10 Best Natural and Non Toxic Body Wash

A non toxic body wash is a must in my shower! I have found 10 body washes that have clean ingredients, cleanse the skin so well plus are gentle. Check them out!

Body wash is something you use most likely daily. This makes finding a non toxic body wash that isn’t going to strip your skin a must!

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Woman holding Aleavia Body Cleanse

Best Non Toxic Body Wash

Aleavia Body Cleanse is my tried and true non toxic body wash. Because of its prebiotic formulation, it won’t strip your skin and feeds your microbiome. The scents are light and not over powering- there is even an unscented option if that is what you prefer. The cost is so budget-friendly plus I can use this on the whole family. I love not having to buy different products for everyone!

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Why You Should Use A Non Toxic Body Wash

There are many reasons why you should use a non-toxic body wash. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • This is a product you will use daily. That means if it has toxins in it, you are quickly increasing your toxic load.
  • Non-toxic body washes are gentler on your skin. They are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin will still need to use caution when choosing a brand that works for them, but the brands I am going to share will work for most!
  • Non-toxic body washes are better for the environment. Typically the ingredients found in these body washes are more natural thus being better our eco-system.
  • Non-toxic body washes don’t contain harmful chemicals and that is why I call them non toxic!  Many conventional body washes contain ingredients that have been linked to health problems. See below for details!

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Natural body washes come with so many skin loving ingredients – minus the toxins!

Ingredients To Avoid In Body Washes 

Here are some of the harmful ingredients that you should avoid if you are looking for a non toxic body wash option

  • Triclosan: This is an antibacterial agent and preservative that is an irritant and has been linked to antibiotic resistance.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES): These are harsh detergents that can irritate the skin and eyes. SLES is made from SLS through ethoxylation. While this process creates a less harsh chemical, it can also create a by-product know as 1,4 dioxane – a known carcinogen. (source)
  • Parabens: These are preservatives that have been shown to be endocrine disruptors.
  • Synthetic fragrances: These fragrances can contain hundreds of chemicals that have not been fully tested for safety and can come with a whole host of unwanted side effects. Check out my post below for all the details.

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Best Non Toxic Body Washes

aleavia body cleanse

Aleavia Natural Body Washes

Aleavia offers products that won’t strip your skin, but actually feeds the good bacteria with their prebiotic formula. This helps to preserve the skin’s acid mantle which is a protective barrier. Your skin will feel cleansed and nourished with Aleavia!

Best For: kids, babies, sensitive skin and acne skin.

Scents Available: Citrus Bliss, Lavender, Green Tea Honeysuckle, Orchid and Unscented

Cost: $19.99

Review: My whole family uses this!  I love that it’s a prebiotic body wash and isn’t getting rid of healthy beneficial skin bacteria as well.  This is hands down my favorite natural body wash.  When I say my whole family uses it, I mean my whole family uses it!  From myself, to my hubs, kids and even baby. I love specifically the Enzymatic Body Cleanse because it has no scent at all- perfect for even baby skin.

Use code GGG15 to save 15% off your order!

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Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Ursa Major is a brand that offers product formulations that are unisex – both my hubs and I love so many of their products! They are passionate about natural and simplified skincare. And the Morning Mojo Bar Soaps is just that! It not only cleans and exfoliates, but soothes and hydrates too.

Best For: men, teens and women

Scents Available:Mint & Eucalyptus

Cost: $14

Review: This is a great eco-friendly option for a body wash.  I find a lot of guys prefer a bar soap and even older generations because that’s what they grew up using.  My mom loves bars soaps too!  I love that it smells so refreshing.  It has hints of peppermint that wake you up, while the honey in the soap soothes the skin and moisturizes. There is also volcanic rock that helps to lightly exfoliate as well.  I love this for travel too- you don’t have to worry about it leaking anywhere!

Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

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Corpus Natural Body Wash

Corpus Natural Body Wash

A hydrating body wash that boasts a naturally derived plant-based vegan formula. Specifically, the ingredient list includes a proprietary coconut-derived emulsion that is able to gently cleanse the skin while adding in moisture. The packaging is unique in that it is an aluminum container.

Best For: normal skin and those who like a good scent

Scents Available: N° Green, Santalum, Third Rose

Cost: $30

Review: This is a new body wash for me.  It really lifts you up with its pink lemon, bergamot and orange blossom scent.  It also has notes of cardamom in it too.  A little goes on a long way with the formula.  It leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized.  I love that it comes in a pump aluminum bottle instead of plastic too.  Plus, their products look so good in my shower- so aesthetically pleasing!  

Kosas Good Body Skin AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Body Wash

This is a gel cleanser that will help to fight clogged pores, blemishes and smooth the texture of your skin. It is a 3 in 1 product as it will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. It combats impurities with the use of glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids, plus tropical fruit enzymes.

Best For: acne skin 

Scents Available: Juicy Clean, Beachy Clean

Cost: $22

Review: This reminds me of a body wash I would have used when I was a teen.  From the bright orange packaging to the scent- it just has the teen vibe to it.  I didn’t love it.  The scent is too strong for me.  The fragrance says natural, but that means synthetic in my book.  I like scent but I don’t want it to smell like perfume scent if that makes sense.  I wouldn’t buy again.

Kosas Exfoliating Body Wash

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Organic Bath Co Body Wash

Organic Bath Co Zesty Morning Organic Body Wash

This features a gentle formula that won’t dry your skin by stripping the natural oils. You will still feel cleansed while leaving your skin soft and smooth. The ingredient list is full of skin loving ingredients and the scent is uplifting.

Best For: family

Scents Available: Zest Morning (Orange, Grapefruit and Tangerine), Peacefull (Lavender), Naked (Fragrance Free), RefreshMint (peppermint), Warm Vanilla

Cost: $20

Review: This is a great body wash for the whole family. From kids to adults, it’s a great budget friendly body wash that works for everyone.  I love that it comes in a pump bottle, makes it easy to use.  You get a lot of product for the price and the ingredients are squeaky clean.  I also love the light scents.  The Zesty Morning is my favorite!  So refreshing- wakes you right up in the morning. 

Pipette Baby Wash + Shampoo

A perfect formulation made to cleanse baby’s skin and hair. It is a no tears product that features sugarcane derived squalane oil. Squalane is an oil that mimics vernix, which is nature’s first built-in moisturizer for baby. So gentle!

Best For: baby/kids and sensitive skin

Scents Available: Vanilla + Ylang Ylang, Rose + Geranium, and Unscented

Cost: $8.99

Review: This is perfect for delicate baby skin.  It has one of my favorite oils in it- squalane.  So soothing and nourishing for the skin.  I love that it has a fragrance free option too- great for those with sensitive skin.  You can even use it as a shampoo for babies too!  It’s also super budget friendly and comes in a pump bottle.  I used this a lot with my fourth baby and we loved how soft it was on her baby skin.  

Josh Rosebrook Body Biome

Josh Rosebrook Body Biome

This is a mousse formula that contains both pre and probiotics. This means skin will be cleansed but won’t be stripped. It also contains ceramides that will help to improve the integrity of the skin barrier.

Best For: dry and/or sensitive skin

Scents Available: One Scent

Cost: $30

Review: This body wash comes in a glass pump bottle and oozes luxury.  It feels so nourishing on the skin and moisturizing. I love that it has probiotics in the body wash, feeding the skin and not stripping it.  I easily went through a whole bottle and wanted more!  My loved it.  A great gift idea too, as it’s a pretty bottle!

Weleda Body Wash

Weleda body washes come in a variety of scents. Comes in both a gel or a cream formula that will gently cleanse the skin.

Best For: normal skin

Scents Available: Energy, Pamper, Relax, Citrus, Sea Buckthorn, Almond, Pomegranate, Sport

Cost: $9.99

Review: This feels like a body wash I used to get growing up.  It comes in an easy to travel with tube too.  It does come in a gel or cream formula, but I prefer the cream formula- a little more moisturizing on the skin.  This is a great budget friendly option as well and easy to find on Amazon.

Weleda Body Wash
Everist Body Wash Concentrate

Everist Body Wash Concentrate

This is so unique in that it comes in a ‘concentrate’ where there is no water in the formulation. This results in a super rich cream full of skin loving ingredients that is able to cleanse and protect the skin’s barrier. Plus, it comes in a recyclable tin container.

Best For: sensitive and dry skin

Scents Available: one scent- peppermint and bergamot

Cost: $24

Review: This is unlike any other body wash I’ve used.  It’s water free, so you get more skin loving ingredients like aloe that can soothe the skin.  It also is housed in an aluminum tube versus a plastic tube. It emulsifies when you add some water to it.  Initially it’s a thicker texture but once you add water it gets creamy.  I really love how nourishing it feels on the skin.  My skin feels moisturized after.  The only drawback I found is getting the product out.  It gets harder towards the end of the tube.  They do give you a metal tube key that helps to squeeze the product out, which makes it easier.  

Iota Body Wash

This is a one of a kind nutrient filled body wash.  It’s packed with 15 minerals, antioxidants and multivitamins. Plus, it has a blend of prebiotics and probiotics.  It also is fragrance free and tested for a pH of 5.0-5.5.  

Best For: acne, eczema, and dry skin

Scents Available: One scent- Mandarin Rind + Cedar Atlas

Cost: $23

Review: This is a new body wash for me as well.  I was so intrigued by it!  Not only does it have so many nutrients in the formula but also prebiotics and probiotics.  It has a gel like consistency and feels so good on the skin.  It’s a thicker gel.  My skin feels nourished and smooth after using it.  I love that it’s feeding the good bacteria on my skin!  It does foam up and you don’t need a ton of product either.  Very impressed with the formula and how hydrated my skin felt!

Iota Body Wash

Conclusion: What Is The Healthiest Body Wash To Use?

While I love the feel of many of the body washes I mentioned, I still go back to my tried and true Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse for a couple reasons.  One, it feeds the good bacteria on my skin.  I love that it’s not stripping my skin.  It also is budget friendly and easy to find on Amazon and lastly it’s great for the whole family.  I can use it on my baby, kids and my hubs and I can use it too.  It just works for everyone!

What is your favorite non toxic body wash? Share below!

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  1. Christine Melgren

    Hi Suzi,

    I purchased the iota body wash after your recommendation. Unfortunately you incorrectly stated it’s fragrance free…… it’s not

    Bummer and now a hassle for me to return, not sure yet if they’ll even let me and by the time I pay return shipping costs, probably won’t be worth my while : ((

    • Suzi

      Hi Christine,

      I apologize! We made that correction. We have a team of people that research and check over all the details before publishing. But we missed that. We always strive to give our readers the very best information out there and at times we might miss something. Please accept our apologies! I’ll bring this to our team’s attention to make sure we are being even more diligent with our posts.

  2. Greg

    Thank you for the great info. I ordered some body wash. Do you have a recommendation for men’s daily face lotion with spf?

    • Suzi

      Hi Greg,

      You’re welcome! Josh Rosebrook has a great Facial lotion with SPF called Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30. Not too heavy.


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