Best Natural Beauty Valentine Gifts

Best Natural Beauty Valentine Gifts

Hi guys, I’m back with a post on my best natural beauty Valentine Gifts!  If you’re reading this you are more than likely a women.  So ladies, if you want something from this blog, do yourself a solid and send it to your hubs! 😉

He will thank you for making gift giving a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. There are so many fun products out now in natural beauty.  I didn’t want you to miss out on any of them!  I feel like in the last couple of months I’ve tried so many new products that I haven’t properly introduced to you guys.  Shame on me!

I’m sharing some of my tried and true faves that you can never go wrong with but also some new faves that I think you’ll love!  

Natural Beauty Valentine's Day

My top natural beauty picks for Valentine’s Day. From organic skincare and natural makeup and more.


Natural Beauty Valentine Gift Ideas-


True Botanical’s Antioxidant Booster and Serum-

When it comes to giving your skin the best of the best, these two take the cake!  I talk about them a lot but it’s because they work.  Most people ask me all the time what products I recommend for maintaining a youthful complexion.  I know anti-aging is a word that is looked down upon in green beauty.  Which I totally get.  However, no one wants to look older than they are.  I’m sure everyone can agree on this!

These two little numbers deliver antioxidants right to your skin.  Antioxidants are what cancel out the free radicals.  The older we get the less antioxidants are bodies produce.  So we need to help them out a bit.  That’s where the Antioxidant Booster and Cellular Repair Serum come in.  The Antioxidant Booster is in powder form.  Meaning it’s not activated until you mix it with water.  Pretty cool huh?!  

That means the freshest, most potent antioxidants are being delivered right to your skin.  The Cellular Repair Serum works to calm inflammation and it’s also low enough in molecular weight to go past the skin’s surface and deliver the nutrients it needs. 

It’s the DREAM TEAM!  I haven’t found anything else in natural beauty that works quite like these two- thank me later!

Get True Botanical’s here!

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

This one’s good!  Ok- they’re all good.  Sorry, it’s going to be hard to choose.  This mask I discovered last year and let’s just say we’ve become fast friends.  I had already tried a lot of Tata Harper and was surprised I hadn’t tried this mask.  I got a tip that I had to try it from another skincare guru- us skincare junkies stick together! 

Anyways, I tried and instantly was wondering why I had never done it before.  The name is kind of deceiving.  It is a clarifying mask but not your usual clay masks that dry your skin out- you know what I mean.  Instead it feels more like a peel almost.  Your skin feels smooth, decongested, less red, and pores minimized. I also love the glow it gives me.  You know when you’ve had a hard night, maybe a hard week- this mask is for you.  

Honestly, I use it all the time.  It really gives my skin a good detox without drying it out.  Two cheers for that!  

Get the Tata Harper Mask Here!

Sappho Brow Pomade

Say hello to your new best friend- but really.  Natural looking brows are hard to come by.  That is until you meet Sappho Brow Pomade.  This little jar takes your brows from average to HELLO in a minute.  If you’ve been using a pencil or brow wand try this instead. 

I find a pencil and a brow wand are really hard to work with and unless you’re a makeup artist you may end up with cleopatra brows or brow gel all over.  The reason I love Sappho Brow Pomade is because it makes doing your brows SO easy.  All you need is a brow brush and you’re good.  It is easy to use and gives your brows a natural look instead of a drawn on look.

Plus, take it from someone who has dark brows- this one doesn’t show any red.  I wear the color Brown Black.  Get some Sappho and change your life…I mean brows!

Clean Beauty Beautycounter Eyeshadow

Beautycounter eyeshadow’s on full display here. Love these rich, full pigmented shadows!


Beautycounter Eyeshadow Palettes

Do I sound like a broken record yet with these eyeshadow palettes?  Well, at least you know I’m consistent.  These are the BEST eyeshadows I’ve found in clean beauty…I repeat the BEST eyeshadows.  I’ve tried a ton and nothing compares.  The pigment of these shadows are smooth and velvety and rich.  They LAST all day…yep.  I prime my lids with Ilia’s Eye Primer- also my favorite eye primer I’ve used.  

I have the Classic Eye Shadow Palette and I just got the Statement Palette and you better believe I’m already planning on getting another one. I’m hooked.  I also love that Beautcounter tests their makeup powders for 10 heavy metals 3 times.  Yes, they are literally third party testing their products 3 times for 10 heavy metals.  I felt that deserved repeating!  Know anyone else doing that in clean beauty?  Me neither. 

Get some Beautycounter Eyeshadow Palettes here and be amazed at the quality!

Osmia Serenity Milk Bath

This is definitely a Valentine’s Day Gift.  I don’t think a lot of people are sitting around buying Milk Bath for themselves- but we really should.  Everything Osmia makes is SO good.  I had been wanting to try this for a while and Sarah the founder sent me some- God Bless her!  

I really love the smell, the way it makes your skin feel silky smooth and the fact that I forget about everything for 20 minutes.  Yeah, it’s pretty luxurious.  If your significant other wants you to be a little less snippety and a little more zen, then this might be a good start to getting you there. I also can’t leave out their bar soaps- one of my faves- forever.  They smell amazing, they come packaged flawlessly and look beautiful.  Yes, bar soaps can look beautiful.  My fave is coffee mint.

Get your zen on with Osmia’s Milk Bath and car soaps here!

Honest Beauty Mascara

Ok, it kind of goes without saying on this one too.  I know I should be getting paid to promote this but I’m not.  I seriously just think it’s the best of the best and until I find a different mascara in clean beauty I won’t stop talking about this one!

What really would be icing on the cake is if your honey just hit the subscribe and save on Amazon so you don’t have to think about reordering.  Brilliant huh?  I know.  In case you haven’t heard me rave about it, this mascara gives my lashes length, separation, volume and drama.  It’s the whole enchilada!

Get your Honest Beauty Mascara on here!

Clean Beauty Valentine's Day

So many great natural beauty product gift ideas for Valentine’ Day!


Leahlani Honey Love-

I really love Leahlani’s products.  They were some of the first in natural beauty.  They work, aren’t out of this world expensive and the founder is just the sweetest.  She had sent me some Honey Love, their Microdermabrasion Exfoliant and I fell in love all over again with it. 

I had tried it before but it had been a while.  It was like rewatching one of your favorite movies and realizing how awesome it was and wondering why you waited 3 years to watch it again.  Yeah, basically how I felt once I tried Honey Love again.  It smells insane and gives me baby soft skin when I’m done using it.  Such a gentle exfoliant.  

If you’re needing a new product love affair in your life, grab some Honey Love

Aillea + Organic Bath Co. Body Butter

This is a special collaboration between Aillea and Organic Bath Co.  They sent me some back in the fall and I started using it a couple months ago and I’m addicted.  It feels so good on the skin, has 5 ingredients and smells so good.  It just a good all around basic body butter that gets the job done.

I apply it right out of the shower and my skin is hydrated and happy.  Plus, the citrus scent is invigorating to say the least.  

Get your body butter here! They have other scents too, I want them all!

Aila Nail Polish

Who doesn’t want fab looking nails for Valentine’s Day?  Well, Aila is my got too.  I love how the formula goes on so smooth and the color selection is fun and upbeat.  You don’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything when making the switch.  Well, except toxins, but I think you’re ok with that.

I love me some Bodega, Room 212 and Namaste.  But let’s be real, I want ALL the colors!  Don’t forget to get their Better Than Gel Topcoat. It’s rated a 1 on EWG- for a nail polish that’s kind of unheard of and it plain works.  Just like the name suggests it will leave your nails in tip top shape!

Get some Aila Polish here!

Crunchi Brushes

I get so many questions about makeup brushes.  I really love Crunchi’s makeup brushes.  They’re a little newer on the market within the last 6 months and they work so well.  I love how sturdy they feel and how they don’t shed.  They are vegan made with Talkon synthetic fibers.  

I have the whole brush set and there isn’t one I don’t use.  Their big powder brush and foundation brush are definite must haves. If you want to take your makeup to the next level, get yourself some luxe brushes!  

Check out the Crunchi Brushes here!

Natural beauty Ilia review

Wearing one of my favorite natural beauty lipsticks in Ultra Violet by Ilia.


Ilia Color Block Lipstick in Ultra Violet

Everytime I’ve worn this lipstick color people have asked what are you wearing.  It’s a show stopper for sure.  The perfect winter lipstick color.  Shoot, I would probably wear this all year long.  Their color block lipstick really takes the pigment game to the next level.  

It lasts all day and gives my lips some serious playing time in the spotlight.  I love just swiping this on with a pretty neutral, bare face and calling it a day.  

Check out all their colors here!

Still not sure on any products?  No worries, I’ve got your back! 

Check out my favorite natural beauty boxes!  

Beauty Heroes delivers a monthly natural beauty box with one full size product and one deluxe size product. Check it out here! 

Boxwalla is a bi-monthly box that delivers Artisan brand skincare products in full sizes. Check it out here!

The Detox Box is a monthly box that delivers natural skincare, natural haircare or natural makeup in full size products.  Check it out here!

See any faves?  Or do you basically want everything?! From one product junkie to the next- I get you!

Hope this helps make your honey’s shopping a little easier.  If you still need more ideas, check out 34 Natural Products That Changed My Life, and The Best of Clean Beauty 2018!


Natural Beauty Valentine's Day Gifts

Sharing my favorite natural and clean beauty product faves for Valentine’s Day gifts!

Natural Holiday Gift Guide

Natural Holiday Gift Guide

Ok, my natural Holiday Gift Guide is here!  So excited to share it with you!  It may only be Nov. 2nd but before we know it Christmas will be here.  I wanted to give you a head start on gift giving.  I love getting the perfect gift for my family and friends.  Now more than ever I find myself wanting to get gifts that support a healthy lifestyle, give back or are sustainable- if I can get all 3 then I’m really winning!  There are so many wonderful companies creating change and making an impact.  I’ve listed below my top 10 favorite natural and sustainable gift ideas for 2018.  Then I’ve created the ultimate Natural Christmas Gift Guide to bring you 6 different guides depending on who or what you’re shopping for.  The guides include gift ideas for baby/kids, natural skincare, natural makeup, men, nontoxic home, and natural kitchen.  I’ve got something for everyone on your list!  Not only are these gift ideas great for your health but many are great for the environment too.  A win/win!

{{Click The Image to Access the Download}}

I wanted to share my top 10 favorite Natural and Sustainable Gift Ideas for 2018 in hopes that it would help to bring awareness to the countless companies and small businesses that are really creating serious positive impact and change.  I love this quote by Anne Lappe-

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

I couldn’t agree more.  Talking about the problem is good but putting our money where our mouth is creates true impact.  Never discount your small gesture, purchase towards a business that’s doing it right.  It all counts and matters.  The more people bring awareness and spend money on natural, sustainable and ethical goods, the more the industry will move in that direction.  Another quote I love is-

If it’s to be it’s up to me. 

Let’s all start thinking about what we can do, because it all counts. Check out my top 10 natural/sustainable favorites below and then be sure to download the other guides to get a jump on the Christmas shopping!

Top 10 Favorite Natural & Sustainable Gift Ideas For 2018-

  1. Everlane Women’s Apparel When it comes to ethical clothing brands Everlane takes the cake.  This brand goes above and beyond to ensure their products not only are ethically made but that they’re completely transparent with their customer from start to finish.  The quality is impeccable too.  It’s time to start bringing light to what is happening to the clothing industry and share brands that are pioneering sustainable clothing. Check out Everlane Women’s Apparel
  2. Earth Easy Denim Apron-Nothing gets you in the spirit of cooking like a snazzy new apron!  This one is made with hemp and a blend of organic cotton.  Cooking our food is one the best investments we can make in our health and our environment!  Less food wrappers, less waste.  No too mention the amazing health benefits our bodies receive when we cook our food.  Our kids will thank us later in life as they had a foundation of real food to grow up on.  If you or someone you know needs some motivation to get back in the kitchen I suggest grabbing this apron. It might just bring out a little Marth Stewart in you!  Check out the Earth Easy Denim Apron here!
  3. Joco Glass Reusable Coffee Cup- I was on the hunt for the longest time for a legit reusable nontoxic coffee cup- think I finally found it.  I didn’t want one that was made from stainless steel because stainless steel can leach heavy metals at times- particularly with hot beverages.  I also didn’t want ceramic since many ceramics can contain lead.  I was on the search for glass and I found it!  No plastic either!  Plus, I find my hot drink will taste funky if I use stainless steel.  I’m not perfect when it comes to always bringing my cup with me if I get a hot beverage somewhere but I want to be better!  Even if one person bought 3 coffees a week and used a reusable cup it would save up to 156 cups a year!  Think it doesn’t matter?  It does.  Check out the Joco cup here!
  4. Marley Monsters- I’m pretty sure we could all conserve a little more when it comes to using less paper, plastic, etc.  Marley Monsters is a company I started to buy things from years ago and I love how much they’ve grown!  They have everything from reusable paper towels, cloth napkins, cloth wipes for babies, facial rounds, nursing pads- one of my faves.  I can’t recommend their products enough!  Investing in reusable products creates less waste but also saves you money in the long run.  What a cool gift to give someone to get them started on using less.  Check out Marley Monsters here!
  5. WillowCoDesign Shirts- I found this cute shop on Etsy and fell in love with all their organic t-shirts for babies and kids.  They have the cutest sayings!  I love supporting small businesses and people that are making a difference.  This business is owned by a mama who is sharing her passion for whole living.  Some of my favorite shirts or onesies are Strong Like My Mama, and Forest Child.  Check out WillowCoDesign Shirts here!
  6. The Cotton and Canvas Co. Tote- Ok, we hear it all the time- bring a reusable bag, but do we really understand why?  The US alone uses 380 billion plastic bags per year according to the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency).  Most people only use one plastic bag for 12 minutes.  These single use plastics are adding up and producing some serious problems for the environment and humans.  They’re filling up landfills and then getting into our water systems.  Our water ends up contaminated and so does our oceans.  What can we do?  Simple, bring a reusable shopping bag with us.  They have so many cute one’s now!  Cotton Canvas Tote is an etsy shop that carries so many options and they have such fun sayings on them.  You can even design your own!  I’m in the process of doing it- you may be in for a giveaway on Instagram soon!  Check out Cotton Canvas Tote here!
  7. Panda Sunglasses- Just when you thought sunglasses couldn’t get any cooler in comes Panda!  Besides being absolutely chic, Panda sunglasses are made of sustainably harvested bamboo.  Panda also gives back to those in need.  Whenever someone purchases from the Original or Ultralight collection Panda gives back by giving either an eye exam or new glasses to someone in need.  I also love that the sunglasses are polarized, and offer complete UVA/UVB protection.  Panda also offers free shipping anywhere!  Check out Panda Sunglasses here!
  8. Natural Beauty- You didn’t think I was going to share my top 10 natural and sustainable products and not mention how important natural beauty is?!  When the average woman puts on 12 products a day, that can put a person at quite a toxic load.  It’s not the random product you use once in a while that matters but the products you use all the time that create a toxic burden.  Many people are just unaware of the amazing natural beauty products out there now!  There is literally an alternative to anything you might have used in conventional beauty.  Anyone would be excited to get some new nontoxic beauty products!  Some stores I love shopping at for natural beauty products are The Detox Market, Aillea and Pharmaca.  Also, be sure to download my full Natural Gift Guide to get my top recommendations for natural beauty and natural skincare options!
  9. Organic Sheets and Pillows- Another heavy hitter when it comes to toxic burden.  They say we sleep for a 1/3 of our lives.  That’s a lot of hours logged on our sheets and pillows.  Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops.  Being doused with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  However, that’s not the only thing we should be concerned about.  Sheets often contain formaldehyde, and toxic dyes too.  There are also toxic softeners that are used now on bedding, creating a recipe for a toxic sleep experience!  It’s not just our bodies we should be concerned about but also our environment.  As the toxic chemicals from conventional sheets end up in our waterways.  I love Sol Organix and Huut for organic, ethically made sheet sets.  Use coupon code: GGG25 for 25% off your sheets at Sol Organix or Huut!  I also love White Lotus Home for pillows!  My whole family has pillows from them and we can’t stop talking about them.  They have so many different varieties, depending on how you sleep.  Use my coupon code: GGG for 20% off!
  10. Imperfect Produce- I found Imperfect Produce a while back and was excited about their whole mission!  They take imperfect produce from local farms that would otherwise go to waste and deliver to people.  Not only does this reduce food waste but you’re also getting quality produce for a deal!  You save 30% off grocery store prices and the produce is delivered to your door.  I’ve never heard someone complain about saving money.  They offer organic or conventional produce.  You might be thinking how does this work?  Allow me to explain.  Imperfect Produce sources veggies straight from farms, you as a consumer customize your box each week to get what you want, then you get your box delivered to your home. If you don’t think this is a bid deal it is!  So far Imperfect Produce has saved over 30 million pounds of food, 900 million gallons of water, 12 million dollars saved on groceries and 91 million pounds of C02 saved.  I think it’s making an impact.  Give someone the gift of health, while at the same time changing the world- Check out Imperfect Produce here!  

See anything you’re going to snag for a gift?  What are your favorite natural and sustainable gift ideas?  Leave me a comment!

The Ultimate Natural Child Gift Guide

The Ultimate Natural Child Gift Guide

I’ve got the Ultimate Natural Child Gift Guide up on the blog!  Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy for the little people in our lives.  Not to mention find green and natural gifts.  I’ve taken the guesswork out for you and have come up with my favorites!  Also, I have 4 other gift guides from Green Beauty, Green Home, Favorite Small Businesses, and plus a Budget Friendly Gift Guide.  Don’t miss out!

Stainless Steel Section Plate, Castle My sister in law got these for my kids a while back and we love them!  I mean who doesn’t want to eat their food from a castle plate?  Plus, they’re made with stainless steel and completely plastic free.  You’re kids will love you and you’ll feel good knowing they’re toxin free!

Kiddobloom Kids Stainless Steel Utensil Set We love these stainless steel silverware sets!  They come in toddler sizes or for big kids.  We have both and they’ve worked out great.  The forks and knives have rounded edges too so you don’t have to worry about overly sharp utensils.  Again, they’re stainless steel too so no funky toxins either.

Rubbabu Toys- These eco rubber toys are perfect for babies, kids or special needs.  They have different shapes and edges on the outside of them making them great for sensory development.  Since they are made with rubber they are naturally anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and mildew-resistant.  Not only does my 3 1/2 year old love these but also my 15 month old!  Plus, they have a matching card game that is perfect to take whenever traveling with kiddos!

Alice and Ames Girl Dresses- These dresses are perfect for twirling and what little girl doesn’t want to twirl?  I got my 3 1/2 year old one for Christmas and I can’t wait to see her in it!

Marleys Monsters Unpaper Towels We have several sets of these that we use around the house.  They come in so many cute patterns and are perfect for using as napkins with meals or to just wipe up a spill.  Not only do you save money in the long run but you also aren’t wasting paper!

Kupp Kid’s Cup-  My oldest loves drinking from this cup.  It’s a smaller size which makes it easy for her to hold and it has a silicone sleeve around the glass cup.  Not only does it add a little character to the cup but great for holding.

Hunter Boots- Every year we get Finley a new pair of Hunter boots.  She wears them ALL the time and they’re easy for her to put on herself.  Plus, they literally go with any outfit!

Organic Baby Sweater- This organic sweater is so soft and comforting for baby skin.  It’s such a cute sweater too!  They will be styling!

Zoe Organics Baby Gift Set- Love Zoe Organics baby skincare!  Gentle enough on baby skin with pure, organic ingredients that nourish their delicate skin.  The products smell amazing too!

Meri Meri Organic Cotton Toys for baby- These toys are so cute and plush!  And you won’t have to worry about toxic ingredients because they’re organic!

Naturpedic Organic Crib Mattress- This is the crib mattress I got for my first daughter and we have loved it!  I feel at ease knowing she’s sleeping on an organic mattress.

Pottery Barn Organic baby/kid sheets- I’ve had these sheets for my first daughter and they are still going strong on baby number two. They come in so many cute prints too!

Pura 28 OZ / 850 ML Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Silicone Sport Flip Cap & Sleeve, Aqua (Plastic Free, Nontoxic Certified, BPA Free)– There’s no plastic at all in this water bottle!  I love how it has a cap- game changer.  I haven’t been able to find a plastic free water bottle for kids with a cap until this one- I’m sold!

See anything you’re going to snag?

The Best Budget Friendly Gifts

The Best Budget Friendly Gifts

I’ve got another gift guide but this one is The Best Budget Friendly Gifts!  A lot of you asked for this one- so here it is!  Gifts that are quality but won’t break the bank.  After all who wants to stress out about money during the holidays?  Not me.

Affordable Skincare-  Live BotanicalThis skincare line is top notch when it comes to ingredient quality, yet affordable.  I personally love the Rose and Honey Glowing Cleansing Milk, Clary Sage Calming Serum, Rose and Hibiscus Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Rose and Chia Renewing Concentrate.  And use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN to save 20%!!

Books- Nothing is a greater gift in my opinion.  You have the power to change someone’s thinking with a book and in the end, possibly their life. Some book I recommend are Sleep Smarter, Eat Pretty Every Day: 365 Daily Inspirations for Nourishing Beauty, Inside and Out and The Compound Effect.

Beauty Tools- beautyblender pure I’ve fallen hard for these little guys. They turn powder into liquid foundation, perfect for touch ups and the list goes on.  I like the Pure ones- no added dyes.

Gabriel/ZuZu Luxe Makeup- This line has some stellar green beauty products for a fraction of the cost.  I love Gabriel’s Multi-Use Pot, and their powder blushes.  I also love ZuZu Luxe Liquid Liners, mascara, lip sticks, and liners.

Non-Toxic Food Storage- Set of 4 Divided Glass Meal Prep Containers My friend just showed me these and I’m already thinking of who I can buy them for! I love a good glass storage container!  These make it even easier to prep meals with their two compartments for keeping foods separate.  Plus you can get them on Amazon- need I say more?!

Cookbooks- Ok, maybe you have no idea what book to buy someone.  Well, then get them a cookbook!  Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get back in the kitchen.  For a paleo diet I like-; Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes Feel Great.  For a vegan diet I love- Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook. For an AIP Diet I love- [(The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook.

Glass Water Bottle- Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle I love this water bottle!  I’ve had it for serval years and it hasn’t broken- which is saying a lot with two small kids.  I love that it has a wristlet on it as well.

Organic Foodie Gift- Vanilla Bean Grass-Fed Ghee Butter  This is the best of the best when it comes to ghee.  They come in a variety of flavors too.  I especially love the Vanilla Madagascar, and Himalayan Pink Salt.  Trust me, they will thank you when they open this gift!

Green Beauty Fave- Osmia Naked Body Oil This body oil is so luxurious!  Thankfully it comes in a smaller size so anyone can indulge in this decadent treat.

Budget Green Beauty Mascara- Lily Lolo Vegan MascaraThis mascara comes in at $20- a far cry from most green beauty mascaras.  What’s better?  It works!  Gives you full, lush lashes.

Eco Washcloths- Luxury Bamboo Facial WashclothsThese washcloths will trick you into thinking you’re at the spa.  They are luxe and so soft. Perfect for the most sensitive skin types or allergy sufferers.

The IT Brush- Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush This brush is pretty magical.  It takes knotted hair and effortlessly detangles it- without screaming!  Trust me- it’s magic.

Dry Brushing- Dry Skin Body Brush Dry brushing is so good for you and it’s a really inexpensive way to up your overall health.  Your friend will thank you!

Glass Nut Milk Containers- The Dairy Shoppe I’ve had these for a couple years and love them.  They are perfect for storing homemade nut milks in!  Plus, they look classy and chic in the fridge.

Succulents- 3.54 Inch White Ceramic Contemporary Square Design Succulent Plant Pot/ Cactus Plant Pot Who doesn’t love a good succulent right now?  They instantly uplift any photo, room or space.  I’ve received these as gifts and given them- can’t go wrong!

See anything you love?  What budget friendly gifts do you love to give?



Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales for Green Beauty

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales for Green Beauty

I’ve rounded out the top Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales for Green Beauty!  The details are below.  If you’ve been wanting to start shopping for gifts, this is your time!  Or if you’re like me you may just snag something for yourself- shh…I won’t tell 🙂 Check back this week for some gift guides too!

Citrine- (One Stop Luxe Green Beauty Shop)

  • 10% off when you spend $100+ with code THX10
  • 15% off when you spend $200+ with code THX15
  • 20% off when you spend $300+ with code THX20
  • These codes exclude May Lindstrom + Kypris Beauty

Osmia Organics- (Natural Luxe Skincare + Body products)

  • 20% off site-wide now through Cyber Monday (no code needed)
  • Love their bar soaps, hand cream, bath salts.

W3ll People- (Green beauty makeup + Skincare)

  • 25% off, online and in-store (they have two W3LL PEOPLE studios in Austin), from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (on full-size, full-price products), no code required
  • Love their concealer, lip gloss, bronzer.

The Choosy Chick- (One stop shop for green living, from green beauty, men’s products and baby)

  • SAVE15% on everything in the store!  No minimums!  Sale starts midnight on Black Friday and runs through Cyber Monday.   Shipping in the US is always FREE with orders $75 and over.
  • They also are doing a special box this holiday season called the:
    Green & Glamorous Box for LBBC(Living Beyond Breast Caner)
    PRICE: $98 ($160 VALUE!) with 20% of the proceeds to LBBC
    DATE OF LAUNCH:  Launching Nov. 20th and will sell through the holiday season until they are gone.  Limited quantity.
    SHIPPING DETAILS: Boxes will begin shipping Monday, 11/27
    DISCOUNTS:  No other codes can be applied as this is already being sold at a highly discounted rate.
    SUGGESTIONS TO MENTION:  Buy for yourself or makes a great gift! You can even break the products out for multiple gifts/stocking stuffers!

One Love Organics- (Green Beauty Skincare Brand)

  • 25% off site-wide with code OLOCYBERSPREE from November 25 (Saturday) through November 28 (Tuesday)
  • They have a great body oil!

S.W. Basics- (Simple Skincare brand)

  • Their entire site will be up to 40% off from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, and for newsletter subscribers, they’ll be sending a code for an additional 10% off
  • Love their Cream.

Aillea- (A ton of green beauty brands all in one place)

  • 20% off store-wide Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 24-27, 2017)Use discount code AILLEACHEER when shopping online for discount to apply.

True Botanicals- (Luxe Non-toxic Skincare brand)

  • 20% off sitewide from Black Friday (November 24) through Cyber Monday (November 27). And for every $75 you spend during that time, they’re offering a $10 credit to use in December. The promo code for the sale will be ONCEAYEAR.
  • Love their shampoo and conditioner, Pure Radiance Oil, Cellular Repair Serum, and Basic’s Cleanser.

EcoDiva- (One Stop Green Beauty Store)

  • 20% off  site wide.  Sign up for their newsletter for more details.

Petal & Post- (Canadian Green Beauty Store)

  • ​BLACK FRIDAY Save up to 40% off Catch outstanding prices on a wide assortment of products November 24-27/
  • CYBER MONDAY Save up to 40% off + free shipping! Catch outstanding prices on a wide assortment of products on Monday, November 27 until midnight.
  • free shipping codes: CyberShipping2017-usa (USA customers) CyberShipping2017-canada(Canadian customers)

Au Naturale- (Non-toxic Makeup)

  • 25% off site wide, no code needed!  Black Friday- Cyber Monday.
  • Love their lip stains, lip gloss and eye sticks.

 RMS Beauty- (Non-toxic Makeup)

  • 20% off site wide!
  • Love their UN Cover Up, lip2cheeks, Master Mixer, Coconut Oil Wipes.

Beauty Heroes- (A Monthly Curated Green Beauty Box)

  • For Cyber Monday, 11/27 they have two offers.
  • For members (who shop with a 15% discount every day) they are offering free worldwide shipping, no code needed – this will automatically be applied to your order on Monday only.
  • Everyone else can experience what it’s like to be a member and gets 15% off in the Beauty Store all day with the code CYBERMONDAY (except on bottles of shampoo and toothpaste where the minimum orders still apply).

Art of Organics- (A Monthly Curated Green Beauty Box)

  • STORE- Spend up to $50 get 15% off – GRATITUDE15 Spend $50+ get 20% off – GRATITUDE20 Spend $100+ get 25% off – GRATITUDE25
  • CLEAN BEAUTY BOX- 15% off of ALL subscriptions – AOFAMILY (this applies to 1st box payment of a month to month subscription or entire payment of the 1st billing cycle for multi month subscriptions)

Kosmatology- (Non-toxic Skincare)

  • 30% site wide from Nov. 24th- Cyber Monday.
  • Love their hand soaps, Lotion sticks and body wash.

Pleni Naturals- (Natural Baby and Child Skincare)

  • 40% off Black Friday Only with code: THANKS40
  • Love their baby wash, and baby balm.

Aila- (All things Nails)

  •  25% off. Code is BLACKCYBER
  • Love their nail polish and remover. Love nail polish colors in Bodega and Room 212.

Hynt Beauty- (Non-toxic Makeup)

  • 30% off everything except for sets, samples and lipsticks.  Sale starts Wed. afternoon and runs throughout Cyber Monday .
  • Love the concealer, mascara, lipsticks and eyebrow cream.

Ursa Major- (Natural Skincare for Men and Women)

  • 10% off everything  15% off orders of
    $75 or more 20% off orders $125

    or more + Free US Shipping ($9.95 for International)
  • Love their deodorant, body wash, face wipes, flash mask.

Teri Miyahira- (Non-Toxic Makeup)


    Our big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is here, with 30% off site-wide for the weekend!

    Check out the website to register for the sale and they will mail you a coupon code.


Kahina Beauty- (Natural Skincare)

  • 20% off promo going now through Sunday with code THANKYOU
  • Love their brightening serum, night cream, rose mist, eye serum.

Zoe Organics- (Natural Skincare for baby + Child)

  • 25% off site wide Black Friday- Cyber Monday
  • Love their everything balm, breathe balm.

Root Pretty- (One stop shop for clean beauty)

  • November 22nd (Pink Wednesday) • Beat the shopping rush!: Spend $50 get a FREE Peppermint Pretty Balm Spend $75 get a FREE 100% Lash Mascara Spend $200 get a FREE $25 Root Gift Card(all Free Gifts are stackable, spend $200 and get a Free Peppermint Pretty Balm, 100% Lash Mascara + $25 Gift Card)NO CODE NEEDED • in stores & online •
  • November 23rd (Thanksgiving): 10% off EVERYTHING + Double Pretty Points USE CODE: THANKS17 • online only •
  • November 24th & 25th (Black Friday & Small Business Saturday): Buy 1 Root product, Get 1 50% off!! • 50% off equal or lesser valued product(s) •No Limit, but excludes: Root Daydream & Wanderlust Palettes, Gift Sets, Gift Cards, Z Palette, Dollup Cases, Vera Mona & Dr. Brite products. NO CODE NEEDED • in stores & online •
  • November 26th (Sunday): Free Domestic Shipping USE CODE: HOLIDAY17SHIP $5 off International ShippingUSE CODE: INTLHOLIDAY17SHIP • online only •
  • November 27th (Cyber Monday): $3 off ALL Trial Sizes, Loose Eyeshadows & Pretty Balms No Limit! USE CODE: STOCKINGS17 • in stores & online •
  • Love their pearlized mineral foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadows.

Innersense Beauty- (Natural Hair Products)

  • GREENFRIDAY for 25% off all in stock items, Friday through midnight Sunday. 5% of ALL sales this weekend will benefit Williams Syndrome Association! (For Morgan!)
  • Love their shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner, and whipped cream texturizer.

The Detox Market- (Your One Stop Shop for all Green Beauty)

  • $10 off $100 or more
  • $30 off $200 or more + free Odacite Wild Carrot Serum
  • $80 off $400 or more + free Odacite Wild Carrot Serum + Hydra-  Treatment Mist

LeVERT Beauty- (Your One Stop Shop for all Green Beauty)

  • 25% OFF* & Every 50th Order Receives $50 E-Gift Card
    (*certain band exclusions at checkout, gift card winners will receive 24 hours after order is placed & cannot be combined with sale) Black Friday thru Cyber Monday

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