Best Organic Baby Pajama Brands (2023 Review)

We all want the best for our babies. And does that include organic pajamas too? I am diving in on why you would even want to consider organic pj's plus the top brands that I have used for my 4 babies.

Winter is definitely sneaking up on us and now is the perfect time to stock on some cozy organic pajamas for your baby…and the rest of the family! I am sharing my favorite brands when it comes to baby pajamas. Plus, why you would even want to consider organic clothes and pajamas for your family.

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Considerations When Shopping For Baby Pajamas

There are a few things you will want to consider when shopping for baby’s pajamas – or really even baby’s clothing in general!


It’s important to know that cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used in baby and children’s clothing. The reason it’s such a great option is that it is soft and breathable against baby’s sensitive skin. Synthetic materials can cause skin irritation and make temperature control more difficult so that’s why natural fibers are more ideal.

Organic vs Non-Organic

Did you know that cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops?! This means that clothing made with conventional cotton has the potential to bring with it harmful chemicals.

Here is just one stat from the Environmental Justice Foundation to consider regarding non-organic cotton:

Throughout the world, cotton crops are responsible for the release of $2 billion of chemical pesticides each year, within which at least $819 million are considered toxic enough to be classified as hazardous by the World Health Organization

And don’t forget about glyphosate being used. This chemical is considered a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization. The scariest part is that this isn’t even the worst offender when it comes to chemicals used on cotton crops, but I do believe it is the most well-known by the general public so I wanted to mention it.

So when you see how many chemicals are being used on cotton crops plus how toxic some of these chemicals are…it makes you think twice about clothing your newborn babe in it – especially when this is a time in life when their skin is most sensitive. It just may be worth at least considering baby pajamas that use organic fabrics!

So many great brands to choose from for organic cotton baby pajamas!


When a baby is involved, I think we would all choose ease over style MOST of the time. And with baby pajamas there are some styles that just allow for greater ease, especially for those middle-of-the-night changes. So, be on the lookout for zippers (2-way make it especially easy to change diapers) if you are looking to make things a little easier. Oh, and with the brands I am going to share, you can have ease AND style…you don’t have to pick!


Flame retardants are a hot topic when is comes to choosing pajamas for our children. According to the National Institute of Environmental Sciences, studies have shown that these chemicals (which by the way CHILDREN are suspected to be more vulnerable to) have been associated with the following:

  • Endocrine Disruptors
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Impacts on the Immune System
  • Reproductive Toxicity
  • Cancer
  • Neurological Dysfunction
  • Adverse Effects on Fetal/Child Development 

Basically there is federal ruling that requires the clothing industry to use flame retardants on pajamas that don’t have a snug fit – that’s why you want to look for 100% organic cotton pj’s that fit your child snugly. Keeping them safe in multiple ways!

3rd party certifications are so important when making sure the claims being made by a brand are true.

What To Look For When Buying Organic Baby Pajamas

As always, you want to look for third-party certifications when purchasing organic baby pajamas. These help us to know the claims that are being made by the brand actually have been tested and are true. A few 3rd party certifications you can look for when it comes to organic baby pajamas include:

USDA Organic: If a product is certified USDA Organic it meets the USDA criteria and includes at a minimum 95% organic components. The product has also been produced using USDA certified organic crops.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): This is the world’s leading textile processing authority for organic fibers. It has the highest standards as it goes far beyond verifying just the organic farming process. It also includes every step of the manufacturing process and ensures there is no slave or child labor. And, it means the clothes you are purchasing were made using pure and clean standards. The USDA recognizes GOTS certification as the standard for organic consumer goods.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX: Clothes with this certification may not use organic materials but they are tested for unhealthy chemicals in the final product. In other words, every component of it from the thread to the button and other accessories has been tested for toxic chemicals and has been determined to be harmless for human health.

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Best Organic Baby Pajamas

After 4 babies, I am sharing the best brands when it comes to organic baby pajamas. These brands have stood out not only in their standards, but quality and style too!

Best Sleep Sack – Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Sleep Sack

I discovered this sleep sack with my 4th baby and love it! It really is the best. It’s made of merino wool on the inside and then has a 100% organic cotton outer layer which I love. Wool naturally helps you regulate body temperature so it works for all seasons. Another great perk of the sleep sack is it’s made for 2 month olds- 2 years olds. So it really works for all ages! I love that I don’t have to keep buying a new one every 6 months. Highly recommend it! Get it here. 

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My favorite footie pajamas are definitely Pehr!

Best Footie Pajamas – Pehr

Pehr definitely takes the cake when it comes to footed pajamas. The fit on them was superb. I loved how they had cinching around the ankles to keep the pajamas in place and the two way zipper was a nice touch as well. If you’re a mom you know the struggle with keeping tiny feet in footed pajamas. I also love the soft colors and modern prints. Well made all around. I can’t recommend Pehr enough! I have even gifted friends Pehr clothing for their babies because I loved it so much. Check them out here!

Best Bamboo Pajamas- Mori

They’ve been creating organic baby clothes since 2015. They’re on a mission to create the highest quality products that are thoughtfully produced using sustainable materials. They use a mix of bamboo and organic cotton in their fabrics with a hint of elastane for stretch. The pajamas are so soft! The two way zipper is an added feature for making it easier to change baby’s diaper.  Check out all of Mori here.

Best Budget Friendly Baby Pajamas- O2Baby Organic Pajamas

I found this brand on Amazon and have been super impressed with the quality and how they’ve held up! And the good news is the price is equally impressive. In the beginning, babies tend to live in their pajamas and I wanted to find some pj’s that came at affordable prices AND were easy to find. They come in basic, simple colors which I love too! Check them out here!

Love the muted colors that Colored Organics offers!

Best Newborn and Best Organic Cotton Pajamas – Colored Organics

These are made from 100% organic cotton and are so soft. Their baby pajamas have the fold-over sleeves which are perfect for newborns. They’re also zip, which makes nighttime changes so easy. I really love all their muted colors too – I prefer this over bright colors. A staple for sure! They are a brand that also has the best organic baby clothes, so you won’t go wrong investing in anything from Colored Organics. Get them here. Use code GURLGONEGREEN15 to save 15% off your purchase!

Best Holiday Pajamas- Hanna Andersson

I’ve been using Hannah Anderson pajamas since my first baby. They’ve been around for a long time. Their clothing definitely holds up so well and is of great quality. We even have gotten their organic underwear for my kids and they have really stood the test of time. Their organic pajamas are so sturdy and soft. When I say they’ve held up well, I’m talking for years and years. I had pajamas for my first that we still have for my fourth. They also have some of the cutest Christmas pajama sets if you want all your kiddos to match. Their pajamas are organic but not all their clothing is, but it is OEKO-TEX certified. Check out all of Hanna Andersson here!

Best Toddler Pajamas- Hanna Andersson

As I mentioned above Hanna Andersson pajamas hold up so well. They also have some great organic options when it comes to toddler and young children too. From shorts and shirts in the summer, to long sleeved shirts and pants in the winter. And as I said, they hold up so well! They also have some fun prints like mickey mouse and superhero characters which my kids love. Check out their toddler options here.

Burt’s Bees Pajamas are so easy to find!

Best Organic Baby/Kid Pajamas That Are Easy To Find- Burt’s Bees Baby

I love how easy Burt’s Bees Baby is to find. You can find their pajamas at Target, Whole Foods, Kohls, and Amazon. They really make it so easy to grab some organic pajamas for your baby or child. I’ve often found them on sale at Target too, making them a great price point! They come in some fun print options as well. Check them out here.

Best Overall Pajamas For The Whole Family- Pact

You can find organic cotton pajamas for baby, kids, women and men at Pact. They offer something for everyone. I like how they are also more budget-friendly and come in a variety of options from sleep shirts, to tank tops, pant sets, footie pajamas and shorts. I have their sleep shirt and love it! They also offer organic underwear for the whole family as well. It really is a one-stop shop for organic clothing. Shop Pact here.

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There are all my favorite organic baby pajama brands! What’s your favorite?

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