Aleavia Prebiotic Skincare Review

Aleavia is by no means a new clean beauty brand to me. My whole family, including the kiddos, have used their products for years! But, I did realize I needed to update my review to include some of their newer products. They truly are a unique brand in the clean beauty world!

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All About Aleavia

Aleavia was founded by Kelley Graham after searching for a solution for her daughter’s eczema and coming up short-handed. She had learned that, unfortunately, conventional beauty products are super harsh and are stripping our skin of its natural defenses. The result of this can be a whole host of skin issues. 

As she was exploring every natural option she could find, she came across a formulator that had been making prebiotic skincare formulations for years. AND, it was these prebiotic skincare formulations that cleared up her daughter’s eczema in less than one month!

She knew she was on to something super special and was excited to bring prebiotic skincare to the consumer. As it is Aleavia’s goal “to see you and your loved ones in the best health of their lives!”  

Check out the podcast here where Kelley shares the story behind Aleavia! 

***You may want to have tissues on hand because this story is just so amazing***

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Aleavia’s products support your skin’s microbiome versus conventional products that can be too harsh and strip your skin.


What are prebiotics and why does our skin need them?

When I say that Aleavia is unique, what makes them really stand out is that they are plant based, prebiotic skincare. I know most have heard of probiotics and how beneficial they are to replenishing the good bacteria that make up our gut. But, just like our gut has good bacteria, so does our skin. 

In fact our skin is home to millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that compose the skin microbiota. Similar to those in our gut, skin microorganisms have essential roles in the protection against invading pathogens, the education of our immune system and the breakdown of natural products.

So what does this have to do with prebiotics? Well, prebiotics are very important to both our gut and our skin microbiome.

Prebiotics are foods (typically high-fiber foods) that act as food for human microflora. Prebiotics are used with the intention of improving the balance of these microorganisms.

So to keep our skin microbiome in balance, it is a good idea to not only avoid those things that will strip our skin but to also use a prebiotic support for the microbiome. And it’s with this balanced microbiome, that the health of your skin can improve so much.

According to Aleavia, what prebiotics will do for our skin includes improving the pH of our skin and supporting healthy enzymatic activity at the cellular level. This in turn will help skin to heal when there are problem spots as well as repair when you have blemishes, scars or wounds.

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Aleavia’s Body Cleanse is used by my whole family!


What can disrupt our skin’s microbiome?

There are many factors that can lead to changes in our skin’s microbiome. The following are a few things that can cause an imbalance:

When the skin’s microbiome is in dysbiosis (or imbalanced) conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, etc may start to show up.

And yes, we can definitely control many of the things that can cause a dysbiosis in our skin’s microbiome, but some are a bit harder. And that’s where a product like Aleavia steps in and helps to provide support to our skin’s microbiome.

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How can we ‘feed’ our skin’s microbiome?

A big part of supporting our skin’s microbiome is eliminating anything that can disrupt it. Also, supporting our gut’s microbiome with a healthy lifestyle and diet is essential as they are interconnected. That’s why eating a diet that includes prebiotic and probiotics rich foods is helpful. Foods that would be considered prebiotics include:

  • asparagus
  • sugar beet
  • garlic
  • chicory
  • onion
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • wheat
  • honey 
  • banana
  • barley 
  • tomato
  • rye
  • peas
  • beans
  • seaweeds and microalgae

Beyond that, using prebiotic skin care would be the next step in supporting your skin’s microbiome.

What do Aleavia products have in them that makes them prebiotic skin care?

Aleavia uses the same prebiotic base in all of their products, which is a mixture of coconut oil, aloe vera and Acadian sea kelp. It is the Acadian sea kelp that is the actual prebiotic. 

What is the citric acid in Aleavia products derived from?

I hear this question often, and according to Aleavia’s FAQ’s their citric acid is derived from lemon and orange peels.

No dried out hands when you use Aleavia’s Microbiome Friendly Hand Wash!


Aleavia Products I Love!

  • Body Wash- My whole family uses this!  I love that it’s a prebiotic body wash and isn’t getting rid of healthy beneficial skin bacteria as well.  This is hands down my favorite natural body wash.  When I say my whole family uses it, I mean my whole family uses it!  From myself, to my hubs, kids and even baby.  I especially love the unscented body wash for babies’ sensitive skin.  I love specifically the Enzymatic Body Cleanse because it has no scent at all- perfect for even baby skin. Check out my Best Natural And Non Toxic Body Washes post where I feature Aleavia!
  • Hand Wash- They have a brand new hand wash that you can feel good about using while you’re pregnant too or any other time- I was so excited when they launched this. It doesn’t dry out my hands and isn’t stripping them of the beneficial bacteria. 
  • Facial Cleanser- This is a great basic everyday facial cleanser that will keep your good bacteria in check on your skin.  Perfect for a teenager or anyone who is just diving into a facial routine.  It’s not going to be a harsh cleanser like so many brands out there. Great for those with acne skin or someone who skin is sensitive to cleansers.
  • Prebiotic Body Lotion- This is a newer product for Aleavia within the last year or so.   I was so excited when I saw it!  Again, this is going to feed the good microorganisms on your skin and help soothe it.  Not only does it contain antioxidants but also fruit oils to truly nourish the skin.  Great for anyone with eczema, or rosacea.  They have an unscented version as well as a Lemongrass scent and an Orchid scent.  They both smell great! Check out the Best Natural Body Lotions here where I feature Aleavia’s Prebiotic Body Lotion!


Shop all of Aleavia here and use code GGG15 to save 15% on your order!

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