Sunday Lawn Care (Tested + Reviewed)

Let's face it...I do want want a green lawn free of weeds. But, I don't want to use the chemicals needed to achieve it when I know my kids are going to be playing there all the time. Well, in steps Sunday Lawn Care as a solution to getting exactly what I want, without the toxins of course!

Today we are taking clean living outside with a Sunday Lawn Care Review. As you know a green lawn is usually the result of anything but eco-friendly products. That’s why when I heard about Sunday Lawn Care products, I knew I wanted to have my husband try them out on our lawn.

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What Is Sunday Lawn Care?

At its core, Sunday Lawn Care is smart lawn care without toxic chemicals. They take the guesswork out of lawn care and save you a few trips to the lawn and garden store with their customized lawn care subscriptions. 

Sunday Lawn Care was started by two brothers who had a vision for better lawn care. Of note, Dr. Frank Rossi, an expert on turf care and an advisor for the grass at Yankee Stadium and Lambeau Field contributed his expertise to Sunday’s formulations as well.

Another unique selling factor is that their products are designed with safety in mind – for people, pets, and the planet. They help you create a greener lawn with products that work with nature and with each other.

Sunday Soil Test Kit
There will be a soil test kit included in your first subscription box – this helps to customize your lawn care!

What Plans And Services Does Sunday Lawn Care Offer?

Sunday Lawn Care offers the following four subscriptions along with a variety of add-ons. Throughout the growing season, you’ll receive shipment(s) that are curated for your specific lawn care needs.

Basic Plan

Includes a soil test kit and fertilizer nutrient pouches.

Keep & Protect

Includes the Basic Care Plan as well as weed control products.

Grow & Renew

Includes the Keep & Protect Plan and a grass seed or additional nutrient pouch.

Lawn & Paws

Includes the Keep & Protect Plan and Pet Patch to repair pet-affected areas on your lawn.

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box of Sunday Lawn Care products
Love the subscription model that Sunday Lawn Care has!

How To Get Started

It’s easy to get started with Sunday Lawn Care, simply sign-up with your home address and answer a few questions about your lawn goals.

They will then use that information along with unique geographical data from satellite imagery and science to customize a plan for your lawn.

In your first subscription box, you’ll receive a soil test that you will send back to see if any adjustments need to be made to the customized plan. Then expect to receive shipments throughout the growing season. 

In these boxes you’ll receive an assortment of lawn fertilizers, a sprayer attachment for your garden hose, instructions, and dependent on your lawn’s needs and subscription level – grass seeds, weed killer, and patch treatments.

Sunday Products Available

Sunday Lawn Care offers an array of products ranging from lawn care, pest control, garden, and even live plants and trees.

A subscription includes fertilizer nutrient packets but dependent on your lawn’s specific needs, you may want to opt for a premium subscription that consists of weed control or grass seed. You can also purchase a variety of products without a subscription such as Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom.

Here are the lawn nutrient packets available for your subscription:

  • Fall Fortify – helps prepare lawn for the winter months.
  • Grass Machine – supports healthy roots and green grass.
  • Grass Powerhouse – supports strong grass through seaweed extract.
  • Green Out – fortifies grass against weather, pests, and disease.
  • Heat Helper – helps grass survive through heat.
  • Iron Booster – supports green, healthy grass through iron and nitrogen.
  • Lawn Kickstart – promotes lawn growth through nitrogen, iron, and potassium.
  • Lawn Strength – supports a microorganism-rich soil through molasses and nitrogen.
  • Lawn Strong – promotes healthy soil through soy protein and molasses.
  • Lawn Vitality – encourages healthier soil and green grass through a nitrogen blend of soy protein and molasses. 
  • Mighty Green – promotes a strong, healthy growth of green grass through a high nitrogen blend.
Sunday Lawn Care Products
There is no guessing game when it comes to the ingredients used in Sunday Lawn Care products!

Ingredients Used In Sunday Lawn Products

Sunday Lawn Care uses mystery-free ingredients and strives to put as many essential nutrients as possible into each pouch. They follow the MLSN or Minimum Levels of Sustainable Nutrition guidelines for the best application and for the best results. 

Sunday Lawn Care makes the following statement regarding their fertilizers:

All of our fertilizers are fortified with ingredients like seaweed, humic acid, nitrogen and potassium that produce strong growth, as well as molasses to feed micronutrients and build healthy lawn ecosystems from the soil up.


  • Soy protein – a great natural source of nitrogen to help boost lush grass growth.
  • Seaweed – a powerful plant nutrient that we get from the coast of Maine.
  • Molasses – a plant derived source of minerals with sugar to activate soil life and build fertility.
  • Beet Juice Extract – contains glycinebetaine that has been shown to help plants thrive in stressful conditions.


  • Nitrogen – encourages the production of chlorophyll, which is a key component to a lush, green lawn.
  • Phosphorus – a little can go a long way in strengthening roots and seedlings so that they are able to properly absorb nutrients.
  • Potassium – helps to convert food into energy.Tell-tale signs of a potassium deficiency include disease, color changes, heat or cold injury.

Soil Amendments

  • Surfactants – break down adhesives thereby improving moisture retention in soil and improving patchy areas in your lawn.
  • Humic acid – comes from leonardite coal and supports water retention and nitrogen uptake, essential for a good fertilizer.


  • Calcium – can be especially helpful for soils that are overly acidic as it balances pH levels and increase nutrient absorption.
  • Iron – an essential micronutrient, iron also helps grass develop a rich dark green color.

Naturally Derived Pesticides

  • Pyrethrin – comes from chrysanthemum flowers yet is a powerful and safe pesticide, it’s also biodegradable. It can help control ants, mosquitoes, moths, flies, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, mites, and fleas. 
  • Spinosad – is a neurotoxin that serves as an insect deterrent for fire ants, thrips, leaf miners, mosquitos, fruit flies, and more. It’s important to note that it’s non-toxic to pets.
  • Iron – great for fertilizing lawns and for killing weeds. 
  • Herbicidal soap – this formula is approved for organic gardening but it is powerful and fast-acting at destroying the cells and cuticles of leaves, especially effective at getting rid of poison ivy.
  • Lemongrass oil – a non-toxic mosquito repellent.
  • Cedar oil – works as a fungicide and insect repellent. According to the EPA, it is a minimum-risk pesticide.

Ingredients that they don’t use include: 









Sunday Weed Warrior Bottle
You can get rid of the weeds in your lawn with Sunday!

Where Can I Get Sunday Lawn Care Products?

You can find Sunday Lawn Care products on their website here. You can also purchase some of their weed control and pest control products at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon, however, you can only get their nutrient pouches through an online subscription on their Sunday website.

Pros & Cons Of Sunday Lawn Care


  • No harsh chemicals used
  • Customized plan
  • Convenient subscription delivery service
  • Products for total lawn care – seeds, fertilizers, weed control, pest control and more.
  • Ease of use


  • Without the use of pre-emergent weed control products there will likely be more weeds that will require hand pulling and spot treatment.
  • Time and effort to follow their customized plan
Sunday Grass Seed Bag
Sunday gives you everything you need to have a fabulous lawn!

Sunday Lawn Care Reviews

A snapshot of some of the 5000+ reviews with an average 4.3 rating who have made the switch from traditional lawn care to a DIY approach to lawn care that gets results!

Loved the smart lawn plan this year! I’ve always struggled with keeping my lawn green through the hot/dry Summer here in Southern CA. But this year was way different! Stayed green and healthy all year long!

Started my treatment with Sunday over the summer and my lawn is looking great as we get ready for the winter! Just applied northeast nutrients, excited to see how it looks in the spring. Easy to use. Highly recommend.

We LOVE Sunday Lawn Care!!! We have been using it for three years now, and every year I get asked what we do to get such amazing grass. Not only is the system easy to use, but I feel good about using it. I am thrilled that there are only good things for the environment and no nasty chemical fertilizers. I am not concerned with dogs or kiddos being on the grass the day after I have treated it. We save so much water, too, since our lawn is healthy and not sucking up the water to stay alive. We have our custom plan set up, and everything ships directly to the house before it needs to be applied. I could not ask for anything more. You can see how most “grasses” look in the area we live..not us, we are lush and green-with half the water. I will not use anything else on our lawn! 

This was such an easy plan. They give you the products, dates to do it and easy to use packaging. An email will let you know if additional items might need to be done such as drought products.. love it and can’t wait to see how much better our lawn will look next year.

Conclusion: Do Sunday Lawn Care Products Work?

Yes, Sunday Lawn Care products do work! My husband initially found their products when we moved to our new home almost 2 years ago. He wanted something to bring life back to some dead patches of grass and also wanted to get rid of some weeds. Sunday Lawn products did all of that and gave the grass all the nutrients to continue flourishing, without the use of harsh chemicals. We have been impressed with not only the lush grass it gave us but the ease of using it too. Plus, the subscription model is so nice and convenient- you don’t have to think about ordering more lawn products!

Use code GONEGREEN20 to save 20% off full year lawn plans

Sunday Subscription Box
Non toxic lawn care has never been so easy as it is with Sunday Lawn Care!

Sunday Lawn Care FAQ’s

Does Sunday Lawn Care include pest control products?

Yes, Sunday Lawn Care provides a custom pest solution. You start by taking a quiz and then based on your needs they will send you a year’s worth of products with instructions on how to apply them and when to use.

What is the cost of Sunday Lawn Care?

The price for a full season custom lawn care plan starts at $109 a year. Factors such as lawn size, type of subscription, and add-ons will increase the cost of your Sunday Lawn Care Plan.

Does Sunday get rid of weeds?

Sunday provides a Keep & Protect lawn care subscription which includes weed control products. You can also purchase a la carte weed control products through their website.

How long does it take for the Sunday fertilizer to work?

With proper application and watering, you can usually see results in the form of greener grass in a week or two, however, it depends on the condition of your lawn.

When should I spray my Sunday fertilizer?

You’ll want to use your Sunday fertilizer after you have treated any weeds, pet spots or bare spots, and added grass seed. 

Lawns located in northern or transitional zones will need to be fertilized in the the spring and fall and less in the summer. Lawns located in southern zones, will need to be fertilized in the spring and early summer and less in the fall. 

Should I mow before applying Sunday Lawn Care?         

It is recommended to mow several days before applying Sunday Lawn Care products because mowing may disrupt nutrient absorption.

Has Sunday Lawn Care worked for you? Share your results below!

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