2022 Holiday Gift Guides

The Holidays are nearly upon us, so I am sharing all my favorite gift ideas in one place. If you have a hard to shop for person in your life, you are definitely going to want to check this out!

I am rounding up all my favorites to help your holiday shopping go a little smoother this year. And, I am keeping it all in one place. I will be adding new gift guides in the weeks to come so make sure to check back.

** Please notes the prices listed were current as of the publishing of the post, however can vary. Make sure to check the current prices**

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Women’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  1. Organic Cotton Pajamas- ($49-$99) Who doesn’t love some nice pajamas? Even better when you’re sleeping in organic pajamas!
  2. Blissy Pillowcase and Sleep Mask- ($49-$109) Say hello to better hair and skin with this silk pillowcase and sleep mask. #obsessed
  3. Solawave– ($149) Basically my #1 gift for the year! Everyone needs one. A small tool with big results.
  4. Madewell Beanie- ($35) I’ve been known to wear these a lot. A chic beanie that comes in a lot of colors.
  5. Clearly Filtered Water Bottle– ($65) My whole family has one and I’ve given so many as gifts too. Use code GGG15 to save 15%!
  6. Free + True Body Prophet Serum– ($48) If you’re wanting the best clean beauty lotion, look nor further.
  7. United By Blue Wool Socks- ($44) My friend recommended these to me and the minute I put them on I was sold!
  8. Knickey Underwear– ($17) My new fave organic underwear and the one I recommend the most. Soft and comfy.
  9. OSEA Body Butter– ($48) If you’re wanting a truly luxe body cream this is it. Use code gurlgonegreen10 to save 10%!
  10. Alpyn Beauty 8 Acid Peel Mask– ($56) After using this for 5 minutes you’ll know why I recommended it- so good.
  11. Goldfaden MD Radiance Repair Serum– ($95) I’ve officially gone through a whole bottle. Leaves your skin dewy and plump.
  12. Parachute Robes- ($109-$129) So many great organic robe options to choose from, cozy to lighter options.
  13. Beauty Heroes Subscription– ($58-$479) You can’t go wrong with the best in clean beauty delivered to your door every month!

Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  1. Activ Whey Protein Powder– ($56)The best protein powder. Use code GURLGONEGREEN to save 15%!
  2. Innersense Whipped Cream Texturizer– ($22) The perfect hair texturizer. The whole family uses this.
  3. Atomic Habits Book- ($12-$16) A must read for anyone.
  4. Ursa Major Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant– ($20) My hubs favorite deodorant that doesn’t stain his clothes.
  5. Risewell Toothpaste-($12) Best clean toothpaste that works. Use code GURLGONEGREEN to save 10%!
  6. LMNT Electrolyte Packs– ($20-$135) These are a staple in my hub’s routine.
  7. Pact Clothing– ($18-$124) He loves their clothing and I love that it’s organic.
  8. Solo Stove– ($199-$749) My hubs loves this fireplace. Makes for cozy chats.
  9. Yeti Mug– ($38-$75) He uses this every morning for his coffee.
  10. Chemex- ($45) Another staple that’s used daily.
  11. Ooler Chilipad– ($549-$1799) My hubs has had this for over 2 years and he’s obsessed. He gets such better sleep.
  12. Clearly Filtered Water Bottle– ($65) Great for when you don’t have access to filtered water, and it can filter it for you. Use code GGG15 to save 15%!

Clean Beauty Gift Guide 2022

  1. Solawave– ($149) Basically my #1 gift for the year! Everyone needs one. A small tool with big results.
  2. Wildling Gua Sha Stone– ($69) My favorite gua sha tool!
  3. Maya Chia Lash Serum– ($110) Best eyelash serum that gives results.
  4. Alpyn Beauty Willow and Sweet Agave Plumping Lip Mask– ($28) The best lip balm I’ve tried in clean beauty.
  5. Beautycounter Lotion Gift Set– ($34) Love these. Great for yourself or giving as a gift.
  6. Beautycounter Reflect Mask– ($96) My go to resurfacing mask for all skin types- even sensitive skin.
  7. OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil– ($78) If you know, you know, the best body oil! Use code gurlgonegreen10 to save 10% off!
  8. True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream– ($110) This face cream has taken up permanent residence in my bathroom.
  9. Tower28 Mascara– ($20) New for 2022 and so good. It gives you length, volume and lots of pigment.
  10. Beautycounter Countertime Travel Set– ($148) I always have this set on hand for travel, it has everything.
  11. Cleo and Coco Dry Shampoo- ($15) I love this dry shampoo for helping give my hair one more day.
  12. Maya Chia Super Naked Plum + Chia Oil- ($70) Anyone would love this facial oil. Hydrating, brightening and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.
  13. Beautycounter All Bright C Serum– ($90) My go to Vitamin C serum that protects, brightens and evens skin tone.
  14. Dazzle Dry Nail Polish- ($22-$38)The best nontoxic (as much as it can be) nail polish that lasts and dries in 5 minutes.

Children’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  1. Sleep Sack- ($89) Our favorite sleep sack.  Made from wool and organic cotton.
  2. Colored Organics Organic Cotton Clothes and Pajamas– ($18-$105) Love their basic styles and neutrals.  Plus, they’re so soft. Use code GURLGONEGREEN15 to save 15% off your purchase! 
  3. Organic Pajamas (older child) ($48-$62) – We’ve been getting these for 8 years and they hold up so well! Plus, you can snag these pajamas for 50% off through 11/25.
  4. LOVEVERY Play Kits-  ($80-$120) These are such well thought out toys for babies and toddlers. Organic and sustainable.
  5. Minted Aprons- ($36)  We have these for our kids and love them.  They are so fun to put on as we’re baking and cooking together.
  6. Zutano Booties for baby- ($17) These are clutch for babies and toddlers. They actually stay on their feet.
  7. Cuddle and Kind Dolls- ($59-$89) These are such fun dolls that are not only handmade but give 10 meals with each purchase. 
  8. Ergo Carrier- ($179-$199) A staple when having a baby- they love being in the carrier and it’s so nice to get things done.
  9. Magnetic Tiles- ($63) These are a great gift that keeps giving.  
  10. Buckle Backpack- ($25) We’ve had this since my second daughter and can’t recommend it enough.
  11. Scooters- ($124) All my kids have scooters and love riding them.
  12. Pottery Barn Organic Bedding- ($16-$214) My kids have their organic duvet covers and organic sheets.  So many fun prints.
  13. Watercolor Set-  ($28) My kids love watercolor and I love it because it doesn’t make a mess!
  14. Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys-  ($15-$118) These are staples around our house. I find their toys last us a while and are toys they always play with.
  15. Little House on the Prairie Books- ($28) I read these when I was younger and now my girls are reading them!
  16. Organic Bath Robe- ($43) I got these for my kids and we have loved them.  Such good quality and so cozy.
  17. Wool Slippers- ($65) I got these for my daughter and she has loved them.
  18. MAPs Book- ($18) This book has been so fun to explore with my kids.
  19. Leap Frog Reader- ($56) My second got this for her birthday and it has helped her learn new words with reading.
  20. I Spy Books- ($10) We love these year round but the Christmas one is especially fun!
  21. Jump Ropes- ($17) My girls have jump ropes.  It’s fun for them to do while I workout.
  22. Guess In 10 Game- ($14) A great game for kids!
  23. Lilgadgets Headphones- ($30) These are great headphones for plane rides and road trips for kiddos.
  24. Paint By Sticker Books- ($10) My kids can’t get enough of these books.

Budget Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  1. Salt Lamp- ($25) Love the ambiance of a salt lamp and how they neutralize negative ions.
  2. Aleavia Body Wash- ($20) My favorite prebiotic body wash. Use code GGG15 to save 15%!
  3. Abbott Fragrance Travel Set- ($29) A  great natural fragrance sampler.
  4. BYBI Bakuchiol Booster Oil- ($10) This oil really packs a punch for hydrating and helping with fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. Tower28 Mascara- ($20) My current favorite clean beauty mascara.
  6. Kosmatology Hand Soap- ($10-$36) Love these hydrating hand soaps.
  7. Organic Bamboo Washcloths- ($13) These feel so good on the skin.
  8. Fontana Candle- ($15-$38) These candles come in so many fun scents, including limited edition Holiday scents. Use code GURLGONEGREEN15 to save 15%!
  9. Manual Milk Frother- ($10) I have loved having this this year.  Makes foam so quick and easy!
  10. Chocolates- My favorites are Hu Chocolate ($21- $60) or the Blissfully Better Sea Salt Caramel Thins ($38). Who doesn’t love chocolate?!
  11. Cast Iron Pan– ($20) This is an affordable way to get started with non toxic cookware – love my cast iron pans!
  12. Remarkable Radiance Body Duo- ($40) True Botanicals products are next level and you can get 2 of their body products (sugar scrub and body butter) for just $40 in this gift set!
  13. OSEA Best of Body Starter Set- ($39) Speaking of gift sets, OSEA has a gift set with all of their amazing body products too (Undaria Algae Body Oil, Undaria Algae Body Butter and Salts of the Earth Body Scrub.

Natural Living Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  1. Ninja Creami- ($150) This makes the most amazing ice cream, and acai bowls. I’ve never had dairy free ice cream be so creamy!  
  2. Non Toxic Cookware- Check out my Non Toxic Cookware post for all my favorites. From 360 Cookware (use code GURLGONEGREEN25 to save 25%), to Caraway and Xtrema (use code GURLGONEGREEN to save 10%) there are so many great brands and options out there. I have also been loving my Always Pan as well!
  3. Non Toxic Bakeware- Check out my Non Toxic Bakeware post for all my favorites. The best cookware brands have bakeware too and these can make such great gifts! 
  4. Force of Nature Cleaner– ($80-$125) This cleaner disinfects 99.9% of viruses and disinfectants. Use code GURLGONEGREEN40 to save 40% off bundles.
  5. Branch Basics Set- ($75-$125) This cleaner cleans everything from bathrooms, to counters!
  6. Boll and Branch Organic Blanket- ($148) We have 3 of these blankets and love them!  They hold up so well.
  7. Bluecorn Beeswax Candle– ($8-$26) I discovered this beeswax candle brand this year and love them.  They would look so pretty in any clear vase.
  8. Essential Oil Diffuser- ($123) Love this essential oil diffuser, looks chic for a diffuser.
  9. Purity Coffee– ($10-$120) My favorite organic, mold and mycotoxin free coffee. They have an adorable Holiday Collection right now too. Use code GURLGONEGREEN to save 20% for first time customers!
  10. Soda Stream- ($140) I love my soda stream- we use it everyday!  I have the glass one.
  11. White Lotus Home Pillows– ($32-$156) We have their shredded latex pillows- our favorite! Use code GGG to save 20% off.
  12. Clearly Water Filter Pitcher– ($90) This is great for travel when you want to have filtered water but don’t have access. Use code GGG15 to save 15% (excludes replacement filters). 
  13. Clearly Filter Under Sink Water Filter– ($550) We have an under the sink water filter and love it for washing produce, and for refilling pots.  So nice knowing our water is filtered.  Use code GGG15 to save 15% (excludes replacement filters). 
  14. Silicone Reusable Bags- ($12-$90) These are the best for storing everything. 
  15. Instant Pot– ($140) I use this weekly for bone broth, soups, all types of meat- it’s definitely a well used item.

Luxe Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  1. Daydream Paleo Desserts– ($45+) These are unlike any chocolate you’ve had!  I discovered them this fall and have gifted them to so many people.  They’re paleo and organic- the best!
  2. Westman Atelier Brushes– ($38+)My fave clean beauty brushes! Handmade in Japan and so soft!
  3. Cryo Glow Globes– ($70) I’m obsessed with these!  A quick way to bring circulation to your skin and de-puff.
  4. Beautycounter Countertime Set– ($148) This is the perfect travel skincare!  Includes plant-derived retinol and tons of antioxidants.  I love grabbing this when packing for a trip- so easy.
  5. Austin Air Filter– ($715+) This Austin Air Filter is the best.  Listen to my interview with a bio-biologist on why she chooses this filter every time.
  6. Corelle Lead Free Dishes- ($60) We love these dishes!  They take up no space in our cupboard and look so chic still, plus no lead!
  7. Kitchenaid Mixer- ($350+) I got one last year for my birthday and have used it so much!
  8. IQAir Monitor- ($289) This is one of my fave devices.  It measures your air quality in your home.  So then if it’s bad, you can turn on the vent, or open a window or door.
  9. My Green Mattress– ($299+) We have their Natural Escape Mattress and their twin bunk bed mattress.  Love them all!
  10. Espresso Machine- ($680) We had this machine for 11 years and just got a new one last year. 
  11. Berkey Water Filter– ($333+) I can’t recommend the Berkey water filter enough! A must in every household. 

Gift Card Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  1. Credo Beauty– The Sephora of clean beauty!  They have it all when it comes to the best in clean beauty. 
  2. Purity Coffee– Organic and mold/mycotoxin free coffee that tastes amazing- anyone would love a pre-paid coffee subscription.
  3. The Sill- Give someone the gift of a plant! The gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Minted- So many great holiday gift ideas at Minted.  We love their aprons, and cards for every occasion.
  5. Etsy– So many great gift ideas and made by amazing creators. 
  6. Fontana Candle– It can be so hard to find a clean candle, so you can feel great about gifting someone a gift card to Fontana!  Who doesn’t love a great candle and better yet, one where they can pick out the scent for themselves.
  7. The Detox Box– You can gift a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription to The Detox Box. Such a great way to try out new beauty products!
  8. Pact– Sometimes it is hard to pick out clothing for someone, so instead choose a gift card to Pact so they choose their own organic clothing!
  9. Boll & Branch– Loves their blankets, but they have so many organic bedding options, organic towels and organic blankets to choose from!
  10. Amazon– The amount of natural living and clean beauty items that Amazon has is pretty amazing. You can truly get anything here!
  11. Caraway Cookware: I love Caraway’s non-toxic, non-stick chic cookware. Sure to please even the pickiest of recipients! They have a variety of gift card values to choose from, making this a great option for any budget. Gift card choices include: $25, $100, $250, $400, $600, $800, and $1000. Also perfect for the last minute shopper as the gift card will be sent straight to your inbox for instant gift giving!

Make sure to check back as I will be adding in more gift guides in the weeks to come!

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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