Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

My men’s holiday gift guide is here!  Anyone else sometimes have a hard time shopping for the men in their life?  Well, I’ve got your back and I’m sharing my favorite products you can get for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, or friend. I’ve got something for everyone.


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Men’s Holiday Gift Guide



 width=Abbott NYC Exploration Set Credo Beauty You probably aren’t surprised to see this on my gift guide.  I have been loving these fragrances and so has the hubs. This is a set of 8 unisex fragrances that depict nature and were inspired by different destinations. With names like Crescent Beach, Telluride, Mojave, etc you can imagine how fresh the scent is.  And, if the man in your life finds one he really likes, Credo Beauty carries larger bottles of the fragrances for next time!  My hubs loves the scent Mojave.  Check it out here!





 width=Beautycounter Counterman Collection I LOVE this collection.  Men deserve to have clean beauty products too and Beautycounter really delivered with this collection.  This line was formulated to address the unique needs of men’s skin and facial hair. This collection includes a Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, an Oil Free Face Lotion, Smoothing Shave Cream, Energizing Charcoal Body Wash and a Charcoal Body Bar. Everything a man could want! Get the full collection here.  





Beautycounter All Bright C Serum – This vitamin C serum really takes your skin to the next level.  It uses two forms of stable vitamin C and is formulated in such a way that it doesn’t lose its potency like many vitamin C products.  It not only protects your skin from environmental damage, helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles but gives your skin an overall brightness with camu camu and turmeric. My hubs uses this every morning so I definitely needed to include it on this gift guide.  I can’t recommend this enough!  Get it here!






Marie Veronique Shave Prep + Daily Wash – This is a lightly foaming daily cleanser that removes dirt and excess oil and preps the skin for a close, comfortable shave.  Marie Veronique is known for results driven skincare and this product is no exception.  Willow bark softens the hair follicles while lactic acid exfoliates.  The result is a deep cleanse with a smooth shave!  Check out the Shave Prep + Daily Wash here!






 width=External Battery- Part of me thinks every guy should have this if not for him, for his significant other!  I must confess to using it several times when my phone is about to die.  Especially nice for trips of any kind when you’re not sure where the nearest plug in is.  Get one here.






Socks- My hubs loves a good pair of socks. He’s into his socks.  I feel like I’m giving away all his secrets! The JCrew socks offer fun prints but also some subdued ones and they last.  I always stock him up on some good stocks around Christmas each year. Check them out here.





Mahabis Slippers- I got these for my hubs a couple of years ago and he still wears them a lot!  Not only do they keep his feet warm but they look so sleek and modern.  They have a removable rubber sole that makes them transition nice for quick outdoor wear to the mail box.  A little pricey but definitely worth the investment as they definitely last! Check them out here.



 width=LMNT Electrolytes- I have been LOVING these electrolytes recently. Whether after a good workout, being outdoors or just needing some extra hydration these are a perfect supplement to a healthy lifestyle. They offer a couple variety packs that feature their different flavors that would be a good place to start. My hubs has been really loving the lime. If you’ve never tried LMNT before, snag a free box with all the flavors and just pay shipping. If you know what you want, get your LMNT Electrolytes here.





Purity Coffee- The purest coffee!  Not only is the coffee organic but mold and mycotoxin free and tastes amazing.  My hubs is a fan.  He loves the dark roast.  You can get subscriptions too so you never forget to order your favorite coffee!  They also have coffee sachets that he loves.  It’s like a tea bag but filled with coffee.  Makes it great for travel! Use code gurlgonegreen to save 20%. Check them out here.  





Yeti Travel MugIf your guy doesn’t have one of the Yeti Travel mugs yet, this is a must.  They are super high quality and will keep his morning coffee toasty warm, keeping him refreshed throughout the morning but minus the plastic.  You can pick from a variety of colors and sizes to find the perfect one.  Get the Yeti mug here!





YETI Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler- Speaking of the Yeti brand, what guy doesn’t need a good cooler.  Whether he needs to keep his beverages cold, has to keep snacks cool while watching a kid’s soccer game or is bringing his family to a picnic, these coolers are so good.  These are an investment, but with the high quality and ability to keep things cold for such long times, they are well worth it.  Plus, they are so durable too.  Get it here! 




 width=Solo Stove Fire Pit-  My hubs continues to love this after having almost a year! He has the Yukon fire pit- which is their largest fire pit.  What makes Solo Stove Fire Pits unique is their ability to burn almost smokeless.  Their unique venting system and design allows it to do this.  Plus, it looks sleek and easy to keep clean and looking tidy- something important for me!  We’ve had some great memories around the fire pit.  A great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.  Get it here (plus check out the other sizes)!




 width=Ooler Chilipad/Ooler Sleep System- My husband is officially obsessed with his Chilipad! If you haven’t heard of this, it is a topper that goes underneath your sheets, and on top of your mattress to deliver cooling temperatures to your body.  It is a thermal delivery system that uses a water-based hydronic pad that keeps you cool at night so you can have better sleep.  They have the original Chilipad and the Ooler Sleep System.  The Ooler Sleep System includes all that the Chilipad offers but some added functions.  You fill a tank with water and it runs it through the pad delivering cooling temperatures with it. My husband who is a hot sleeper says this is the best present he has ever gotten. He has had  his Ooler Sleep system that he has used every night over the past year and has never slept better! For anyone that sleeps hot at night, this may be the perfect gift.  Get it here!



 width=White Lotus Pillows- Another way to get the men in your life better sleep is a better quality pillow! There are a variety of pillow options offered by White Lotus Home.  My hubs has the shredded latex pillow and he LOVES it and he says he has never had a pillow that he has liked more.  It is unique in that you can customize the amount of fill that is in it.  Just get a zippered case for the pillow when selecting the type of pillow and you’ll be able to take latex out if it’s too much.  I love this feature!  They also offer a more firm, 100% cotton pillow that I have and is also customizable!  Use code: GGG for 20% off. Get the White Lotus Home Pillows here.




 width=Minted- I love everything Minted does.  But I especially love the custom calendar you can make. These calendars are so fun for a grandparent that lives far away or for a dad to keep at work. Check out Minted here!




**Stay tuned!  I have more gift guides coming your way**


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