An Honest Lume Deodorant Review

Venturing into the world of Lume deodorant, we explore its claims, ingredients, and the real-world results. Is it your next go-to? Let's find out.

Today I’m sharing my Lume deodorant review, because body odor is a real thing. Some people go all natural, more power to you, others of us, want a clean, good-smelling deodorant.

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Shannon Klingman, MD, embarked on her journey to create Lume deodorant after she repeatedly saw over-the-top treatments prescribed to women who complained of below the waist odor.

Shannon discovered through clinical testing that most body odor is simply caused by bacteria on the skin digesting bodily fluids and could be solved by deodorant.

Lume is supposed to block bacteria from digesting fluids on your skin so it prevents odors from ever starting in the first place.

The quest of Lume is to give people everywhere, including men, the confidence to live free from the worry and concerns of body odor.

Lume Deodorant Products
If you are looking for a cleaner deodorant option, Lume Deodorant might be for you. Although here are a couple ingredients you will want to know about.

Lume Deodorant Ingredient Breakdown

Lume is considered a non-toxic or cleaner alternative to mainstream deodorants because it doesn’t contain aluminum, baking soda, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, or talc. The brand is also cruelty free and vegan.

However, as you’ll see in the ingredient list below, the deodorant does contain the preservative ethylhexylglycerin. This can potentially be a toxic ingredient if it hasn’t been tested for contaminants such as toluene, ethylene oxide, and 1,4 dioxane.

Ethylhexylglycerin has also been known to be a skin irritant.2

I did ask them if they tested their Ethylhexylglycerin and here’s what they said:

We have not tested Lume for PAHs and Ethylene Oxide ingredients, but we do not use them nor do our manufacturers use them for other products that they manufacture. They are used as cleaning agents and our manufactures do not use or source them for other brands.

The Ethylhexylglycerin we use does have an EWG rating of 2. You can find out more about the EWG rating scale on their website by clicking here.

Our products do not contain PEGs. We actually updated our deodorant formula and removed the ingredients that raised concerns based on our valued customer feedback. By removing PEG-100, polysorbate, and phenoxyethanol, we are able to deliver the “clean beauty” experience our customers demand and deserve. Lume Deodorant and our family of products continue to be free from aluminum, baking soda, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. All of our products are vegan and cruelty-free!

The only difference between the ingredients in the unscented and scented deodorants is the fragrance which is denoted by an asterisk.

I talk more about the fragrance in the deodorants below.

Active Ingredients

Soothing – Panthenol is a moisturizer and helps lubricate the skin.

Exfoliant – Mandelic Acid prevents bacteria from reacting with bodily fluids which is the source of odor.

Antioxidant – Caffeine has antioxidant properties and can help with the smell of the deodorant.

Other Ingredients

Absorbent – Maranta Arundinacea Root Powder

Abrasive/scrub –  Zea Mays (Corn) Starch

Antimicrobial/antibacterial – Mandelic Acid

Emollient – Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Stearyl Alcohol, Isododecane, Isopentyldiol, Lauryl Laurate

Emulsifying – Stearyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Oleate

Moisturizer/humectant – Isopentyldiol, Panthenol

Preservative – Ethylhexylglycerin

Solvent – Isododecane, Isopentyldiol

Surfactant/cleansing – Stearyl Alcohol

Viscosity controlling – Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Ozokerite, Stearyl Alcohol, Silica

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Lume Deodorant Review

Lume Whole Body Deodorant
I preferred the unscented Lume Deodorant versus the scented versions.

Texture and Consistency

The texture and consistency is amazing on the stick deodorants.  It’s creamy and goes on so smoothly.  I never felt like it was hard to apply.  The tube formula is nice as well, it’s not too thick but not too thin where it comes off your hand easily. 

Longevity and Performance

The longevity and performance was great for all of them.  It stayed on well, I didn’t smell like B.O. Even the unscented kept me feeling clean and I didn’t just smell my odor- kind of amazing!


I didn’t love the scented one I got (Minted Cucumber).  I did email Lume to ask about their scents, because it was so strong to me and smelled synthetic. So I definitely wanted to dig a little deepr and see for myself.  Here’s what they said:

“Our scented products contain a proprietary blend of skin-safe synthetic fragrances. We continue to follow the International Fragrance Regulatory Association or IFRA guidelines for safety first and provide a delightful scent experience second. Fragrances are added in low percentages to our formulas, have low allergen potential, and are always free from phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde donors.”

So they are synthetic but it’s nice to know they seem to land on the safe side of synthetic fragrances.  If you want to deep dive into fragrance, check out my natural fragrance post here.

However, it was still too much for my liking. I felt like I could just smell my underarms all day because I could smell the scent.  It was like I was wearing perfume!  I haven’t tried any other scent but the Minted Cucumber was too much for me – definitely preferred the unscented versions. 


The packaging is very user friendly.  The tube one is easy to use but wouldn’t be something I would be drawn to, since it’s one more step in the process of applying my deodorant.  I like ease of use and don’t like having to wash my hands after applying my deodorant, so I would pick the stick deodorant

Their packaging is made from recycled materials. 

Skin Irritation

This is the big winner here- I had zero irritation from Lume!  None.  I find I can get irritated easily and I didn’t have any.  This is what I had heard was the biggest factor for a lot of people in choosing Lume, because they didn’t get skin irritation while using and they hadn’t been able to find a deodorant that wouldn’t irritate.  I can see why though.  The formula is very creamy and really lends itself to being extra smooth and creamy. 

I also think not having the baking soda in the product really helps to not irritate skin as well.  I found it to be interesting that it was so soothing, considering it does have the ingredient: ethylhexylglycerin in it which has been known to be a skin irritant.  

Pricing and Value

If you buy from Lume’s website you can find the deodorant for $14.99 which is on the lower end for a natural deodorant.  If you subscribe, you can end up paying only $12.74 for your deodorant. Not bad at all for a natural deodorant. 

You can also purchase from Amazon, although the prices appear to be slightly more if you choose to do that.

Lume Whole Body Deodorant
I definitely preferred the stick over the tube deodorant- much more user friendly!

Lume Customer Reviews

Overall, Lume has positive reviews. 

The most negative feedback revolves around scents and how they interact with users’ body chemistry. Some people claim they react to some of Lume’s scented deodorants and can only tolerate the unscented version. 

However, even the unscented version has some negative reviews from people who claim that it has a funky smell but then others love it. I think it really boils down to body chemistry and those pheromones.

The average review on their website is 4.2/5 stars based on 17369 reviews.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the reviews:

“It does what it’s supposed to do. But I’m not crazy about the scent.”

“Did not control my underarm odor any better than my regular deodorant.”

“Hands down, this is the BEST deodorant I’ve ever used. It actually works! 

No rashes! No smell! It’s actually better than antiperspirants. “

“I have put a little here, there, and everywhere. It works. It is a fantastic product. I am very careful with what I put on my skin. It has not caused me to itch or feel irritated. It dries clear and does not leave residue.”

“Lives up to all claims. I am very pleased.”

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Lume Deodorant
Overall Lume has a 4.2 out of 5 stars review from customer reviews!

Lume Refund Policy

According to Lume’s website, you can return their products within 60 days of purchase.

You can expect your return to be processed within 10 business days of their returns department receiving it. Refunds do not include the original shipping cost. 

However, Lume recommends checking out their tips on application and clothing prep first, before returning their products so you have every opportunity to experience the efficacy of their products.

Lume Deodorant Class Action Lawsuit

A proposed class action lawsuit filed in May of 2023 claims that “Lume’s statements are deceptive because the sample sizes in the study were ‘neither large nor diverse enough’ to verify the claims of long-lasting odor control”.

In the complaint, the plaintiff stated that she would not have paid as much or have purchased Lume deodorant at all, if she had known that clinical testing had not in fact proved Lume’s odor-blocking claims.

Lume’s claim to fame is that their deodorants block body odor all day, and continue to control odor for 72 hours.

The other point of contention is that Lume markets their products as aluminum-free but technically deodorants don’t have aluminum in them, only anti-perspirants.3

Conclusion: Is Lume Deodorant Really Worth It?

I do think that Lume deodorant could be a good option for those transitioning to a natural deodorant.  It really does hit all the marks for an effective natural deodorant. My only drawback is the fragrance in the scented deodorants and the ingredient ethylhexylglycerin.  While the percentage is small in the formulations, it’s still something to consider when purchasing Lume Deodorant.

Have you tried Lume Deodorant? Share your thoughts below.

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  3. (2023) Lume Deodorant’s ‘Clinically Proven’ Odor-Blocking Claim Is Deceptive, Class Action Alleges

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. Laura

    I’m surprised you’ve been reviewing products with questionable ingredients as of late. You used to be my go to for clean product recommendations but this is your second or third not so clean product review. Not impressed.

    • Suzi

      Hi Laura,

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I try and have a variety of products for all levels of “clean.” I am more of purist at heart, however, I get asked quite often about these brands I share and so it’s nice to have a post sharing my thoughts that I can point people too. I always give my honest opinion. I also like to review them because a lot of brand greenwash and I want to bring awareness around this. What other brands have I recommended that you didn’t approve?

  2. Amy

    I felt like Lume worked to keep my odor under control but after using it for sometime I noticed it was was discoloring my black and dark clothes in the armpit area. It turned it a redish brown color. So unfortunately had to quit using it.

    • Suzi

      Hi Amy,

      Bummer! I know it doesn’t work for everyone. Deodorant is so personal.

      • Annie Kerzic

        I wasn’t Happy with LUME & I retuned it but never received a refund. I’m not too pleased with this company!!!

        • Suzi

          Hi Annie,

          Oh no! So sorry to hear that. I hope you do get your refund!

  3. Dee

    I tried Lume and loved it…for a month. And then my husband, son and I noticed it started burning our underarms. Sadly had to give it up.

    • Suzi

      Hi Dee,

      So sorry to hear that! I know it won’t work for everyone. I’ve had several people tell me it’s the only natural deodorant that doesn’t irritate their underarms. To each their own!

  4. Jane Doe

    They seem shady as all get out. And the reviews are curated by themselves so it’s really no what I would call “honest sample size” which seems to be a pattern with this company. Happy you found something you love enough to share with others. But they don’t pass my sniff test.

    • Suzi

      Hi Jane Doe,

      Thanks! They seem like a good option for some people that’s easy to find.

  5. Zara

    Something about their formulation has changed – 5+ years ago these claims I would believe to be absolutely true – in fact, I could still smell the deodorant on my pits if I skipped a shower on day two and fay 3 rolls around there was really no funk. That’s not the case anymore, not even after a few hours now. Which is disappointing. I believe ownership of the business changed hands some years back, and at that point they tried to re-roll with a “new and improved smell” and admittedly, the smell of the solid sticks are much better.. but they just do not live up to their claims, anymore.

    • Suzi

      Hi Zara,

      I’m not sure about ownership as I just tried the brand this last year. They’re not perfect but I was impressed with overall performance.

  6. Dixie

    I hate the smell of their deodorants, to me the sticks smell like I am rubbing B.O. onto my armpits and I hate the feel of the creams. I do like the deodorant wipes, but they do not last 72 hours, all of their deodorants barely last 12 hours and they are overpriced as hell.

    • Suzi

      I’m sorry they didn’t work for you. I haven’t tried the wipes yet!

  7. mari verkuyl

    I’m 76 years old and have been using Lume 6 months. It may not last for 72 hrs but it works to keep my old age order under control. I am concerned about using strong cems on my body and very happy with Lume and feel strongly that US people are to hung up on smells and sweat, go a little natural and stay healthy.

    • Suzi

      Hi Mari,

      Glad you found something that works! 🙂

  8. Tracy Peters

    My main issue when I first tried Lume was that it didn’t control my boob sweat as well as cornstarch powder. But the powder doesn’t control odor as well as Lume. I just saw that Lume now has sweat control formula! I ordered it promptly and am so excited to try it.
    And I agree with you about the scents. Very synthetic smell. I’m trying unscented sweat control.

    • Suzi

      Oh I hope that works for you!

  9. Beverly

    I love lume. Since menopause my body odor has changed both underarm and other areas, onions are the closest to what it is now. Regular deodorants that use to work fine before, now last less than a couple of hours. I found I would have to wash my pits and reapply a couple times a day. Tried lume and it worked. I can get through the day without odor. I can not say that it works 72 hours for I shower every 24 to 48 hours depending on time of year and what I did throughout the day. I will say in the summer I get about 36 hours out of it. I’m still happy with that for nothing else that I tried has worked as well.

    • Suzi

      Hi Beverly,

      I’m so glad you’ve found something that worked for you!

  10. Angie

    Glad to see I’m not the only one. It just did not work for me. I showered, applied a good layer of Luma, and went about my day. Within six hours I smelled like I forgot to wear deodorant and had to change my shirt.


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