Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Check out my favorite ideas for Father's Day Gifts. These are tried and true products that not only do I love them, but so does my hubs!

I have the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2022!  Father’s Day is coming up quick and I wanted to put together some of my favorites to help you celebrate that special guy in your life!  These gifts are perfect for your husband, father, grandfather…really any special father figure!  Check out some of my favorites below that not only I love, but so does my hubby;)

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Abbott NYC Exploration Set Credo Beauty You probably aren’t surprised to see this on my gift guide.  I have been loving these fragrances and so has the hubs. This is a set of 8 unisex fragrances that depict nature and were inspired by different destinations. With names like Crescent Beach, Telluride, Mojave, etc you can imagine how fresh the scent is.  And, if the man in your life finds one he really likes, Credo Beauty carries larger bottles of the fragrances for next time!  My hubs loves the scent Mojave.  Check it out here!

Ursa Major Skincare- Ursa Major is a unisex skincare line that not only wowed me, but my hubs as well. If you’re wanting to gift some amazing skincare and body care products that are clean and effective, you will want to check out this brand. Some of my favorites include: Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant, Golden Hour Recovery Cream, Face Wash, Stellar Shave Cream, Morning Mojo Bar Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner…the list goes on and on! Check out my Ursa Major Skincare Review here. Shop all of Ursa Major here!

Beautycounter All Bright C Serum – This vitamin C serum really takes your skin to the next level.  It uses two forms of stable vitamin C and is formulated in such a way that it doesn’t lose its potency like many vitamin C products.  It not only protects your skin from environmental damage, helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles but gives your skin an overall brightness with camu camu and turmeric. My hubs uses this every morning so I definitely needed to include it on this gift guide.  I can’t recommend this enough!  Get it here!

Patagonia Men’s Long Sleeved Capilene Cool Daily Shirt- For the outdoors man, this is the perfect gift!  It’s not always feasible nor wanted to slather your entire body in sunscreen.  This shirt from Patagonia is a perfect alternative. Perfect for fishing, hiking, gardening or a day on the water!  Throw in this sunscreen with this shirt and the dads in your life will be ready for the summer.  Get it here!

LMNT Electrolytes- I have been LOVING these electrolytes recently.  Whether after a good workout, being outdoors or just needing some extra hydration these are a perfect supplement to a healthy lifestyle.  They offer a couple variety packs that feature their different flavors that would be a good place to start so the dads in your life could find the flavor they like most. I seriously love all the flavors!  My hubs has been really loving the lime.  These are so convenient too! With the easy to go packet you can keep them stored so they are easily available when you need them.  Get LMNT Electrolytes here!

Smart Digital Picture Frame- Anyone else take a ton of pictures and then forget to do anything with them??  This is the perfect way to easily upload your photos or even videos from your phone or email.  This would be great for a dad’s office or a grandfather that lives far away as you can upload your photos from wherever you are.  Super easy to use and so fun to see all your memories throughout the day as it plays.  Get it here!

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine- This would be the ultimate gift for the coffee loving dad.  It is definitely a more spendy gift, but considering I have had mine for 10+ years and we use it daily it is well worth the investment.  We saved so much money over the years making our own versus buying it. And it really makes the best tasting coffee. Check out the Breville Espresso Machine here!

Organic Coffee- Let’s face it, most dads love coffee. And if the espresso machine is above your budget, you could still get your dad some organic coffee to enjoy for Father’s Day.  You can check out my full post on the Best Mold & Mycotoxin Free Coffee Brands here. Here are two brands you can’t go wrong with:

  • Lifeboost Coffee:   I had never come across a clean “flavored” coffee until finding Lifeboost.  Not only that but they have so many clean flavored options for decaf coffee- sign me up!  Typically flavored coffees have artificial flavorings and are anything but clean.  However, Lifeboost uses natural flavoring and essential oils to flavor their flavored coffee.  I tried the Decaf Hazelnut Coffee and Decaf French Vanilla Coffee. I love having a flavored coffee in the afternoon with a little coconut milk- so good!  I also tried their Decaf Dark Roast and love it!  Such a low acidity overall with a smooth taste.  It really hits the spot in the mornings.  Lifeboost is really next level when it comes to their sourcing and standards.  They not only deliver on flavor but also are squeaky clean! Use code GGG20OFF to save 20% on your order. Get Lifeboost Coffee here!

Yeti Travel Mug – If your guy doesn’t have one of the Yeti Travel mugs yet, this is a must.  They are super high quality and will keep his morning coffee toasty warm, keeping him refreshed throughout the morning but minus the plastic.  You can pick from a variety of colors and sizes to find the perfect one.  Get the Yeti mug here!

Clearly Filtered Water Bottle- The same brand that offers the water pitcher and under the sink water filter that I love also has water bottles. And these water bottles can filter tap water on the go. It uses the same affinity filtration system and will deliver water that is free from up to 99.9% of 220+ contaminants. Get the Clearly Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle here!

YETI Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler- What dad doesn’t need a good cooler?  Whether he needs to keep his beverages cold, has to keep snacks cool while watching a kid’s soccer game or is bringing his family on a picnic, these coolers are so good.  These are an investment, but with the high quality and ability to keep things cold for such long times, they are well worth it.  Plus, they are so durable too.  Get it here! 

Solo Stove Fire Pit- This is another favorite of my husbands.  He’s had this for almost a year and loves it.  He has the Yukon fire pit- which is their largest fire pit.  What makes Solo Stove Fire Pits unique is their ability to burn almost smokeless.  Their unique venting system and design allows it to do this.  Plus, it looks sleek and easy to keep clean and looking tidy- something important for me!  We’ve had some great memories around the fire pit.  A great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.  Get it here (plus check out the other sizes)!

Ooler Chilipad/Ooler Sleep System- My husband is officially obsessed with his Chilipad! If you haven’t heard of this, it is a topper that goes underneath your sheets, and on top of your mattress to deliver cooling temperatures to your body.  It is a thermal delivery system that uses a water-based hydronic pad that keeps you cool at night so you can have better sleep.  They have the original Chilipad and the Ooler Sleep System.  The Ooler Sleep System includes all that the Chilipad offers but some added functions.  You fill a tank with water and it runs it through the pad delivering cooling temperatures with it.  My husband has always had an issue with being too warm at night.  He would wake up in sweats and just never get restful sleep. Well, I got him this for his birthday a few years ago and he said it’s the best present he’s ever gotten!  He’s had it for almost 2 years, uses it every night and says he’s never slept better!  For anyone that sleeps hot at night, this may be the perfect gift. Read my full Ooler Sleep System Review here.  Get it here!

White Lotus Home Pillow – Another way to get the dads in your life better sleep is a better quality pillow! There are a variety of pillow options offered by White Lotus Home.  My hubs has the shredded latex pillow and he LOVES it and he says he has never had a pillow that he has liked more.  It is unique in that you can customize the amount of fill that is in it.   Just get a zippered case for the pillow when selecting the type of pillow and you’ll be able to take latex out if it’s too much.  I love this feature!  They also offer a more firm, 100% cotton pillow that I have and is also customizable!  Use code: GGG for 20% off. Get the White Lotus Home Pillows here.

Portable Folding Rocking Chair- Anyone else spending some extra time at soccer or baseball games lately? This chair is the perfect gift for someone that is. Not only does it provide more support than your average camping chair, but it rocks. So comfy! It easily folds up to take up less space for ease of transport and storage.  Get it here!

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