7 Best Natural Heat Protectants For Hair

Natural heat protectants have come a LONG WAY in my years since going green. And that is so good because there didn't used to be many choices. And just because we want hair products with natural ingredients, doesn't mean we should have to sacrifice effectiveness. And, thankfully, when it comes to heat protectants we definitely don't!

I have the very best natural heat protectants rounded up for you! As a hair stylist I know how important it is to protect your hair when using heat or you could do some real damage. And of course you want to do this without any added toxins.

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Flourish Honeyblossom + Marshmallow Root UV + Heat Protectant

Flourish Honeyblossom + Marshmallow Root UV + Heat Protectant 

There are definitely a lot more options for natural heat protectants than there used to be. And with that comes more products that perform even better! Flourish’s Heat Protectant really does it ALL plus it is a UV protectant as well. My hair feels so smooth and soft after using it. A total winner in my opinion!

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Why Is A Heat Protectant Needed?

Simply put, heat can cause damage to your hair, especially when used on a regular basis or incorrectly.

A little anatomy lesson will help you to understand this better. The hair shaft is made up of the medulla, cortex and cuticle. I am going to dive in on these layers because when it comes to damaged hair from heat, it’s important to know the structure of the hair.   

The cuticle is the outermost layer and is made up of a layer of dead skin cells. This layer is what we actually see and is a protective layer for the rest of the hair.

The cortex is the middle layer, and the largest layer. It is made up of keratin proteins and structural lipids.

The innermost layer is the medulla, which is loosely packed and more disordered. (source)

And, it is the cuticle and the cortex that, when not protected from heat, can be damaged. Different thermal hair devices can

“potentially cause damage in the cuticle and cortex of the hair fibers. Particularly,  the heat causes denaturation of the α-keratin and the degradation of the components of the hair cortex.” (source)

And that’s where using a natural heat protectant becomes needed. Heat allows us to do so much with our hair – from drying it to styling it – but you don’t want to be doing that at the expense of the health of your hair.

I have found all the best heat protectants in clean beauty!

What Does A Heat Protectant Do?

Heat protectants are going to protect your hair by forming a protective barrier over the cuticle that will be shield against the heat from hot tools – anything from flat irons to blow dryers. Ingredients in your heat protectant will also nourish the hair and add moisture.

Beyond a heat protectant you can also do a few other things to protect your hair from heat damage:

  • Use the lowest temperature setting necessary to achieve the results you are looking for – no need to blast the hair with excessive heat.
  • When blow drying, make sure to keep the hair dryer at a reasonable distance and keep moving it versus holding it in one spot. Also, don’t use the highest heat setting.
  • Use additional moisturizers and hair conditioners as necessary.
  • When outside, protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays with the use of a hat or limited time in the sun when it is at its peak.

If you aren’t using a heat protectant and some of these other protective measures, you may notice the following damage to your hair:

  • Dull and/or dry
  • Split-ends
  • Brittle Hair
  • Frizzy Hair
  • Rough texture

If you are suffering from any of these, you will want to get a heat protection ASAP!

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Tips and Tricks For Using a Heat Protectant

  • It’s best to use it on damp hair that has been towel-dried before blow drying.  Towel dry is ideal so that it’s not soaking wet hair.  When hair is too wet, the product can just glide off and not soak into the hair cuticle. I like to spritz about 10-12 inches from my hair so that an even mist is able to get to all the hair.  I also will lift up sections of hair as I do it to ensure even application.
  • You want to use a heat protectant before applying any kind of heat to the hair, whether you are going to blow dry or use a flatiron or curling iron.  Any type of heat exposure to the hair poses a risk of damage.
  • It’s important to consider your hair type when choosing a heat protectant product.  If you have fine/thin hair you don’t want to use an oil typically because it can weigh down your hair too much and cause it to be greasy.  If you have curly/dry hair you’ll want to consider using a heat protectant that offers more moisture.  In this instance an oil may be a good option.  

Best Natural Heat Protectant Products

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three natural heat protectant sprays
These three natural heat protectant sprays are the biggest standouts!

Which Natural Heat Protectant Is Best?

My top picks and recommendations for a heat protectant is the Rahua Heat Protectant Shield and  Flourish Honeyblossom + Marshmallow Root UV + Heat Protectant.  The Rahua Heat Protectant Shield does it all and without my hair feeling weighed down.  My hair feels protected and nourished.  The Flourish Honeyblossom + Marshmallow Root UV + Heat Protectant hits all the marks of a natural heat protectant but then also includes the UV protection- taking it even further.  It also adds smoothness and softness to the hair.  A total winner when it comes to heat protectant that delivers!  If you’re wanting a more budget friendly option I would recommend Yarok Feed Your Ends.

What do you think is the best heat protectant? Share below!

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