December Natural Beauty Box Roundup

I can’t believe December’s Natural Beatuy Box Roundup is here!  Where has the time gone?  I feel like it’s been deals after deals rolling in for Black Friday and now there are even more deals with December’s Natural Beauty Box Roundup.  I can’t say that I’m complaining though!  I love me a good deal.


*Be sure to keep checking back for all the Natural Beauty Boxes as they get announced:



Beauty Heroes December Box

Beauty Heroes December box featuring two brand new releases from Honua Skincare!


Beauty Heroes- Honua Skincare

This month we are seeing Honua Skincare in Beauty Heroes Box.  This skincare line gets it’s inspiration from the Hawaiian Islands.  It’s an exciting month for Beauty Heroes as the box is revealing two new products from Honua Skincare.  Their Mahealani Moonlit Glow Balm and their Lihau Refreshing Face Mist.

Mahealani Moonlit Glow Balm comes at the perfect time for winter.  It is made with some of the richest oils such as macademia and kakui nut oils.  Not only does this balm hydrate but also plump the skin with vitamin A, carotenoids and linoleic acid.  It also helps soothe the skin with blue tansy and chamomile.  This is a one, two punch for your skin!  You can use it whenever you want but at night is ideal as it really helps to lock in the moisture.  

Lihau Refreshing Face Mist is the sidekick product and feels so refreshing, just as the name suggests, on the skin. It contains sandalwood, neroli flower hydrofoil, aloe vera leaf juice and witch hazel.  This helps to give the skin some amazing properties that are anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  It also has hyaluronic acid which helps to seal in the moisture.  

This Beauty Heroes Box is valued at $100 but you can get it for $58.95!  Be sure to sign up for Beauty Heroes by December 20th to ensure you get this box!  Join here and get the December box!  


Boxwalla December Box

Boxwalla’s December box is coming in hot!


Boxwalla December Box, From The Earth Slowly

Lepaar is a new brand for me!  It’s an Australian brand made by husband and wife team, Johanna and Christo.  I love their whole ethos and what they stand for.  This luxury skincare line is biodynamic- something they believe to be beyond organic.  This is a skincare line that doesn’t mess around.  They create products from old practices that truly embody ingredients as a whole.  

Luxurious Body Firming Oil- Did someone say luxurious oil?  This oil truly feels so decadent on the skin.  Made with biodynamic olive oil, milk thistle, and camellia oil to name a few.  It helps to strengthen the skin, firm it and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  And did I mention it contains 24kt gold?  Yeah, there is a theme among all these products. After having a baby two months ago I need this!  

Luminous Beauty Balm- This beauty balm has 24kt gold in it!  I mean this is a beauty balm.  It surprised me because it feels different than a balm I’m used too but I love it.  It’s more hydrating in my opinion and leaves my skin glowing.  I can’t get enough of the glow it gives.  It contains pumpkin seed oil, kakadu plum seed oil, saffron, frankincense, and myrrh to name a few.  I apply this in the morning and at night.  It helps to seal in my serums and oils.  Such a great product for this dry winter air!  

Velvet Lip Balm- I definitely love a good lip balm.  These smackers tend to get super dry in the winter and start to peel.  This is the perfect lip product to keep them smooth and hydrated.  This little lip balm also contains 24kt gold!  I mean this is a skincare line I can get on board with!  It also contains, pink Himalayan salt, papaya seed oil (natural exfoliant), olive oil, calendula extract, saffron stigma extract, frankincense, and myrrh. It truly feels like a skincare treat on the skin.

This box is valued at $151 but you can get it for $49.95 when you sign up for the Boxwalla subscription.  Get the Boxwalla Box here! 


*Don’t forget to check back as I reveal more for the December natural beauty box roundup.


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December Natural Beauty Box

Sharing my favorite natural beauty boxes on the blog.

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