Natural Baby/Child Gift Guide

My natural baby/child gift guide is here!  I hope it helps you get some ideas on gifts for that special baby or child in your life. I have everything from toys, to bedding, and practical items.  Leave me a comment on what you love getting baby or kids as gifts.  Would love to hear!

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Natural Baby/Child Gift Guide:




1.Ugg Boots-

I want to get a pair for my girls this year.  I have had mine for 13 years and they’re still going strong.  I know they would love them because of how cozy they are inside and easy to put on.  I got little Ugg shoes for my little guy this year and they’re so cute on him.  Check out his shoes here and Ugg boots here!


2. Pottery Barn Kid’s Sleeping Bags-

My mom got these for my girls a couple years ago and they have come in handy so much!  They aren’t organic but they’re also not sleeping in them all the time so I’m ok with it.  They are so cute and wrap us easily.  They even have furry animals on the pillow end so they don’t even bring a pillow with them.  Great for sleepovers at their grandparents or road trip.  Check them out here!


3. Cuddle + Kind Dolls- 

I got these as a gift for Finley, Gracie and SJ and absolutely love them!  They love them too. They are handmade in Peru and for every doll purchased they feed 10 children.  Pretty awesome!  They are so intricately made and have so much character.  The perfect doll your kids will love for years to come.  Check them out here!


4. Pottery Barn Organic Bedding- 

We love Pottery Barn’s organic kid’s bedding.  We have their organic crib sheets, their organic twin size sheets and organic duvet covers.  I love how they are all organic and still so cute with their fun designs and prints to choose from.  Also, they’re always having sales, making them a great deal too!  Check them out here!


5. Zara Clothing-

I love Zara clothing for my kiddos!  It’s simple, yet classic and not crazy expensive.  They also offer a fair amount of organic clothing too.  I got this puffer vest for my son this year and it’s adorable on him!  Check out all of their baby and kid clothing here!


6. Minted Kid’s Art-

If you’ve followed me for a hot minute then you know I’m obsessed with all things Minted!  I’ve been getting our holiday cards printed from them for years, their stationary and their children’s art.  When we moved this last year to our new house we redid the girls room and made it completely over in Minted Kid’s Art.  It looks so good!  I love the sweet and simple sayings they have and art prints.  Plus, you are supporting independent artists.  What’s not to love!  Check out all their children’s art here!


7. Kid’s Beeswax Candle Making Kit- 

If you’re a parent then you know your child would love this!  My kids love any sort of art project or craft.  I love that these are made using beeswax, a clean burning candle.  The beeswax actually cleans the air!  It also helps give you a platform to speak about fire safety too.  Check out the Kid’s Beeswax Candle Making Kit here!


8. Play Makeup Set-

My girls love anything having to do with play makeup or dress up!  This make believe makeup set is perfect for letting their imaginations run wild and feeling like they are just like their mama.  Check it out here!


9. Play Picnic Set-

My girls love playing picnic, even inside for the winter!  This play set is the perfect set to let them pretend wherever they are.  It comes with all the essentials to make any imaginary picnic come to life.  Check it out here!


10. Slouch Hats-

I discovered these with my son and have gotten him the next size up every 6 months as he’s grown! They are perfect for keeping his head warm and look so chic.  They are great for boy or girl and come in a variety of colors. Check them out here!


11. H&M Baby Clothing-

I’ve already been browsing H&M for some of their baby clothing for this fourth baby!  I love that so much of their baby clothing is organic but doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.  Plus, so cute!  I absolutely love their simple designs and basic sets.  They make dressing a baby even more fun!  Check them out here.


12. Chef Apron & Hat-

I have the Minted Aprons for my girls but for my little guy I’ve been searching for a chef hat and apron and finally found one!  He loves helping me in the kitchen as much as the girls do and this is just the cutest little chef set to keep him clean but also let him feel a part of cooking or baking by wearing an apron.  Get it here!


13. Aprons-

I couldn’t not include these in my natural baby/child gift guide! Minted makes the cutest monogrammed aprons.  I swooned over these this year!  They come in small sizes for even toddlers.  Every year we do a baking day with my sister and a gingerbread house day with my mom.  These are perfect for wearing as they’re baking.  The prints are too cute and designed by an artist.  I love how Minted showcases the artist and really promotes supporting artists around the world.  Can’t think of a better gift for kiddos!  Especially getting them in the kitchen!  Check them out here!


14. Kiddobloom- 

I love these plates, bowls, cups and utensils for everyday use! They have toddler size utensils and then bigger kid utensils. No plastic leaching!  We’ve had ours for over 4 years and they’re still in great condition.  Get it here!


15. Zutano Booties-

These booties are the best for babies! They actually stay on their feet and keep their little tootsies warm. I tried socks and little shoes but nothing stayed on my girls feet. These booties are a game changer! Can’t recommend them enough. Get them here!


16. Organic Bath Fizzies-

If your kids are anything like mine then they love bath fizzles! As a mom I don’t love what’s in most bath fizzies. However, these are a cut above!  Get them here!


17. Orgaianatura Body Washes-

This brand has some really fun scents while still having squeaky clean ingredients. My girls have been loving the strawberry body wash! They also have cherry, orange, pomegranate, apple and mango papaya. Such a great idea for a stocking stuffer! You could even pair it with a body spray too. Use the code gurlgonegreen20 to save 20% off your order through December 9th, 2021. Check out all their body washes here!


18. Hunter Boots-

My kids still go outside even when the weather gets wet- I mean we live in Washington state so we don’t have much of a choice! 😉  We love how durable Hunter boots are.  My oldest gets a new pair every year and then we pass them down to her younger sister.  They are still in such great condition!  They’re having a sale right now too.  Check them out here!


19. Burt’s Bees Organic Jammies-

I’ve gotten the girls these organic jammies the last couple years and love them!  They even have family organic jammies.  So not only your kids can get them but even the adults too!  They have some of the cutest prints too.  Even baby jammies! I love how they are a little less expensive then other organic jammies too.  Check them out here!


20. Ergo Embrace Carrier-

I didn’t realize all the new products Ergo has since my last baby!  I’ve been using the new Embrace Carrier and absolutely love it!  Even my hubs is obsessed. It can fit infants from 7-25lbs.  It’s so soft and comfortable for them as newborns.  It’s also not as big and bulky as the Omni 360.  I love the Omni as they get older but the new Embrace has quickly become my new favorite for when they’re smaller.  It’s similar to a wrap but not as cumbersome to put on.  You just use the buckles to snap it on- so easy!  Trust me if you have a friend or relative that’s having a baby they need this!  Check them out here!


21. Magnetic Tiles-

My kids love building things with these magnetic tiles.  They are great for taking places too.  It’s nice because you can add to them as you want more.  Check them out here!


22. Imagination Magnets-

This is also a great toy that helps kids to use their minds.  It comes with cards that have designs on them and you create the design with the magnet shapes.  It’s also a great travel one in the car too.  Get it here!


23. Uppa Baby Nontoxic Car Seat-

We love our Uppa baby Infant flame retardant free car seat!   I love knowing that my baby isn’t being exposed to harmful flame retardants and that it still looks sleek.  We have this one and we also have this stroller!  This Cruz stroller is awesome because it makes it so easy to pop into places easily.  It also folds up and lays flat.  The car seat just attaches right in.  No additional attachments needed.  Love them both!  Get them here!


24. Buckle Backpack-

This backpack is perfect for helping kids gain fine motor skills.  Gracie was obsessed with it when she was younger and now we use it for SJ!  It’s great for car rides or travel in general. Keeps them busy but learning!  Check it out here!


25. Skiphop Floor Tiles-

These really make a playroom standout but are also super practical.  They help keep the room a little cleaner.  Sometimes things spill and it’s nice to be able to just wipe it up, especially if the room has carpet.  Plus, my kids like to take them apart and put them back together.  It’s like one big puzzle.  Check them out here!


26. Scooters-

My girls love their scooters! They are such a great investment.  I love that it keeps them active but also is easier to bring with us instead of a bike.  We got Gracie one when she was 2 and she still loves it!  We love the brand we have too.  Super durable.  Check them out here!


27. Web Spinner Swing-

This swing has provided hours of fun. It gets the kids outside and is so perfect if you have a tree in your yard to hang it from (or if you don’t it would be a great addition to a grandparent’s home). Plus it fits multiple kids, so they can all swing together. Get it here!


28. Chess & Checkers Set-

I always like adding a new game to our stash at the holidays. I have my eye on this Chess/Checkers combo set. Love that we can start with checkers and once that is mastered we can move up to learning Chess (myself included!). And it’s all in one, so only one box for storage. Get it here!

Hope my natural baby/child gift guide was helpful!  If you need more ideas for gifts when it comes to natural beauty and natural living- check them out below!

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Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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