Organic Baby Clothes: 12 Brand Reviews (2023)

Clothing isn’t something that I have always felt the need to purchase organic. But as I have gotten further in my natural lifestyle journey I have definitely looked closer at the type of clothing and brands I am purchasing from. Since my youngest was born I have tested out many organic baby clothes brands and I am sharing my favorites below + why I love them!

So excited to share 12 organic baby clothes brands with you. Organic clothing has come a long way since I had my first 8 years ago. These brands are cute, functional and (the best part) they are without any extra toxins.

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Why choose organic clothes for your baby?

When looking for the best organic baby clothes you may be wondering why you should even be looking for organic baby clothes at all…especially with a new baby, aren’t there enough other things to consider?!

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used in baby and children’s clothing. This is because it is soft and breathable against baby’s sensitive skin. Synthetic materials can cause irritation and make temperature control more difficult. 

But did you know that conventional cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops?!

Here are a few stats from the Environmental Justice Foundation to consider regarding non-organic cotton:

  • Throughout the world, cotton crops are responsible for the release of $2 billion of chemical pesticides each year, within which at least $819 million are considered toxic enough to be classified as hazardous by the World Health Organization
  • Of those numbers from above, $112 million is spent on aldicarb. Aldicarb the world’s second biggest selling cotton pesticide. Unfortunately it is also one of the most toxic chemicals used in agriculture.
  • Cotton accounts for 16% of global insecticide releases – more than any other single crop.

The chemicals used on cotton crops also include the use of glyphosate, which is considered a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization. The scariest part is that this isn’t even the worst offender when it comes to chemicals used on cotton crops, but I do believe it is the most well known by the general public so I wanted to mention it.

So when you see how many chemicals are being used on cotton crops plus how toxic some of these chemicals are…it makes you think twice about clothing or swaddling your newborn babe in it. And it may be worth at least considering organic baby clothes!

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I am so impressed with how many brands are now offering organic baby clothes – not to mention the quality of the clothes!

What To Look For When Buying Organic Baby Clothes

As always, you want to look for a 3rd party certifications when purchasing organic baby clothes. These help us to know the claims that are being made by the brand actually have been tested and are true. A few 3rd party certifications you can look for when it comes to organic baby clothes include:

USDA Organic: If a product is certified USDA Organic it meets the USDA criteria and includes at a minimum 95% organic components. The product has also been produced using USDA certified organic crops.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): This is the world’s leading textile processing authority for organic fibers.  It is the toughest organic textile standard because it goes far beyond verifying just the organic farming process.  It also includes every step of manufacturing and ensures there is no child or slave labor. And, it means the clothes you are purchasing were made using pure and clean standards. The USDA recognizes GOTS certification as the standard for organic consumer goods.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX: Clothes with this certification may not have been grown organically but they are tested for unhealthy chemicals in the final product. In other words every component of it from the thread to button and other accessories has been tested for harmful substances and has been determined to be harmless for human health.

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What To Do If You Can’t Afford Or Don’t Have All Organic Baby Clothes

First, this post is not meant to scare anyone into purchasing all organic baby clothing, rather just give you the information so you are an informed consumer. But there are a few things you can do to help minimize your baby’s exposure if you aren’t able to purchase all organic baby clothes. I know I never clothed my children in 100% organic clothing. So, here are a few things I have done:

  • Purchase organic baby onesies (these ones are so affordable) and put those under your non-organic baby clothing. This minimizes the surface area that the clothing sits on your baby’s skin
  • Choose clothes that are OEKO-TEX certified versus organic – these tend to be more affordable and you can find OEKO-TEX baby clothes at Target even!
  • Realize there are affordable organic baby clothing options. (See my favorite budget friendly brands below)
  • If you do a baby registry, put a variety of organic baby clothing brands on there. So many of the brands I have tried are so cute, your friends and family will love to gift them to you and baby!
  • Purchase second hand clothes or use hand me downs. These clothing items will have been washed many times, which will at the very least reduce the toxic exposure for your baby.
  • Strip clothes with EM1. This can include brand new clothes, second hand clothes, hand me downs, etc. This product helps to strip out any residue that may be on the clothing.
  • Also, everything is about toxic load. If you are doing really well minimizing toxins in other areas, then this may be an area that you just do your best in. That may mean a mix of organic and non-organic clothes, or even no organic clothes. Choosing non-organic cotton clothing is better than purchasing clothing made from polyester or other synthetics in my opinion. Plus, I wholeheartedly believe that choosing organic foods will have a far bigger impact than choosing organic clothing, so you just need to pick what is most important to you and works for your family.
Sharing 12 Organic Baby Clothes Brands that I have used with my babies

Best Organic Baby Clothes: My Favorite Brands + Why I Love Them

Monica + Andy

I was so excited to test out this brand.  They are one of the first brands that I had come across years ago when I had looked into organic baby clothes.  The line was created by a mom!  She realized after having her baby that she wanted her to have the softest clothing and safest.  Monica + Andy was born out of it!  They offer GOTS certified organic cotton – this is the highest standard you can get for organic fabrics.  Another unique quality about Monica + Andy is that they offer only limited edition prints.  So once they’re gone they’re gone. They have a lot of fun prints and colors.

I had received the cutest and coziest romper from a friend for my youngest daughter when she was born.  It was the perfect romper!  She wore it more than anything else when she was younger(0-3 Months) because it was so easy to wear and cozy.  It really kept her warm and the fabric was so soft.  We washed it so much and it held up great!  Monica + Andy offers pajamas, pants, tops, onesies, rompers, jackets, swimsuits and lots of accessories too.  They have organic clothes from babies all the way to kids.  I love knowing that a brand can grow with my baby!  Check out Monica + Andy here!

Colored Organics baby clothes are just so chic!

Colored Organics

I swooned over Colored Organics clothes when I found them online!  They are so classic and modern all at the same time. Their pieces really offer a timeless design. The line was created by a mom as well. 

One of the first things I noticed about this brands was they have the softest fabrics! The clothing really felt so luxurious.  They offer everything from pajamas, onesies, tops, bottoms, and lots of fun accessories.  All their clothing is made with organic cotton and a few of their leggings also include a small amount of elastane to give the leggings some stretch.  They also use water-based dyes and nickel free snaps. They’ve really thought of it all!

I received some Lue leggings, a Classic Short Sleeve bodysuit and Long Sleeve Pullover from them.  They have held up great after several washes and are even cozier the more I’ve washed them.  I love how they offer organic clothing for kids as they grow too.  All the way until age 6.  I’ll definitely be buying more from them!  Check out Colored Organics here! Use code GURLGONEGREEN15 to save 15% off your purchase!

O2Baby Organic Pajamas *Best Budget Friendly*

I found this brand on Amazon and have been super impressed with the quality and how they’ve held up!  Not to mention the affordable price point.  In the beginning babies tend to live in their pajamas and I wanted to find some affordable options that were easy to find.  They come in basic, simple colors which I love too!  Check them out here!

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Pehr offers some of the highest quality organic baby clothes

Pehr *Best Quality *

Ohh I love this brand!  I feel like they are the Rolls Royce of organic baby clothes. Their designs and style is impeccable and classic.  I really want all that they offer! Pehr started as a female founded company and still is.  They not only use organic cotton but really think about the whole process of their clothing line from start to finish.  Thinking of sustainability and what impact they’re making.  They offer everything from swimsuits- which are absolutely adorable, to rompers, onesies, pants, tops and accessories.  They have a timeless feel to their clothing which I love. 

I really loved their pajamas that we received. The fit on them was superb.  I loved how they had cinching around the ankles to keep the pajamas in place and the two way zipper was a nice touch as well.  Well made all around.  I also received a romper from them and it has been well loved.  It is so cute, with bunnies on it and super soft. With the high quality they offer, I can’t recommend Pehr enough!  This brand makes the perfect gift for new parents – I have even gifted friends their clothing for their babies.  Check them out here!

Goumi Kids

This was one of the first brands that I read about when researching organic baby clothes.  They offer everything from baby until age 5.  They also have a few women’s clothing products as well.  I love that they offer bedding too.  You can find their products on Amazon as well. 

Their style is very simple and minimalistic too.  That is something I find I love about most organic baby clothing is how basic and simple the designs are.  Not with loud fabrics.  Their signature fabric is made with a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, making the clothes extremely soft to the touch! 

I tried some of their footies which are their pajamas.  They feel like butter!  Really such a smooth fabric and feel.  Their footie pajamas are unique in that they can grow with the baby.  They offer a bump flap which makes it easy to quickly check the baby’s diaper, and an option for open toes when the baby is mobile.  Plus, they also have built in no scratch mittens for the hands.  While the fabric was soft I did find the pajamas a little overwhelming at first.  I know it might sound strange but there were almost too many buttons and options.  For me, I like streamlined and simple and it felt a little too much for a baby pajama.  

I haven’t tried anything else from them, so I definitely want to try other clothing items as they look amazing but I wouldn’t buy their pajamas again.  Check out Goumi Kids here!

You can find Burt’s Bees baby clothing at so many stores!

Burt’s Bees *Best Budget Friendly*

This is one of the most widely seen and easy to find organic baby pajamas.  You can find them at Target, Kohls, and Amazon.  They are made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and come in a ton of fun prints .  If you like options when it comes to prints and bright colors, they have a lot more than traditional organic baby clothing. Beyond organic baby pajamas they also have newborn essentials too (clothing and accessories). 

I will say their pajamas tend to be for the more long and lean statures.  If your baby is shorter and thicker they might not fit as well.  I’ve found this out after having four babies.  Some fit in Burt’s Baby Pajamas well and others did not.  They’re not as soft as other organic baby clothes brands but I find the more you wash them the softer they get.  I love how accessible they are and affordable. I’ve found them at Target on clearance for $12.99!  I also have had these for my kids as they were toddlers too.  Such a great budget friendly option!  Check out Burts Bees Organic Clothing here!

Hanna Andersson *Best Quality*

I’ve been using Hanna Andersson pajamas since my first baby.  They’ve been around for a long time.  Their clothing definitely holds up so well and is great quality.  We even have gotten their organic underwear for my kids and they have really stood the test of time. 

Their organic pajamas are so sturdy and soft.  When I say they’ve held up well, I’m talking for years and years.  I had pajamas for my first that we still have for my fourth.  They also have some of the cutest Christmas pajamas if you want all your kiddos to match.  Their pajamas are organic but not all their clothing is but it is OEKO-TEX certified which is one of the highest standards for clothing out there.  The OEKO-TEX certification tests clothing for harmful chemicals.  Check out all of Hanna Andersson here!

Mori’s prints are so simple and modern.


They’ve been creating organic baby clothes since 2015.  They’re on a mission to create the highest quality products that are thoughtfully produced using sustainable fabrics.  They use a mix of bamboo and organic cotton in their fabrics with a hint of elastane for stretch. 

I received from them a Ribbed Sleeved Bodysuit, Organic Baby Leggings and Blush Stripe Clever Zip Baby Pajamas.  The pajamas are so soft!  Made with a combination of bamboo and organic cotton. The two way zipper is an added feature for making it easier to change baby’s diaper.  It is nice but I’ve found it’s not a deal breaker for me if a pajama doesn’t have it.  I know some moms love them but it’s not a must for me. 

I also love the bodysuit!  It’s so basic and goes with anyone.  Plus, it’s also so soft too.  They have a ton of colors to choose from which is fun.  The organic baby leggings are also incredibly soft and so cozy for baby’s delicate skin.  I love all of Mori’s simple prints and designs.  They are modern but soft.  I can’t wait to continue trying more of their clothing!  They also have kid’s clothes up to age 6.  Check out Mori here!

Honest Baby Pajamas *Best Budget Friendly*

These are also just organic pajamas but come in toddler sizes as well.  They have some fun prints too.  I have some of these for my toddler and they have held up great.  You can find them on Amazon, at Kohls, and Target.  A great budget friendly option.  Check them out here!

Gap Organic Onsie and Leggings
Love that Gap a mainstream brand that has some great organic clothing options!


Gap has a lot of organic clothing options to choose from and I have been so impressed by the quality and selection.  I have bought onesies, denim pieces, pajamas and pants from Gap that are all organic!  They have held up well and have so many cute prints and stylish pieces.  Also, if you wait for a sale you can really score great deals on their organic clothing too.  It’s nice to be able to shop at a mainstream store and find organic clothing easily. Check them out here!


Pact offers organic clothing for the whole family – men, women, kids and babies too.  It’s so nice to be able to shop in one place for everyone!  They have sleepers, as well as bodysuits, and pants.  They also have organic kids clothes too as they get bigger.  They’re a little more budget friendly too which is nice.  Your one stop shop for all things organic baby and kids but also for adults!  Check them out here!

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H & M Organic Baby Clothes
You won’t break the bank with H & M’s organic baby clothing options!

H & M

I have been so impressed with H&M and their baby/child clothing options.  They have so many great organic pieces to choose from.  They are great basics.  From organic onesies, to organic cotton sweaters, and pants.  They are so wearable.  They also are great on the budget!  I can get a variety of clothing from them and not break the bank when it comes to organic clothing.  I appreciate their classic pieces too.  I’ve been getting lots of organic clothes for my 17 month old and my almost 4 year old from them. Check out what they have to offer here!

Conclusion: Do Babies Need Organic Baby Clothing?

While babies might not “need” organic baby clothing I do feel it’s something to consider if you’re wanting to reduce the overall toxic burden on them.  For me there is always a better, best line when it comes to natural living in general.  While it might be ideal and best to clothe your baby in all organic clothing, it’s also more expensive and might be hard to ask your family to only buy organic clothing for your little one. 

I always say when you know better, you do better.  While I would love to say my baby has always worn organic clothing, it’s not the case. A better option might be to wash all clothing at least before wearing it, or choosing 100% cotton clothing over polyester that’s made from plastic.  Do your best in your situation and don’t stress about the rest!

What’s your favorite organic baby clothes brand?

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    I just found your website and I’m so excited to explore it as I’m trying to use as much natural and organic in all areas for my family; so thank you! Have you heard of Parade Organics? They are so affordable and have a wide offering.

    • Suzi

      Thanks Melissa! No, I haven’t heard of them, but I’ll take a look- thanks for the recommendation!

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    Hi Suzi
    I wanted to make you aware that Goumikids footies consist of one 2 way zipper. They have never had buttons at all. They had snaps a few years ago. I’m letting you know because if I read your review, I wouldn’t even go to their site. I think you have them confused with someone else. Also, their baby gowns are 1 snap convertible. Bodysuits are the typical 3 snaps in the diaper area.

    • Suzi

      Hi Lisa,

      I appreciate your comment! I wasn’t referring to them having buttons all the way down, just on the diaper pouch area. Does that make sense? I may need to rephrase it so that there isn’t any confusion.

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    Try to review the new brand from Canada, their online store at
    I ordered a few items from their online store, quality are perfect. I like their cable knit baby clothes

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