Westman Atelier Our 2023 Review and Guide

Westman Atelier is a luxury clean beauty makeup brand that there has been quite the buzz about. I am sharing which products are worth the investment and which you can skip. It wasn't easy to narrow it down but I am sharing the Top 7!

It’s here, my Westman Atelier 2023 Review and Guide! After sharing my review last year, I am updating it to include which of the Westman Atelier products I would buy again and which I would skip.  After testing out much of the line I feel I am able to give you a full review on this clean beauty makeup line. I especially wanted to give it time to test the products because if you’ve heard or browsed Westman Atelier then you know the line isn’t cheap!  It’s definitely a luxury clean beauty makeup line.  I’m just like anyone else and want to know that what I’m investing in is worth it or not.  This is the real, real!  I’ll be sharing my likes and dislikes with the brand and what you can expect overall from Westman Atelier.

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And, if you didn’t realize it,  clean beauty is not going anywhere!  I know we are seeing newer brands come out all the time, but the real reason is there is a demand for sustainable, clean products.

The industry is expected to grow to $54 BN by the year 2027- nothing short of WOW! (1)

This stat gets me excited!  Knowing that the more we vote with our dollars, the more change happens!

Check out my full Westman Atelier Video Review and how I use the products here!

Gucci Westman is the founder behind Westman Atelier.

Who Is Westman Atelier?

Makeup artist Gucci Westman is the creator of Westman Atelier. She has 20 years of experience creating looks for celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few.  Her work has been featured in top publications like Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue and she’s done numerous ad campaigns for top luxury brands like Dolce and Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton, and worked on fashion shows with brands like Oscar de la Renta and Brock Collection.

Gucci is a lifelong vegetarian with a commitment to holistic living and truly believes that ‘luxury,’ ‘efficacy,’ and ‘clean’ don’t have to be a contradiction when it comes to exceptional makeup.  (2)

She is known for her “second skin” approach to makeup.  Amplifying the skin naturally and not trying to hide it. Skin that is radiant through her range of creamy foundations, blushes, bronzers and highlighters.

I thought there’s no point in launching a line that simply is going to color the skin. I really wanted my products to correct and heal and soothe the skin. -Gucci Westman (2)

One of Westman Atelier’s innovative products is the eye pod.

What Sets Westman Atelier Apart As A Clean Beauty Brand?

Westman Atelier is a luxury makeup line that prides itself on not only creating clean products but effective products that work. They believe that makeup should be fast, easy and flawless.  Not something you need to spend hours on perfecting.  They create formulas that blend easily and make your life simpler.  After all makeup shouldn’t be complicated.  

Every ingredient that is used has been vetted and looked at by Gucci and top chemists to make sure it’s safe.  They are also constantly re-evaluating ingredients as more research comes out.  I love their commitment to sustainability.  Their mission is to always be improving and growing in this area.  With a focus on reusing, reducing, recycling and rethinking.  You can read more about their sustainability efforts and packaging here.

Fast. Easy. Flawless. Safe. Makeup that makes life simpler. Skin that feels as good as it looks. -Westman Atelier (2)

It really comes down to the formulations for creating the “second skin” as Gucci Westman is known for in setting Westman Atelier apart from other makeup brands.  A lot of formulations do a great job of hiding the skin, while Westman Atelier’s products really showcase the skin and enhance it.  You get this dewy canvas that looks like you but with redness, hyperpigmentation and the like taken away.  It’s really the secret sauce to creating luxe makeup looks and Westman Atelier nails it.

I also think with the rise of minimalism in all aspects of living, it’s also carried over into our beauty routines as well.  People crave simple and effective products.  A recent study also noted that those who were interested in a minimalistic lifestyle were more inclined to live in a more sustainable way. (3)

Westman Atelier really embodies that mission of minimalism in my opinion.  Creating products that are both sustainable and efficient so you don’t need a ton to do the job.  A less is more approach to creating a makeup look for everyday wear.

Where Can Westman Atelier Be Purchased?

I get my Westman Atelier products from Credo Beauty.  They carry the entire line and always are offering samples and you earn points every time you shop with them.  Westman Atelier products are not cheap by any means.  Sephora also carries Westman Atelier.  All of their products are made in Italy, expect for the brushes which are made in Japan.

Westman Atelier Product Review: Top 7 Products

I have tried nearly all of Westman Atelier’s line, so I am narrowing it down to the very best of their products so you know where to start if you want to try out some of their makeup!

The Vital Skin Foundation Stick and Foundation Brush go together so well!

Vital Skin Foundation Stick

**My Favorite Westman Atelier Product***

This was the first Westman Atelier product that I tried and fell hard for.  It is unlike any clean beauty foundation that I’ve used.  It’s creamy, and gives your skin the perfect balance of coverage and glow.  It provides a dewy finish that looks like your skin but enhanced – a perfect canvas for the rest of your make up.  The foundation comes housed in a stick form.  You can apply directly on your skin or use a brush to get the product and then apply to skin.  I’ve done both and prefer using Westman Atelier’s Foundation brush to get the product and then applying to the skin.  But I’ve seen Gucci do both ways- it’s whatever you prefer.  

What is unique about this product is that it’s not only a foundation but also a concealer in one.  So you don’t need an additional product.  Something I’ve come to love about it.  While the foundation stick may seem pricey at $68, you’re also not having to purchase a concealer as well.  It’s a buildable texture foundation, so if you want more coverage you can simply add more product to your skin.  You can also use your fingers to blend as well.

Love how this foundation really makes my skin look its best!

After watching Gucci apply the product to herself and many of her clients through her YouTube I’ve noticed that she recommends using two shades.  She does this because she says that skin is never just one tone but multiple tones.  This creates a more natural look overall and depth instead of it being just one tone overall – a true second skin approach.  

I’ve used two shades in the foundation stick and can attest to this being true.  A lighter shade I’ll use under my eyes and then I use a shade that matches my t-zone where I’m typically darker.  It gives a more life like quality to the skin and dimension.  Obviously it costs more upfront but you’ll not be having to purchase more foundation as soon either!  

I love the longevity of the foundation too.  It looks as great at  8 pm as it does at 8 am.  A nice worn in look that’s not melted off your face.  I’ll even use it to act as a concealer to cover redness or dark spots if I’m going for an extra causal look and I love the way it covers but still looks like my skin.  Can you tell I’m obsessed?!  I’ve gone through a whole tube of the foundation and for a beauty blogger that’s saying a lot!  I’m now on my second and third tube.  I would recommend this for mature skin, dry skin, normal skin and even combination skin if you tolerate coconut oil ok.  I wear the color III and IV.

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Baby Cheeks Blush Stick

This is another Westman Atelier product I fell hard for!  It also comes in a stick form and is creamy and dewy just like the foundation.  It instantly awakens your whole look and brings to life skin that is lackluster and dull.  I love the color range Gucci created.  From minimalist everyday colors to bright shades that demand a little more attention.  I have the color Petal, a dusty nude rose perfect for everyday wear and Poppet, a bright poppy pink.  They give your skin the color but also the extra moisture surge which really helps skin to look more alive and younger.  Powder blush can often look drab and lifeless, whereas cream blush really can bring the warmth and life back to the skin.  I apply straight on my skin from the tube and use either the Westman Atelier Blender Brush to blend in or my fingers.  Your skin will be popping with these!

Face Trace Contour Stick

Another one of Gucci’s brilliant creations!  The Face Trace Contour Stick is all about giving skin some contour and depth. I love how these add dimension to my skin and some color as well. It’s nice to warm up the complexion but have the skin still look dewy and soft and that’s what the Face Trace Contour Stick does. I love the color Biscuit, it’s a cool beige coffee color. But they also have two other colors that are a bit darker as well. I like applying it right under my cheekbones and upwards to really add depth and draw the fave up. It looks so natural but really enhances your look overall.

Westman Atelier’s bronzer gives off such a natural, glowing look.

Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

Yet another product I’ve been loving from Westman Atelier- I promise I don’t love all the products. This one totally lives up to it’s name and is buttery to the max.  Some bronzers can feel drying and almost like they sit on top of the skin and opaque.  Not this one.  It feels very hydrating for a powder bronzer and nourishing.  While it is a matte finish bronzer since it’s a powder, it still gives the skin an overall subtle glow unlike other bronzers.  It blends so nicely into the skin that it really looks like the sun naturally bronzed you instead of you caking on some powdered bronzer. In other words you’re not going to look like an Oompa Loompa with this bronzer!  It comes in two shades, Coup de Soleil- a true matte terra cotta and Soleil Rich- a rich terra cotta.  I have the Coup de Soleil shade and love the true terra cotta color it gives off.  It’s not orange at all but a true brown bronzer that really mimics a natural glowing tan from he sun.  It instantly warms up my while complexion, giving some depth and color to my skin.  I have used my Westman Atelier Blender Brush or the Powder Brush to apply it.

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Vital Skincare Complexion Drops

These are one of the newest launches from Westman Atelier!  I had heard mixed reviews but then I tried them and fell in love.  The formula feels like a serum on the skin but tinted.  It’s hydrating and nourishing and offers great coverage.  They offer light, to medium coverage and give your skin a serious glow.  I’ve been wearing them nonstop!  I love how they give my skin a dewy glow, but still cover my redness and give my skin an overall polished look.  They don’t settle into my fine lines either!  I wear the color III. 

These are the BEST clean beauty vegan brushes that I have tried out!

Westman Atelier Brushes

***Definitely my 2nd favorite product, although a very close second***

Ok, here’s where the Westman Atelier scores some major points again- with their brushes!  These are hands down the BEST clean beauty vegan brushes I’ve used.  And you all know I’ve used them all.  They are made by hand in Kumano, Japan by the best brush makers that use traditional techniques.  Made with nylon fibers, their lacquered handles are made from sustainable hardwood birch that is a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe.  These brushes are what makeup enthusiasts dream of.  They feel ultra silky soft and glide over your skin like butter.  I’ve never had a brush feel so luxe before.  They offer 9 different brushes.  I have the lip brush, blender brush, the eyeshadow brush II and the foundation brush. Plus, since my last review, I have added the liquid blender brush and the powder brush to my collection.  But of course I want them all!  I’ve actually already cleaned these so much more often than other brushes.  The lightness of the nylon really makes me want them to be clean so they look their best!  Buy the brushes and thank me later.

Vital Pressed Skincare Powder

This is a great setting powder.  It’s very lightweight and easy to use.  Even for people who aren’t experienced with setting powders.  It comes in 5 shades depending on what you want it for.  I have the Pink Bubble color.  It helps to brighten your complexion and is for light to medium complexions.  They also have translucent and darker shades if you’re actually wanting some coverage.  It helps control shine, diminish pores and set your makeup for longevity.  I love applying it after their Vital Skin Care Complexion Drops.  It really helps to make my makeup last the whole day.

Westman Atelier Honorable Mentions

I just can’t help myself because I love so many of Westman Atelier’s products. Here are two more products that didn’t make my top 7, but are definitely still worth sharing about!

Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm

This is essentially Westman Atelier’s version of a lip gloss, even though they don’t call it a lip gloss but a liquid lip balm.  I am glad they don’t actually call it a lip gloss because I feel it is a little different than a traditional gloss even though people may assume it is just by looking at the product.  It’s also not sticky at all but so smooth.  You get that sheen that you crave but a nonstick smooth finish that’s perfect by itself or layered over a lipstick.  It comes in 6 shades.  I have Nana- a cool beige.  It is the perfect nude.  I love wearing it over a lip liner to add that pop of hydration.  If you’re into hydrated lips but without the typical tackiness you get from a lip gloss- this is your product.  Especially great for mature lips.  As you get older you lose the plumpness you had in your youth in your lips.  This helps to plump them up with hydration making them appear plumper overall.

Lit Up Highlight Stick

This comes in several shades and gives you a glow.  It’s creamy and glides on the skin effortlessly.  I like these more in the winter.  I felt like in the summer it was a little too creamy of a formula overall for me.

Westman Atelier Products I Would Skip

So, I didn’t love every product I tried. Here are two that I didn’t love as much as the others and would skip.

The eye pods faded too quickly for me.

Eye Pods

This is my least favorite product of Westman Atelier.  I really love so many of her formulas but this one just didn’t work for me for so many reasons.  Allow me to explain the eye pods.  So they come in 2 different sets.  Each set has three colors.  I like to think of it as a light, medium and more deep shadow.  They come in these magnetic pods that you can easily just link together since they’re magnetic.  I love this about them!  Really innovative and actually helps me keep them more organized in my makeup bag because they all link together.  The formula is what I don’t love.  While the overall feel and texture is more creamy for a powdered shadow, it isn’t very pigmented.  I tried applying the product both with my fingers and with the Westman Atelier Eyeshadow Brush II and I felt like it didn’t really make too much of a difference which I used.  I did feel like my fingers may have got a little more product on my lid overall.

It looks so pretty initially when you apply the three colors.  Especially doing the lighter color on the upper brow bone, the medium color on the lid and the darker color in the crease.  However, the problem is it quickly fades!  Within an hour I have lots of creasing, by the end of the day it doesn’t look like I was wearing anything.  I did use concealer and foundation on my lids to help act as an eyeshadow primer and a translucent powder and still the same result.  While I love a natural look, I also want the product to stay and for it to look like I’m wearing something, especially when the Eye Pods are $88 a pop!  I will say I like how the product doesn’t get dispersed under my eye like many powdered shadows.  I have both color options, the Les Jours and Les Nuits and while they’re both beautiful I wish there was more longevity and pigment to them for the price.  Check out Les Nuits and Les Jours here.

The lip suedes didn’t have much longevity.

Lip Suedes

The Lip Suede has four lip colors in one palette.  You can either use the colors by themselves or blend them together to make one shade.  The formula is dewy of course, and hydrating.  It gives your lips a very moisturized and slightly wet look overall.  I love how the formula feels on the skin.  I like the hydration, and texture.  The palette comes in two shade options.  The first is the Les Nudes, which is a combination of 4 nude shades ranging from the lightest cafe creme to the most pigmented mulled wine.  The second palette is Les Rouges and contains bolder colors from a fuchsia to a brick red.  With the Les Nudes my biggest complaint is not being able to see the product that much on my lips, even after applying several coats. In photos it looks like I hardly have anything on, even if I applied it right before a photo.  

The Les Rouges is definitely my fave of the two.  I like the bolder colors and more pigment.  Even though they are bolder they’re not loud and can be more dubbed down too.  It actually looks like I have something on my lips.  I feel like for $85 I want to see something on my lips, even if it’s nude!  I think if the nudes were slightly more pigmented it would help.  I also felt like the longevity overall wasn’t great on the product.  I would apply it on my lips and an hour later it was gone, even without eating.  I guess for such an expensive product I had higher hopes.  The texture is there in the formula but the pigmentation needs some work in my opinion.  Just didn’t hit it out of the park for me.  Check out the Les Rouges Palette here and the Les Nudes Palette here.

A full Westman Atelier makeup look!

Is Westman Atelier Worth It?

This is a luxe clean beauty makeup line.  With the exception of a few products I totally think they’re worth it after testing and trying them.  You’ll find several in my review that don’t live up to the hype and high price tag but the rest I really do think are a cut above other products and as the saying goes- you get what you pay for.  I didn’t try out the mascara because I’m not going to buy a mascara that is $58- sorry but just too much, it better give me the PERFECT set of lashes.  From reviews I’ve read it doesn’t, but I always only try products I’m willing to purchase myself.  So I didn’t try it.  Plus, if you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I’m obsessed with Honest Beauty Mascara and it’s $16 on Amazon– can’t beat that. 

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I hope this Westman Atelier review was helpful when thinking about what to try from the line.  This is one luxe clean beauty makeup line that isn’t going anywhere!  Can’t wait to share more with you as new products come out.

*Check out my full video review and tutorial below!  

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Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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