkley water filter for my home 7 years ago and I haven’t looked back.  After learning what’s in our drinking water I knew I needed to get a water filter.  The average drinking water can contain pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals- just to name a few.  Berkey is not only filters out all the nasties but also is pretty affordable.  You can choose what size you need depending on your family.  Get one here! 
  2. Puracy Stain Remover- I mean let it be known- this is a life changing product!  I have gotten blood out, breastmilk poop, you name it.  It works and is budget friendly!  Get it here!  
  3. Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper- I do this every morning and I can’t not do it now!  I’m officially a tongue scraper.  There is so much bacteria that lives in your tongue, especially in the morning.  This ensures you’re removing the bacteria instead of ingesting it all over again.  Get my favorite tongue scraper here!  
  4. Kosas Lipstick- These lipsticks are my fave in natural beauty!  They offer a ton of color options, are highly pigmented and last.  Plus, they’re hydrating.  Trust me, you’ll be hooked in no time.  Some favorite colors I love are Thrillest, Royal, and Rosewater. Snag a lipstick here! 
  5. Josh Rosebrook Hairspray- If you’ve been transitioning to natural beauty for a hot minute then you know finding a natural hair spray can often feel like a daunting task.  Well, I’ve literally tried them all and the only one that meets my standards is Josh Rosebrook.  Get it here and thank me later! 
  6. Live Botanical Honey Rose Mask- Basically my holy grail when it comes to morning routine.  I apply this to my face, while I brush my teeth and 5 minutes later I’m left with skin that glows.  It’s magic in a jar!  Plus, so budget friendly.  Use my coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20%!  Snag one here! 
  7. Pharmaca- Oh Pharmaca how I love you!  So as many of you know I’m an esthetician.  Well, I worked as an esthetician at Pharmaca years ago.  I loved it!  For those who don’t know what Pharmaca is, allow me to explain.  It’s your one stop shop when it comes to living a natural lifestyle.  They have natural supplements, natural beauty products and natural baby products.  There’s really not much you can’t find at Pharmaca.  I love how I can find everything in one spot, but I also love how Pharmaca is constantly having sales!  It’s kind of amazing.  They are usually offering 20% off all the time, which means more money in my wallet!  Shop all of Pharmaca here! 
  8. Elite Fuel Iron- This iron literally changed my life.  My iron depletion was severely low in the summer.  So much so that after workouts I would feel dizzy.  I knew something was up.  After having my blood drawn I saw that my levels were crazy low.  My naturopath recommended this specific iron supplement.  It had been shown to increase iron absorption much faster.  Usually if you take an iron supplement it takes a while to build up storage again.  I noticed a difference after a couple weeks!  Can’t recommend it enough! 
  9. Naturpedic Organic Mattress- Sleeping on an organic mattress is pretty life changing.  The amount of toxins in conventional mattresses is pretty disheartening.  Since we sleep a 1/3 of our lives.  It’s important to know what your sleeping on and what your body is absorbing.  My husband and I have LOVED our naturpedic mattress!  It’s seriously so comfortable.  This is the naturpedic mattress we have! 
  10. White Lotus Home Pillows- Finding organic pillows that my husband, myself and kids love has been no small task.  But thanks to White Lotus Home- it’s been so easy!  My husband literally won’t stop talking about his shredded latex pillow- he loves it.  My kids and I love our Kapok Pillows.  They offer such great customer service, can help you figure out which pillow is best and offer so many varieties depending on your pillow needs.  Use Coupon code: GGG25 FOR 25% OFF.  Check out all their pillow options here! 
  11. SOL Organic Sheets These sheets are a game changer! They’re soft, and not filled with toxins.  I love that they offer several options depending on what you like.  They’re luxury sheets but at affordable prices.  Check out the sheets here! 
  12. Fitglow Beauty Lip Serums- Say hello to your new favorite lip serum- but for real!  These are my favorite lip glosses in green beauty. I hadn’t found a favorite until I used these.  Now I can’t go back!  They aren’t sticky, or goopy like you might think.  They are so smooth, hydrating and nourishing.  The founder actually made them to act like a lip serum for the lips that is filled with antioxidants and vitamins.  Check out all the lip colors here! 
  13. Crunchi Foundation Brush- This foundation brush is EVERYTHING!  It’s so soft, love that it has a flat top and is vegan.  I know it sounds funny but when it comes to foundation brushes this brush takes the cake!  Get yours here! 
  14. Blendtec Blender- Yep, a quality high speed blender changes lives.  I’ve had my Blendtec Blender now for over 4 years and I can’t recommend it enough.  I love that it gets my smoothies so smooth, and can make nut butters.  It gets used at least once a day if not twice. Check it out here! 
  15. Cuisinart Food Processor- I didn’t get a food processor until this last year and I’m kind of kicking myself that I waited this long.  It’s seriously SO amazing!  I use it for my raw veggie bread, kale chip recipes, protein balls, granola bars- the list is endless!  This is the one I have! 
  16. Vitacost- where do I even start with Vitacost?!  I love this online health food store.  It has all my favorite natural products for food and living but at a fraction of the cost.  Plus, they’re always offering coupon codes!  I can’t recommend them enough!  Check out my Vitacost blog post here on what I like to buy.  Shop Vitacost here! 
  17. If you care parchment paper- I know how has a parchment paper changed my life- well it has, allow me to explain.  Parchment paper can actually be really toxic.  It’s bleached and can contain many toxic chemicals.  Things that you don’t want in your food and eventually in your body.  In comes If You Care Parchment Paper- it’s unbleached, and nontoxic.  So basically you can have your cake and eat it too!  I love using parchment paper everyday for cooking. It makes cleaning after cooking so easy!  Get your parchment paper here! 
  18. Body Love Book- This book really opened my eyes to how our bodies process sugar, carbs, protein, fats, etc.  If  you’re wondering why you’re feeling low on energy, can’t lose the weight, or other health issues- check this book out.  She breaks it down so simply!  Get your book here! 
  19. Honest Beauty Mascara- This mascara is my FAVE in natural beauty!  It works like no other mascara and stays put.  Plus, you can get it from Amazon for $14.99!  Grab one for yourself and a friend here! 
  20. Reusable Water Bottle- I don’t think I need to explain why this is such a life changer but I’ll give you a brief overview.  Plastic bottles aren’t going away and the more we stop using them, the more change we can create.  Plastic contains a host of problems in our bodies too.  Have you ever drank out of a plastic water bottle? You can literally taste the plastic!  Grab a reusable water bottle and change your life and the environment! 
  21. Raw veggie Bread Ebook- I love raw veggie bread.  Sounds weird but it literally has changed the way I eat and consume veggies.  I dabbled in raw veggie bread here and there but didn’t start consistently making it until 2018.  Wow, what a difference that made!  My hubs is addicted and so am I.  Imagine consuming a ton of veggies in a piece of bread that is made with healthy fats like nuts or seeds, olive oil and flaxseed…you would become addicted too.  I use mine for veggie wraps, dip in hummus, egg wraps, and to just eat by itself.  Check out the e-course I took here! 
  22. Excalibur Dehydrator- Have you ever made kale chips in the dehydrator?  Yeah, it’s life changing as well.  Once you make them in the dehydrator, you’ll never go back to the oven.  Plus, in the dehydrator all the nutrients are kept intact, since it’s not cooked past 115.  I use my dehydrator for making raw veggie bread too, fruit leather, dried fruit, sprouted nuts- again the list is endless!  Check out my Excalibur Dehydrator here! 
  23. Safe Sleeve Cell Phone and iPad Case- This is the case I use for both my cell phone and iPad to shield myself from harmful EMF’s. I love knowing that I’m not exposing myself to harmful radiation.  Check them out here!
  24. Beautycounter Countertime Collection- I’ve been using these for over 6 months and they’re literally changing my skin.  They contain plant derived retinol, antioxidants and peptides.  They seriously work!  I always tell people if you’re looking for products that deliver in natural beauty, then look no further, these are it!  These products are what are going to help with those fine lines and help to age gracefully.  Get them here! 
  25. Activ Whey Protein Powder-  If you follow me, you know I love Activ Whey!  It’s a goat whey protein that comes in vanilla and chocolate. Tastes amazing- you will become addicted.  It also   is so light, not heavy at all.  It’s completely different than cow’s whey.  It’s hypo-allergenic versus allergenic, is immune boosting and promotes healthy digestion.  Check it out here! 
  26. Primal Pastures– This grass-fed organic meat delivery box is next level!  From chicken, to beef, to pork- they deliver to your front door.  I love knowing that I’m getting quality meat and supporting farmers doing the right thing.  Check it out here!  
  27. Stasher Bags- These silicone bags have changed my food storage game for the better!  I don’t use plastic bags anymore.  But use these instead.  They aren’t leaching any toxic chemicals, and I save money because I’m not constantly buying plastic bags.  Plus, you’re saving the environment!  Get yours here! 
  28. E3 Live- This is an organic algae that has given me energy and helped my hashimotos.  I started taking it over a year ago and I have felt so much better taking it!  It gives my body all the nutrients!  Algae supports digestion and the immune system, helps with mental clarity, and brain health.  Trust me, this stuff is SO good!  Get your E3Live here! 
  29. Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation- I talk about this foundation all the time and sometimes I feel like a broken record but it’s because I just love it!  It doesn’t look heavy on the skin, covers redness, and creates and overall polished glow.  You’ll be loving how your skin looks.  I’ve tried all the natural foundations and this one always calls to me!  It performs just like it’s name- True Skin Serum Foundation.  I wear the color SF3. Snag it here! 
  30. Almond Cow- I never knew I needed this clever gadget until I started to use it- now I don’t know how I got along without it.  It makes making nut milks a breeze- I mean seriously so easy!  You’ll love it!  Get your Almond Cow here! 
  31. Greenpan Pots and Pans These are the best pots and pans I’ve used in the kitchen.  I can’t recommend them enough.  Things don’t stick like they used too, it’s so easy to clean and it continues to look good.  Plus, they’re not super expensive like other pots and pans. Get one here!
  32. Ursa Major Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant- I probably have tried at least 50 natural deodorants and then I tried Ursa Major’s Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant.  Once I tried it though, there was no going back.  This deodorant doesn’t mess around.  It doesn’t irritate my skin, and keeps me smelling fresh all day long.  I’m not the only one that thinks this.  This is my hubs favorite deodorant too!  Snag one here! 
  33. Kosmatology Hand Soap-  There’s hand soaps and then there’s Kosmatology Hand Soaps.  These hands soaps are squeaky clean, don’t dry out your hands(hello) and come in a ton of fun scents.  Get one for you and for a friend here! 
  34.  Dazzle Dry Nail Polish- I feel like a broken record but the proof is in the pudding!  This natural nail polish option is literally changing my life.  It acts like a gel polish but in all the right ways.  It doesn’t ruin or strip your natural nail like conventional gel polish does.  My nails actually feel stronger!  It also dries in 5 minutes- yes let me repeat myself, 5 minutes!  It also last for 7-10 days.  As a busy mom this is basically my favorite thing ever!  Check them out here!
  35. Silicone Straws- These are larger silicone straws but I love the large size.  Great for drinking water out of but also for drinking smoothies.  Things don’t get stick in the small straws and they’re easy to clean.  Get them here!  

See anything you love too?  What are some natural products that have changed your life?

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best natural products

Sharing my favorite natural products that changed my life.

Amazon Gift Guide

Amazon Gift Guide

Sharing my Amazon Gift Guide on the blog!  I had so much fun creating this for you.  It’s easy to push gift giving to the last minute.  I totally get it!  But thankfully there is Amazon to help make it super easy.  With Amazon Prime you’re able to get gifts in two days and sometimes faster with one day delivery.  Basically making all your Christmas dreams come true!

I know that the holidays can get busy and it’s nice to have an easy option when it comes to gift giving!  These are some of my favorite items I get from Amazon.


Suzi(Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.


*Check out other product faves here on my Amazon Store.


Amazon Gift Guide-


Honest Beauty Mascara- This is my favorite green beauty mascara and it’s on Amazon for $14.99!  Pretty much the best deal ever!  Get it here!

Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick- I get so many comments whenever I wear this lipstick!  It comes in a wand/tube package and I love how long it lasts.  I’m a huge fan of the colors Fearless, Passion and Forever.  Get them here!

Silicone Straws- I love these larger silicone straws for my smoothies and for getting my water intake in for the day.  Makes it so easy when you have a straw!  Plus, so much more environmentally friendly.  Get them here!

Aleavia Body Wash- This is my favorite body wash for my girls, baby boy and for my hubs and I.  It doesn’t strip your skin like traditional body washes and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth.  Are skin is made up of so many organisms- we want to feed the good bacteria.  Get it here!

Velvet Girl Bows- I got these for my girls and we love them!  They are so fun for the winter.  I’ve even for them too!  Get them here!

Velvet Girl Smaller Clip Bows- I use these more for Gracie since she is 3 and the above velvet bows are a little too big.  These are so easy to just clip in and instantly add some pizazz to their whole look.  Get them here!

Oster Titanium Infused Waffle Iron- This waffle iron doesn’t contain the harmful toxic teflon coating like most waffle makers.  Plus, it’s only $19.99!  Get it here!

Burt’s Bees Organic Blanket- We love this organic blanket we got for SJ.  We use it a lot when we are out and about.  It’s super cute too and reversible.  Get it here!

Blue Lotus Chai- I’m obsessed with this chai!  I’ve talked about it a lot on my instagram stories.  It’s caffeine free, organic and completely clean.  I mix mine with some aroy-d coconut milk and add a few stevia drops- so good!  I love that it comes in a powder form.  Feels like such a treat!  Get it here!

Primal Kitchen Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fuel- This is the best for making hot chocolate but not having the added sugars and nasty oils.  Instead it’s sweetened with monk fruit- plus you get the added bonus of the collagen peptides. Get it here!

Maternity Labor and Delivery Robe- I love this robe! It’s super chic looking and great for post baby.  But I would wear it even if I wasn’t having a baby!  It’s so comfy and inexpensive.  Get it here!

Magnetic Tiles- My girls love these building tiles.  They are great for travel too and so easy to add more tiles as you want.  Get them here!

Real Food For Pregnancy- This book is a must read if you’re thinking of having a baby or are pregnant.  It really outlines so much research behind traditional foods and the important of feeding your body real food.  Get it here!

Deep Nutrition- This book has changed my life!  Literally.  It is so thick and I didn’t skip anything.  I listened to it any chance I could and then ended up buying the book too.  Everyone needs to read it. Get it here!

Ergo Embrace Carrier- This infant carrier is amazing.  It’s soft like a wrap but is similar to a carrier since it has buckles.  Great for running errands, or just getting things done around the house.  My hubs and I love it!  Get it here!

Ergo Aura Wrap- I absolutely LOVE this wrap!!  I have tried so many wraps and always feel like they were too loose and just didn’t feel secure.  This wrap is perfect.  It doesn’t feel loose or too stretchy.  My baby feels secure when they’re in there and loves it.  It’s soft but has a little more structure than most wraps. Get it here!

Salt Lamp- I love our salt lamp! This is not only a great night light but also great for helping reduce EMF’s, provide air purification and create a sense of calm.  I have one on my night stand.  Get one here!

Moosoo Handheld Vacuum- So my brother and sister in law got me this as a gift for my birthday- I mean really it was my sister in law(God bless her). Let’s just say I’ve become besties with this little vacuum.  If you have children then you understand what I mean. 😉 This quickly picks up any mess, I’ve used it on my stairs, on my moldings for dust.  I’m convinced there is nothing it can’t quickly pick up.  Get it, and thank me later

Fourth & Heart Ghee- This is my favorite ghee and you can get it on Amazon!  This a great gift for a foodie.  They come in a variety of flavors.  Get it here! 

Smart Sweets Candy- This is one candy I can get behind.  It’s sweetened with stevia and has collagen in it.  No dyes or artificial flavors.  Get them here!

Fuji Film Instax Mini- This is such a fun camera to have for parties and events!  It gives you mini polaroids your family can take home with them to remember the special event.  Get it here!

Kosmatology Hands Soaps- If you’ve followed me for a hot minute you know I love these hand soaps!  They foam out and are squeaky clean, plus they don’t dry out your hands.  Get them here!

Wild Beauty- This book is so great for remembering to take some time for some self care and has some natural recipes to go with it.  Get it here!

Dry Brush- This dry brush is great for sloughing off the dead skin.  It really helps to improve circulation and detox your body.  Get one here!

Eco Tools Brush Set- If you’re wanting some clean brushes that perform and aren’t going to break the budget, these are a great option.  Get them here!

Green Tidings Deodorant- This is the first natural deodorant that I used and worked!  It comes in a variety of scents.  Get it here!

Stasher Bags- These silicone bags are perfect for storing pretty much any food.  I have so many and use them daily.  Say no to plastic and get these instead.  Get them here!

Silicone Cooking Tools- These are made of silicone on the end and bamboo on the other.  So great for cooking with and not releasing toxins. Get them here! 

Natural Bath Bombs- I get asked all the time what bath bombs are nontoxic.  I love these!  My girls love bath bombs.  Get them here!

Organic Bamboo Washcloths- I love these washcloths for my fave and for my kids.  They’re so soft and nontoxic!  Get them here!

Burp Bibs- These are essential for baby!  Otherwise I’m changing his outfit every couple hours.  Bonus, they’re really chic looking too!  Get them here!  

Organic Jammies For Baby and Kids- I love Burts Bees Jammies!  They’re organic and have so many cute prints.  I love that I can get ones that match my boy and girls.  Get them here! 

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser- I love this essential oil diffuser.  It looks so chic and works so well!  Get it here! 

Aila Nail Polish- This is my favorite natural nail polish.  It comes in so many fun colors!  Get them here!

Large Baskets- I love getting my baskets from Amazon.  They have so many options.  Check them out here!

Foam Roller- I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used this to get out kinks, great for muscle relief and flexibility. Get one here! 

Girls Curlers- Anyone else have their mom put these in them when they were younger?  Makes the mornings a little less hectic.  Get them here!

Christmas Movie Collection- This movie collection includes some of my very favorite Christmas movies!  A great gift for the Christmas fanatic.  Get them here! 

Celebration’s Cookbook- This is great for anyone who loves to cook and is wanting to make food healthier but still taste delicious.  Get the cookbook here!

Weleda Skin Food- This hand cream takes the cake when it comes to hydration.  It’s squeaky clean and is perfect for the winter time.  I love keeping it in my purse or diaper bag!  Get it here!


That concludes my Amazon Gift Guide!  What are your favorite things to get from Amazon?


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Amazon Gift Guide

Sharing my Amazon gift guide on the blog.

SOL Organics Luxury Down Comforter

SOL Organics Luxury Down Comforter

Sharing my full experience with SOL Organics Luxury Down Comforter on the blog.  I had been searching for an organic down comforter for a while and was so excited when I finally found one.  I had wanted to get my girls a down comforter for their beds for a while.  With Gracie transitioning to a big girl bed, I wanted to get them matching duvet covers but first I needed a down comforter.  I learned a trick when it comes to getting beds made with kiddos!  Just get rid of sheets and extra blankets and just use a down comforter instead.  It makes it so easy for them to make their bed when there isn’t a ton of blankets and layers to deal with.  Food for thought. 🙂


SOL Organics down comforter review

SOL Organics down comforter takes sleeping to the next level.


SOL Organics luxury down comforters live up to their name!  They are so luxe and cozy.  They are made with hypoallergenic 100% Canadian White Down, that’s responsibly grown and harvested and a 100% GOTS organic cotton cover.  They offer an all season 700 loft fill and a summer 600 loft fill- depending on how warm you want your down comforter to be.  I got the all seasons for the girls since they won’t be using any other blankets besides these.  My husband and I have the summer fill since we both tend to run a bit warm. 

I love that it’s a baffle box construction.  Making the fill even all over.  I let them air out for a couple days before I put a duvet cover over them.  They didn’t smell super strong but I always think duvets have a little smell right out of the bag and then they’re fine once aired out.  

My girls love them!  They can make their bed super easy and they stay warm at night.  I love how easy it is just to wash their duvet and call it a day, instead of washing a comforter, plus sheets.  I love knowing that my girls are not being exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides with the organic cotton cover.  It gives this mama peace of mind.  


SOL Organics down comforter review

Having a bad night sleep with SOL Organics Down Comforter isn’t an option!


I also wanted to share my experience with our SOL Organics down comforter. I had a down comforter in the past but it wasn’t organic.  I also sometimes would get too warm, and my husband too.  We both tend to run a little warm as I mentioned earlier, so when I saw that SOL Organics had a summer down comforter I couldn’t wait to try it!  The summer down has 600 fill, compared to the all season 700 fill as I mentioned above.  Making it a little less heavy.  I love how it lays flat and even, something that my last didn’t do.  It is the perfect temperature for my husband and I!  We both don’t get too hot and feel comfortable all night long.  I can’t recommend it enough.  It really hits all the marks for a clean organic down comforter and also isn’t too warm.  Check them out here!

Also, check out my review on SOL Organics sheets here! 

Have you found an organic down comforter that you love?


SOL Organics down comforter

SOL Organics down comforter takes sleeping to the next level.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Natural Holiday Sales

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Natural Holiday Sales

I’ve got the lowdown on all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday natural holiday sales!  You want sales- I’ve got them!  From green beauty, and natural living- I’ve got you covered.  This is the time to invest in some serious natural loot.  

I’ve listed out the best sales happening as well as some of my favorite picks from each of the sites.  This is it when it comes to Black Friday/Cyber Monday Natural Holiday Sales!

*I listed them in order of category.  So Natural Beauty, Natural Home, etc.


Natural living holiday sales

So many natural products on sale right now!



Black Friday/Cyber Monday Natural Holiday Sales



Natural Beauty-


Beautycounter- Sale starts November 22nd- December 2nd.

*15% off sitewide + free shipping over $50.

  • Holiday Sets- No one knows what they’re bringing back after holiday, so it’s a good time to snag anything you think you might want! I’m obsessed with the Starlight Palette, Bright Eyes Treatment, Glow and Go Mini’s and Holiday Hand Cream Trio. 
  • Eyeshadow Palettes- I’ve been around the block in green beauty for a good while- 9 years and these are the best eyeshadows I’ve used!  They stay on so well and are highly pigmented.  Trust me- you’ll get it when you try them. I have all the palettes and love them!  There are 3 palettes- Classic, Statement, and Romantic.
  • Sheer Lipsticks- I love how these feel on my lips.  They’re hydrating, give a slight sheen and give the perfect subtle pop of color.  I have Rose- shimmering rose pink.
  • Countertime Line- I feel like a broken record but this natural anti-aging line with plant-derived retinols is literally the best!  I love all the products from the line.  The Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Essence, Supreme Cream and Tripeptide Radiance Serum.

Shop Beautcounter here!


True Botanicals- They’ll be giving 20% off site-wide Friday (11/29) through Monday (12/2).

*For every $50 you spend, they give you $10 to come back and spend on someone else for holiday gifting in December. (They automatically apply this to your cart and this offer expires on Dec 31.)  For existing subscribers, every item you’re currently subscribed to gets 20% off in its NEXT shipment.  I mean this only happens once a year people- stock up! I can’t live without the Antioxidant Booster and Cellular Repair Serum.

  • Antioxidant Booster- Got fine lines, sun spots?  This is for you.  It helps to give your skin all the nutrients it needs to repair itself!
  • Cellular Repair Serum- This serum is my go too! It’s full of antioxidants. I mix it with the Antioxidant Booster- your skin will thank you.
  • Aromatherapy Collection- These smell so good and are easy to have in your purse.  They have 3 different scents all made with essential oils.

Shop True Botanicals here!


Credo Beauty- Sale starts 11/25- 12/1.

*Free gift with purchase of $125. 7-piece gift includes(value $100):

    • Mini Goldfaden Brightening Elixir
    • Mini Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter in Nova
    • Mini Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Lift Serum
    • Mini Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream
    • Mini One love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil
    • Mini Evolvh SmartStart Leave In Conditioner
    • Snow Fox Sheet Masque in Japanese Cherry Blossom

Cyber Monday- TBA

Shop Credo here!


The Detox Market-  Sale starts Tuesday Nov. 26th- Monday Dec, 2nd.

*$15 off $100 purchase.  Get $40 off $200 purchase + get a FREE full size Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil ($44 value).  Get $100 off $400 purchase + get a FREE full size Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil + FREE Jade Gemstone Facial Roller ($74 value).

Shop The Detox Market Here!


Aillea-  Sale starts November 26th- December 2.

20% online and in stores. Online code: FESTIVE. Certain brands excluded (Josh Rosebrook, Kypris, May Lindstrom, Vintner’s Daughter). All sales final. Gift cards excluded. Cannot be applied to previous purchases. 
  • Kosas Lipsticks- If you follow me, you know I can’t get enough of the Kosas Lipsticks! I haven’t found a color I didn’t love.
  • Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation- This foundation is pretty amazing.  It covers but also still looks like your skin. I wear SF3.
  • Maya Chia Highlight of the Day- These liquid highlighters are the best.  I love applying them and then adding a powdered highlighter on top.

Shop Aillea here! 


Integrity Botanicals- Thursday November 28th at 8pm- Monday December 2nd.

 *15% off orders of $100 or more with code: IBBF15 and 20% off orders of $200 or more with code: IBBF20. Discounts exclude the following brands: Josh Rosebrook, La Bella Figura, Kypris, May Lindstrom & Vintner’s Daughter.  They will also be offering something on Cyber Monday if you are signed up for their newsletter. 

  • Fitglow Lip Serums- I love these!  They are similar to a gloss but not goopy and so hydrating.
  • Rahua- Love their hair products!  From shampoo to conditioners and their Enchanted Island Salt Spray.

Shop all of Integrity Botanicals here! 


Pharmaca- Now through December 2nd.

30% OFF Entire Orders with Code; GETREADY! Plus Free Shipping over $45!
  • Vapour Beauty- Love their Multi- Use sticks for lips and cheeks
  • RMS- Love their Un- CoverUp. I wear shade #22.
  • Inika Beauty- Love their liquid foundation, bronzer, eyeshadows.

Shop Pharmaca here!


Beauty Heroes-  Thursday, Nov. 28th- Dec. 2nd

Black Friday/Cyber Monday-

Offer: This Black Friday, shop like a member and save 15% in the Beauty Store. Members save an additional 20%.

  • All products.
  • All Past & LTD Edition Discoveries.
  • Plus, the more you spend, the more we shower you with Love More Gifts:

Spend $125: Receive Maya Chia The Optimist (50ml)- $29 value!

Spend $300: Receive Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask (.75oz)- $38 value!

Spend $500: Receive Tabitha James Kraan Scented Hair Oil (30ml)- $55 value!

Spend $750: Receive LILFOX Kalahari Eye Serum (10ml)- $68 value!

Spend $1000: Receive Graydon Skincare Full Moon Serum (30ml) – $87 value!

 ***Love More Gifts tier, so as you reach the next tier you also receive each previous Love More gift as well. Maximum Total Value: $277!!!***

Note: Laurel Skin Products ARE included in our Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion. As you know, this is the only time per year Laurel Skin allows products to be discounted.

 *some exclusions apply (Josh Rosebrook, Jewelry, and subscriptions are excluded)  

Shop Beauty Heroes here!


The Choosy Chick- Black Friday- Cyber Monday.

*15% off (no min. order) storewide with code: THANKFUL beginning Thanksgiving at 8:00 pm. The first 24 hours they will offer a “Web Buster” with every purchase:  28 Litsea Petala Lip Balm in a new holiday flavor: Vanilla Spice.  This will be given with ANY size order, but only from Thanksgiving through Friday 11/29. 
In addition, they are excited to announce the launch of our Holiday Green Glam Box – a Limited Edition selection of FULL SIZE bestsellers at an incredible price. $143 value for $99, and products have been handpicked from our bestsellers by our staff.
  • Quick Flick- This is a genius product!  It’s a stamp on one end and then the other end is similar to a sharpie marker tip- so easy to use compared to the paint brush applicators out there.  You just stamp it on your eye to create that winged look and then you can fill it in with the other side- so amazing!  It stays on great too! 
  • Eco Tan- I love this self tanner for body and for face.  It looks so natural and doesn’t smell funky.  Can’t recommend it enough!  Who doesn’t want to look bronzed in the winter?! 
  • Kosmatology Hand Soaps- I love these hand soaps!  They are literally the best in clean beauty.  They smell good and are squeaky clean.  I also love that they’re foaming soaps.  My hands never get dried out.  

Shop all The Choosy Chick here!


Live Botanical- Starts Friday Nov. 29th and ends Monday Dec. 2nd.

*25% off Use Code: GRATEFUL25

Shop Live Botanical here!


Leahlani- Friday November 29, through Monday December 2.  

*Save 20% off all individual products with code ALOHAFRIDAY. GIFT WITH PURCHASE:
Full sized Mahina Replenishing Elixir ($72 value!) with all orders over $200. The gift will automatically show up in your cart when the minimum is met. 

Shop Leahlani here!


Primally Pure- They have the best deodorants! My hubs loves the charcoal one and I love the blue tansy scent.  They really work so well!  I also love their simplified skincare products and dry shampoo.

  • Black Friday: Get a free 1.7 oz deo of choice for every $50 you spend
  • Small Biz Saturday + Sunday: Free Shipping on all U.S. orders
  • Cyber Monday: BOGO (buy one get one) on ALL Kits (Spa/Starter/Baby)

Plus use my code: gurlgonegreen20 for 20% off!

Shop all of Primally Pure here!


Osmia-  Cyber Monday!

*20% off sitewide on Cyber Monday!  They hardly ever have sales- so get on this. No code needed.

  • Body Soaps- These soaps are the best! I talk about them a lot, for good reason.  I love their coffee mint!
  • Night Body Oil- Want a seriously luxurious body oil?  Then snag this.
  • Black Clay Facial Soap- This soap I’m pretty sure has won awards- everyone loves it.

Shop Osmia here!


Kosmatology- Black Friday Sales & Cyber Monday.

*Black Friday Sale will run from Wednesday November 27 through Sunday December 1, 2019. Shoppers can use code THINKCLEAN19 to save 30% off their total Kosmatology product purchase, including gift boxes.

*For Cyber Monday, December 2, shoppers can save 20% off their total product purchase with code CYBER19 and save even bigger with FREE shipping on orders over $50 with code CYBERSHIP!

Shop Kosmatology here!


Root- Starts Thursday, November 28 at 6:00pm CST – Sunday, December 1.

*Check out all their deals and to save here!

  • Pearl Powder- I talk about this powder a lot- My fave powder foundation.  I wear G35.
  • Pretty Balms- These pretty balms give just a hint of color.  Great stocking stuffer!
  • Pretty Booster- Great liquid foundation!

Shop Root here!


Laurel- Friday Nov. 29th- Monday Dec. 2nd. SHE ONLY HAS ONE SALE A YEAR!  

*20% off using code: THANKFUL. She also has some free gifts with purchase. Spend $300 and get a free Spiritual Warrior ($80 value). Spend $400 and get both the free Spiritual Warrior ($80), plus her Antioxidant Serum ($96).

Shop Laurel here!


Aleavia- Sale starts Black Friday- Cyber Monday.

*30% off!!! Use code: BF30.

Shop all of Aleavia here!


OSEA- November 28 – December 2.

*Gift With Purchase- Free Hyaluronic Sea Serum ($88 value) with purchase of $135+
OR a Free Hyaluronic Sea Serum ($88 value) AND Anti-Aging Body Balm ($48 value) with purchase of $200+.

  • Atmosphere Protection Cream- This protection cream is one of the best.  It feels so hydrating for everyday wear and not greasy at all.
  • Ocean Cleanser- This Ocean Cleanser is one of my favorites! It emulsifies just enough to get all the makeup and grime from the day off but doesn’t feel stripping. 

Shop OSEA here!


Natural Beauty Boxes-


Boxwalla- They are such a special curated natural beauty box!  

*They are offering:

1) A Minimalist’s Skincare Routine: With African Botanics Le Masque Hydralift Intense and 5YINA Lucent Hydrolat and Beauty Oil .
Cost: $120; Retail Value: $360. Savings: $240
2) Masks and Moisturize: With African Botanics Le Masque Hydralift Intense, Malaya Organics Advanced Neem Repair Mask, Flower and Spice Soothe and Repair Daily Moisturizer.
Cost : $110; Retail Value: $340, Savings: $230
3) Pick ANY three Boxes (single boxes that are in stock on the one-time page) for $149 for U.S. customers (depending on the boxes they choose, savings will be around $400+ off retail) :

Shop Boxwalla here!


The Clean Beauty Box- Sale starts 11/26- 12/2. 

*20% off entire store with code: GRATEFUL20. Also free shipping over $50. 

Get the Clean Beauty Box here! They offer a bi-monthly box featuring some of the best natural beauty products. Plus they offer tons of “IT” clean beauty brands.

The Clean Beauty Box here!


Natural Home-


Berkey Water Filter- This is the water filter I’ve had for over 7 years- filters it all out! You have to click the link here and enter your email address in order to access Berkey’s sales.  This sale only happens once a year!  

Shop Berkey here!


Almond Cow- This is my favorite way to make nut milk! It makes it so easy! Does it all for you. They have one sale a year on Cyber Monday- TBA!

Check out Almond Cow here!


Sol Organix Organic Sheets- Love their sheets for all seasons.  Check out my full review here.

30% OFF using code: BF2019 for Black Friday and code: CM2019 for Cyber Monday. 

  • Love their percale sheets and sateen sheets!  

Shop SOL Organix here!


Huut Organic Bedding- These Egyptian organic sheets are amazing! Check out their site for all the deals. Check out my full review here.

  • We have the king Egyptian sheet set and love it!

Shop Huut Sheets here! 


White Lotus Home Organic Pillows and Organic Mattresses- 

*Use Coupon Code: GGG25 for 25% off! 

Shop White Lotus Home Here!


My Green Mattress- Nov. 25th- Dec. 2nd. A great budget friendly mattress!


Shop all of My Green Mattress here!


Smoothie Box- 

*They are offering 30% off your first box + a free mug!

I love that their smoothies are organic, low in sugar and have a healthy balance of protein and fat. 

Shop Smoothie Box here!


Minted- I’m obsessed with Minted! I’ve gotten my holiday cards through them the last 3 years, just got my full collage of photos in the mail to hang on the wall and love their stationary.  Plus, they have a brand new membership program that is amazing!

  • Just got these photo gifts in the mail and I’m going to make a collage.  They literally do all the work for you.  All you have to do is hang them up!  Saves this mama so much time.
  • Minted Holiday Cards- They look so chic and have so many designs to choose from.  Plus, I get mine printed on recycled paper- win/win!
  • Minted More is the membership program that boasts 30% off holiday cards, 20% off other Minted products year round, free shipping and a limited edition selection of handpicked design delights from our community of independent artists (valued at $160). The cost for Minted More membership is just $38 annually. 

Shop all of Minted here!


Seeking Health- Love these supplements!  Formulated by Dr. Ben Lynch, they are third party verified and legit!

15% OFF on Black Friday!!

Shop all of Seeking Health here!


That sums up my Black Friday/Cyber Monday natural holiday sales!  See anything you love? What are you getting this year?  Also, don’t forget to download my Natural Christmas Guides!  I have so many more options from green beauty, natural skincare, natural men, organic baby/child, clean living and more.  Check them out below!


Gift Guides- (To help Shop the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Natural Holiday Sales)



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