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Let’s talk clean eyeshadows!  Finding clean eyeshadow options has been hard.  They have to stay obviously, and need to look good too-so much pressure.  Ok, maybe not as much pressure as solving the world’s problems but all you beauty junkies get me!  So over the years I’ve rounded out my fave shadows and come up with a pretty good list.  I’m sure I’ll be adding to these as time goes on but for now these hit the mark.

Now, you might be thinking why switch up your eyeshadows?  Well, allow me to enlighten you.  Mainstream eyeshadows are full of toxic chemicals like lead, coal tar dyes and petrol chemicals-just to name a few.  Many of these are carcinogenic(cancer causing) and affect the nervous system.  And I didn’t even mention common toxins like parabens!  Yeah, not stuff you want to be putting on your eyes on a continuous basis.  Plus, your skin on your eyelids is so thin and highly permeable.  So whatever you put on, your body soaks right up.  Sounds like a toxic recipe to me!

Ok, so with mainstream shadows out, let’s talk about my fave eyeshadow picks.  Also, I wanted to share how I prep my lids before applying shadow.  If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s all about how you prep the lid to have lasting eyeshadow.

The All Natural Face Magic Vegan Eyeshadow Primer-

I’ve searched long and hard for a toxic free eye primer and I’ve finally found one that’s not only toxin free but works!  This primer comes in a wand form.  Just dab a little on each lid and blend out.  It dries a little and creates the perfect base for your eyeshadows to go over.  This has helped the longevity of my eyeshadows like nothing else!  I would also recommend using a mineral powder before the primer.  I always apply a mineral powder on my lids and then I add the eyeshadow primer…it’s like double duty.  My lids are oily and I need all the help I can get!


Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eyeshadows-

These were one of the first eyeshadows that I used when going green.  They are easily accessible(sold at a lot of health stores/shops) and they have a huge color selection.  A great transition over from mainstream eyeshadows.  They are pressed shadows and have a silky feel to them.  They offer great pigment and you can easily blend colors to create different looks.  They offer matte shadows, as well as shimmer ones.  Besides offering single shadow colors, they also offer shadow duos, and palettes with four or five different shadow colors too.  Similar to MAC cosmetics in color selection and price.  $19


GIA Mineral Eyeshadows-

Wow, where do I start?!  This is a big statement but these are definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows I’ve used.  I know, they’re that great.  Why do I like them so much??  Well, for starters they stay…the whole day.  In my transition over to green beauty products the hardest thing to find was makeup that lasted.  Sure, people could make products that were clean but would they stay on the whole day…that was the hard part.  That’s why I get so excited when I not only find a clean product but a product that is clean and has longevity.  The eyeshadows are a loose powder but highly pigmented.  I could add a lot of pigment or dub it down, depending on the look.  But at the end of the day, they looked just as good as they did in the morning.  I sampled the colors Chiffon, Dreams and Sunlit Brown and I loved them all.  Dreams was perfect for highlighting under my eyebrow, along my brow bone and in the inner corners of my eyes.  Check out my full review of GIA Mineral makeup here.  And use coupon code “gurlgonegreen” for 15% off.  $20


Zuii Organic Eyeshadows-

These shadows are another fave.  They offer a decent color selection and they stay put.  Not as silky as Jane Iredale’s shadows but offer great pigment.  I really like that they have quad shadows and duo shadows too.   The color Mustard is one of my faves in this line.  Goes with everything.  Their shadows look really natural and are great for those who aren’t wanting something dramatic.  They have a great selection of matte shadows as well.  This company is actually based out of Australia and they offer a whole makeup line.  $21.75


W3ll People Eyeshadows-

These are loose eyeshadow powders.  They don’t offer as much selection as other brands but the ones they do offer pack a punch.   These are really buildable eyeshadows.  You can get a really soft look or a more defined look depending on what you’re going for.  They also have a slight shimmer to them.  Nothing crazy or teen looking but just a little glow.  However, they do have one called Gold Twinkle that is truly a gold shimmer and super fun for when you want to play up a look more or for the holidays.  And at $16 these are affordable options for someone just starting their transition to green beauty.


These are my top picks for eyeshadows, see any faves?  What eyeshadows have you used?  Leave me a comment!



Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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