Ooler Sleep System Review: Is it worth the investment?

Those that are hot sleepers can have a tough time getting a good night's sleep... my husband included! I have found a solution to help them get better sleep and I am sharing my full review on the Ooler Sleep System!

Sharing my updated Ooler Chilipad review today! I actually got an Ooler Sleep System for my husband for his 40th birthday 2 years ago. He is a very hot sleeper so I thought the gift of a better night’s sleep through the use of a cooling mattress topper would be priceless for him. He initially had very positive things to say about his Ooler Sleep System. So much so that I thought it would be a good idea to update this post and share how he feels about it after using it for a longer period of time. It is definitely not a small investment, but if it gives you better sleep quality it will be so worth it!

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What is a chilipad?

The chilipad is a topper that goes underneath your sheets, and on top of your mattress to deliver cooling (or warming) temperatures to your body. It is a thermal delivery system that uses a water-based hydronic mattress pad that keeps you cool (or warm) at night so you can have better sleep. They have the Cube Sleep System and the Ooler Sleep System. The Ooler Sleep System includes all that the Cube Sleep System offers but with some added functions.

How does the chilipad work?

To use the system, you fill a tank with distilled water. The tank is different depending on which sleep system you choose. With the Ooler Sleep System it does fit under our bed. The tank feeds water that has been cooled/warmed (to your ideal sleep temperature) into the pad through small tubes and this delivers those cooling/warming temperatures with it.

The great part is that the temperature setting is so customizable (anywhere from 55-115 degrees) so that depending on the season or what type of sleeper you are, it will be what you are needing to get a better night’s sleep!

Sharing my full Ooler Sleep System review with you!

What are the benefits of a chilipad? 

The main benefit of the chilipad is BETTER, MORE RESTORATIVE SLEEP. And it starts to get a little scary when you look at research on sleep and discover how hard it can be on our health if we aren’t getting enough. The Sleep Foundation states that sleep deficiency can increase your risk for the following:

  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke

And to add to it, a lot of people that are deficient in sleep aren’t trying to be…they just can’t attain the sleep they need and want!

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What’s interesting is that sleep in humans is accompanied by a decrease in their core body temperature. And if a person’s environment is inhibiting this ability, that is where disruptions in sleep can happen!

According to the National Institute of Health, if you want better sleep one thing you can do is to keep the temperature cooler in your sleep environment. And with the chilipad, it makes it so much easier to do!

But why the chilipad and not other more affordable options? Well here are a few reasons that the chilipad was the choice for me to get for my hubs:

  1. Size Choice – Not only do you get to choose between a ‘Me’ (a half bed pad) or ‘We’ (a full bed pad) size pad, but you can also choose based on the size of your bed. Only my hubs was needing this so we got the “Me” version.
  2. Personalized Temperature Choice – You have the choice of a 60 degree range for what temperature you want for the most ideal sleep. The choice of these different temperatures is so much more customized than just a choice of low or high that you see with other blankets on the market.
  3. Water Powered – Water has natural thermal advantages so it is very effective at heating and cooling.
Watch a full video review here- showing you what it looks like on the bed!
The Ooler water tank fits so nicely underneath the bed.

How does the Ooler Sleep System differ from the Chilipad (Cube Sleep System)?

The Ooler Sleep System has some benefits that the Cube Sleep System doesn’t, such as:

  • Ooler Sleep System comes with the Ooler App, so you are able to control your sleep through this.
  • The system also auto cleans with the built-in UV light.  
  • You’re able to have the pad gently wake you up with its ability to use the warm awake feature. Basically, you can use it as an alarm clock replacement by using the body’s natural wake response to rising temperature.   
  • It also has a variable fan speed for white noise control.
  • It’s low profile so you are able to store it under the bed (fits under a bed frame that is 8 inches or more).

With all these benefits I knew I wanted Ooler Sleep System! It just seemed like the best option, especially since it auto cleans by itself and was controlled by an app- my husband is a tech guy so I knew this would be music to his ears. I also liked that it had the ability to gently wake him up by having it get warm.  

What is the cost difference of the Chilipad (Cube Sleep System) versus the Ooler Sleep System?

Not surprisingly, the Ooler Sleep System does come at a heftier price tag than the Cube Sleep System. The prices vary further when you look at your bed size and if you choose the ‘we’ or ‘me’ version. 

The Ooler Sleep System can vary for the Me version from $799-$899 versus the We version can vary from $1499-$1699. Looking at the Chilipad (Cube Sleep System) the price can vary from $549-$649 for the Me version and $1099-$1299 for the We version. 

Check out the Cube Sleep System and the Ooler Sleep System HERE!


Ooler Sleep System Review

I was so excited to share my Ooler Sleep System review with you! Well, I should say my husband’s review (check out the video above to hear as I discuss the Ooler Sleep System with him). 

In a nutshell, he has never had better sleep than he has with the Ooler! He constantly tells me it’s the best gift he’s ever received, besides his children. He was actually monitoring his sleep before with an app to see when he was getting restful deep sleep. Overall, his deep sleep was so little. He hardly had any great sleep.  

Once he started using the Ooler Sleep System his sleep completely changed. He now has more deep restful sleep and doesn’t wake up multiple times in the middle of the night. He’s not getting night sweats anymore or feeling exhausted when he wakes up.  

To say he’s obsessed would be an understatement!  He LOVES his Ooler!  

One feature he likes is the ability to have it wake you up with warming temperatures. He says it slowly wakes him up, instead of being woken up abruptly by an alarm, which is a much more natural way to be woken up. He sets the temperature to rise at a certain time in the morning, so it gently wakes him up. He also sets the temperature at night before he gets into bed through Ooler’s App on his phone. This feature is only available with the Ooler Sleep System. The Ooler also fits nicely under our bed so it’s not just hanging out randomly beside our bed. The Cube Sleep System is a little bulkier from what I’ve read. Like I said before, it has a subtle hum to it, but it doesn’t bother my husband or me.  

I was asking my husband for any thoughts on the Ooler and he said just get it! It’s a life changer. It really is. For someone who hasn’t had optimal sleep for years, the Ooler is worth every penny. 

When it comes down to it, the Ooler is more advanced when it comes to features, making it worth the extra cost in my eyes. Maybe that doesn’t appeal to you though and all you want is the Cube Sleep System – which is great as well! The Cube Sleep System is a little less expensive than the Ooler too. You could also consider the ChiliBLANKET. It’s the world’s first hydro-cooled weighted blanket. Pairing this with an Ooler or a Chilipad would definitely up your total sleep experience for sure!  

Another thing I love about the product is the fact you can have a 30-day sleep trial for it. So if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with it after 30 days you can return it for a full refund! There is also a 2-year warranty. Both of these perks make it so much easier to invest in the Ooler in my opinion!

Conclusion: Was the Ooler Sleep System worth the investment and would I buy it again?

The Ooler Sleep System is definitely worth the investment and I would 100% buy it again! It’s helped my husband sleep so much better and get a restful night’s sleep. And those improvements in sleep that he got right away while using the Ooler have continued. I also just love how it doesn’t feel bulky on the bed and the Ooler Control Unit can be hidden under the bed. They really thought of everything!

Check out all the products offered HERE!


Ooler Sleep System FAQ’s

How loud is the Ooler Sleep System?

The Ooler is not very loud at all. It has 3 fan speeds compared to the Cube Sleep System which doesn’t. The three fan speeds are silent, normal and boost. Silent isn’t completely silent but you can hardly hear it. Normal and boost are louder but not annoying. It reminds me of white noise. With anything, you get used to it. I will say if noise level is an issue for you, to definitely go with the Ooler versus the Cube Sleep System. My dad has the Cube Sleep System and it’s significantly louder. So much so that he doesn’t like using it because the sound bothers him so much!

How do you clean an Ooler Sleep System?

You can clean the Ooler by using the Deep Clean function in the mobile app for Ooler. This will leave the UV light on for 45 minutes to really help deep clean. You can stop the cleaning process whenever you want. Also, I wanted to note that Ooler will be periodically cleaned by an automatic UV light cleaning cycle. The UV light helps prevent bacterial growth inside the OOLER system. The UV light in OOLER comes on 4 minutes of every hour during normal use.

You can also get the Chilipad System Cleaner too. This is from Chilipad website on what that includes and the process:

  1. Using the drain key, empty the water in the Control Unit’s reservoir.
  2. Refill with water and add in the ChiliPad System Cleaner. It is important that you leave the reservoir cap off. 
  3. Ensure the Control Unit is connected to the Hydronic Pad and run the Control Unit on ‘Hi’ for one hour. 
  4. Using the drain key, empty the water in the Control Unit’s reservoir. 
  5. Refill with water. (Distilled water is recommended). 

How often should the Ooler cleaned?

It is recommended to clean your Ooler every 1-3 months.

Does the Ooler leak?

No, we have not experienced any leakage at all and my husband is 6’2” and weighs 210, so there definitely is some weight on it. I haven’t heard of any leakage from others who have told me how much they love their Ooler as well.

How long does it take for the chilipad to cool down?

You want to set it for 20 minutes before you want to go to bed – at least that is what the hubs does. That way when you get in bed it’s already set to the temperature you want.

How can I save when purchasing an Ooler?

There are a few ways to save and purchase an Ooler at a lower price.

  1. You can purchase a refurbished unit. And this is done right through the Ooler website. They have certified renewed products.
  2. Choose a smaller size. Like I said we got just the ‘Me’ version for my hubs because I didn’t think I needed it. 
  3. Choose the Cube Sleep System instead of the Ooler Sleep System
  4. Use one of these coupon codes:
  5. Ooler15 to save 15% off of the Ooler Sleep System
  6. Chiliblanket10 to save 10% on their Chiliblankets
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Cheers, Suzi


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  1. Matt Fieldwalker

    My experiences have been with 2 Ooler devices – the original sprang a leak after 4 months of use and the refurb replacement they sent sprang a leak after a similar amount of use. Not recommended

    • Suzi

      Hi Matt,

      I’m so sorry that was your experience. We haven’t had any issues and we’ve had it for almost 3 years,


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