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Silk Therapeutics LabGrab Review

I recently was introduced to a skincare company called Silk Therapeutics.  This skincare line is in a league of it’s own.  The whole line is based off of using liquid silk in their formulations.  They are the only company…


Winter Wellness

In this podcast, Dr. Matt and I are discussing Winter Wellness.  Throughout the winter it tends to be easier to get a cold, flu or some other sickness, but it doesn’t have to be.  Often times we’re pushed to…

Product Reviews

Current Green Beauty/Living Faves

It’s time for another great round up of some recent faves!  Sometimes there is just so many products I end up doing a round up post of them all.  A win/win for the company and for the reader.  This…

Product Reviews

Fourth & Heart Ghee Review

I was so excited to sample Fourth & Heart’s Ghee!  Talk about some seriously good stuff!  This ghee is unlike anything I’ve ever had.  You might be asking who is Fourth & Heart and what is ghee?  Well let…

Product Reviews

Marie Veronique Review

I had the pleasure of sampling Marie Veronique for quite some time now and I have to tell you the line is amazing!  A lot of people assume I write about everything I receive, but that couldn’t be further…

Product Reviews

Kosmatology Review

I came across Kosmatology last spring when I tried their “Mint Your Feet” Foot Scrub, and “Mint Your Feet” Soothing Foot Balm.  Let’s just say they definitely did not disappoint!  If you’re looking for a good foot scrub that…