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Sharing the best of clean beauty July on the blog!  If you’re new here I post my top favorites for each month in a blog post.  These are often new products, or old products that have become staples again because of the season, etc.  This month there are so many NEW products!  I was excited to get this posted since I know most of you are also clean beauty junkies like myself.  😉 

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Feeling all the summer feels in July.  It’s finally started to warm up here and it has me wanting all things summer!  From BBQ’s, to swimming pools, and iced coffee- when the suns out I’m ready for it all.  Same goes for clean beauty products.  My skin tends to crave different skincare products in the summer, as well as  makeup products.  The warmer climate often means less is more and I’m totally ok with it.  

In this month’s best of clean beauty July I’m sharing about a curl cream that has been giving my youngest daughter’s curls a serious boost.  Plus, an enzyme mask and Sun Repair Serum that revitalizes skin post sun and a sunscreen that works for the whole family, plus an eyebrow pencil and body butter that has me swooning.  

Let’s dive into the best of clean beauty for July!

girl holding up an eyebrow pencil

On the right I’m wearing the Kimiko Eyebrow Pencil and on the left I have nothing on.

Kimiko Eyebrow Pencil

I had read about the wonders of the Kimiko Eyebrow Pencil and knew I had to try it.  I’m a brow girl through and through and wanted to see for myself the magic of the Kimiko Eyebrow Pencil.  What makes the eyebrow pencil unique compared to other pencils is it’s fine tip.  Most eyebrow pencils are larger.  The fine tip allows you to create more natural looking hairs easily.  Fine strokes give the illusion of a filled in brow but don’t look bulky.  I can attest to it’s natural looking capability.  It really gives the brow a pulled together look without looking too harsh.  I love how easy it is to create the natural looking false eyebrow hairs with it.  Plus, on one side of the pencil is a brush to help make the pigment look even more natural.  I use that after I apply the product to give my brows to help disburse it even more.  I have the color coffee.  I like how it’s not too warm.  Great for those with more ashy brows like myself.  Check it out here!

Body Butter in glass jar

This body butter is giving me all the feels this summer.

Organic Bath Co. Zesty Morning Body Butter

This body butter smells so good!  It’s not overwhelming but nice and subtle.  I get notes of citrus in it.  Made with organic shea butter, organic sunflower seed oil, organic jojoba oil and organic argan oil, your skin will literally be enveloped in hydration!  My skin feels soft for the whole day.  I apply it after I shower to soak in all the moisture.  My skin feels soft and hydrated.  I love that it comes in glass too.  They also have 2 other scents and a naked version if you prefer no scent.  The naked scent would be perfect for babies!  Check it out here.

Tube of Sunscreen

This Facial sunscreen is my new fave for my face this summer.

Beautycounter Sheer Defense SPF 25

I can’t stop talking about this product and knew it had to be in my best of clean beauty July as well!  I had it in my best of clean beauty for June.  So yes, it’s that good!  What makes this so different than other facial sunscreens is it’s weightless feeling.  Most sunscreens can feel heavy on the skin, but this facial sunscreen feels light and absorbs so well.  It just feels like a regular moisturizer instead of a heavy sunscreen.  I put this on after I’ve cleansed my skin in the morning and before my makeup.  It’s the perfect primer/moisturizer before I put on the rest of my products.  It also goes on clear- so no white residue.  I think I’ve converted my friends and even my family! 😉  Get it here!

eyeshadow palette with glass jars

This is Boxwalla Box is a limited edition discovery and features some fun makeup.

Boxwalla Beauty Discovery

This month Boxwalla has a makeup + skincare limited edition discovery!  It’s not often that they have them, so when I heard that they were offering this I was SO excited.  The brand is LOVINAH.  You get their Eye Magic Palette in the kit and their Copper Peptide & EGF Pro-aging Collagen Ampoules in the discovery.  

Let’s first dive into the Eye Magic Makeup Palette.  The palette includes 10 drool worthy colors.  A mixture of some matte colors and some shimmer colors. The palette makes you want to apply the eyeshadow right away!  It’s so pretty.  It’s so easy to layer the colors as I’ve used the palette.  They pair so well together.  The longevity on the shadows is great too.  I apply a concealer or eye primer and then apply the eyeshadow on top, then I set it with the Beautycounter Mattifying Powder.  This ensures that the shadow looks as good when I put it on in the morning until at night.  

The next product you get in the box is their Copper Peptide & EGF Pro-aging Collagen Ampoules- try saying that 5 times! These are a powerful antioxidant treatment meant to deliver some serious nutrients to your skin. The ampoules contain sea kelp, seawater, along with 1% Copper Tripeptide GHK-Cu and EGF- this helps with the epidermal growth factor.  It completely saturates the skin with moisture, and nutrients. Your skin will feel smoother, look brighter, while at the same time have it’s elasticity improved.  It’s a little skincare dream!  The set in the makeup discovery comes with 4 ampoules.  You use 1 ampoule a week.  It feels like a rich serum as I apply it to my skin.  I’ve been using them for a week and I love the overall glow it adds to my skin! 

Get the limited edition makeup + skincare discovery here!  The value is $170, but you can get it for $69.  Get the box here!

Jar with spoon and succulent

This has been one of my faves for several years. It exfoliates and leaves your skin bright!

Laurel Honey Berry Enzyme Mask

This is an old favorite that I’ve been reusing with the warmer months here.  I also wanted to share it because even though it is an old fave, it’s been slightly reformulated.  Instead of the royal jelly that used to be in it, it now contains aronia berry, blackberry, raspberry, and an orange blossom enfleurage They also added a pinch of Papaya Seed from Hawaii so the mask is a little more active then before. I love how it acts as an exfoliant but also a mask as well.  I will use it first thing in the morning to help brighten my overall complexion.  I apply it to slightly damp skin and then let it sit on my skin while I brush my teeth.  I love how it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It smells amazing, like your favorite berry jam.  It does wonders to awaken the skin and gently exfoliate.  Say goodbye to dull looking skin with this baby.  The ingredients again are so good.  This is a cult favorite from Laurel’s line and for good reason.  Get it here!

Sunscreen tube

This Badger Sunscreen has been a new mineral sunscreen discovery this year!

Badger Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 30

This sunscreen is one that I came across this year and haven’t been able to stop using.  I love how it doesn’t separate in the tube.  Something I’ve found to happen in other mineral sunscreens.  It also goes on so smooth and really blends in sheer.  This has been a great sunscreen for my kids and for my husband and I.  It really protects our skin but doesn’t feel overly greasy.  I also love that their is no added scent, that it’s reef friendly and it’s great for sensitive skin.  A great all around nontoxic everyday sunscreen for the warm summer months.  Get it here!

Pump bottle container

This curl cream has become one of my faves for my youngest girl’s curly hair.

Evolvh Super Curl Defining Cream

I have been looking for a curl cream for my youngest daughter’s hair for while.  She has curly hair and I wanted a product that would help define it and give it some weightless hold and add a little hydration.  The Evolvh Super Curl Defining Cream does just that.  It really gives the curl a more defined look overall.  You are left with a smooth defined curl and no frizz.  It doesn’t weigh down the hair either.  I apply a dime size drop in my hands, then while her hair is wet I apply it all over her hair with my hands.  Then I go back through and twist some of the curls.  Get it here!  Also, side note but if you’re looking for a new shampoo and conditioner, look no further then Evolvh’s Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo- obsessed with it!  Get it here.

That sums up the best of clean beauty July.  See anything you want to try?  

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Clean beauty July

Sharing the best of clean beauty for July on the blog.


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