Innersense Organic Hair Products: 5 Products I Can’t Stop Using

I have been using Innersense Organic Beauty hair products for several years now and I can say it is the real deal. From their shampoos and conditioners to their styling products. They really perform so well. After all, I am a former hair stylist and finding a hair brand that I absolutely love has been hard, but Innersense checks all the boxes. Sharing my top 5 Innersense Hair Products below!

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Innersense Organic Beauty

Companies like Innersense are setting the standard for the green beauty industry.  Innersense Beauty hair products are salon worthy. The founders of Innersense, Greg and Joanne Starkman, were in the beauty and wellness industry for years when they realized their beliefs weren’t matching up with their professional lives.

It was from this that Innersense was born, a company that prides itself on integrity.  Their whole philosophy is so commendable and just downright amazing!  From actually listing every ingredient and why it’s in a product, to environmental sustainability, kindness to animals, and giving back…the list could go on.  I mean the ingredient glossary alone is so cool. You know when hair products are created by stylists that they’re going to be so good!  

As a hairstylist, one of the hardest things to transition from mainstream to nontoxic was hair products.  I mean it’s hard enough to find a shampoo and conditioner that works, but it can be even harder to find clean hair products. What drew me to Innersense in the first place was their standards.  They are committed to not only having quality products, but products that perform.  A hard thing to find in green beauty today.  I wanted a product that I could recommend to someone that was comparable, if not better than what they would find at a salon.  Well, look no further peeps, I’ve struck gold!

Innersense has so many amazing hair products!

Are Innersense Products Truly Organic?

While Innersense products are not USDA certified organic, they do use USDA certified organic ingredients in their products.

When considering their ingredients, I think it is also important to realize how transparent Innersense is. All ingredients in a product will be listed on the label. You can also find the full ingredient list on their website for each product. They also label which of the ingredients are certified organic.

There is also a full Ingredient Glossary on Innersense’s website where you can look up any ingredient and see exactly what it is and what it is used for in their products. Super helpful and not something I have found other brand’s doing.

The Whipped Creme Texturizer works for so many different hair types!

Best Innersense Hair Products- 5 Products I Can’t Stop Using!

*** Keep in mind when reading this that I have fine/thin hair. I am a hair stylist and I will say most of these will work for any hair type.  The Whipped Creme Texturizer definitely will, as will The Detox Hair Mask and I Create Waves.  The I Create Volumizing Foam might not be needed if you already have a lot of hair and don’t need the added volume.  Also, the Serenity Smoothing Cream isn’t a product I consistently use on my hair but for my daughter’s hair and my sister’s who have curly or more coarse hair.

1. Whipped Creme Texturizer

This is the best texturizer! My hubs uses this to add some texture and hold to his hair, I use it after I curl my hair for some definition and hold and I use it on my little girls to style their hair and smooth out flyaways. You could say it’s well loved. It’s a do it all product. It helps to define curls, eliminate frizz and smooth hair, as well as add a bit of texture. Get it here!

2. I Create Lift Volumizing Foam

This is my favorite natural beauty volumizer.  It gives my hair some texture and helps to keep the volume going for the whole day.  This foam is the best for giving your roots and hair the body and volume that lasts all day!  Literally my hair will still have volume after a couple days.  The best volumizing hair product I’ve found in organic beauty.  A lot of times I’ll wash my hair and then blow dry it before bed.  Once I’m done blow drying it I’ll stick it up in a high ponytail.  In the morning my hair is full of body from being up in the ponytail and using the volume foam- it’s so good! Get it here!

3. Detox Hair Mask

This is my new favorite hair product I discovered last year!  It’s unlike any product I’ve used for my hair.  Having fine/thin hair my hair can easily get weighed down. This instantly helps to detoxify it and remove build up.  Leaving it bouncy and not weighed down.  I use this every week to really help give my hair a good clean.  I start at the scalp and massage in and then work my way down my hair shaft.  Then I leave it on for 5-10 minutes.  You will love it!  Say hello to clean, bouncy hair!  Get it here!

4. I Create Waves

A lot of texture or salt sprays can weigh the hair down a bit.  Not this one.  It gives my hair some decent hold, almost like a subtle hair spray, and then it adds texture. Not a heavy texture that gets super crunchy.  This is an effortless texture that makes it feel like your hair just did it on it’s own.  I spray it in when it’s damp to add some texture and subtle wave and after styling my hair with a curling iron. Get it here!

5. Serenity Smoothing Cream

I love this cream!  I just discovered it this year and have been using it since.  I love this especially for hair that is dry/coarse and needs some moisture.  My sister has hair like that and it really helps to smooth her hair out when I apply it to damp hair before blow drying.  I also use this in my second oldest daughter’s curly hair.  It really helps her hair to not get frizzy.  Plus, it doesn’t feel heavy, but lightweight.  Get it here!

Innersense products work so well on my daughter Gracie’s curly hair!

Do Innersense Products Work For Curly Hair?

YES!  While they work on all hair types, they were actually created with curly hair in mind. They are very nourishing overall and not stripping which I find a lot of people need.  My second oldest daughter has curly hair and I love using Innersense products on her hair.

Here are the products I use on my daughter’s curly hair:

  • I Create Lift Volumizing Foam- This foam is amazing at giving her some volume at the crown of her head where she doesn’t have as much and then leaves the curls intact.
  • Serenity Smoothing Cream- This is what I put on her hair shaft before I blow dry to help with eliminating frizz.
  • Innerpeace Whipped Creme Texturizer- This is great after I blow dry or curl her top section with a curling iron.  It really holds the curl, eliminates frizz and gives it some sheen.
  • I Create Shine- This is a newer product I’ve been using on her curly hair and loving.  You just need a small dab to really amplify the shine and make hair pop.
  • Hair Love Prep Spray- I use this a lot on her hair when I’m just letting it air dry.  It helps to give her curls more bounce and not frizz.

Where can Innersense Products Be Purchased?

Innersense products are pretty easy to find. Obviously you can get them through their website. Here you can find their full products line, Ingredient Glossary and so much more.

Check out the full Innersense Organic Beauty haircare line here!

There is also a neat feature on the Innersense website where you can find Innersense retailers near you. Just click on any product and scroll down to find this. When I put in my zip code I found an Ulta near me as well as a salon that carried Innersense. So cool!

Other on-line retailers that carry Innersense include:

Verdict: Are Innersense Products Worth It?

Yes, Innersense products are definitely worth it!  So many natural hair products just don’t offer the same quality ingredients as Innersense products do.  They also can leave your hair feeling void of moisture or really nourished.  Innersense products strengthen the hair and leave it feeling hydrated and healthy.  I also think what sets them apart from other natural hair products is that their products were actually created by hair stylists!  A stylist knows the hair and what it needs, which in the end creates a really awesome product.

Do you have a favorite Innersense hair product? Share below!

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