Clean Beauty Box Roundup: October

Sharing the clean beauty box roundup October on the blog!  This month we are seeing some new products.  I have tried a lot of clean beauty products, yet it’s amazing how many brands I still haven’t tried.  If you’re new here, each month I review the best clean beauty boxes in natural beauty.  Giving you a run down of all the boxes and what’s inside them.  There are 4 boxes that I always share about, Beauty Heroes, The Detox Market Box, Boxwalla and The Clean Beauty Box.  Beauty Heroes and The Detox Market box are monthly boxes, Boxwalla and The Clean Beauty Box are bi-monthly boxes.

Up first is Beauty Heroes and Boxwalla.

*Don’t forget to check back for full reviews on The Detox Box and The Clean Beauty Box.

Clean Beauty Box Roundup October:

Beauty Heroes


One Love Organics has been around since clean beauty started.  They were one of the first brands I tried.  I was excited to see them in the Beauty Heroes Box this month.  Suzanne the founder of One Love Organics started her company in 2010 with the idea that consumers shouldn’t have to look far to find products that were good for them.  She really took it to a new standard and created her own lab in Georgia that meets the ECOCERT COSMOS Organic Standard.  She wanted to make sure the products were being created how she intended.  Let’s dive into the review of the products in the box this month!

Gardenia + Tea Body Serum- I have long been a fan of their body serum- allow me to explain. The smell is insanely addicting!  It smells like the tropics…I literally get taken away to Hawaii every time I use it.  Hey, I’m not complaining!  It isn’t a super heavy body oil, but a nice light oil that does the job of moisturizing.  It also comes in a glass bottle…oh yeah, I’m three for three.  And wait for it…it sprays as well.  I know pretty amazing.  I just love the spray feature, it makes it so easy to just spray all over and rub in.  As a mama of there I’m all about quick and easy in my life.  And when you travel it has this really nifty lock/unlock on the spray nozzle, so no leaking.  Um, can you say hallelujah?!  Trust me you need this in your life.

Botanical D Moisture Mist- This product was actually an accident but a very good accident!  They had a hydrating moisturizer that wasn’t thick enough to be a moisturizer so they bottled it up and made it into the best moisture mist!  Pretty brilliant.  This makes the skin feel so dewy and hydrated.  Preps the skin perfectly for serums or oils.  It’s been especially great as the weather transitions.  My skin needs all the moisture!

Love + Eyebright Serum Rollerball- This is the newest product from One Love Organics.  It has been so fun to use! I love a rollerball as an eye product.  I really feel like it’s doing so much.  Not only does it impart product but it also helps to de-puff the under eye area with it’s cooling rollerball.  It’s a two for one! It brightens with powerful botanicals like astaxanthin, green tea and moringa. It’s also scentless.  I use it morning and night. I love how it feels hydrating but not too heavy.

That sums up the Beauty Heroes October box!  Subscribe here to get it before they sell out.


products in box

This box was so fun! Loved discovering new brands!

Boxwalla consistently delivers new brands I haven’t tried and I love that!  It’s so fun to really discover new products, especially since I usually end up loving them!  This month we are seeing the brand Naturallogic and Fine.  I hadn’t tried either and couldn’t wait to test them out.  Naturallogic’s them is all about Nature in their products.  They believe that holism, nutrition, and herbalism play a role and then modern science comes in to refine the process. They are serious about their ingredients serving a specific purpose.  Fine Cosmetics is a German based skincare line.  Creating products not only safe for the skin but also for the planet.

Naturallogic Unmask Detox Hydration Mask- This mask was such a treat to use!  It really lived up to the hype.  It feels detoxifying but not drying like so many masks feel.  When I removed it my skin felt plump, cleaned out and glowing.  But not stripped in the slightest.  Often when you see charcoal on a label you might think the formula is going to be drying but not so with this mask.  It also has aloe and niacinamide, both hydrating and soothing ingredients. It really does it all!  Great for oily skin types or dry.  I would leave it on for 20-30 minutes.

Naturallogic Elemental Advanced Hydration Red Wine Essence- This essence feels so luxurious.  It’s made of red wine which is high in polyphenols and resveratol. This helps to fight free radical damage.  It also contains polysaccharide rich red algae, Vitamin B3, aloe vera juice, licorice root extract- to name a few.  These help to strengthen the barrier of the skin as well as moisturize it.  It feels calming and soothing on the skin. Perfect before your serums and oils.

Fine Cosmetics Daytime Radiance Eye Serum- This eye serum is definitely a new fave!  It feels hydrating but not overly.  The product seeps into the skin so well and doesn’t feel greasy or leave a residue.  It has an ingredient called Persian Silk Tree Extract that has been known to help minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, and swelling.  It also contains niacinamide, beet root extract and ashwaganda.  It basically hits all the marks for a superb eye product.  I use it morning and night.  It settles nicely into the eye area before concealer.

This is another stellar box from Boxwalla!  Snag it before it sells out.  Get it here

Check back as I share more clean beauty box roundup October on the blog!

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