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A Holistic Approach To Dentistry with Dr. Kristen Graham Part 2

A Holistic Approach To Dentistry with Dr. Kristen Graham Part 2

In episode #20 we are learning about a holistic approach to dentistry with Dr. Kristen Graham.  Dr. Kristen graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Biological Sciences. She then continued on to dental school, and graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 2013. In pursuit of biologic dentistry she became certified Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine (IBDM) in 2017 by the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, with additional certifications in Naturopathy through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. She recently graduated from AFMCP (Advanced Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) at the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2018. Dr. Kristen consults with clients one-on-one in her online practice, and in private practice addressing each client as the individual they are.  She focuses on systemic, oral, physical and emotional well-being from a functional, biologic and spiritual approach. Dr. Kristen resides in Maryland with her husband and two rhodesian ridgbacks.

Connect With Dr. Kristin-

Topics Discussed-

  • What holistic dentistry is
  • How can someone find a holistic dentist
  • What biological dentists do differently for a cavity
  • Can you remineralize teeth
  • Anyway to make teeth stronger
  • All about a holistic approach to implants
  • How to safely remove mercury from teeth
  • What you should get replaced instead of mercury
  • Does oil pulling really work
  • What to do about teeth whitening
  • Best toothpaste for adults and kids

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Why We Love It?

  • Goat whey has demonstrated positive anti-inflammatory effects in the digestive system. Cow whey has shown increased inflammatory effects.
  • Cow whey is considered allergenic whereas goat whey is considered hypoallergenic.
  • Whey protein is the “gold standard” for serious athletes. Goat whey is the “gold standard” of that “gold standard.”
  • Goat whey is amazing for our immune systems, supporting lean muscle growth and repair, as well as optimal body composition.
  • Goat whey has the full range of essential amino acids in ratios that best support the athlete in all of us
  • It is really light and doesn’t ever makes us feel bloated. That’s because there is nothing added to fill up space, just the purest goat whey and flavoring.
  • Activ Whey is a goat whey protein that comes from goats that are grassfed all the way through their lifecycle. There are zero antibiotics or hormones used on the goats or the vegetation they eat from.
  • I personally know the creator and can vouch for the legitimacy of the protein and where it is sourced from.

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Silikids Review

Silikids Review

I’m so excited to share with you guys about Silikids!  Being a “green mom” sometimes it’s hard to find products that not only work, but also jive with me on the green living level.  Can anyone else relate?  So when I came across Silikids I knew I had found something special.

Silikids was founded in 2006 by moms, and is still the first mom founded brand that focuses on kids products using silicone.  Their mission is simple:  Make functional modern designed products made of 100% food grade silicone, while using no plastic.  In the end, you get a product that not only serves a purpose, and looks sleek but is completely toxic free.  Plus, you’re also improving the way we live.  I love how their products contain no plastic.  Often it’s easy to find “parts” of a product that are plastic free, but not all of it.  Silikids does a great job of filling in the gap, and creating an all around product you can feel safe using.

Silikids does a great job of explaining what silicone is on their website:

Silicone is basically made up of silicon, a natural element present in sand and rock, which after oxygen, is the most abundant element on earth! Silicon is transformed into silicone when combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Because it is an inert material, it does not react with food or liquids so no unpleasant flavors can transmit.  It’s also non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and does not promote bacteria or fungus growth. 

I also love using silicone versus glass with Finley at the toddler age now.  Glass is great, but in slippery toddler hands I’ve found it to be very dangerous!  Silicone is a great non-toxic alternative, and isn’t going to break when dropped.  Also, you can recycle silicone.  Most cities don’t always offer the exact recycling needed for it, but Silikids will gladly recycle any product sent to them.  Just another reason I think they’re great!

Now on to the products.  Silikids offers cups, straws, placemats, spoons etc.  They even offer glass cups with a silicone lid if your child is a bit older.  I had the pleasure of trying out their silicone straw cup, their silicone bib and silimap placemat.

Here’s my thoughts!

Siliskin Straw Cup-

Can’t say enough good things about this cup!  First of all the cup itself is so sturdy.  You can’t bend it or barely squeeze it.  The lid stretches over the cup and perfectly conceals the contents.  You just pop the straw in and you’re ready for some sipping.  It’s the perfect size for my daughter’s smoothies, and makes her feel like she’s using a grown up cup versus a sippy cup.  I don’t have to worry about her dropping it because it’s glass.  I thought the lid might be easy for her to try, and get off but trust me, it doesn’t move.  Obviously if you turn the cup over it will spill out the straw hole, but she’s old enough to know that isn’t ok.  I also love using the cup and lid for snacks, both on the go and at home.  I’ll put some blueberries in the cup for her, and she can hold it easily.  I’m not sure what I did before this little cup arrived in my life-it’s mom and kid approved! $8.95



This bib has become another staple in our life.  You would think I owned a silicone bib being a mom, but I didn’t!  This thing has changed my life.  I use it at home, but what I’ve found I like it best for is traveling.  It’s so easy to clean up after going out to a restaurant, or if Finley had a snack on the way home in the car.  I can just wipe off with a baby wipe, put it back in my purse, and it’s ready to go next time.  No more messy looking stained bibs or having to think about always putting a fresh one in the diaper bag or purse.  I also love that it has a catch pocket that’s reversible-so convenient.  As you can tell, I’m sold!  $11.95




Ok, I might sound like a broken record, but this is another item I’ve come to love from them.  It’s a foldable silicone placemat map of the United States.  I love how easy it folds up because of the pre-sectioned panels.  Takes up hardly any room in my purse.  Instead of using a crazy amount of paper, Finley will happily doodle on this with her washable markers and then I just wipe it off…so AMAZING!  She loves it and I love that we aren’t getting a new piece of paper out every minute.  It’s another product great for traveling.  We used it on the airplane ride recently to California, at restaurants and at the hotel.  It’s so convenient to not have to carry paper, and I love teaching her about the states.  You guys all need this!!  It’s such a cool product.  $14.95



That sums up my review of Silikids.  Trust me when I say I’m addicted to their products!  I think they’ve really thought of all the little details that so many moms appreciate.  Not to mention, sleek style and sustainable living.  I’m hosting a giveaway with them on my Instagram starting today Friday May 13th-check it out!  Also, shop all their products here.

Any product you’re eyeing?

Plume Review-Natural Lash Enhancing Serum

Plume Review-Natural Lash Enhancing Serum

Ok, so who doesn’t want long lashes?!  I mean come on, it’s every girl’s dream to have pretty long luscious lashes. Since going green I kind of resided to the fact that my lashes maybe wouldn’t be as vamped up as my mainstream product using friends.  But I had made peace with it.  I mean I wasn’t about to use any sort of toxic glue near my eyes or toxic eyelash serum…no thanks!  Well, thankfully this green junkie didn’t have to wait long, until the green beauty industry came out with a natural lash enhancing serum.  Yes, ladies you heard me right-A NATURAL LASH ENHANCING SERUM…was I in heaven?  Ok, maybe not, but I was definitely a step closer.  Let me introduce you to my new friend…or should I say best friend?!


Plume is a natural lash enhancing serum that delivers fuller, more dramatic looking lashes.  Sign me up…you had me at lash enhancing.  The idea was birthed by a mom-much like myself.  Can you say girl power?!  And before you go getting all crazy ingredient police on me, let me inform you that it’s completely natural.  Not natural, like people say petroleum is natural (btw it’s not) but natural as in every ingredient I can pretty much pronounce and know.  It even scores  a big fat zero on the ThinkDirty app…holla.  They list out ingredients on their website and why it’s used in their formula…another gold star.  Plus, all their ingredients are plant derived.  Oh, and not only is it “really” natural but it “really” works…in case you were wondering, which I’m pretty sure if you’re still reading this, you are.

Here’s the science behind it, are you ready (put on your safety glasses, it’s about to get all sciencey…not really). Plume explained it so well I’m going to let them say it:

Our proprietary formula is designed to have a duel effect on the appearance of your lashes and brows:

  • 1st by supporting the health and hydration of each hair follicle, and

  • 2nd by supporting the longevity of those hair follicles

When it comes to the health, hydration and longevity of all living organisms (like the hair cells in your lashes) nothing compares to the effectiveness and purity of plant-derived ingredients. If you’re familiar with juicing, particularly the benefits of juicing fresh vegetables, think of Plume as a botanical super-juice for the hair follicles of your lashes and brows.

Did you catch that?  So basically by supporting your hair follicles with all the nutrients they need, they’re able to grow and be strong.  Makes sense to me, very similar to the hairs on our head(sorry the stylist in me is coming out).  I like to think of Plume as a vitamin for your lashes and brows-with ingredients like aloe, castor oil, vitamin e, etc.

So you can hear all this science jargon but how did it work on me??  Well, let me tell you:  It works, it worked, whatever you want to say.  This stuff is my new jam and I can’t get enough.  I’ve been using it for about 7 weeks now and my lashes are long and strong.  Of course I took a before pic for you guys, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t?!  And of course there’s an after pic…so check them out below.  My lashes are considerably longer now and just look fab…I mean is there any other way to say it?  It comes in a wand like brush similar to a mascara wand, but instead of a mascara brush at the end it’s looks like a small little paint brush.  You just paint the creamy looking formula right on your lash line on the root of clean lashes, like you would eyeliner.  I would just do it before going to bed, but you can do it in the morning and put on your makeup as you normally would(let it dry for a couple minutes first).  It didn’t irritate my eyes at all.  It went on creamy and dried clear.  They say one bottle lasts about 6-8 weeks depending on if you’re using it for both bottom and top lashes.  I just put it on my top lashes.  I did use it on a couple spots on my brows but I didn’t see a difference with them.  However, in all fairness I’ve never had hair in those spots, so not sure there is even a hair follicle to condition for growth!  Plume has said it is possible to see results in as little as two weeks, but for optimal results they recommend waiting 6-8 weeks.  It would also be a great supplement for those who have just gotten off eyelash extensions, and their lashes are weak and brittle.

Here are the before and after pics.  I tried to get closer so you could see the difference.


I would recommend this for anyone who wants longer/fuller lashes or brows.  It has given me lashes I’m proud to bat about, and I’m proud to share the product because of the ingredients!  It’s simple, you all need this.  Plus, what better Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.  Best of all guys, I didn’t leave you hanging-Use coupon code GURLGG2015 for 20% off your order…so stock up here while the gettins’ good!  Have any of you guys tried Plume?


Mask Madness

Mask Madness

I’m kind of obsessed with clean masks, but for good reason.  They make my skin feel moisturized, revived…oh and let’s not forget the glow I get too!  Plus, masking is like having my own mini spa session, while in the comfort of my own home (a big deal when you’re a mama).  As an esthetician, I’ve realized the mark of a good mask is bringing  real nourishment to the skin.  In conventional masks, you find nothing but junk…serious toxic junk.  I looked up one of the most popular masks out on the market and you know what’s in it? A ton of chemicals!  What’s crazy is masks sit on your face for a good 15-30 minutes.  A long time for chemicals to be soaking into your skin…um scary!  And people wonder why their hormones are all messed up.

So now that you’ve tossed your carcinogenic masks, let’s chat about what to replace them with.


This mask is seriously so good.  The founder Leah is a saint, no joke.  I’ve gotten to know her on social media and she truly is the sweetest.  She creates all of her products by hand in Kaui, Hawaii.  Her mask is a little piece of heaven.  With ingredients like Chlorella, sea buckthorn, spirulina and raw honey, this mask is pure decadence.  A lot of masks moisturize after wearing, but you don’t notice a visible difference to the naked eye.  Not the case with the Mermaid Mask, you’ll be glowing!  It smells so insanely good too.  You’ll be tempted to eat it.  Also, the price point for this mask is crazy awesome…$22!  A serious steal!  This mask is great for everyone.  Acne skin, pre-mature, congestion, dryness and redness.  Oh and P.S. when you buy it you must know that there is this thing called Mermaid Mask Monday on social media- where all the mermaids come out and wear their mask!



This was one of the first masks I tried when transitioning to green beauty.  I knew after trying this my love for masking ran deep.  This mask is ideal for dry/irritated and mature skin types.  At the time I bought it, my skin was in a frenzy.  I had just found out I was pregnant and my skin was inflamed and irritated.  Not to mention dry patches were popping up.  My skin went from angry to happy after using this religiously for several months.  With manuka honey, aronia berry powder and amazonian white clay, the ingredient list is amazing and not to mention organic.  This mask really lives up to it’s name- healing mask.  It smells divine too! $60



I love this mask!  If you want to see a noticeable difference the minute you take off your mask, then this is it.  I had heard people rave about it in the green beauty community for quite sometime and let’s just say It did not disappoint.  Tata Harper has created some amazing skincare products, that are not only natural but perform.  So often a product can be clean, but it does’t do anything.  Tata’s products are the opposite.  Having tried several other products, I’m always impressed with the quality and difference I see in my skin.  The resurfacing mask is a gel like substance that looks clear when applied.   You leave it on for 30 minutes and bam, your left with that lit from within glow.  I love doing this in the morning before I put on my makeup.  It literally exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells, all while minimizing pores and redness.  You are left with revitalized skin.  It’s really more of a peel than a mask.  I use it once a week.  It is suitable for all skin types, but if you do have sensitive skin I would patch test before trying.  Another great perk about Tata products?  They can be found in mainstream stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Sephora.  $55



The Problem Solver does just that, solves your skin’s problems.  It a little miracle in a bottle.  I use this on my skin after late nights, when I have a blemish or when my skin is just congested.  Unlike the others I’ve mentioned, this mask is a powder and doesn’t activate until you mix it with water.  I love May’s philosophy in doing it this way.  You are getting the full potency every time you use it, since it activates with water.  With ingredients like bamboo charcoal, raw cacao and soil nutrients, your skin will be in it’s own little wonderland.  My skin is renewed and revived after this mask.  Oh and did I mention it will literally last you forever??  The jar is huge!  Trust me, you need this in your life. $90


That’s my mask line up currently.  I have others I’m trying, but haven’t tested as long.  I’ll be sure to add them once I do a full review!  What are your favorite masks?  Do tell!



Have you ever wondered what was in that long tube of black goo we call mascara?  According to Women’s Health, 65% of women wear mascara every day, making it the most popular eye makeup used.  Yet, I would venture to say most women don’t know a thing about what’s in their favorite black tube.  (more…)

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