Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

My men’s holiday gift guide is here!  Anyone else sometimes have a hard time shopping for the men in their life?  Well, I’ve got your back and I’m sharing my favorite products you can get for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, or friend. I’ve got something for everyone.

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Natural Men’s Gift Guide 2020

1. Mahabis Slippers- 

I got these for my hubs a couple of years ago and he still wears them all the time!  Not only do they keep his feet warm but they look so sleek and modern.  They have a removable rubber sole that makes them transition nice for quick outdoor wear to the mail box.  A little pricey but definitely worth the investment when you’ve had them for several years and they still look so good. Check them out here.

2. Counterman Collection 

The Counterman Collection from Beautycounter is my husband’s favorite!  I’ve asked him before why he prefers it when he has access to lots of products- hello beauty blogger wife here! 🙂 He said he loves how the products smell, they’re not too heavily scented.  He also loves how the face lotion feels on his skin.  It doesn’t make his skin feel greasy.  Haha, he’s not about the grease!  This is the perfect gift to give to someone who is needing to swap out their products. Check out all the products here.  Also, check out the Counterman gift set here.





3. JCrew Jeans-

My hubs is a fan of JCrew Jeans.   They are comfy and have a good fit overall.  We also like them because they are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester and have important certifications like Fair Trade- meaning good working conditions and fair wages for workers.  Plus, they’re super stylish and last forever!  Check them out here.



4. Cole Haan Shoes-

These are literally the only shoes my husband buys for himself besides workout shoes.  He says they’re the most comfortable shoes on the market.  He’s had 6 pairs or more over the last 4 years.  They look super chic too and they have all different kinds of styles.  From dress shoes, workwear shoes, boots, and athletic shoes.  So many options!  Even my brother who’s pretty picky likes them. Check them all out here! 

5. Socks-

My hubs loves a good pair of socks.  He’s into his socks.  I feel like I’m giving away all his secrets! The JCrew socks offer fun prints but also some subdued ones and they last.  I always stock him up on some good stocks around Christmas each year.  Check them out here.


6. External Battery-

Part of me thinks every guy should have this if not for him, his significant other!  I must confess to using it several times when my phone is about to die.  Especially nice for trips of any kind when you’re not sure where the nearest plug in is.  Get one here.


7. Beanie

Sometimes guys don’t have good hair days either!  I know crazy.  My hubs is always grabbing a beanie when he doesn’t feel like his hair is up to snuff.  Plus, they just add an element of chicness to any outfit.  I dig it!  Love these beanies.


8. Purity Coffee

The purest coffee!  Not only is the coffee organic but mold and mycotoxin free and tastes amazing.  My hubs is a fan.  He loves the dark roast.  You can get subscriptions too so you never forgot to order your favorite coffee!  They also have coffee sachets that he loves.  It’s like a tea bag but filled with coffee.  Makes it great for travel! Check them out here.


9. Ursa Major Sublime Spray Deodorant-

My hubs absolutely loves this deodorant.  He said it’s his favorite deodorant to date and asked if I could stock him up.  And that’s saying a lot because he’s pretty picky!  He loves that it doesn’t stain his clothes.  I can’t recommend it enough!  I love it too. I don’t know about you but spray deodorants have never worked for me- not even conventional ones.  That is until I tried Ursa Majors!  Wow this deodorant really delivers.  When I looked into it more I learned that sage actually helps dry up underarm sweat.  It smells fresh but not too potent.  I smell good all day.  Get the men in your life swapped out to a safer deodorant. Get it here.


10. Chilipad/Ooler Sleep System-

My husband is officially obsessed with his Chilipad! Now you might be wondering what a Chilipad is, or an Ooler Sleep System.  Allow me to explain.  It is a topper that goes underneath your sheets, and on top of your mattress to deliver cooling temperatures to your body.  It is a thermal delivery system that uses a water-based hydronic pad that keeps you cool at night so you can have better sleep.  They have the original Chilipad and the Ooler Sleep System.  The Ooler Sleep System includes all that the Chilipad offers but some added functions.  You fill a tank with water and it runs it through the pad delivering cooling temperatures with it.

Since sleep is so important for overall health and to restore our body at night, I knew I wanted to get my husband an Ooler Chilipad!  It just seemed like the best option, especially since it auto cleans by itself and was controlled by an app- my husband is a tech guy so I knew this would be music to his ears. I also liked that it had the ability to gently wake him up by having it get warm.

He has always had an issue with being too warm at night.  He would wake up in sweats and just never get restful sleep.  Everyone always jokes are house is an iceberg when they visit because he likes it very cold when he sleeps.  Needless to say I always add blankets to my side. Well, I got him this for his birthday and he said it’s the best present he’s ever gotten!  He’s had it for 5 months and uses it every night.  He has the Ooler sleep system.  He’s never slept better!  If you know a guy or even a girl who gets hot at night, this may be the perfect gift.  Get it here!

11. Solo Stove Fire Pit 

This is another favorite of my husbands.  He’s had this for about 5 months and loves it.  He has the Yukon fire pit- which is their largest fire pit.  What makes Solo Stove Fire Pits unique is their ability to burn almost smokeless.  Their unique venting system and design allows it to do this.  Plus, it looks sleek and easy to keep clean and looking tidy- something important for me!  We’ve had some great memories around the fire pit.  A great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.  Check out all the sizes here.


*Stay tuned!  I have more gift guides coming your way.  From natural home, organic baby/kids, and a women’s gift guide.

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