Best Self Tanner: Beauty By Earth Review

Beauty By Earth gives a natural tan while using safe ingredients. If you are going to use a self tanner, this is one you definitely need to check out!

I think most of us would say we want a nice tan look, especially in the summer. But, we don’t always want to be baking in the sun to achieve it. I am certainly not against sun exposure and in fact think it is a good thing. But, sometimes we need a little extra help in the tan department and that is where a self tanner steps in. I have recently been loving Beauty By Earth Self Tanner and am going to share a full review on how to get an amazing looking tan without damaging your skin with too much sun exposure.

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How does a self tanner work?

Self tanners have an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is this ingredient that gives the sunless tan we are looking for when you use a self tanner product. It works by reacting with the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. This will create a temporary darkening of the skin that simulates the tan that we are all hoping for. Because it is reacting with amino acids in dead skin cells it results in not lasting very long as we are continually shedding these skin cells.

Of course the safety of DHA comes into question by anyone that is on the hunt for clean and safe products. DHA is approved by the FDA for external application to the human body (this excludes lips, eyes, ears, nose and mucous membranes).  But, of course that isn’t enough if you have been around clean beauty for any sort of time. We have to do some of our own investigating to ensure what we are using is truly safe.

DHA is used around the world in self tanner, in fact in the EU the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety concluded it is safe to be used in percentages up  to 10%. So far, so good.

But, there are limited studies showing that DHA induces DNA damage, cell-cycle block and apoptosis. This raises the question of the long term effects of using a product with DHA in it that are just not known at this time. So, the question is, are there any safer options out there so we can have our tan and feel good about the safety in doing so?

Beauty By Earth gives a natural tan using great ingredients!

What makes Beauty by Earth Self Tanner different?

Beauty By Earth is different in so many ways. Their self tanner contains DHA that is sugar beet derived. Although I wasn’t able to get the exact percentage of DHA in the product due to it being privileged information, I did receive the following information when I inquired about it:

‘We do not wish to give this answer out as our ingredients percentage is privileged information. However all ingredients are listed in order of highest percentage used.

We ensure ourselves that we get the cleanest, naturally-derived DHA from non-GMO Eco-Cert sugar beets available sourced from Europe, where food and chemical ingredients are highly standardized. We feel it is a much safer alternative than using dye-based self tanners, which often also use DHA amongst other harmful synthetic ingredients we don’t agree with as a brand.’

I did want to see if I could get at least a range of what their percentage of DHA is so I inquired again with the brand and this is what I heard back:

‘Our DHA is between 6-10%.’

So I was happy with this answer as I was wanting to verify that the percentage was below 10%, which it is!

Check out all of Beauty By Earth’s Self Tanner products here and use code BEAUTYBYEARTH to save 10%!

What ingredients in self tanner should be avoided?

Of course, beyond the active ingredient of DHA, there can be all sorts of other not so great ingredients hiding in your favorite self tanner. Here are just a few to be on the lookout for and to avoid:

Fragrance: If I haven’t been clear on this before, this is a must avoid ingredient – or at the very least you must gather more information! This is a group of chemicals responsible for the scent (or even lack of scent) of a product. There are thousands of chemicals that can be included under the blanket ingredient “fragrance” and don’t have to be disclosed to preserve trade secrets. Just some of these thousands of ingredients are linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, allergies and sensitivities

FD&C Dyes: These are dyes added to your cosmetics (made from petroleum) to affect the color of the product. Unfortunately they come with a whole host of potential issues. This includes being linked to anything from cancer to neurotoxicity and more!

Phenoxyethanol:  Used as a preservative. This is a confusing one at times because there are clean sources of it and if it is used in concentrations less than 1%, it is safe. However it can be contaminated with 1,4 dioxane (probable human carcinogen) so it is imperative that you know your product has a clean source of it. 

Propylene Glycol: A petroleum based compound, it is used as an emollient in cosmetics. It is created when ethylene oxide (known carcinogen via inhalation) is reacted with other, less harmful ingredients. In this reaction process, by-products such as 1, 4 dioxane (probable human carcinogen) are created. Manufacturers could remove these but unfortunately many do not.

Parabens: Used as a preservative in your beauty products or for fragrance, parabens have been linked to endocrine disruption, cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity. When looking on the ingredient list the ingredient may start with things like ethyl-, butyl-, methyl-, etc and end with -paraben.

And unfortunately the list goes on and on. So, you really need to look at each product and see exactly what’s in it!

Beauty By Earth smells so much better than other self tanners – plus goes on so easily and isn’t sticky!

Beauty By Earth Self Tanner Review

I am diving in deep on my review of the Beauty By Earth Self Tanner – hitting all the most asked questions!


The Beauty By Earth Self Tanner feels great on the skin.  It goes on smooth and quickly sinks in.  It doesn’t feel sticky at all, which I love!  So many self tanners can feel sticky or not dry that well, not the case with Beauty By Earth.

How To Apply

You want to make sure your skin is properly exfoliated before you apply your self tanner.  Otherwise it can stick to dry patches on your skin.  I first take a shower and exfoliate with their exfoliating mitt.  Then I towel dry off and apply all over my body rubbing it in until it disappears.  I always start on my face and work my way down in sections.

Drying Time

It takes 15-20 minutes for the self tanner to dry.  I always apply my self tanner at night, hang out in my robe for a bit and then put my pajamas on.  


It still smells like self tanner but WAY better and less overall.  It’s not overpowering but a nice light scent.  I only notice it when I first apply and as its drying.  Once it’s dry and I wake up the scent is hardly noticeable.  It has a slightly sweeter smell to it as well, almost like coconuts.

How long did it take before noticing the tan?

I started to notice the tan within 6 hours of application.  However, since I apply it mostly at night before bed I notice right away in the morning!

How long did it last?

The Beauty By Earth Self Tanner lasts for 4-7 days.  For me it lasts a solid 4 days.  That’s with showering daily and being in water.  If I’m not in water everyday, it will last around 6 days before I feel like I need to apply it again.  On my face I need to apply it sooner because I notice it comes off the quickest there since I’m washing my face twice a day.

Results of Using Beauty By Earth Self Tanner

The results are so amazing using Beauty By Earth Self Tanner!  The tan looks so natural, and it’s virtually foolproof.  So many self tanners you really have to get just right in order for there to not be lines but not with Beauty By Earth Self Tanner.  It’s very forgiving and blends well.  It just gives your skin a nice golden hue. Here are a few Before and After photos to show you how natural it looks!

Beauty By Earth Self Tanner Products Available

Beauty By Earth has many self tanning products available including:

Check out all of Beauty By Earth’s Self Tanning products here! Use code BEAUTYBYEARTH to save 10%.

Self Tanner FAQs

Does Self Tanner Wash Off?

 It won’t just wash off with water right away but over time it will wash off if there is friction, or you’re exfoliating.  It’s naturally going to come off as your skin gets exfoliated and comes off.

How Can I Get My Self Tanner To Last Longer?

Make sure and exfoliate your skin beforehand and also shave.  This really helps to get all the dead skin off and prep your skin for self tanner.  If your skin isn’t exfoliated properly then the dead skin will come off and with it your self tanner. Moisturizing your skin also helps to keep your self tanner on for longer.  Hydrated skin isn’t going to flake off like dry skin.  Don’t exfoliate your skin again until you want to reapply your self tanner.

Can I Use Beauty By Earth Self Tanner On My Face?

Yes, you can use Beauty By Earth Self Tanner on your face.  I use it all the time.  It blends so well and doesn’t feel greasy and matches with the rest of my body.  They do have a face tanner for your face but I just use the body one for my face since it’s one less product I need to get. 

Have you tried Beauty By Earth Self Tanner? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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  1. S

    This brand is great! I don’t get super dark but I’m happy with the ingredients and application. I blend around my feet and hands with a foundation brush and it always looks seamless. Also love their mitts, especially the exfoliating one.

    • Suzi

      Oh that’s a great idea to blend around your feet and hands with a foundation brush- genius! Thanks for telling me!


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