Mother’s Day Gift Guide (2022)

Sharing my favorites in my Mother’s Day gift guide 2022 to help you celebrate that special mom in your life!  These gifts are perfect for a mom, grandma, aunt, daughter, friend…or even if you need to get yourself something;). I am sharing some tried and true favorites as well as new discoveries that would be perfect as a gift. Check out my top picks to treat those special ladies and celebrate Mother’s Day!


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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022


Clearly Filtered Water Bottle- The same brand that offers the water pitcher and under the sink water filter that I love also has water bottles. And these water bottles can filter tap water on the go. It uses the same affinity filtration system and will deliver water that is free from up to 99.9% of 220+ contaminants. Use code GGG15 to save 15% (excludes replacement filters) and get the Clearly Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle here!


Fontana’s Bath Soaks- The gift of relaxation is priceless. While you can’t give that gift alone, you can give a clean bath soak that will allow that mom of yours some R & R. I first came across Fontana when I was looking for non toxic candles. Since, they have also come out with 100% natural bath soaks in a variety of scents.The ingredients are so clean and include Fine Dead Sea Salt that will provide vital minerals like Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, and Potassium to relax and soothe the body. There are also epsom salts to soothe and detoxify sore muscles. And not to mention coconut oil for moisturizing and soothing your skin. Check out their scents here! Use code GURLGONEGREEN15 to save 15%. 


Clove and Hallow Lip Velvets- I have loved these lip velvets for a long time, but recently got a new color in it and can’t stop wearing it!  The perfect everyday nude color.  My sister is even wearing the color on her wedding day.  The color is called Darling.  The great thing about the lip velvets is the longevity.  They last the whole day!  It’s a lip stain but thicker than a traditional stain.  I have several colors but I’m hooked on Darling right now.  Check them out here.


Coyuchi Sheets-  These sheets are a cut above and worth the money in my opinion.  They feel silky soft on the skin and hold up well in washings.   I also love that they don’t wrinkle as easily as other sheets.   Sometimes I feel sateen sheets can feel extra heavy but these don’t feel that way.  They have a lightness to them.  I have the color Mid Gray.  My husband is obsessed with them!  He has told me multiple times how he feels they keep him cooler at night.  Which is saying a lot from someone who is a hot sleeper.  If sateen sheets aren’t your thing, they also have percale, linen, jersey and flannel.  Your mom will feel so pampered with these sheets.  Check out Coyuchi Sheets here!


Maya Chia Power Fol Multi-Correctional Eyelash/Eyebrow Serum- I have been using this eyelash/eyebrow serum for a month and can’t get over how awesome it is!  I have always been a skeptic of eyelash serums to be honest.  I just hadn’t found any that worked- that is until using Maya Chia’s.  It doesn’t mess around!  My lashes were stubby and had fallen out after giving birth.  I have been applying this every night for 4 weeks and I can tell the difference!  They are longer already.  I’m continuing to use it- can’t see what they look like in another 4 weeks!  Get it here.


Evolvh Shampoo and Conditioner- My hair feels so bouncy and clean after using Evolvh.  And the clean feeling lasts for days!  I get so much volume from this shampoo and conditioner, plus it foams too!  I have found it to work for all hair types and it has a really great citrusy scent to it.  Any mom would love a clean shampoo and conditioner that works so well.  Check it out here!


Westman Atelier Makeup Brushes- These are a total splurge but what better person to splurge on then your mom!  These are hands down my favorite makeup brush in clean beauty.  So luxurious!  They are handmade in Japan and worth every penny.  I love the Blender Brush.  I use it for everything, from foundation, to blush- works so well.  Check out the blender brush here and the whole set here.


Organic Coffee- Let’s face it, most moms love coffee. So a gift of a clean coffee would be so appreciated! You can check out my full post on the Best Mold & Mycotoxin Free Coffee Brands here. Here are two brands you can’t go wrong with:


  • Lifeboost Coffee:   I had never come across a clean “flavored” coffee until finding Lifeboost.  Not only that but they have so many clean flavored options for decaf coffee- sign me up!  Typically flavored coffees have artificial flavorings and are anything but clean.  However, Lifeboost uses natural flavoring and essential oils to flavor their flavored coffee.  I tried the Decaf Hazelnut Coffee and Decaf French Vanilla Coffee. I love having a flavored coffee in the afternoon with a little coconut milk- so good!  I also tried their Decaf Dark Roast and love it!  Such a low acidity overall with a smooth taste.  It really hits the spot in the mornings.  Lifeboost is really next level when it comes to their sourcing and standards.  They not only deliver on flavor but also are squeaky clean! Use code GGG20 to save 20% on your order. Get Lifeboost Coffee here!


Glass Mugs (lead free)- I use these everyday for my coffee!  They look chic, aren’t too big and they’re free of lead.  It’s hard to find ceramic mugs that are lead free.  That’s why I ended up turning to glass instead.  Can’t recommend them enough and the price is great for a set of 6! They would also go perfectly with some Purity Coffee for a cute and non toxic gift for Mother’s Day. Get them here!


Pique Tea- I’m obsessed with this tea!  They are the cleanest tea on the market.  Using cold brew crystallization that maximizes all the plant actives.  Plus, it is triple toxin screened for heavy metals and toxic mold.  I’ve reordered it which tells me that there’s something to it.  I love taking the liposomal vitamin c and elderberry everyday for an immunity boost.  I call it my candy shot because it’s so sweet and always hits the spot.  Then I love their hibiscus beauty elixir tea for an afternoon pick me up.  It’s great iced as well!  I’ll add some stevia drops to it.  I’ve also added it to my smoothies.  Then at night the Reishi Calm Elixir is amazing!  It really does help to calm me overall and help me sleep- a game changer!  They have so many more teas too.  Check out their bestsellers here! 


White Lotus Home Organic Shredded Latex Pillow-There are a variety of pillow options offered by White Lotus Home.  My hubs has the shredded latex pillow and he LOVES it and he says he has never had a pillow that he has liked more.  It is unique in that you can customize the amount of fill that is in it.   Just get a zippered case for the pillow when selecting the type of pillow and you’ll be able to take latex out if it’s too much.  I love this feature!  They also offer a more firm, 100% cotton pillow that I have and is also customizable! You can read  Use code: GGG for 20% off. Get the White Lotus Home Pillows here.


by Rosie Jane- As a person who typically doesn’t love scents in general (whether natural or not!) the by\ Rosie Jane scents have still managed to win me over.  They are just so good!  These aren’t too strong and are more complex than just one fragrance note. It wears SO well!  It’s only $25 and you get all 7 of her scents in the cutest box!  A perfect gift idea.  Then once you’ve tried them you can purchase the larger size.  I can’t recommend her fragrances enough. I love the scents Madie, Blake, Angie and Dylan- clearly it’s hard to choose! Check out all of by\Rosie Jane fragrances here!


True Botanicals Extreme Cream This is one of the newest products from True Botanicals and let’s just say it took me by storm.  I have not stopped using it since the moment I got it.  It uses Chebula, a breakthrough bio-active antioxidant that fights five signs of aging. I have dry skin and so this works for me both morning and night.  The texture feels like a creamy whipped texture.  It instantly melts into your skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all.  The best part?  My skin literally feels hydrated for the whole day! Get the Chebula Extreme Cream here!


Lite + Cycle Non Toxic Candle- This is a brand I featured in my Non Toxic Candles post. This specific brand would be so perfect for Mother’s Day. The founder’s love of elegant aesthetics shines through not only in the choice of candle scents, but also the “extras” that she has designed to go with her candles. These candles are made from American grown soy wax, 100% cotton (unbleached) wicks and 100% Plant & Flower Oils. Get your Lite + Cycle Candles here and receive 10% off your order! 


Beautycounter Reflect Mask- This mask is brand new from Beautycounter and so good!  It uses AHA’s to help exfoliate your skin and give it an overall brightness.  You are left with the smoothest skin!  It’s like a facial in a jar, but you don’t have to leave your house.  I’ve been obsessed with it and I know any mama would be too!  Check it out here!


OSEA Body Scrub- Talk about a scrub!  This body scrub doesn’t mess around.  It is filled with Dead Sea and Himalayan Pink Salts, Bolivian Rose and Organic seaweed of course.  Plus, it boasts some Acai, shea butter and passionfruit that leave your skin feeling like butter.  I applied to wet skin and used circular motions.  My skin felt so refreshed and clean! A great way to pamper your skin. Use coupon code: gurlgonegreen10 for 10% off. Grab your Salt of The Earth Body Scrub here! 


OSEA Undaria Algae Body Butter- This is OSEA’s newest product– literally just launched early last month!  If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know my love for OSEA’s Undaria Algae Body Oil runs deep.  I absolutely love it!  So when I heard they were coming out with an Undaria Algae Body Butter I was beyond excited!  This body butter is just as you would expect: rich, creamy and truly hydrating.  It of course has the famed undaria seaweed and then whipped shea butter and ceramides.  It provides 72 hours of hydration!  I’m obsessed and am now on my second jar.  Not greasy but just truly hydrating! Use coupon code: gurlgonegreen10 for 10% off.  Get it here.


Blissfully Better Sea Salt Caramel Thins– My hubs found these and got them for me for my birthday and they are just so good! So, I gifted them to my V.A. for her birthday. And, we agree these are just so yummy! Plus, with clean ingredients you can enjoy these with no guilt.  Check them out here!


Leggings- As a part of my mom uniform, I have 7 pairs of these leggings. They are seriously so comfy! Although they are definitely a little more pricey, once you try them on you will see why. That’s why giving them as a gift makes it so much better. I even got a pair for my VA and she loves them!  Even her mom ended up getting a pair and loving them too. Check them out here!


Silk Pillow Case- A silk pillowcase is so good for your skin and hair and would pair perfectly with a new organic pillow. This is the silk pillowcase I have and would work so well as a gift!  Get it here.



What are you going to get your mom for Mother’s Day?!


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Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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